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Haha Quotes


"Life isn't all haha hehe." - Meera Syal

"Youre gonna grow up and marry some ice cream! Haha!" - Jeff Kinney

"Haha, you lose! I got your delicious Subway sandwich Jerry 'stupid' Lawler!" - Santino Marella

"My worst habit is...getting naked all the time haha...sorry." - Harry Styles

"I'm glad I got to introduce myself to America by doing a Britney [Spears] song, haha!" - Melanie Martinez

"Mom, thanks for letting me drop out of high school. Haha!" - Dave Grohl

"I'm a pretty happy camper. Look a little more like Paul Newman, maybe. Haha." - John Warnock

"I also think swimmers are pretty fashion conscious and mos aren't always the best accessory to be rocking. Haha." - James Magnussen

"I love book signings: kids waiting in line for you to scribble on their new books, haha!" - Brian Jacques

"Good! Hang in there! It's normal! [Low self-esteem] Often it's a sign of intelligence (but don't let that go to your head haha)" - Patrick Stump

"Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha (expletive) cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!" - Steve Clevenger

"I'm tryin' to be part of a functioning society so I can't listen to Curren$y man. His rhymes make me high haha." - Sean Price

"My family is the treasure. I thank them heartily but I can't say this seeing them face to face since I'm too shy haha." - Daesung

"I don't think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha." - Jason Aldean

"Thery're both iron, isn't that funny?" "Funny haha or funny strange?" James handed them back to me "Funny 'occult'" "Ah. Funny strange" James looked at me sternly, "Don't start that. I'm supposed to be the humorous one" - Maggie Stiefvater

"Kids are great in that they keep you on your toes. They're like a puzzle... in a blender, haha. You have to take the pieces out and try to put it together on the fly." - Raheem Jarbo

"The Washington State Supreme Court on Thursday announced a two year suspension for a lawyer caught having jailhouse sex with a triple murder defendant she was representing. Haha! Jokes on you, dummies... I'm not really a lawyer." - Tina Fey

"I make make music in my own time, messing around with beats and riffs I write. Always practicing performing in my room most times I probably look like an idiot dancing around haha." - Christina Grimmie

"And hey, it's okay to laugh at yourself sometimes, I do dumb things all the time (haha). But when it get's too personal, get your tough skin on and stand firm." - Christina Grimmie

"Somebody bought me a Snuggie as a joke gift. Haha, the joke's on you, I enjoy it. I toss and turn at night, finally a blanket that's like, 'I'm going to keep you warm.' It's like having a small child with polio keep you in a full nelson - the perfect pressure." - Daniel Tosh

"A lot of time with comedy stuff, half of the stuff on my feed is: 'Haha, good for you!' 'Hey, thanks for making my day!' And the other half is: 'Defund the CBC!' 'All Newfoundlanders are hoagie-hogs!' It's just left and right and there's never anything in between." - Mark Critch

"I guess that all figures into my approach because once I start hearing the imagination land stuff (that's my new phrase now I guess) I tend to tune out or start laughing at it like, "Haha, you guys really believe there is a heaven."" - Brad Warner

"First of all, "no self" doesn't mean there is no self, haha. So the "no problem" is jumped at a little too fast I'm afraid. Especially in American culture where people tend to be materialistic philosophically. I don't mean running to the mall, but philosophically, you see?" - Robert Thurman

"Music meant more to me than a social life and just hangin out. haha just being tired of repacking my suit case every couple of days, and anytime i wanted to cop some new clothes i would have to throw away something I had to make room in the suitcase." - G-Eazy

"I don't know about you, but when they first introduced bottled water, I thought it was so funny, I was like "Bottled water! Haha, they're selling bottled water! ... I guess I'll try it. Ah, this is good, this is more watery than water. Yeah, this has got a water kick to it."" - Jim Gaffigan

"When I was in high school, my friends and I would drive out into the country to abandoned houses and structures... haha... to ghost hunt. We would scare each other so bad! We would sometimes camp out by the abandoned buildings just to scare ourselves! Such good times. The adrenaline of real fear is so cool!" - Keegan Allen

"Getting dragged, kicking and screaming out of the ring, begging for mercy from whomever it is that fires me, and never be seen again. That's how I wanna go out. Haha, yeah, I don't want any.. hero's goodbye, or a big send off. I don't want a retirement ceremony. That's not how I'm built, I just wanna disappear into the sunset and have people, 'Man, that guy was a jerk. Wow, I'm glad he's gone.'" - Chris Jericho

"Hidan: Hey, look at that, it's my headband! You went to the trouble of picking it up and keeping for me? I'm touched. You're a pretty nice guy, Kakuzu, you knwo that? Kakuzu: Shut up. Let's go. Hidan: Let me put it on at least! Okay, I'm coming. Admit it, you like me a little, doncha? Kakuzu: Either you shut up, or I'll kill you. Hidan: Haha, you're embarrassed! I understand." - Masashi Kishimoto