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Had A Bad Day Quotes


"I never have a bad night, bad day, bad moment." - Nina Hagen

"Sixty-five million years ago the dinosaurs had a bad day." - Phil Plait

"Breathe. It's only a bad day not a bad life." - Ashley Purdy

"Sometimes you can have a reputation for not being relatable and nice because you had a bad day once." - James Corden

"If you see a defense team with dirt and mud on their backs they've had a bad day." - John Madden

"If the Qur'an was the word of God, it had been dictated on a very bad day." - Christopher Hitchens

"This is probably as bad a day as the court has had on social issues since "Roe v Wade."" - Jerry Falwell

"This is probably as bad a day as the court has had on social issues since Roe v. Wade." - Jerry Falwell

"It was a bad day for love." - Daniel Handler

"Everyone can have a bad day." - Nikki Haley

"No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments." - Regina Brett

"Everything in my life is in perspective. OK, perspective ebbs and flows. I've had bad days, but they weren't in the last years. A bad day is 2 October 1996: 'We've got bad news for you, you've got advanced testicular cancer and you've got a coin's toss chance of survival.' That's a bad day." - Lance Armstrong

"I've always had a bad attention span." - Charlie Brooker

"A good day is a good day. A bad day is a good story." - Glennon Melton

"The game is supposed to be fun. If you had a bad day, don't worry. You can't expect to get a hit every game." - Yogi Berra

"The kids growing up is a separate strand to your life. However bad a day you've had, that's the most important thing, and you have to remember that." - Michael Palin

"Everybody thinks I'm, like, a bad boy. I've had my day, but I just sit at home and play the blues mostly." - Brad Renfro

"I never had a bad night in my life, but I've had a few bad mornings." - Lefty Gomez

"You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. The bad days make you realize what a good day is. If you never had any bad days, you would never have that sense of accomplishment!" - Aly Raisman

"Im the bestest/on a bad day I spit asbestos" - Earl Sweatshirt

"Judgment is discernment on a bad hair day." - Mary Anne Radmacher

"Nothing ruins your day more than getting a bad review." - Taylor Swift

"Don't mess with anybody on a Monday. It's a bad, bad day." - Louise Fitzhugh

"When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try to treat the world better than it treated you." - Patrick Stump

"You can't put a title card at the head of the movie and say, "Well, we really had a bad problem. You know, the actor got sick and it rained this day and we had a hurricane."" - George Lucas

"Bad guys are not bad guys twenty-four hours a day." - Elmore Leonard

"I'd spent my childhood thinking bad things, bad things every day. It had made me sick, but it had made me determined." - Julian Cope

"I've had good times and I've had bad times and I reminisce, maybe when I lay down, but throughout my day I keep myself engulfed in whatever moment I'm in because it could steer me into a depressed state." - Kevin Gates

"A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul." - Michael Beckwith

"It's turning out to be a bad day, a day when the sun feels like teeth." - Jennifer Egan

"A day of bad writing is always better than a day of no writing." - Don Roff

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work." - Anonymous

"The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude." - Dennis S. Brown

"A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul." - Jillian Michaels

"A bad day can tell you more about yourself than a good day." - Andy Ogle

"One bad day could turn into a bad year if you're not careful. Or, a bad rest of your life if you're not careful. Because of one day!" - Donald Faison

"Everyone has a bad hair day; the trick is not to have one on picture day." - Mark R. Woodward

"Still, life had a way of adding day to day" - Virginia Woolf

"Bad day?" "Every day is a bad day here." "Eh, this place isnt't so terrible." "How are you always cheerful?" "Alcohol," he says with a sideways grin." - Pittacus Lore

"I never wanted to be a literary writer. I wanted to be an entertainer. All I wanted was to give what a lot of writers had given me: a good time on a bad day." - M.C. Beaton

"I think, British food, it's had a bad rap." - April Bloomfield

"My first job was baby-sitting. I had a great time because I love kids. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I'm like: "Oh, you know what? I'm going to chuck it in and become a kindergarten teacher!"" - Anne Hathaway

"I would take a bad script and a good director any day against a good script and a bad director." - Bette Davis

"...I've had a bad week." What's happened?" Nothing's happened. I've had a bad week in my head, is all." - Nick Hornby

"I had a friend say to me the other day, I hate when I see Jonathan Metzl on your show because I know it`s bad news. I know that there has been a shooting." - Melissa Harris-Perry

"I haven't really had too many bosses. Any bad boss I had probably was because I was a bad employee." - Jason Sudeikis

"The lonely reality of the truth-that the most important person in your life suddenly ceased to exist. Which on a bad day meant maybe she had never existed at all. And on a good day, there was the other fear. That even if you were a hundred percent sure she had been there, maybe you were the only one who cared or remembered." - Kami Garcia

"You will throughout your life have people who will tell you that you're not good enough. Maybe they're jealous. Maybe they think you aren't. Maybe they've had a bad day. But ultimately you have to believe in yourself." - Meredith Vieira

"I've not really had a bad Christmas. Apart from serious things, like when my father died. He rather spoiled the party and I've never forgiven him for falling off the twig on Christmas Day." - John Nettles

"I just try to keep the same people I've had around me from Day One. Keep it a real small circle because if you do that, not too much is going to go bad for you." - Kevin Love

"The people in the villages had turned in on themselves. You can understand it. When you have a bad day on the field, what do you do? Talk to your teammates." - Ian Botham

"China's stock market is not very big. And yet when stock market has a bad day in China, it seems, Europe has a bad day and then we have a bad day." - David Wessel

"Anyone can have a good day. The question is what do you do on a bad day. That's when you're being tested. In a very tangible sense, a bad day shows your innermost essence more than a good day." - Arthur Golden

"If you're having a bad day, get on with your job, because you having a bad day can affect everyone around you." - Daniel Radcliffe

"Each day was a bad day, but he survived by kidding himself that each day was somehow unconnected to the day before." - Nick Hornby

"Got a hundred grand in my ash tray, spend a 100 k on a bad day." - Wiz Khalifa

"There is but an hour a day between a good housewife and a bad one." - Proverbs

"Anybody not wearing a two-million sun block is gonna have a pretty bad day." - Linda Hamilton

"The other day a dog peed on me. A bad sign." - H L Mencken

"Being a real writer means being able to do the work on a bad day." - Norman Mailer

"It was a confusing time in my life, a really bad day at the office." - Boris Becker

"My wife loves Europe, but to me it's a bad day at a theme park." - Jay Leno

"I know what a really bad day is...and that's not losing a competition." - Sara McMann

"When I was young, I had a favorite movie star. One day, I saw one of his movies, and it was bad, and he was bad in it. I could tell he didn't care and only did it for the money. I felt betrayed. I never watched another one of his movies again." - Michael Jai White

"I love coming to work. I never have a bad day." - Magic Johnson

"It's hard to have a bad hair day when you're famous" - Marion Jones

"No day is so bad that it can not be fixed by a good nap." - Carrie Snow

"A man forgets his good luck next day, but remembers his bad luck until next year." - E W Howe

"We"ve got to give people room to have a bad day." - Joel Osteen

"You can't appreciate a great day unless you've experienced bad ones." - Rabbi Glassman" - Simone Elkeles

"Dancing is like breathing-missing a day doing either is very bad." - Vera-Ellen

"When life is viewed as good, a bad day is easily absorbed." - Neil Maxwell

"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap." - Carrie P. Snow

"At the end of the day, I'm not a bad person; I don't hurt anyone." - Tamara Ecclestone

"We've got to give people room to have a bad day." - Joel Osteen

"If I'm having a bad day in rehearsal, I'll sleep with my script." - Nina Arianda

"It's hard to have a bad hair day when you're famous." - Marion Jones

"When I'm having a bad day, I pick up my guitar." - Michelle Branch

"When I make an error, it's a very bad day in my house." - Shepard Smith

"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap." - Carrie Snow

"Whenever I have a bad day I just think of these people." - Ozzy Osbourne

"Discrimination is a bad bad bad thing." - Emily Saliers

"Love is about needing someone, about feeling as if the day isn't quite right if they're not there. Its about knowing that, no matter how bad a day you've had, the moment you see them again or hear their voice, the world is back in its place." - Jessica Hart

"The 21st Century should be India's century but from 2004 to 2014 bad ideas and bad actions have affected the country adversely. Every day was a new bad day and there were new scandals. People were furious." - Narendra Modi

"We had a bad court. Got a bad decision, had a court that's been overturned I may be wrong but I think it's 80% of the time." - Donald Trump

"I've never had a day job. I've been very fortunate" - Shane West

"So fair and foul a day i had not seen." - William Shakespeare

"I've never had a day job. I've been very fortunate." - Shane West

"And on the last day, the bad days become so difficult to recall, because one way or another, she had made a life here, just as I had. The town was paper, but the memories were not. All the things I'd done here, all the love and pity and compassion and violence and spite, kept welling up inside me." - John Green

"And on the last day, the bad days become so difficult to recall, because one way or another, she had made a life here, just as I had. The town was paper, but the memories were not. All the things I"d done here, all the love and pity and compassion and violence and spite, kept welling up inside me." - John Green

"'Either you run the day, or the day runs you.' Hope y'all had a good one." - Aaron Hernandez

"The idea of having dinner together every day with your family removes the pressure from trying to explain everything. You tell us the good parts about your day, but you also tell us the bad parts about your day. And at the end of that, because you're in a ritual, you remove the pressure of admitting you had a failure that day. And it also takes the wind out of having a great day. I mean, it makes you a little bit more normal all the time. That moment of therapeutic sharing is something that happens in food, that doesn't necessarily happen when you're watching TV." - Mario Batali

"Nately had a bad start. He came from a good family." - Joseph Heller

"I had rather be hissed for a good verse than applauded for a bad one." - Victor Hugo

"I had a passion for cooking, and I was a very bad student." - Eric Ripert

"I wanted to be a brain surgeon, but I had a bad habit of dropping things." - Gilbert Gottfried

"If I had a bad performance in a particular leotard, I threw it in the trash." - Mary Lou Retton

"I had a lumpectomy. It wasn't that bad. Six and a half weeks of radiation." - Cynthia Nixon

"The biggest challenge is to convince a woman that it's not her fault. My daughter is 25; my stepdaughter is 22. As a mother, I want them to know that if a boyfriend is abusive, you cannot ignore it ?- 'Oh, he's been drinking,' or 'He had a bad day.' There is no excuse for a man hitting a woman. Ever." - Debbie Stabenow

"I am mean; I'm nasty at times. I don't feel like talking to people at times. When I am in a bad mood and have had a really awful day, don't come in my face because I am not tolerant and I am not a goddess; I can't handle it after a point. I am going to get up, and I am going to scream, and I am going to say bad things to you." - Kajol

"Sometimes the one person that's bad for you is the person that on a bad day can make you feel good." - Mirtha Michelle

"My act is always a work in progress. I pray I have a bad day before a show." - Richard Lewis

"How do you have a think in pictures? Well, you have to sort the pictures into categories. You know, for example, a dog knows that, you know, there's good people and there's bad people. And I talked to a lady the other day where her dog was afraid of people with white beards because she had adopted him from an animal shelter and somebody with a white beard had abused him. And this dog was now afraid of everybody that had a white beard. That was the bad category." - Temple Grandin

"If I was having a bad day, or if something was really getting me down - boy troubles, whatever - I wanted to go out and get a new piercing. It was definitely a release for me. Something that made me feel a little more strong or empowered. Because it was something that had to do with me and no one else." - Christina Aguilera

"Once upon a time they had some bad luck, and they blame everything on that." - Herta Muller

"He (Leo Durocher) had the ability of taking a bad situation and making it immediately worse." - Branch Rickey

"I had a hard childhood. Hard for my parents. Not that bad for me." - Michael Grant

"Money itch is a bad thing. I never had that trouble." - Amadeo Giannini

"There never was a bad man that had ability for good service." - Edmund Burke

"I got even with all the bad management I had by being a good manager" - Victoria Principal

"I'm good with all my roles, I've never had a bad role." - Michael K Williams

"Almost everyone who has gone to the bad early in life has had a deceitful mother." - Henrik Ibsen

"I've never worked for a newspaper. I've had some very bad reviews in newspapers..." - Truman Capote

"Same if you had a bad show, it just rolls off you more easily." - Aoife O'Donovan

"Marlon was so sensitive, you thought the poor guy just had a bad education." - Uta Hagen

"Indeed, scientific truth by consensus has had a uniformly bad history." - David Douglass

"I have been to hell and back. I had a very, very bad nervous breakdown." - Andy Gibb

"I've had bad jobs. Now I have a good one. I'm thankful." - Maurice Greene

"I would never say I had a bad childhood at all." - Melissa Etheridge

"I can tell you, we had a lot of fun at 'Breaking Bad.' You have to." - Betsy Brandt

"Martin Luther King said America had given a bad check to black people." - Andrew Young

"I got even with all the bad management I had by being a good manager." - Victoria Principal

"It is certain that concentration camps had a bad reputation with us." - Albert Speer

"There's a reason why people who've had bad relationships with their parents listen to angry stuff." - Chris Martin

"I have always had a bad memory, as far back as I can remember." - Lewis Thomas

"In a houseful of toddlers and pets, you can start out having a bad day, but you keep getting detoured." - Robert Breault

"There's nothing glorious about being a professional. . . . Professionalism probably comes down to being able to work on a bad day." - Norman Mailer

"He was tall and scrawny with a face that could be mistaken with Keith Richards on a bad day." - Kelley Armstrong

"There's no such thing as a bad day when you have a doorknob on the inside of the door." - Paul Galanti

"In a houseful of toddlers and pets, you can start out having a bad day, but you keep getting detoured." - Robert Brault

"Some of the best lessons come from a bad day and there's a few we can learn from today." - Greg Chappell

"Time alone reveals the just man; but you might discern a bad man in a single day." - Sophocles

"Catch me on a good day, I think half of my books aren't too bad. Catch me on a bad day, I think I've never written a good line." - Dennis Lehane

"This is about all the bad days in the world. I used to have some little bad days, and I kept them in a little box. And one day, I threw them out into the yard. "Oh, it's just a couple little innocent bad days." Well, we had a big rain. I don't know what it was growing in but I think we used to put eggshells out there and coffee grounds, too. Don't plant your bad days. They grow into weeks. The weeks grow into months. Before you know it you got yourself a bad year. Take it from me. Choke those little bad days. Choke 'em down to nothin'. They're your days. Choke 'em!" - Tom Waits

"I have seriously thought about retiring, but that was on a good day. On a bad day I've thought about killing myself." - Ivan Lendl

"You're not going to make me have a bad day. If there's oxygen on earth and I'm breathing, it's going to be a good day.." - Cotton Fitzsimmons

"You're not going to make me have a bad day. If there's oxygen on earth and I'm breathing, it's going to be a good day." - Cotton Fitzsimmons

"I am a businessman. This is what I do each and every day. I love it. I love coming to work. I never have a bad day." - Magic Johnson

"I immensely enjoy any experience directing. I've never hated it, and I've had bad experiences. At the end of the day, I just feel like I'm supposed to be on a set. I'm supposed to be working with creative people. I'm supposed to be working with actors and I'm supposed to be manning a project in this capacity. It's interesting." - Christine Swanson

"If I've had a bad day, if I'm feeling stressed out, if I'm feeling overwhelmed - it takes it all away. It's my antidote for everything. If I feel any sort of emotional upheaval, I go for a jog and I feel better." - Kelly Ripa

"After one of my plays came out, I had mixed reviews, some bad and some good. One day, it dawned on me. I thought, 'I wrote a play and he wrote a review, and that's the difference between him and me.'" - Steve Martin

"Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day son, a man had to answer for the wicked he done. Take all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree, round up all the bad boys, and hang them in the streets for all the people to see." - Toby Keith

"Some day I will show all the [people] who say I was a success just because of my pretty face. Sometimes I wish I had a really bad car accident so my face would get smashed up and I'd look like Eddie Constantine." - Tyrone Power

"Sometimes you can have a reputation for not being relatable and nice because you had a bad day once. That's the thing. You know, I think that's particularly pertinent with Justin [Bieber] because, like, you just forget how young he is." - James Corden

"'Life, Love & Hope' is... I'm thinking 'larger picture.' I'm not trying to preach to anyone. We all get lost and caught up in our everyday problems. Your cellphone doesn't work or you got a parking ticket, you had a bad day at work. You can lose sight of the really important things in life; that's what the song is about." - Tom Scholz

"Can you see the power emotion has to distort our outlook? Makes you wonder, did you have a bad day, or did you make it a bad day." ~Fablehaven - Rise of the Evening Star" - Brandon Mull

"I'm so spoiled - I must have a Starbucks vanilla latte every day. Otherwise, it's going to be a bad day. I also love Jelly Bellies. But that's bad. Don't tell my mom." - Katie Holmes

"My worst year. The only thing that I know for a fact now is that if it's really a bad day, then I draw the curtains, and I lay in bed. There is no way of dealing with grief. And I have no idea. This year I had double of them, my mother and my husband. I just take it one day at a time." - Iman Abdulmajid

"It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. My mom says some days are like that." - Judith Viorst

"Whenever Im having a bad day and have an attitude, I stay home. I keep it at home." - Michael Clarke



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