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Gathered Quotes


"I am stardust gathered fleetingly into form." - Laini Taylor

"Most pleasures, like flowers when gathered die." - Neil Young

"We are all gathered to the same fold." - Horace

"Call me not an olive, till thou see me gathered." - George Herbert

"What was scattered, gathers. What was gathered, blows away" - Heraclitus

"Twelve experts gathered in one room equal one big idiot." - Carl Jung

"Idleness is many gathered miseries in one name." - Jean Paul

"Baseball was a dream I gathered more splinters than hits." - Frank Perdue

"I gathered up my sorrows and I sold them all for gold. And I gathered up the gold, and I threw it all away." - James Taylor

"What is said upon a subject is gathered from an hundred people." - Samuel Johnson

"Something will be gathered from the tablets of the most faultless day for regrets." - Lydia Sigourney

"The very definition of tyranny is when all powers are gathered under one place." - James Madison

"Empty teacups gathered around her and dictionary pages fell at her feet." - Nicole Krauss

"The gathered rose and the stolen heart can charm but for a day." - Emma Catherine Embury

"The Poet's leaves are gathered one by one, In the slow process of the doubtful years." - Bayard Taylor

"Caesar-like the sun Gathered his robes around him as he fell." - Alexander Smith

"I hope to have gathered To repay your kindness The willow leaves Scattered in the garden." - Matsuo Basho

"The Poet's leaves are gathered one by one, In the slow process of the doubtful years." - Bayard Taylor

"I was eventually to become one person, gathered up maybe, during a pause, at a comma." - Lyn Hejinian

"This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"We've all gathered together, and whatever goes down is what goes down." - Greg Walloch

"For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together." - Bible

"Proverbs are mental gems gathered in the diamond districts of the mind." - William R Alger

"And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon." - Bible

"What are we waiting for, gathered in the market-place? The barbarians are to arrive today." - Constantine P. Cavafy

"I lose and find myself in the long water. I am gathered together once more." - Theodore Roethke

"I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft..." - Jim Morrison

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration." - Ansel Adams

"Great abundance of riches cannot be gathered and kept by any man without sin." - Desiderius Erasmus

"A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library." - Shelby Foote

"Legend gathered around him, swirling around him like a great black cloak." - Celia Rees

"At the centre of Christianity is community; we are gathered by the Lord around the altar." - Timothy Radcliffe

"Proverbs are mental gems gathered in the diamond fields of the mind." - William R Alger

"Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail." - Theodore Dreiser

"I am not disposed to complain that I have planted and others have gathered the fruits." - Charles Goodyear

"Proverbs are mental gems gathered in the diamond districts of the mind." - William Rounseville Alger

"I have gathered a posy of other men?s flowers and only the thread that bonds them is my own." - Michel De Montaigne

"Nine different people gathered and became like a family. To me, it is a very meaningful tie." - Im Yoona

"No one ever sowed the grain of generosity who gathered not up the harvest of the desire of his heart." - Saadi

"We should lay in a store of food, but never of pleasures; these should be gathered day by day." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"Nature had gathered her choicest treasures , to draw her lovers into close and confiding communion with her" - John Muir

"The greedy one gathered all the cherries, while the simple one tasted all the cherries in one." - Mark Nepo

"A scholar is committed to building on knowledge that others have gathered, correcting it, confirming it, enlarging it." - Parker J. Palmer

"Assumptions are unopened windows that foolish birds fly into, and their broken bodies are evidence gathered too late." - Bryan Davis

"I have gathered a posie of other men's flowers, and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own." - John Bartlett

"Plagiarists are purloiners who filch the fruit that others have gathered, and then throw away the basket." - Horace Smith

"The system of morality to be gathered from the ancient sages falls very short of that delivered in the gospel." - Jonathan Swift

"The difference of a single day is perceptible. Vegetables can only be tasted in perfection, gathered the same day." - John Pintard

"My son even if you want to fall, at least fall where your bones can be gathered" - Chinua Achebe

"Where two Greeks are gathered together, there will be at least three political parties represented, and possibly more." - Mary Stewart

"In all my years here, I don't think I've ever seen quite so many assholes gathered in one place!" - The Undertaker

"God doesn't need to have emergency meetings. He's never gathered the Trinity and asked 'What happened there'." - Matt Chandler

"First he gathered what he needed. Then he needed to keep gathering what he used to need." - James Richardson

"George W. Bush has gathered around him upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography." - Kurt Vonnegut

"We must needs die, and are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again." - Bible

"I have gathered a posy of other men's flowers and only the thread that bonds them is my own." - Michel De Montaigne

"Intelligence we gathered at the time indicated that this was in fact leadership and we struck the leadership." - Peter Pace

"Invention strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come from nothing." - Joshua Reynolds

"In my dreams of Heaven, I always see the great Masters gathered in a huge hall in which they all reside. Only Mozart has his own suite." - Victor Borge

"Most books about Stanley Kubrick were written by people who never met him and gathered information from articles written by others who didn't know him either." - Jan Harlan

"For thousands of years we have gathered in circle-around fires, around bodies, around altars-because we can't do this alone." - Wayne Muller

"I seem to have gathered up a stray lamb in my arms: you wandered out of the fold to seek your shepherd, did you, Jane?" - Charlotte Bronte

"He was so much in love with me that I could have asked him for the moon and stars, and he would have gathered them for me." - Carolyn Meyer

"Ideas are the cheapest part of the writing. They are free. The hard part is what you do with ideas you've gathered." - Jane Yolen

"We gathered the wild-flowers. Yes, life there seem'd one pure delight; As thro' the field we rov'd. Yes, life there seem'd one pure delight." - George Linley

"We who are gathered here may represent a particular delete, not of money and power, but of concern for the earth for the earth's sake." - Ansel Adams

"I would tell myself that I was about to address the largest mass assembly of idiots ever gathered in the history of mankind." - Winston Churchill

"From all kinds of flowers, Seek teachings everywhere, Like a deer that finds A quiet place to graze, Seek Seclusion to digest All you have gathered. . ." - Namkhai Norbu

"Seasons pursuing each other the indescribable crowd is gathered, it is the fourth of Seventh-month, (what salutes of cannon and small arms!)" - Walt Whitman

"The redbreast oft, at evening hours, Shall kindly lend his little aid, With hoary moss, and gathered flowers, To deck the ground where thou art laid." - William Collins

"Religion, if it be true, is central truth; and all knowledge which is not gathered round it, and quickened and illuminated by it, is hardly worthy the name." - William Ellery Channing

"Rapaciously we gathered flowery spoils From land and water; lilies of each hue, - Golden and white, that float upon the waves, And court the wind." - William Wordsworth

"He looked at her as a man looks at a faded flower he has gathered , with difficulty recognizing the beauty for which he picked and ruined it." - Leo Tolstoy

"He felt that all his hitherto dissipated and dispersed forces were gathered and directed with terrible energy towards one blissful goal." - Leo Tolstoy

"I woke up, a bag of bones. Literally. They had gathered up my bones and put them in a bag and thrown the bag into a river." - Derek Landy

"Seasons pursuing each other the indescribable crowd is gathered, it is the fourth of Seventh-month, (what salutes of cannon and small arms!" - Walt Whitman

"Remember, Monsieur that roses are not gathered except in the midst of thorns and that heroic acts of virtue are accomplished only in weakness." - Vincent de Paul

"Behold, I am weary of my wisdom, like a bee that has gathered too much honey; I need hands outstretched to receive it." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"The Church is the Ship outside which it is impossible to understand the Divine Word, for Jesus spoke from the boat to the people gathered on the shore." - Hilary of Poitiers

"On the day I was born, the nurses gathered around, to gaze in wide wonder at the joy they had found." - George Thorogood

"The aged are terrible - mere heaps of cinders on the grass from which none can tell how tall the flames once were or what company gathered round them." - Rebecca West

"And never since harvests were ripened, / Or laborers born, / Have men gathered figs of the thistle, / Or grapes of the thorn!" - Phoebe Cary

"This is nothing new. It has proved meritorious because we have gathered significant information on bad guys and only on bad guys over the years." - Saxby Chambliss

"I know that whenever a group of women are gathered together, the grandmother always makes a phantom appearance, hovering above them." - Angela Carter

"When the responses elicited by the Epic of Evolution are gathered together several religious principles emerge that I can believe, serve as a framework for a global Ethos." - Ursula Goodenough

"Yesterday all five living presidents gathered for the opening of the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas. Well, six living presidents if you count Hillary in 2016." - Jay Leno

"He talked a lot about the past and I gathered that he wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"A book is a book only when it is read; otherwise it is a bundle of gathered sheets of soiled paper." - Frederick Philip Grove

"All the honey that can be gathered from the flowers of this world has less sweetness than the vinegar and gall of Jesus Christ our Lord." - Ignatius Of Loyola

"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised." - George W Bush

"The Senate gathered to say goodbye to Vice President Joe Biden. Biden has been a presence there for more than 40 years." - Ari Shapiro

"On Friday, June 12, 1992, 110 heads of state gathered at Riocentro. They were indistinguishable in dress and deportment. Where was biodiversity when we needed it?" - P. J. O'Rourke

"Just as the defending force has gathered valuable experience from...Dieppe, so has the assaulting force...He will not do it like this a second time." - Gerd Von Rundstedt

"The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside." - Rabindranath Tagore

"And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats." - Bible

"What she has gathered, and what lost, She will not find to lose again. She is possessed by time, who once Was loved by men." - Louise Bogan

"They gathered up the crystal manna to freeze Their tongues with tasting, their hands with snowballing; Or rioted in a drift, plunging up to the knees." - Robert Bridges

"This great maxim of Philosophy he had gathered by the teaching of nature alone: That man was created to work, not to speculate, or feel, or dream." - Thomas Carlyle

"She was so open and frank... She made space around her, if we just behaved... Everybody seemed to trust this woman and gathered gladly around her." - Ingeborg Refling Hagen

"What might we learn about God and ourselves if our Bible study group gathered outside to stare at the stars in silence?" - Skye Jethani

"I kind of like that romantic image of being in a rocker with my family gathered around, all these generations in one room, listening intently to my stories." - Charlie Sheen

"We should take care to lay in a stock of provisions, but not of pleasures: these should be gathered day by day." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"Through suffering we have endured the assaults of time; reverses have ever been our beginning; and out of the depths God has gathered us to his heart." - Stefan Zweig

"To me, God is the accumulated wisdom I've gathered throughout my life. When I pay attention, my body gives me a printout of this wisdom." - Warren Farrell

"Rome - the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar." - George Eliot

"And the user may have a higher comfort level deciding what information to provide rather than worrying about what inferences might be made from what they've gathered." - Edward Felten

"After I retired and came off the road, I gathered up all my musical instruments and suddenly, I wanted them all to be perfect." - Tom T Hall

"Having gathered all power to itself, [the State] has become the sole focus of all conflict, and it must construct totalitarian defences to match its total exposure." - Anthony de Jasay

"Happy birthday to evil North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He gathered family and friends together and celebrated by executing a few close friends." - David Letterman

"Companions are we, enlivened by a mighty gallop quickly sliding a harsh straw basket of sea foam gathered astride the tide." - Bradley Chicho

"My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose." - Bette Davis

"I wrote the first draft of 'Madame Bovary' without studying the previous translations, although I gathered them and took the occasional peek." - Lydia Davis

"During the Cold War, we gathered information by listening to the Soviets, taking pictures of the Soviets, and we allowed our human intelligence to decline." - Bob Graham

"For most of Wall Street's history, stock trading was fairly straightforward: buyers and sellers gathered on exchange floors and dickered until they struck a deal." - Charles Duhigg

"There must be a marsh in the brains of these men or there would not be so many frogs of wrong ideas gathered in their heads." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Before philosophy can teach by Experience, the Philosophy has to be in readiness, the Experience must be gathered and intelligibly recorded." - Thomas Carlyle

"All the honey that can be gathered from the flowers of this world has less sweetness than the vinegar and gall of Jesus Christ our Lord." - Ignatius Loyola

"Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come of nothing." - Joshua Reynolds

"The experience gathered from books, though often valuable, is but the nature of learning; whereas the experience gained from actual life is one of the nature of wisdom." - Samuel Smiles

"The materials of the novelist must be real; they must be gathered from the field of humanity by his actual observation." - Goldwin Smith

"As you might have gathered, I prefer the honest, decent and genuinely accepting friends and family I have in the conservative world." - Tammy Bruce

"Much too oft we make life gloomy- When happy we might be, If we gathered more of sunshine, And not dark shadows see." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Even more important than the discovery of Columbus, which we are gathered together to celebrate, is the fact that the general government has just discovered women." - Honore Daumier

"I think, traditionally, when the federal government has gathered statistics, it's been done in silos, so every agency really focuses on the statistics that are important to agency." - Valerie Jarrett

"A solitary maple on a woodside flames in single scarlet, recalls nothing so much as the daughter of a noble house dressed for a fancy ball, with the whole family gathered around to admire her before she goes." - Henry James

"Hoc age ['do this'] is the great rule, whether you are serious or merry; whether ... learning science or duty from a folio, or floating on the Thames. Intentions must be gathered from acts." - Samuel Johnson

"In experimental philosophy, propositions gathered from phenomena by induction should be considered either exactly or very nearly true notwithstanding any contrary hypotheses, until yet other phenomena make such propositions either more exact or liable to exceptions." - Isaac Newton

"Go to the adolescent who are smothered in family- Oh how hideous it is To see three generations of one house gathered together! It is like an old tree with shoots, And with some branches rotted and falling." - Ezra Pound

"I gathered poets around me and we all wrote beautiful erotica. As we were condemned to focus only on sensuality, we had violent explosions of poetry. Writing erotica became a road to sainthood rather than to debauchery." - Anais Nin

"Seeking support from friends and and family is like having people gathered around at your deathbed. It's nice, but when the ship sails, all they can do is stand on the dock waving goodbye." - Steven Pressfield

"Very quickly, very suddenly, words fell through my mind. They landed on the floor of my thoughts, and in there, down there, I started to pick the words up. They were excerpts of truth gathered from inside me." - Markus Zusak

"No fruit has a more precise marked period of maturity, than love; if neglected to be gathered at that time, it will certainly fall to the ground and die away." - Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke

"when someone you love dies, he becomes your enemy; he fights you tooth and nail from a hidden position; he successfully raids what small provisions you have gathered to keep yourself going." - Rosalyn Drexler

"Everywhere, women gathered in knots, huddled in groups on front porches, on sidewalks, even in the middle of the streets, telling each other that no news is good news, trying to comfort each other, trying to present a brave appearance." - Margaret Mitchell

"We are not relying solely on their findings but rather the facts that we have gathered and verified, we ask for the public to remain patient and peaceful and to trust the process of the justice system." - Marilyn Mosby

"It's all about loyalty and collaboration, gathering your gang around you, finding your soulmate in filmmaking because it is a collaborative process. When failure happens, that family you gathered regroups around you and gives you the fresh energy you're lacking." - Matthew Jacobs

"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." - John F Kennedy

"A man has no religion who has not slowly and painfully gathered one together, adding to it, shaping it; and one's religion is never complete and final, it seems, but must always be undergoing modification." - David Herbert Lawrence

"According to the reports we have gathered, mostly from the refugees, it appears that around 10,000 people have been killed in more than 100 massacres. The final toll may be much worse," - Geoff Hoon

"The American people, taking one with another, constitute the most timorous, snivelling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs and goosesteppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the Middle Ages." - H L Mencken

"I do not know what 'moss' stands for in the proverb , but if it stood for useful knowledge... I gathered more moss by rolling than I ever did at school." - Ernest Shackleton

"Data is gathered all the time. Just take your mobile phone. Geo-location data collected by your (mobile phone service) provider is not just about your movements. It's about who you are with and what you will do next." - Daniel Suarez

"His experience, there was darkness everywhere human beings gathered. The way of the world. Perfection was a surface thing. The epidermis. Cut a few layers deep, you begin to see some darker shades. Cut to the bone - pitch black." - Blake Crouch

"I am one of billions. I am stardust gathered fleetingly into form. I will be ungathered. The stardust will go on to be other things someday and I will be free." - Laini Taylor

"He was staring straight ahead, still breathing hard. "I have something I want to give you." "I gathered that." At that he jerked his gaze back to hers and almost reluctantly grinned. "Not that." - Cassandra Clare

"I saw the rose-grove blushing in pride, I gathered the blushing rose - and sigh'd - I come from the rose-grove, mother, I come from the grove of roses." - Gil Vicente

"Literature, properly to called, draws its sap from the deep soil of human nature's common and everlasting sympathies, the gathered leaf-mould of countless generations, and not from any top dressing capriciously scattered over the surface." - James Russell Lowell

"What after all remains, when life is sped, And man is gathered to the silent dead? Home to the narrow house, the long, long sleep, Where pain is stilled, and sorrow doth not weep." - William Winter

"Hark! I hear the tramp of thousands, And of armed men the hum; Lo, a nation's hosts have gathered Round the quick alarming drum - Saying, Come Freemen, Come! Ere your heritage be wasted, Said the quick alarming drum." - Bret Harte

"Under the term Church, I understand a body or collection of human persons, professing faith in Christ, gathered together in several places of the world, for worship of the same God, and united into the same corporation." - John Pearson