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Gay Partners Quotes


"We're partners." "Huh?" "We. Are. Partners," - J. Lynn

"Treat employees like partners, and they act like partners." - Fred Allen

"My father told me, never have partners." - Howard Hughes

"Feeling so gay, feeling so gay." - David Bowie

"Respect gay couples but no gay adoptions." - Mike Huckabee

"Homophobia is gay." - Frank Iero

"Gay as a daffodil." - Freddie Mercury

"Most priests are gay." - Madonna Ciccone

"Being gay is immutable." - Andrew Solomon

"I'm Israeli and gay." - Gideon Raff

"Friends don't always make the best of business partners." - Chris Campbell

"The angels can be thought of as our prayer partners." - Terry Taylor

"I am not gay. I never have been gay." - Larry Craig

"The sorrowful dislike the gay, and the gay the sorrowful." - Horace

"Everybody in Berlin is gay!" - Tracey Ullman

"Gay rights are human rights." - Hillary Clinton

"We"re partners." "Huh?" "We. Are. Partners," - J. Lynn

"I have known many people who were seduced as children by same-sex partners and then spent their teen years being gay, and then found their way back to heterosexuality as adults." - Nell Zink

"You'll have many gay people on your side who just because they're gay, doesn't mean they're for gay marriage." - Andrew Breitbart

"There's a whole gay culture in DC, and there are as many gay Republicans as there are gay Democrats." - Kirby Dick

"Some people are gay. Get over it!" - John Barrowman

"I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food" - Julian Clary

"I'm not gay, but I'll learn..." - Homer

"It's hard being gay in Edwardian times." - Rob James-Collier

"Is this that haughty gallant, gay Lothario?" - Nicholas Rowe

"Most pedophiles are straight not gay." - Steven Petrow

"I live in a kind of gay bubble. I live in a gay house, I drive a gay car. I eat gay food." - Julian Clary

"Without gay men, I am nothing." - Janice Dickinson

"I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage." - Elizabeth Edwards

"I'm not an adulterer. I'm not gay." - Michael Strahan

"In eroticism as dance: one of the partners is always charged with leading the other." - Milan Kundera

"Get your customers involved in your business. Make them your partners and they'll never leave you." - Kevin Stirtz

"The British are so incestuous. They pass around partners like they're passing popcorn at a movie." - Cameron Diaz

"The work that Partners in Health do in Haiti benefits the whole world." - Win Butler

"Do not make your current partner pay for the crimes and misdemeanors of your previous partners." - Amy Dickinson

"The gay community has infiltrated the very centers of power in every area across this country, and they wield extreme power... That agenda is the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today. Why do you think we see the rationalization for abortion and multiple sexual partners? That's a gay agenda." - Tom Coburn

"I'm not getting married until gay people can get married. Because I'm gay." - Harris Wittels

"The Kinsey Institute says gay men have bigger sex organs. Hence the origin of gay pride." - Jay Leno

"Chris Smith is openly gay and I think Peter Mandelson is certainly gay." - John Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

"If You don't like Gay Marriage, Don't Marry a Gay Person." - Whoopi Goldberg

"The more gay people can tell our stories, the more other people will accept gay people." - Andrew Solomon

"If you hate gay marriage, then don't marry a gay person." - Jim Jefferies

"My kind of gay is like the late-breaking-lesbian kind of gay." - Carol Leifer

"Bisexuals are gay people - we're all gay. Some people don't like that." - Kyrsten Sinema

"I was a shy gay man at a time when it was illegal to be gay." - Ian Mckellen

"I'm an advocate for gay marriage. I have more gay friends than Carter has pills." - Patti Stanger

"People have to stop saying that just because someone is an anti-gay activist they might be gay. They're DEFINITELY GAY!!" - Bill Maher

"Gay people are nice people. Just like any other people. And gay people love reggae music. Yeah. And gay people love Jamaica." - Yellowman

"Thank God for gay men. Thank God for gay men, because if it were not for gay men, I would not talk to men at all." - Margaret Cho

"Straight people say, 'You know you're just gay,' and gay people say, 'You know you're just gay.' There is such a thing as bisexual!" - Andy Dick

"Being from New York, if you're gay, you're gay. I think it's important that if you are gay, you not be afraid to say who you are." - Sue Wicks

"Friends can be said to "fall in like" with as profound a thud as romantic partners fall in love." - Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"Many men are more faithful to their golf partners than to their wives and have stuck with them longer." - John Updike

"we compromise our career goals to make room for partners and children who may not even exist yet" - Sheryl Sandberg

"It's like a cotillion, this partners business, except with killing." "So, exactly like a cotillion," said Simon." - Cassandra Clare

"Women must be full partners in development, so they can lift themselves and their communities out of poverty." - Ban Ki-moon

"When I started shooting it just gives my partners more chances for rebounds. It opens up more room." - Pavel Datsyuk

"There are no perfect relationships. There are no perfect partners. Relationships by their very nature are chaotic, eventful, and challenging." - Robert A. Glover

"I think the discovery of supersymmetric partners for the known particles would revolutionize our understanding of the universe." - Stephen Hawking

"Footballers wives are like leeches, feeding off their partners success. I don't want to be a footballer's wife." - Jamelia

"One of the things about a great team is that the whole exceeds the sum of its partners." - Tracy Hickman

"Approach your business partners with concepts that they can get their heads around, and try to respond to their needs." - Chad Hurley

"As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats. And a partnership, by definition, serves both partners, without domination or unfair advantage. Together we have been partners in adversity - let us also be partners in prosperity." - John F Kennedy

"We're all gonna be gay if we get health care!" - Bill Maher

"My truth is that I am a gay American," - James Mcgreevey

"It's better to like beautiful girls than to be gay." - Silvio Berlusconi

"A dreamcatcher works, if your dream is to be gay." - Demetri Martin

"I'm as gay as a daffodil, my dear!" - Freddie Mercury

"Gay marriage considered immoral by all the world's religions." - Jim Demint

"Not gay, just never met the right woman." - Neil Gaiman

"I'm the only gay person my parents know," - Lance Bass

"By comparison with a night-club, churches are positively gay." - Aldous Huxley

"We all teach ... the chemistry of Lavoisier and Gay-Lussac." - Marcellin Berthelot

"Laughter is infectious, like small pox or gay." - Stan Smith

"I have hardly any friends who aren't gay" - Tracey Emin

"I don't think you choose whether or not you're gay." - Rosie O'Donnell

"I'm a gay man in a woman's body." - Victoria Beckham

"Don't walk next to me, it looks gay." - Jonah

"Gay rights are human rights, there is no separation." - Macklemore

"I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body." - Madonna Ciccone

"In the beginning, a monkey evolutioned gay marriage." - Stephen Colbert

"People sometimes think I'm gay because I once played a gay in a movie. It's funny. Audiences don't think you're a murderer if you play a murderer, but they do think you're gay if you play a gay." - Perry King

"I'm a gay man in a woman's body." - Victoria Beckham

"Who am I to judge a gay person?" - Pope Francis

"Being gay or lesbian is not a choice." - Barack Obama

"I have gay friends in my life who are conservative. I have gay friends in my life who are for gay marriage and against gay marriage. I believe in an open and free debate." - Andrew Breitbart

"You can't trust midgets, particularly gay-loving midgets." - Bill Allred

"Maybe I'm just a gay man inside a woman's body!" - Madonna Ciccone

"This is discrimination against gay, nautically-themed cupcake mascots." - Kerry Jackson

"I'm not gay, and I'm not a transvestite." - Boy George

"Gay marriage is going to happen. It must." - Lady Gaga

"I'm not gay, and I'm not a superhero." - Jon Hamm

"I'm straight and I have a lot of gay friends." - Laura Innes

"Boys. I'd turn gay if they weren't so sexy." - Rachel Caine

"As a gay person, my life has been marginalized." - Ira Sachs

"I oppose a constitutional amendment against gay marriage." - Ed Case

"I'm happy to be everybody's gay best friend." - Andy Cohen

"It should never be a crime to be gay." - Hillary Clinton

"I've been gay since the day I was born." - Andy Cohen

"If I was gay, why would I hide it?" - David Copperfield

"You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender - people are people." - Judith Light

"I couldn't care less if someone is gay or straight." - Judith Light

"The Lord is my Shepherd and he knows I'm gay." - Troy Perry

"I feel strongly for gay marriage to be accepted." - Bernadette Peters

"My gay audience has been with me from the beginning." - Kylie Minogue

"I didn't know any gay people in my childhood." - Dolly Parton

"I have put gay dating on the map." - Patti Stanger

"Everyone in the gay community doesn't think alike." - Ang Lee

"I don't know if I make the best gay films." - Ang Lee

"I was born gay, just as I was born black." - Don Lemon

"I'm a gay man in a woman's body." - Victoria Beckham

"Unless I have hallucinated, I have never made an anti-gay commentary, I have made anti-gay-activist-agenda commentaries." - Laura Schlessinger

"Beautiful as sweet! And young as beautiful! and soft as young! And gay as soft! and innocent as gay." - Edward Young

"As long as society is anti-gay, then it will seem like being gay is anti-social." - Joseph Francis

"Beautiful as sweet, And young as beautiful, and soft as young, And gay as soft, and innocent as gay!" - Edward Young

"The public has always had affection for gay entertainers. The time was right for an out gay entertainer." - Julian Clary

"I didn't want to be known as a gay comic, but as a comic who happens to be gay." - Judy Gold

"The first gay person I ever met was surely not the first gay person I ever met." - Mary Schmich

"What was interesting was talking to older gay men about what it was like being gay in the Eighties." - Dan Stevens

"And we have done more in the two and a half years that I've been in here than the previous 43 Presidents to uphold that principle, whether it's ending "don't ask, don't tell," making sure that gay and lesbian partners can visit each other in hospitals, making sure that federal benefits can be provided to same-sex couples." - Barack Obama

"I hope for his sake that Tracy's apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian coworkers at 30 Rock, without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket." - Tina Fey

"ABC's intelligently hilarious sitcom 'Modern Family' depicts a gay-male marriage in which both partners are refreshingly dimensional, believable human beings. The writers dare to make them flawed and thus fully delineated, but they're not flawed in the silly, stereotypical ways that once dominated such portrayals." - Tom Shales

"Another argument, vaguer and even less persuasive, is that gay marriage somehow does harm to heterosexual marriage. I have yet to meet anyone who can explain to me what this means. In what way would allowing same-sex partners to marry diminish the marriages of heterosexual couples?" - Ted Olson

"And we have done more in the two and a half years that I've been in here than the previous 43 Presidents to uphold that principle, whether it's ending 'don't ask, don't tell,' making sure that gay and lesbian partners can visit each other in hospitals, making sure that federal benefits can be provided to same-sex couples." - Barack Obama

"Our company was mortgaged to the hilt, and that did restrain us, and it's why we had to take in partners." - Gina Rinehart

"Run in places you love with people you like. Enjoying your surroundings and training partners will strengthen your commitment to running and bring out the best in you." - Deena Kastor

"Currently, I'm working with a company called DRL Promotions with my partners Dan Wise and Luis De Cubas. We're currently representing over 30 fighters" - Roberto Duran

"Align yourself with outstanding strategic partners." - Carol Roth

"We were in negotiations, but then the Japanese side suspended them unilaterally. Now, at the request of our Japanese partners, we have reopened these talks." - Vladimir Putin

"Treat your customers like lifetime partners." - Michael Leboeuf

"Despite the strength of the feminist movement in the 1970s and beyond, a fable has persisted that educated women are rejected as marriage partners." - Karen Decrow

"If for no other reason than the energy crisis now facing this country, the federal government should be eager to become partners with us in rebuilding our city." - Jane Byrne

"It's very dear to me, the issue of gay marriage. Or as I like to call it: "marriage." You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not gay lunch. I parked my car; I did' gay park it." - Liz Feldman

"" Turned you gay?" She sounded incredulous. " Alec, you didn' t tell me gay?" She sounded incredulous. " Alec, you didn' t tell me that." " I hope you told him you were bitten by a gay spider," said Simon." - Cassandra Clare

"Because if I were gay, [and] I'm not gay yet - maybe one day - but if I were gay, I'd like to see movies where homosexuality isn't always a problem." - Louis Garrel

"I haven't been a gay activist. I haven't protested for gay rights or none of that, but one thing I can say is that a lot of the designers I wear are gay and I like their clothes." - Asap Rocky

"I heard that I was gay before, and I was like "Really?" And then I started thinking: You haven't really made it unless somebody says you're gay. And I was like, "hm. I'm not gay, but thanks for the rumor!"" - Deon Cole

"I think Justin Timberlake verges on being gay, he gets gay airplay. Britney gets loads as well. If you're male and you're black you're not going to get much play in a gay club." - Andy Bell

"The way some of these politicians talk about homosexuality is very insulting. They treat it like it's a disease, like being gay is contagious. Being gay is not contagious. And if you think that it is, YOU'RE GAY." - Margaret Cho

"It's too bad you're not gay. Then again, if you were gay, I would never date you. You're a mess." You know, Patrick? If I were gay, I'd want to date you." Of course." - Stephen Chbosky

"I do not think the gay population has been all that rabid for gay marriage. Note that I do not use the words 'gay community.' Expunge that expression from your vocabulary. We are not a community." - Larry Kramer

"Actual gay people can make many others feel uncomfortable and paranoid because they don't know and can't articulate what makes a person gay, and they worry that maybe they themselves are gay." - Dan Savage

"I live in New York and I love hanging out in gay clubs, and a lot of my friends are gay. But, for better or for worse, I'm not gay." - Moby

"Man, if you're gay we can be friends. If you're straight, we can be friends. I'm not gay, I don't plan on being gay, I don't condone it and I'm not sayin' I'm against it." - Asap Rocky

"I've never played a gay character on screen, so that would be interesting. I've never played a gay character, and that would fascinate me because I'm not gay, so that would interest me." - Eddie Marsan

"I support ensuring that committed gay couples have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country. I believe strongly in stopping laws designed to take rights away and passing laws that extend equal rights to gay couples. I've required all agencies in the federal government to extend as many federal benefits as possible to LGBT families as the current law allows. And I've called on Congress to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and to pass the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act." - Barack Obama

"I have no personal desire to get married whatsoever and I certainly have no desire to be a soldier. I'm old school, I'm from gay liberation, we wanted to end war forever and smash the patriarchy and these are values I still hold dear but, I believe that any person who wants to get married should have that right and I know that Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people serve with distinction in the armed forces, and that when they are killed, supposedly serving our country in these wars, that I personally do not support, their partners back home do not receive death benefits." - Cleve Jones

"I cannot prevent anyone from getting angry, or mad, or frustrated. I can only hope that they'll turn that anger and frustration and madness into something positive, so that two, three, four, five hundred will step forward, so the gay doctors will come out, the gay lawyers, the gay judges, gay bankers, gay architects I hope that every professional gay will say 'enough', come forward and tell everybody, wear a sign, let the world know. Maybe that will help." - Harvey Milk

"Coming out as gay was an easy enough matter for me, since I worked in a profession where being gay had a long history of being accepted." - Stephen Fry

"[On Philadelphia society:] The parties remind me of the Gay Nineties - the men are gay and the women are in their nineties." - Alice-Leone Moats



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