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Had A Good Time Quotes


"Celebrity was fun, and I had a good time." - Mitch Gaylord

"If you've had a good time playing the game, you're a winner even if you lose." - Malcolm Forbes

"Wes Craven is a wonderful friend, and we had a really good time together." - Henry Winkler

"I've had a lot of people tell me they watched 'Old Dogs' with their kids and had a good time." - Robin Williams

"I had a lot of friends in high school and in college, and we had a good time." - Ricky Williams

"Nobody can deprive me of the fact that I had a good time." - Giacomo Casanova

"In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight." - Julia Roberts

"I love coming to Las Vegas. I've always loved it and always had a good time." - Ian Ziering

"Recently, I haven't had too much time to read. But I love a good romance novel." - Jourdan Dunn

"I did some plays in high school which I had a good time doing." - Michael Riedel

"I've had a good time here in baseball. I love baseball. That's why I'm still around." - Red Schoendienst

"[Of a starlet:] There, standing at the piano, was the original good time who had been had by all." - Bette Davis

"Ageing's a difficult thing, moving closer to death, but it's okay. I've had a good time living, so I'm gonna have a good time dying." - Nick Nolte

"We had a happy marriage because we were together all the time. We were friends as well as husband and wife. We just had a good time." - Julia Child

"I've had a relationship, a good relationship, with MTV for a long time, and I'd like to maintain that." - Nia Peeples

"I like people to go away from a Queen show feeling fully entertained, having had a good time." - Freddie Mercury

"I have a really good relationship with Focus Features; we had a wonderful time working together on 'Sin Nombre.'" - Cary Fukunaga

"With the guitar I've suffered a great deal, but when I've had a good time, the suffering seemed worthwhile," - Paco de Lucia

"I'm a good man with a good heart had a tough time, got a rough start But I finally learned to let it go." - John Mayer

"She's the original good time who was had by all." - Bette Davis

"You're so lucky you never had morning sickness. It's horrible. Like a hangover without the good time." - Joni Rodgers

"I had 3 brothers, 2 died early, and one of them was living a good long time." - Edith Wilson

"I always had a good time in theatre, even when shows don't turn out as well as I'd like." - Harold Prince

"When I was a kid, nobody told me I was good-looking. I wish they had. I would've had a better time." - Robert Redford

"I loved doing Harry Potter. I had a great time on that. And I think it's good to have a mix. I think you're learning all the time." - Ralph Fiennes

"I just had a really good time when I did my voice work for Call of Duty. Ive had nothing but great interaction with Activision." - Michael Cudlitz

"I just had a really good time when I did my voice work for 'Call of Duty.' I've had nothing but great interaction with Activision." - Michael Cudlitz

"There, standing at the piano, was the original good time who had been had by all." - Kenneth Tynan

"It was good, too, to remember how hard a lot of people had to work to keep a kingdom running well, and that it was simply good manners to let them know, from time to time, how valued they were." - Jean Ferris

"The late 1990s were good to me. I was doing the Lottery, GMTV and I had a good contract with ITV. But I was working so hard, I never had time to celebrate. I never thought I was lucky." - Anthea Turner

"At one time if you were a black writer you had to be one of the best writers in the world to be published. You had to be great. Now you can be good. Mediocre. And that's good." - Walter Mosley

"I would like you to consider the difference in the time from 1963 to date. The FBI, at that time, was headed by Mr. Hoover who had been appointed Director continuously. He had, I would say, a good reputation." - John Sherman Cooper

"There was a period in my life where I went out a lot and I had a really good time. But that period is over." - Rob Lowe

"A good husband makes a good wife at any time." - George Farquhar

"Don't sacrifice a good life for a good time." - Michael Josephson

"Any time is a good time to start a company." - Ron Conway

"You're here for a good time, not a long time." - Colin McRae

"It [Dr Phil] was great. We had such a good time. Never a dull moment on set, considering the 18 kids. It never got boring." - Miranda Cosgrove

"You've always had a good grasp on what's right and wrong. You just have a hard time admitting that sometimes you choose the wrong." - Jessica Sorensen

"You never fully get over [losing a presidential campaign]. But I've had a good life. I've enjoyed myself 90 percent of the time." - George Mcgovern

"I had a really nice time on [Alphas]. It was a bunch of really good actors, and I was particularly thrilled to be working with David Strathairn." - Brent Spiner

"I didn't have time for my children much. I wasn't a very good parent; I had a pretty unhappy home life." - Caroll Shelby

"The best thing about graduating from the university was that I finally had time to sit on a log and read a good book." - Edward Abbey

"The Jungle Bush Beaters didn't last too long as a group, but we had a pretty good time while we did." - Levon Helm

"I didn't have time for my children much. I wasn't a very good parent; I had a pretty unhappy home life." - Carroll Shelby

"I found a great many pieces of punctuation and typography lying around dormant when I came along - and I must say I had a good time using them." - Tom Wolfe

"I had a good time shooting in New Zealand. I almost bought a home there while I was there, because I loved it so much." - Josh Hartnett

"Keep in mind that in 1985, I had a potential readership of over 50 million Americans. At that time, a good portion of those were under 30." - Berkeley Breathed

"When I had a full-time job, I really wasn't that busy, but now I'm really busy. I guess that's a good thing." - Chris Moneymaker

"At that moment a very good thing was happening to her. Four good things had happened to her, in fact, since she came to Misselthwaite Manor. She had felt as if she had understood a robin and that he had understood her; she had run in the wind until her blood had grown warm; she had been healthily hungry for the first time in her life; and she had found out what it was to be sorry for someone." - Frances Hodgson Burnett

"I had a lovely time growing up." - Michael Kiwanuka

"I'm having too good of a time." - Parker Posey

"Life is about having a good time." - Norman Lear

"Affliction is a good man's shining time." - Edward Young

"People keep inviting me back. It's nice to work with the same people when you've had a good time previously, and this is one of those cases." - Nathan Fillion

"Nothing he said could change what I think of you. I've had my mind made up about you for a long time... and it's all good." - Richelle Mead

"The good Watson had at that time deserted me for a wife, the only selfish action I can recall in our association. I was alone." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"I had a good time doing ["The Congressman"], and I hope that Treat [Williams] and I plan to go flying in his [private] jet!" - George Hamilton

"I've never had an affair with somebody who wasn't at the same time a very good friend of mine, if you see what I mean." - Truman Capote

"Oh, Jake,' Brett said, 'we could have had such a damned good time together.'... 'Yes,' I said. 'Isn't it pretty to think so?" - Ernest Hemingway

"I've been fortunate and blessed to further my career in the Arena Football League, and I've had a good time doing it." - Jeff Garcia

"I bought all my friends guitars and I had a good time with my money. But then one day the IRS came knocking." - Janis Ian

"I had such a good time working with John Woo and John Travolta, and it was so professional. I want to work with people who are real professionals." - Christian Slater

"A good time to laugh is any time you can." - Linda Ellerbee

"When you have a good time there is no time." - Bob Saget

"All the other guys I think had a scream on Lock, Stock. They just had a laugh and a crack, and thought it would never come out; they were just having a good time. On this one, I felt that." - Guy Ritchie

"New York is a fun town to go out in. During my twenties and into my thirties I had a good time partying, yes. But nothing where I woke up and I thought that I had a problem." - Will Ferrell

"I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living his life, and who had good friends, a fine family. I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually." - Frank Sinatra

"I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually." - Frank Sinatra

"There was never going to be a right time for a band that was still recording and had health in its environment, had made a very good record and was playing well." - Peter Garrett

"I had lived in France before graduate school, but because of Spain, I had a lot of the characters go and spend a good bit of time in Spain." - Lily King

"The great thing about the Wilburys was that none of us had to take the heat by ourselves. I was just a member of the band. Nobody felt like he was above anybody else. We had such a good time." - Tom Petty

"Even if the dramatic scenes are really hard, if you're happy with what you have and it's been creative and you had a good time with the people you worked with, that's a good day." - Ayelet Zurer

"Everybody's looking for a good time. Don't you know a good time doesn't hurt?" - Ashlee Simpson

"There 's a good time coming, boys! A good time coming." - Charles Mackay

"As long as I have a good time, the audience usually has a good time." - Reggie Watts

"I found the experiences that I had with sexuality were wonderful, they were very uplifting - we had a good time - and they didn't seem to affect the level of my mediation." - Frederick Lenz

"I was very fortunate to play sports. All the anger in me went out. I had to do what I had to do. If you stay angry all the time, then you really don't have a good life." - Willie Mays

"I guess the real reason that my wife and I had children is the same reason that Napoleon had for invading Russia: it seemed like a good idea at the time." - Bill Cosby

"I was eight when he left office. Like, he had an awesome house, you know, and my cousins and I had awesome trips to Camp David and Washington. It was just all like a good time for me." - Lauren Bush

"Young actors are serious about their work and don't take any time out from it. I'm very serious about my work; there are probably only two films I've done where I had a really good time." - Miranda Otto

"Linux has more than satisfied any small initial expectations I had. It's simply incredible how successful Linux has been, and how good a time I've had developing it and leading the project. It does take a lot of my time, but it's time I really enjoy spending, and Linux has continued to be challenging both technically and from a managing standpoint." - Linus Torvalds

"I want a career and the thing is you really have to love acting. I didn't just fall into it and it wasn't just something I was good at. I've had to really work at this. I've had to fall on my face time and time again. You get 'no' 99 per cent of the time and a 'yes' just once." - Channing Tatum

"I am a happy man. I've had a good life." - John Lee Hooker

"I am a gypsy. I havent' had a home for a long time. Call me a homeless person - I just throw everything in a bag and I'm good to go." - Taylor Kinney

"I never wanted to be a literary writer. I wanted to be an entertainer. All I wanted was to give what a lot of writers had given me: a good time on a bad day." - M.C. Beaton

"I always thought of him [Jack Kennedy] as a prince, with a charmed life. He was a guy who was sick and in horrendous pain all the time - who would say, "I wish I had a few good days."" - Chris Matthews

"Bin Laden's death is just a punctuation point on a set of problems they've had for a long time. I think the prognosis for al-Qaida and groups like it is really bad, and that's a good thing." - Peter L Bergen

"The biggest privilege I've had in my life is being able to make a choice. If you make a choice, it can't be a wrong choice because it seemed like a good idea at the time." - Francesca Annis

"Bin Laden's death is just a punctuation point on a set of problems they've had for a long time. I think the prognosis for al-Qaida and groups like it is really bad, and that's a good thing." - Peter Bergen

"I always had a pretty good knack for raising hell" - Brandon Lee

"I had a good friend in New York City." - Hank Williams, Jr.

"I had a strong, really good upbringing, not puritanical" - Tom Selleck

"Populists have never had a good press in Freedom's land." - Gore Vidal

"I've had a lot of good people in my life." - Miley Cyrus

"I've had a good life. Enough happiness, enough success." - Michael Landon

"Nobody became an actor because he had a good childhood." - William H Macy

"I had a good career. I've been very fortunate." - Johnny Ramone

"The city of Atlanta has always had a good spirit." - Ivan Allen

"I'm old and happy. I've had a good life." - Ruth Duccini

"America? They had a good girl singer, Janis Joplin." - Maurice Gibb

"We had a good cast and we loved each other." - Russell Johnson

"I always had a pretty good knack for raising hell." - Brandon Lee

"The city of Atlanta has always had a good spirit." - Ivan Allen, Jr.

"I had a strong, really good upbringing, not puritanical." - Tom Selleck

"We had a pretty good lead, so why push it." - David Wells

"I lose all track of time on that level. I used to have a really good sense of time. I didn't need a clock to play, and I had a sense of when five, ten, twenty minutes had passed. Now I can only play with a clock." - Z'EV

"It's a good time to be a woman." - Katie Louchheim

"A bad system will beat a good person every time." - W Edwards Deming

"I'm a man who enjoys people, enjoys a good time." - Alan J Dixon

"I had a really good time working with Jim Cameron. A lot of people didn't, but I did as I got on with him really quite well. For a director who spends most of his time looking down a lens or in the digitisation studio or working out some graphics, he is actually very good with actors." - Bernard Hill

"I had a good, sound upbringing with sensible people around me. I was brought up by intelligent parents. My mother always said to me, "You've got to work at your career and you've got to be good at it. Okay, you've had a bit of success but that's not longevity. You've got to really work for a long time."" - Olivia Newton-John

"What a good thing Adam had. When he said a good thing he knew nobody had said it before." - Mark Twain

"We expected to have a good time with Clive Davis 'cause I've always liked him, his shows. I've sort of followed his career a bit 'cause he had a lot of that on PBS over here." - Maurice Gibb

"I had a lot of expectations placed on me because I was already having some success with my short stories. That was not a good situation to be in. That by itself took a long time to overcome." - Jess Row

"I never really got around to discussing that specific topic which I think it crucially important to understand. If you were a monk in Buddhist time and you had sex, there was a good chance a child would be conceived." - Brad Warner

"I've never been healthier. I haven't had a cigarette in two years. I run four or five miles, four or five times a week. I've been healthy and having a really good time." - Jeff Tweedy

"My mother and I had a lot of distance between us emotionally, although, on the surface, most of the time, we appeared good and friendly, and all that. But I was a problem. I was a street kid." - George Carlin

"I like my life. I've had a good life. I think the reason is my parents taught me that life is a burden. But if you take it one day at a time, it's an easy burden." - Andrew Young

"I was out in L.A. and I had gone to film school and I was out here for a couple of years. For a lot of years, I was bartending and having a good time." - Justin Zackham

"We were just a gaggle of kids, and everybody played together and had a good time. You know how kids can be completely horrible - abusive but fun. But anyway, it was a nice childhood." - Peter Jurasik

"I didn't know I was a good director, and I mean that sincerely. I had done a film a long time ago called 'Cold Around the Heart.' Nobody saw it, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted to." - John Ridley

"We had a much deeper sense of community in '67 than we do in '97. This is important to say that not in a nostalgic way because it's not as if '67 was a time when things were so good." - Cornel West

"We were playing a small club in San Diego and the power had gone out in the building. Eddie had a lighter and kept us lit backstage. We became very good friends and spent a lot of time together including hearing Eddie sing in some of the bands he was in at the time." - Jack Irons

"We all went to Kelsey's wedding, and yeah, we go to parties. We also go to each other's house. A group of us got together over at Kelsey's and just read through some plays just for the fun of it. That may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but we had a good time." - David Hyde Pierce

"I had a lot of fun working with John Candy. We had a pretty good rapport." - Harold Ramis

"I've had a nontabloid life because I had a really good family." - Peter Billingsley

"Linkin Park has been a band for such a long time, for me, in my eyes. I was 16 years old when I first heard them. I heard 'Hybrid Theory,' and I was floored at what I was listening to. It was angry yet melodic, it had hip-hop and it had - it was just different, good. Good songwriting." - Austin Carlile

"A good creative-writing teacher can save a good writer a lot of time." - Richard Hugo

"A good smoker, like a good lover, always takes his time with a cigar." - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"No man can understand why a woman shouldn't prefer a good reputation to a good time." - Helen Rowland

"Really I peeped dude at the bar like really Lookin like he want a good time like really Said he had a friend for my homegirl Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly" - Nicki Minaj

"I know he (Albert Belle) hates me. If he needs that hate to succeed, it's fine by me. I always liked him. He was a good kid. He just had a hard time with the pressure." - Skip Bertman

"Most of us would like to end our lives feeling both that we had a good time and that we left the world a little better than we found it." - Philip Slater

"I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything" - Jennifer Connelly

"I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything." - Jennifer Connelly

"It's been very nice. I haven't gotten out too much because we've been working a lot but other wise the people have been very nice and I've had a good time." - Bo Derek

"But I remember feeling as a producer I felt like the guy who called the caterer and got the band; I had to work the party while everybody else was having a good time." - Griffin Dunne

"I have always been very good at being able to structure my time. My mother had a huge influence on me. My dad was my coach. He was a hugely influential figure." - Sebastian Coe

"I did a 'Golden Girls' once, which shot in front of an audience, and that went well. I had a good time. But I need an audience, for comedy at least." - Dick Van Dyke

"'Party Down' was one of the most magical, special experiences of my professional career. Also special in my personal life, too. I made really good friends, and I had just a great time, and it was a great part." - Ken Marino

"I went to school, I got good marks, I had a very low key after-school job, and I spent a lot of time watching 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Dawson's Creek.'" - Stella Young

"I am always happy up a ladder with a paintbrush in my hand. And I wish I had more time to spend in the garden - not least because I get good ideas for writing when I'm out there." - Diane Setterfield

"Back when I taught middle school and wrote adult mysteries, my students often asked me why I wasn't writing for kids. I never had a good answer for them. It took me a long time to realize they were right." - Rick Riordan

"I get a lot of return business. I think it's all those years I put in traveling around the country; people saw me before and had a good time so they want to see me again." - Rita Rudner

"Even though I had pushed through the Tango album, it was just not a very good environment to be in on a daily basis. In many ways, this is the best time of my life." - Lindsey Buckingham

"When I started, I had a really hard time getting work. It was the mid- to late-nineties. There was the WB. My age was perfect for it, but I just never came across as a youngster. I had to grow into my age in order to start working, and by the time I did, it was when things started to get good." - Natalie Zea

"Before I finished another level of Scientology auditing, I had a very hard time with being wrong and I always had to have my own way - and not in a good sense. After auditing, I was able to have my thoughts, communicate them and not have to be right all the time." - Danny Masterson

"I had a great time doing Torchwood, I really did." - Burn Gorman

"What a splendid time Woo must have had." - Emily Carr



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