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Great Events Quotes


"Great events are the hour-hands of time, while small events mark the minutes." - Andrew Michael Ramsay

"Events are influenced by our very great desires." - William James

"The great man is not convulsible or tormentable; events pass over him without much impression." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Great passions are for the great of soul, and great events can be seen only by those who are on a level with them" - Oscar Wilde

"That's the great danger of sectarian opinions, they always accept the formulas of past events as useful for the measurement of future events and they never are, if you have high standards of accuracy." - John Dos Passos

"Great men, great events, great epochs, it has been said, grow as we recede from them; and the rate at which they grow in the estimation of men is in some sort a measure of their greatness." - John Campbell Shairp

"Great and glorious events which dazzle the beholder are represented by politicians as the outcome of grand designs whereas they are usually products of temperaments and passions." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"The best part about winning the PGA is getting great pairings at tour events. Its fun to play with Phil Mickelson and other past major champions." - Keegan Bradley

"Let your holidays be associated with great public events, and they may be the life of patriotism as well as a source of relaxation and personal employment." - Tryon Edwards

"Like many things in our national life, we miscalculated. We overestimated our ability to control events, which is one of the great dangers of a great power. Power tends to be a substitute for judgment and wisdom." - Hubert H Humphrey

"In historic events, the so-called great men are labels giving names to events, and like labels they have but the smallest connection with the event itself. Every act of theirs, which appears to them an act of their own will, is in an historical sense involuntary and is related to the whole course of history and predestined from eternity." - Leo Tolstoy

"In the human species at all events there is a great diversity of pleasures. The same things delight some men and annoy others, and things painful and disgusting to some are pleasant and attractive to others." - Aristotle

"Events of great consequence often spring from trifling circumstances." - Livy

"Great events have sent before them their announcements." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"The world is filled with great sporting events." - Alex Berenson

"Often do the spirits Of great events stride on before the events, And in to-day already walks to-morrow." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Often do the spirits Of great events stride on before the events, And in today already walks tomorrow." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"There remains an experience of incomparable value . . . to see the great events of world history from below; from the perspective of the outcast, the suspects, the maltreated, the powerless, the oppressed, the reviled - in short, from the perspective of those who suffer . . . to look with new eyes on matters great and small." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"The first springs of great events, like those of great rivers, are often mean and little." - Jonathan Swift

"Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that incessantly draw great events." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The dearest events are summer-rain." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Future events cast their shadow before them." - Tim Lahaye

"Time is not a linear flow, as we think it is, into past, present, and future. Time is an indivisible whole, a great pool in which all events are eternally embodied and still have their meaningful flash of supernormal or extra - sensory perception, and glimpse of something that happened long ago in our linear time." - Frank Waters

"Older, younger, anyone can help. We've learned that our legislators listen, and people with passionate and thoughtful concerns make a difference every day. We've had constituents initiate legislation, lobby for it, organize meetings and events, and, of course, call, mail, e-mail and visit legislators to express their views. It's really great to see how much difference that individuals can make." - Doris Day

"It is often interesting, in retrospect, to consider the trifling causes that lead to great events. A chance encounter, a thoughtless remark - and the tortuous chain reaction of coincidence is set in motion, leading with devious inevitability to some resounding climax." - Patricia Moyes

"The history of a battle, is not unlike the history of a ball. Some individuals may recollect all the little events of which the great result is the battle won or lost, but no individual can recollect the order in which, or the exact moment at which, they occurred, which makes all the difference as to their value or importance. .." - Duke Of Wellington

"Custom, then, is the great guide of human life. It is that principle alone, which renders our experience useful to us, and makes us expect, for the future, a similar train of events with those which have appeared in the past." - David Hume

"Brothers and sisters, with the blessings of modern technology, we can express gratitude and joy about God's great plan for His children in a way that can be heard not only around our workplace but around the world. Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someone's life for eternity." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"We tend to take a great deal for granted, because you feel like you're going to live forever. It's only if you lose a friend, or maybe have a near-death experience, [that] many events and people in your life suddenly attain real significance." - Brandon Lee

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss other people. Life's too short to worry about what other people do or don't do. Tend your own backyard, not theirs, because yours is the one you have to live in." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"The hearts of men are their books; events are their tutors; great actions are their eloquence." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"In the great inconstancy and crowd of events, nothing is certain except the past." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Here, the revolution was prepared. Here it was achieved. Here all the great events were fostered." - Georges Couthon

"Poor minds talk about people average minds talk about events great minds talk about ideas" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It has been said that the great events of the world take place in the brain." - Oscar Wilde

"The great events of the world take place in the brain..." - Oscar Wilde

"Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves." - Queen Victoria

"It's customary when great events happen that the U.S. punishes its friends and rewards its enemies." - Ahmed Chalabi

"Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich H

"People love events - they love performances, they love music - and I think Australians are great entertainers." - Cate Blanchett

"The events I sought were never as great as I needed them to be." - Alfred De Vigny

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"I've been lucky to broadcast some great events and to broadcast the exploits of some great players." - Ernie Harwell

"I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me. Now, at the end of three years struggle the nation's condition is not what either party, or any man devised, or expected. God alone can claim it. Whither it is tending seems plain. If God now wills the removal of a great wrong, and wills also that we of the North as well as you of the South, shall pay fairly for our complicity in that wrong, impartial history will find therein new cause to attest and revere the justice and goodness of God." - Abraham Lincoln

"The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable." - Seneca the Younger

"History employs evolution to structure biological events in time." - Stephen Jay Gould

"When I can't handle events, I let them handle themselves." - Henry Ford

"Worry is a morbid anticipation of events which never happen." - Russell Green

"Perfection belongs to narrated events, not to those we live." - Primo Levi

"Events bring you small joy, while ? existence brings you bliss." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Soul-directed events defy logic and ridicule reason." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"The future is about emotion: reactions to events are usually far more important than the events themselves." - Patrick Dixon

"Overall, my books represent a kind of shared communion and meditation with my fellow human beings... The books are also a part of what I call the great continuum of spiritual literary dialogue that I feel has been in progress since human beings first gave in to the urge to pray to their sense of something greater than themselves and interpreted certain signs or events or silences as responses to those prayers." - Aberjhani

"Think of the majesty of that moment in this dying world's history, when Jesus Christ declared that to the Christian death was only a sleep. Outside of that small dwelling in Capernaum, a great race of men rushed and toiled as they harassed continents and seas; mighty events marshaled themselves into annals and pageants. What was inside? In one inconspicuous chamber of a now forgotten house, man's Redeemer, unobserved, martyred man's final enemy. There Immanuel subdued death forever." - Charles Seymour Robinson

"Similar (of course, far from identical) irritations in similar conditions call out similar reflexes; the more powerful the irritation, the sooner it overcomes personal peculiarities. To a tickle, people react differently, but to a red-hot iron, alike. As a steam-hammer converts a sphere and a cube alike into sheet metal, so under the blow of too great and inexorable events resistances are smashed and the boundaries of "individuality" lost." - Leon Trotsky

"There is probably not one person, however great his virtue, who cannot be led by the complexities of life's circumstances to a familiarity with the vices he condemns the most vehemently-without his completely recognizing this vice which, disguised as certain events, touches him and wounds him: strange words, an inexplicable attitude, on a given night, of the person whom he otherwise has so many reasons to love." - Marcel Proust

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; if he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. He who loses money, loses much; he who loses a friend, loses much more; he who loses faith, loses all." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Small events and choices determine the direction of our lives just as small helms determine the directions of great ships." - M Russell Ballard

"Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!" - Thomas B. Macaulay

"Everything is heaving and great events are pending, and it is hard to study Genesis when all is now Revelation." - Melancthon Williams Jacobus

"Undoubtedly the desire for food has been, and still is, one of the main causes of great political events." - Bertrand Russell

"The business of the novelist is not to relate great events, but to make small ones interesting." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"The Renaissance is studded by the names of the artists and architects, with their creations recorded as great historical events." - Arthur Erickson

"For the moment and for some time great events have been denied me, forward action not come my way." - John Burns

"Universal morality is to be found in little everyday penny-events just as much as in great ones." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!" - Thomas Babington Macaulay

"How could you be a Great Man if history brought you no Great Events, or brought you to them at the wrong time, too young, too old?" - Lois Mcmaster Bujold

"Great men are rare, poets are rarer, but the great man who is a poet, transfiguring his greatness, is the rarest of all events." - John Drinkwater

"The powers that be not only try to control events, but they try to control our memory and understanding of these events, which is part of controlling the events themselves." - Michael Parenti

"Events become feelings, feelings become events" - Jerry Spinelli

"The great paradox of determinism and free will, which has held the attention of the wisest of philosophers and psychologists for generations, can be phrased in more biological terms as follows: If our genes are inherited, and our environment is a train of physical events set in motion before we were born, how can there be a truly independent agent within the brain? The agent itself is created by the interaction of the genes and the environment. It would appear that our freedom is only a self delusion." - E O Wilson

"It seems that certain transcendental realities emit rays to which the masses are sensitive. That is how, for example, when an event takes place, when at the front an army is in danger, or defeated, or victorious, the rather obscure news which the cultivated man does not quite understand, excite in the masses an emotion which surprises him and in which, once the experts have informed him of the actual military situation, he recognizes the populace's perception of that "aura" surrounding great events and visible for hundreds of kilometers." - Marcel Proust

"The writing of history is largely a process of diversion. Most historical accounts distract attention from the secret influences behind great events." - Frank Herbert

"Earthlings are the great explainers, explaining why this event is structured as it is, telling how other events may be achieved or avoided." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Slanderers are at all events economical for they make a little scandal go a great way, and rarely open their mouths except at the expense of other people." - Horace Smith

"O woman! in ordinary cases so mere a mortal, how, in the great and rare events of life, dost thou swell into the angel!" - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

"Mythologies, in other words, mythologies and religions are great poems and, when recognized as such, point infallibly through things and events to the ubiquity of a" - Joseph Campbell

"Great things are possible only to strong souls and it's from the trivial events of daily life that strength is won." - L. W Rogers

"Slowly but without question - and Presidents' Day is only one example - Americans are forgetting and ignoring the men and events that have made this nation great." - Lyn Nofziger

"There are certainly great cities in America that don't have ATP and WTA events. Our fans are very provincial. They want American champions." - Jim Courier

"Where execution is dominant, as it is in the individual events of a war whether great or small, then intellectual factors are reduced to a minimum." - Carl Von Clausewitz

"Except for events that carry great weight, it is not experience per se, but how they match expectations, that governs their emotional impact" - Albert Bandura

"Things are only mannequins and even the great world-historical events are only costumes beneath which they exchange glances with nothingness" - Walter Benjamin

"Finishing overall champion at the World Series in both the individual and synchro events has given me great confidence and I'm pleased I've been diving with consistency." - Tom Daley

"The best part about winning the PGA is getting great pairings at tour events. It's fun to play with Phil Mickelson and other past major champions." - Keegan Bradley

"This decision will only strengthen the bond between women players and one of the world's great sporting events [on equal prize money at Wimbledon" - Maria Sharapova

"We know the past and its great events, the present in its multitudinous complications, chiefly through faith in the testimony of others." - Matthew Simpson

"The great disadvantage of getting older is to be obliged to relive the salient economic events of one's youth, with nothing learned and nothing forgotten." - James Buchan

"Time is a kind of river, an irresistible flood sweeping up men and events and carrying them headlong, one after the other, to the great sea of being." - Marcus Aurelius

"It's always great to see one of the actors I've worked with from 'Caddyshack' and 'TRON.' I run into them occasionally at events." - Cindy Morgan

"Events, time, forms, all propel the inner plot within each of us." - Vanna Bonta

"The moralist must praise heroism and condemn cruelty; but the moralist does not explain events." - Georges Lefebvre

"I'm not someone who dwells upon past events, taking the view that life is too short" - Charles Kennedy

"We live in reference to past experience and not to future events, however inevitable." - H G Wells

"What is it to be a philosopher? Is it not to be prepared against events?" - Epictetus

"Few people realize the profound part angelic forces play in human events." - Billy Graham

"Many 'natural' events - like early death, disease, hardship - are neither desirable nor necessary." - Phyllis Chesler

"Superstition is just fantasy with attitude; it's a way of erroneously trying to control events." - Joy Browne

"happiness depends more upon the state of mind - and body, perhaps - than upon circumstances and events." - Flora Thompson

"Why should I read something someone made up when real events are so interesting?" - Frank Buckles

"I express preference for a chronological sequence of events which precludes a violence." - Terry Pratchett

"I come from a newspaper background, so maybe Im attuned to current events." - Jess Walter

"Without faith you can't see a miracle; you just see unexplained events." - Tim Ward

"At all events there is in Brooklyn something that makes me feel at home." - Marianne Moore

"The unpleasant events you are passing from will not have been profitless to you." - Abraham Lincoln

"My strength and my weakness is that I see normally impersonal events vividly and personally." - Newt Gingrich

"Events, circumstances, etc., have their origin in ourselves. They spring from seeds which we have sown." - Henry David Thoreau

"Places remember events." - James Joyce

"Consult duty not events." - Walter Savage Landor

"Now I can do no more. We must trust to the Great Disposer of all Events and the Justice of our Cause. I thank God for this great opportunity of doing my Duty." - Horatio Nelson

"It has been said that the great events of the world take place in the brain. It is in the brain, and the brain only, that the great sins of the world take place also." - Oscar Wilde

"Developing the characters in a series is an ongoing joy and albatross. It's great to be able to revisit my 'family' of characters, but it requires a great deal of thought. People change; events have an impact on them." - Marcia Clark

"I like being done up! I love going to events and wearing fabulous gowns. I like hitting that spot of doing what feels good for me. If it makes other people happy, great; if it doesn't, then that's great, too!" - Soledad Obrien

"Great obstacles make great leaders." - Billy Diamond

"great villains make great movies." - Staton Rabin

"Great times are great softeners" - Ryan Holiday

"Back in the late '90s, a writer named Daniel Handler decided that kids books were too cheerful. I mean, all the "Harry Potter" series did was occasionally kill off major characters. Thus was born "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" and its mysterious author, Lemony Snicket. "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" is now a great new series on Netflix." - Daniel Handler

"In historic events the so-called great men are labels giving names to events, and like labels they have but the smallest connexion with the event itself. Every act of theirs, which appears to them an act of their own will, is in an historical sense involuntary, and is related to the whole course of history and predestined from eternity." - Leo Tolstoy

"My best-known book remains 'Henry and Clara,' a novel about the couple who were with the Lincolns at Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865. Seeing great events from the perspective of non-famous accidental participants gives you a very different view of those events - oblique, but intimate. And one that inevitably leads you to consider the role of fate." - Thomas Mallon

"The greatest events occur without intention playing any part in them; chance makes good mistakes and undoes the most carefully planned undertaking. The world's greatest events are not produced, they happen." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"It is a fact of history and of current events that human beings exaggerate, misinterpret, or wrongly remember events. They have also fabricated pious fraud. Most believers in a religion understand this when examining the claims of other religions." - Dan Barker

"If some books are deemed most baneful and their sale forbid, how then with deadlier facts, not dreams of doting men? Those whom books will hurt will not be proof against events. Events, not books should be forbid." - Herman Melville

"Could it be that time is too narrow for all events? Could it happen that all the seats within time might have been sold? Worried, we run along the train of events, preparing ourselves for the journey." - Bruno Schulz

"This is an important point about symbols: they do not refer to historical events; they refer through historical events to spiritual or psychological principles and powers that are of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that are everywhere." - Joseph Campbell

"It is not the events but our viewpoint toward events that is the determining factor. We ought to be more concerned about removing wrong thoughts from the mind than removing tumors and abscesses from the body." - Epictetus

"The best predictor of future events is probably past events." - Andre Agassi

"People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning." - Scarlett Thomas

"Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. Someone sober will worry about events going badly. Let the lover be." - Rumi

"Oh, how I wish that Orwell were still alive, so that I could read his comments on contemporary events!" - W H Auden

"Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives." - Thomas Berry

"Every epoch has its character determined by the way its population reacts to the material events which they encounter." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Old events have modern meanings; only that survives of past history which finds kindred in all hearts and lives." - James Russell Lowell

"When spiritual, metaphysical, material, or immaterial events come into my life, I can only fix them by way of painting." - Max Beckmann

"[On public events attended by royalty:] It was the usual 'zoo tea.' You know, we eat - the others watch." - Princess Margaret

"The climate is changing. This year we have come to understand this when we faced events that resulted in fires." - Vladimir Putin

"A mere chronicle of observed events will produce only journalism; combined with a sensitive memory, it can produce art." - Hallie Burnett

"...theories should be judged by their ability to predict events rather than by the realism of their assumptions." - Milton Friedman

"If you have compassion for society, only then will the events of your life, sow seeds of revolution in it..." - Narendra Modi

"There are no principles; there are only events. There is no good and bad, there are only circumstances." - Honore De Balzac

"Don't underestimate the power of events that happened a long time ago. That is the tragic flaw of modern man." - Anne Fortier

"Soon the sun will set'- is that prophecy? No, it's merely an assertion of faith in the consistency of events." - Walter M. Miller, Jr.

"All events are secretly interrelated; the sweep of all we are doing reaches beyond the horizon of our comprehension." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Contentment comes when you find the people, places, and events in life you were created to impact." - T D Jakes

"I do not believe that the desires of young boys cause catastrophic events. The actions of humans do." - Melina Marchetta

"Events occur. Dramas are manufactured." - Alan Robert Neal

"Relationships are never chance events." - Keith Ablow

"Certain signs precede certain events." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Yet what is to be done with events that have no place of their own in time; events that have occurred too late, after the whole of time has been distributed, divided, and allotted; events that have been left in the cold, unregistered, hanging in the air, homeless, and errant?" - Bruno Schulz



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