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Gay Rainbow Quotes


"Respect gay couples but no gay adoptions." - Mike Huckabee

"Homophobia is gay." - Frank Iero

"Gay as a daffodil." - Freddie Mercury

"I am not gay." - Roberto Cavalli

"I'm not gay." - Matthew Morrison

"No, I'm not gay." - Eric Stonestreet

"The Rainbow comes and goes, And lovely is the Rose." - William Wordsworth

"Rain, rain, and sun! A rainbow in the sky!" - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"God loves an idle rainbow, no less than laboring seas." - Ralph Hodgson

"Call me Sunshine, pussy spread like the rainbow." - Lil' Kim

"It's like being hit up the arse by a rainbow." - Rod Eddington

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou

"A friend of mine went fishing and caught a rainbow trout, but he threw it back 'cause he said he didn't want a gay fish." - Larry The Cable Guy

"The sorrowful dislike the gay, and the gay the sorrowful." - Horace

"Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice." - John Fugelsang

"I'm for gay marriage, because I'm for gay divorce." - Melissa Etheridge

"I'm gay. I know things." - P C Cast

"Gay rights are human rights." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm not against gay people." - Manny Pacquiao

"Anyone of us can be a rainbow in somebody's clouds. I want the University of Cincinnati to be a rainbow in the clouds. The University of Cincinnati is really a possibility of hope; it is a rainbow." - Maya Angelou

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work." - Anonymous

"Sometimes when we aren't looking, the holiness comes breaking through like a rainbow." - Madeleine L'Engle

"the rainbow is elusive, and its colors but the illumination of tears ..." - Alice Dunbar Nelson

"By late 1989, the Commune was flowering again in all dimensions. Like a rainbow." - Milarepa

"When the bold branches Bid farewell to rainbow leaves - Welcome wool sweaters." - B. Cybrill

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down." - Sara June Parker

"Don't miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold." - Anonymous

"So shines the setting sun on adverse skies, and paints a rainbow on the storm." - Isaac Watts

"At the end of the dream, on the other side of the rainbow, there's only light." - Frederick Lenz

"I'm not gay, a lotta people think I'm gay. I have a girlfriend. She thinks I'm gay." - Tom Delonge

"You'll have many gay people on your side who just because they're gay, doesn't mean they're for gay marriage." - Andrew Breitbart

"There's a whole gay culture in DC, and there are as many gay Republicans as there are gay Democrats." - Kirby Dick

"Gay is a subculture, a slur, a set of gestures, a slang, a look, a posture, a parade, a rainbow flag, a film genre, a taste in music, a hairstyle, a marketing demographic, a bumper sticker, a political agenda and philosophical viewpoint. Gay is a pre-packaged, superficial persona-a lifestyle. It's a sexual identity that has almost nothing to do with sexuality." - Jack Donovan

"I'm in a weird position, because I like rainbows, but I'm not gay. So whenever I go out wearing a rainbow shirt, I have to put "Not gay." But I'm not against gays, so under that I'll have to put "... but supportive." It's weird how one group of people took refracted light. That's very greedy, gays." - Demetri Martin

"Life is earnest, art is gay." - Friedrich Schiller

"The gay motes that people the sunbeams." - John Milton

"It's hard being gay in Edwardian times." - Rob James-Collier

"I am invisible in gay bars." - Billy Eichner

"I wasn't a [gay] activist, really..." - Kevin Sessums

"I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay rights." - Rudy Giuliani

"Baby carrots are making me gay." - Stephen Colbert

"It's hard being gay in Edwardian times." - Rob Jamescollier

"Gay individuals should be able to adopt." - Tim Kaine

"I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food." - Julian Clary

"Without gay men, I am nothing." - Janice Dickinson

"Americans don't want cowboys to be gay." - Larry Mcmurtry

"I am an openly proud gay man." - Michael Sam

"Most Americans don't care about gay marriage." - Dan Savage

"I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage." - Elizabeth Edwards

"I'm not an adulterer. I'm not gay." - Michael Strahan

"My son wasn't gay. No way." - Tommy Lasorda

"You can't just put gay in a little gay box anymore." - Neil Patrick Harris

"It's hard enough to be a heterosexual playing gay and not having the gay gestures." - Christopher Sieber

"Why do Republicans hate gay marriage so much? They certainly don't hate gay prostitutes." - Margaret Cho

"It's not being marketed as a gay show by a gay person. It's just Ellen DeGeneres" - Kyan Douglas

"The Kinsey Institute says gay men have bigger sex organs. Hence the origin of gay pride." - Jay Leno

"Chris Smith is openly gay and I think Peter Mandelson is certainly gay." - John Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

"If You don't like Gay Marriage, Don't Marry a Gay Person." - Whoopi Goldberg

"[Larry Kramer] thinks Charles de Gaulle was gay. He thinks Max Schmeling was gay." - Kevin Sessums

"They were regular in being gay, they learned little things that are things in being gay, they learned many little things that are things in being gay, they were gay every day, they were regular, they were gay, they were gay the same length of time every day, they were gay, they were quite regularly gay." - Gertrude Stein

"It's not being marketed as a gay show by a gay person. It's just Ellen DeGeneres." - Kyan Douglas

"I'm for all kinds of gay rights. I'm almost like a gay man myself." - Nene Leakes

"My kind of gay is like the late-breaking-lesbian kind of gay." - Carol Leifer

"I was a shy gay man at a time when it was illegal to be gay." - Ian Mckellen

"Gay TV has been immensely important in transforming American culture in a more gay-positive direction." - Tony Kushner

"A popular cliche in philosophy says that science is pure analysis or reductionism, like taking the rainbow to pieces; and art is pure synthesis, putting the rainbow together. This is not so. All imagination begins by analyzing nature." - Jacob Bronowski

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true." - L Frank Baum

"I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky, The gold sun burning As the rain swept by." - Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

"The people who guard the rainbow don't like those who get in the way of the sun." - Terry Pratchett

"You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl." - Karen Marie Moning

"Before someone gets their driver's license they should have to beat Rainbow Road on Mario Kart without falling off." - Anonymous

"Try to be a rainbow in someones cloud There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

"My favorite color is rainbow." - Katherine Applegate

"I wonder why / no one ever told me / that the rainbow / and the treasure / were both within me." - Gerald Jampolsky

"O, beautiful rainbow; - all woven of light! There's not in thy tissue, one shadow of night; Heaven surely is open when thou dost appear, And, bending above thee, the angels draw near, And sing, - The rainbow! the rainbow! The smile of God is here." - Sarah Josepha Hale

"Until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go." - Elizabeth Bishop

"In my real life, both my bosses are gay. On the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' Andy Cohen is gay, everybody at Bravo is gay - we call them the gay mafia. Over at 'Glee' and 'The New Normal,' my boss Ryan Murphy is gay. On the show, my boss, played by Andrew Reynolds, is gay in real life. I'm surrounded by all my gay bosses." - Nene Leakes

"Gay people are nice people. Just like any other people. And gay people love reggae music. Yeah. And gay people love Jamaica." - Yellowman

"Straight people say, 'You know you're just gay,' and gay people say, 'You know you're just gay.' There is such a thing as bisexual!" - Andy Dick

"Paradoxically, since gay men rarely have gay parents, cultural transmission must come from friends or strangers (a problem since the generations so seldom mix in gay life)." - Edmund White

"Being from New York, if you're gay, you're gay. I think it's important that if you are gay, you not be afraid to say who you are." - Sue Wicks

"and Venus among the fishes skips and is a she-dolphin she is the gay, delighted porpoise sporting with love and the sea she is the female tunny-fish, round and happy among the males and dense with happy blood, dark rainbow bliss in the sea." - D H Lawrence

"Ironically, when I've asked my straight friends to join me in hanging a rainbow flag, they answer, 'But someone might think we're gay,' not realizing that is exactly the point. To be mistaken for the oppressed is to momentarily become the oppressed." - Alice Dreger

"I go back and forth, but I never wanted to be the photographer of the gay and lesbian community. I will wave a rainbow flag proudly, but I am not a singular identity. I think a singular identity isn't very interesting, and I'm a little bit more multifaceted as a person than that." - Catherine Opie

"Everyone I meet is gay, married or crackers" - Victoria Wood

"We're all gonna be gay if we get health care!" - Bill Maher

"I'm gay. I just didn't think it was anybody's business." - Maurice Sendak

"My dream is to make a Superman hero that's gay." - Lee Daniels

"Indian men don't understand fashion unless they are gay." - Sonam Kapoor

"I'm not gay, and I'm not a superhero" - Jon Hamm

"Gay sex is a veritable breeding ground for disease." - Rod Parsley

"Being gay is like glitter, it never goes away." - Lady Gaga

"A dreamcatcher works, if your dream is to be gay." - Demetri Martin

"I'm as gay as a daffodil, my dear!" - Freddie Mercury

"I'm wildly impressed with the diversity of gay roles." - Neil Patrick Harris

"Being a gay married man, I love Broadway musicals." - Lloyd Kaufman

"Gay marriage considered immoral by all the world's religions." - Jim Demint

"By comparison with a night-club, churches are positively gay." - Aldous Huxley

"I'm Michael Sam, I'm a football player, and I'm gay." - Michael Sam

"We all teach ... the chemistry of Lavoisier and Gay-Lussac." - Marcellin Berthelot

"Gay rights and human rights and the same." - Hillary Clinton

"I have so many gay friends, and we remain friends." - Billy Graham

"I don't think you choose whether or not you're gay." - Rosie O'Donnell

"I'm a gay man in a woman's body." - Victoria Beckham

"It's better to be a dictator than gay." - Alexander Lukashenko

"Indian men do' understand fashion unless they are gay." - Sonam Kapoor

"I'm a gay man in a woman's body." - Victoria Beckham

"Who am I to judge a gay person?" - Pope Francis

"Being gay or lesbian is not a choice." - Barack Obama

"I have gay friends in my life who are conservative. I have gay friends in my life who are for gay marriage and against gay marriage. I believe in an open and free debate." - Andrew Breitbart

"I never had a moral problem with being gay." - George Michael

"It's always been hard to be gay in Washington." - Kevin Sessums

"I am now gay 'cause I have watched Ronaldo." - Peter Sagal

"I'm not gay, and I'm not a transvestite." - Boy George

"I am gay, and I'm very comfortable with it." - Adam Lambert

"An operetta is simply a small and gay opera." - Gustav Mahler

"Boys. I'd turn gay if they weren't so sexy." - Rachel Caine

"As a gay person, my life has been marginalized." - Ira Sachs

"I'm happy to be everybody's gay best friend." - Andy Cohen

"I hope gay marriage will be legal in every state." - Mark Consuelos

"I'm gay, and I was born this way." - Cat Cora

"I am not gay, I just like pearls." - Julian Eltinge

"I have hardly any friends who aren't gay." - Tracey Emin

"It should never be a crime to be gay." - Hillary Clinton

"I've been gay since the day I was born." - Andy Cohen

"If I was gay, why would I hide it?" - David Copperfield

"You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender - people are people." - Judith Light

"I couldn't care less if someone is gay or straight." - Judith Light

"I don't think any gay dude is gangsta, period." - Method Man

"I think gay marriage should be the national law." - Rose Mcgowan

"I don't know, maybe my sons will be gay." - Cate Blanchett

"The Lord is my Shepherd and he knows I'm gay." - Troy Perry

"I feel strongly for gay marriage to be accepted." - Bernadette Peters

"My gay audience has been with me from the beginning." - Kylie Minogue

"There are a lot of myths about gay people." - Cynthia Nixon

"I don't think anyone wants to be gay." - Graham Norton

"I didn't know any gay people in my childhood." - Dolly Parton

"I'm not really sure what gay propaganda is." - Chris Pine

"A certain tiny percentage of everyone is gay." - Dan Savage

"I've had so many crushes on gay boys." - Alicia Silverstone

"I'm not focused on the gay and lesbian movement." - Billy Graham

"I've been openly gay since I can remember." - Marc Jacobs

"There's nothing wrong with being gay, but I'm not." - Joe Jonas

"Everyone in the gay community doesn't think alike." - Ang Lee

"I don't know if I make the best gay films." - Ang Lee

"I was born gay, just as I was born black." - Don Lemon

"I go all around London advocating lesbian and gay rights." - Ken Livingstone

"My dream is to have a gay son." - Amanda Holden

"I don't think you choose whether or not you're gay." - Rosie Odonnell

"I don't support gay marriage despite being a conservative. I support gay marriage because I am a conservative." - Jens Spahn



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