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Gated Communities Quotes


"In the case of [Donald] Trump, he was able to tell people that elites live in gated communities, where they have walls around their home." - Victor Davis Hanson

"The leaders of these moments know full well they're never gonna live next to these newly arriving immigrants. They're gonna live in gated communities. They're gonna continue to be rich." - Rush Limbaugh

"We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other. We urgently need to bring the neighbor back into our hoods, not only in our inner cities but also in our suburbs, our gated communities, on Main Street and Wall Street, and on Ivy League campuses." - Grace Lee Boggs

"There comes a point when you need to get over the fear and get on with your life, and a lot of people don't seem to be capable of that anymore. From blood tests to gated communities, we have embraced the cult of fear, and now we don't seem to know how to put it back where it belongs." - Mira Grant

"In much of the rest of the world, rich people live in gated communities and drink bottled water. That's increasingly the case in Los Angeles where I come from. So that wealthy people in much of the world are insulated from the consequences of their actions." - Jared Diamond

"There comes a point when you need to get over the fear and get on with your life, and a lot of people do' seem to be capable of that anymore. From blood tests to gated communities, we have embraced the cult of fear, and now we do' seem to know how to put it back where it belongs." - Mira Grant

"If the population curve is on an exponential growth, and the resources are on an exponential decline, what happens first is you get increases in wealth discrepancy, which means that you get rich pockets of gated communities with security guards outside them, and you get more and more poverty outside that area." - Neill Blomkamp

"We live increasingly in a world of haves and have-nots, of gated communities next to ghettos, of extreme poverty and unbelievable riches. Some enjoy rights that are completely denied to others. Relative inequalities are exploding, and the world's poorest, despite all the advances of globalisation, may even be getting poorer." - Noreena Hertz

"Reimagine a way communities can be rebuilt." - Candy Chang

"Cruelty is contagious in uncivilized communities." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

"Online communities are an expression of loneliness." - Joanne Harris

"Shallow communities are relatively easy to build." - Malcolm Gladwell

"There are challenges as far as underfunding in various parts of the city. But spirit and sense of community is so much stronger in the places we've been. In Hollywood and Beverly Hills for example, people stay to themselves and live away from others in their gated communities. Despite being a native West Angelino, I had never really felt a strong sense of community until "South Of Wilshire". I now feel it because of the show." - Harvey Levin

"The biggest communities in which young people now reside are online communities." - Howard Gardner

"The anarchist philosophy is that the new social order is to be built up by groupings of men together in communities - whether in communities of work or communities of culture or communities of artists - but in communities." - Dorothy Day

"The president wants more tax money in Washington. I want more money left in the communities, particularly poor communities, particularly communities that have high unemployment." - Rand Paul

"we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities" - Barack Obama

"We need community action and policies to support healthy communities." - Mark Hyman, M.D.

"Communities need to hear the liberating power of the gospel" - Brad Bird

"Strong professional communities risk and sometimes relish conflict." - Andy Hargreaves

"Inspire other communities and cities to reinvent themselves." - Tony Hsieh

"We have to restore trust between communities and the police." - Hillary Clinton

"I simply can't believe nice communities release effluents." - William Hamilton

"When strangers start acting like neighbors... communities are reinvigorated." - Ralph Nader

"The war on drugs is a war against the communities." - Holly Near

"When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities." - Jennifer Pahlka

"Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to." - Orson Scott Card

"When we empower our communities, we are all better off." - Kerry Bentivolio

"It's a falsehood to state that francophone communities are thriving." - Gilles Duceppe

"Education is the cornerstone of our communities and our country." - Bill Frist

"Accessible local libraries are vital to communities and to children." - Nick Cave

"Local conservation programs can help our communities shape thoughtful growth." - Will Rogers

"There is a crisis involving reading in certain communities." - Walter Dean Myers

"Companies operating in urban communities have a tremendous ripple effect." - Michael Porter

"I don't much mind being expelled from communities." - Tony Judt

"We need community action and policies to support healthy communities." - Mark Hyman

"A pelican that is wet walks with a gated limp, but a dry fish swims alone." - Bill Cosby

"Abortion is green! I think its irrefutable, but people don't want to hear that. For most people, having children is an instinctual, natural desire and the last thing they want to do is believe that it has any detrimental side, or if they do believe it, they think it's different for them because they live in a gated community or whatever the reason..." - Doug Stanhope

"I don't want to detach. I don't want to go live in a gated community." - John Mayer

"We need to do a better job of working, again, with the communities, faith communities, business communities, as well as the police to try to deal with this problem." - Hillary Clinton

"If you design communities for automobiles, you get more automobiles. If you design them for people, you get walkable, livable communities." - Parris Glendening

"We have to work with the police. We have to make sure they respect the communities and the communities respect them." - Hillary Clinton

"When your work is nonfiction about low-income communities, pretty much anything that's not nonfiction about low-income communities feels like a guilty pleasure." - Katherine Boo

"The fact is that in too many communities in cities in Britain gangs now have become completely rooted into these communities and they destroy them around them." - Iain Duncan Smith

"Investment in AIDS will be repaid a thousand-fold in lives saved and communities held together." - Peter Piot

"We have to construct communities of artists because they don't naturally exist in our culture." - David Bayles

"Man was not intended by nature to live in communities and be civilized." - Epicurus

"Discovery hapens in the overlap of difference communities... in the clashes of difference." - Scott Belsky

"When women and girls rise, their communities and their countries rise with them" - Michelle Obama

"Native communities are focal points for the excrement of industrial society." - Winona Laduke

"People need to feed themselves, next they need to feed their own communities." - Wendell Berry

"My administration will tackle these issues in consultation with the black communities of London." - Kenneth Robert Livingstone

"Streets moderate the form and structure and comfort of urban communities." - Allan Jacobs

"Too many people are going for self and not trying to help their communities." - Kevin Powell

"I'm a big believer in online communities and in user-generated content." - Michael Dell

"America's strength is that it is capable of accepting people into its communities." - Bassam Tibi

"Women tend to reinvest their proceeds in one another, in their communities, in their children." - Dina Powell

"Poverty devastates families, communities and nations. It causes instability and political unrest and fuels conflict." - Kofi Annan

"Not TV or illegal drugs but the automobile has been the chief destroyer of American communities." - Jane Jacobs

"Women in leadership roles can help restore balance and wholeness to our communities." - Wilma Mankiller

"Without civic morality communities perish; without personal morality their survival has no value." - Bertrand Russell

"Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God and persons to one another . . ." - Vincent de Paul

"A community that learns together excels together. We need to form communities that learn together." - Robert Reed

"Organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources" - Henry Mintzberg

"If you cut funding to libraries, you cut the lifeblood of our communities." - Richard M Daley

"I am in favor of community policing because it builds better working relationships with the communities." - Frank Vincent

"Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized." - Albert Bushnell Hart

"Individuals may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Sport can bring communities together and can release a lot of pent-up emotions" - Ian Botham

"Imam Hussain's sacrifice is for all groups and communities, an example of the path of rightousness." - Edward Gibbon

"People are hungry in these communities. They don't know how they are going to get food." - Keiji Fukuda

"We cannot eradicate violence if we do not build strong, inclusive communities" - Hillary Clinton

"Little movements of communities of ordinary radicals are committed to doing small things with great love." - Shane Claiborne

"Historically, San Franciscans have not valued street trees as much as other communities have" - Gavin Newsom

"I have ever hated all nations, professions, and communities, and all my love is toward individuals." - Jonathan Swift

"Even in civilized communities, the embryo man passes through the hunter stage of development." - Henry David Thoreau

"The best food I've ever eaten in my life has come from the poorest communities." - Jamie Oliver

"We should not be living in human communities that enclose tiny preserved ecosystems within them. Human communities should be maintained in small population enclaves within linked wilderness ecosystems. No human community should be larger than 20,000 people and separated from other communities by wilderness areas. Communication systems can link the communities." - Paul Watson

"Business need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve." - Ratan Tata

"Latino actors and actresses have had to struggle for decades, but when I came around with Real Women Have Curves, attitudes were starting to change. We screened the film all over the world - in Jewish communities, black communities, Greek communities, German communities - and people across the board said, "That's my family."" - America Ferrera

"The way you make communities safer and police safer is through community policing." - Tim Kaine

"Through the act of translation we break out of linguistic confinement and reach many other communities." - Ngugi wa Thiong'o

"Ethical systems are fundamentally conservative and primarily directed towards regulating interactions within communities." - Dale Jamieson

"In all communities you find groups that behave badly. But you must understand them too." - Indira Gandhi

"What do Harley-Davidson, LEGO, and Apple have in common? They're all based on communities." - Martin Lindstrom

"Hopefully the rappers can start to open the eyes in the neighborhoods and communities." - Rakim

"We need to rebuild bonds of trust between our police officers and our communities." - Hillary Clinton

"I will work tirelessly to defend all communities, including the LGBTQ one, from terrorism and violence." - Donald Trump

"I will support Iraqis and Syrians fighting to reclaim their communities." - Barack Obama

"Communities are made up of the unlovable as well as the lovable." - Dorothy Day

"Friendship also seems to be the bond that hold communities together." - Aristotle

"I want to send a message that we value our Muslim communities." - Keir Starmer

"Imperfect communities show that being a maximal resemblance class is not sufficient for being a property." - Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra

"Persons, personalities if you wish, can only be made in communities." - Carroll Quigley

"When Rome fell, the Christian answer was, Create our own communities." - Carroll Quigley

"Individualities may form communities, but it is institutions alone that can create a nation." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Final Satyagraha is inconceivable without an honorable peace between the several communities composing the Indian nation." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I think in black communities today we need to encourage a lot more cross racial organizing." - Angela Davis

"I think we have to really focus on the issues much more than we may have in the past. I think we have to seek to create coalitional strategies that go beyond racial lines. We need to bring black communities, Chicano communities, Puerto Rican communities, Asian American communities together." - Angela Davis

"My aim is to integrate business connections into vulnerable communities thus creating jobs." - David Batstone

"Together we can make a difference and empower communities to be self sufficient." - David Batstone

"Probably the best nonsense poetry is produced gradually and accidentally, by communities rather than by individuals." - George Orwell

"America is ready for livable communities. America is ready for high-speed rail." - Greg Abbott

"Communities don't have rights. Only individuals in the community have rights." - Michael Badnarik

"More guns are not the answer to keeping our kids and our communities safer." - James Langevin

"Historically, San Franciscans have not valued street trees as much as other communities have." - Gavin Newsom

"With the Internet, we can choose the very communities we want to be a part of." - Alex Shakar

"The Sundance Institute has been vital to the film communities of Latin America." - Walter Salles

"Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord." - Sallust

"Certainly, we need to support the communities around the country, and we do." - Jim Walsh

"I'm fascinated by how ethnic communities have assimilated into massive capitalist environments." - Anton Yelchin

"Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of our communities." - Tom Allen

"Small businesses are the economic drivers of our country, providing the stimulus our communities need." - Melissa Bean

"I'm as interested in the families and communities that surround our soldiers." - Robyn Carr

"We are shaping young kids to be leaders in their communities and also to be healthier." - Brandi Chastain

"The Internet has brought communities across the globe closer together through instant communication." - Mike Fitzpatrick

"I am in favor of community policing because it builds better working relationships with the communities." - Vincent Frank

"Early marriage is most prevalent in communities suffering deep, chronic poverty." - Helene D Gayle

"Patenting and purchase of lands are absolutely vital to the health of Nevada's rural communities." - Jim Gibbons

"You can find lots of people like you through technology, and women in particular like communities." - Carly Fiorina

"Freedom without rules doesn't work. And communities do not work unless they are regulated by etiquette." - Judith Martin

"Anti-social behaviour still blights lives, wrecks communities and provides a pathway to criminality." - Theresa May

"We must invest in infrastructure development and rebuilding communities to create jobs." - Carol Moseley Braun

"Sport can bring communities together and can release a lot of pent-up emotions." - Ian Botham

"The pride people take in their work transcends to their homes, their education, families and communities." - Leonard Boswell

"I am worried about the potential effect of casinos on communities." - Donald Berwick

"I believe business has to do well and that the surrounding communities do well." - John Catsimatidis

"We've always tried to be good citizens in the communities that we do business in." - John Mackey

"Companies that support sports developmental programs in our communities should also be applauded." - Mary Lou Retton

"Drugs ruin peoples lives, break up families and have disastrous effects on our communities." - Adam Rickitt

"So far this spring, 59 American communities have been flattened by tornadoes. Nobody has helped." - Gordon Sinclair

"I think that films about faith made for faith-based communities have a certain tactic." - Vera Farmiga

"Obama used to be a community organizer. He knows how to build communities." - Jesse Jackson

"Even though no one admits it, writers are leaders in their communities." - Pramoedya Ananta Toer

"History simmers beneath the surface in more communities than just Ferguson." - Eric Holder

"The stark reality is that crime happens in communities of color." - Raymond Kelly

"Globalization is exposing new fault lines - between urban and rural communities, for example." - Ban Kimoon

"My administration will tackle these issues in consultation with the black communities of London." - Ken Livingstone

"If those communities are left to decay, this city will decay." - Jane Byrne

"We can't deny the financial toll illegal immigrants take on our communities." - Dick Mountjoy

"Public sector employees are the eyes and ears on the ground for the communities they serve." - James P Hoffa

"The attack on youth is a national pathology, unwarranted by fact, smokescreen for the failure of adulthood and its leadership to confront larger predicaments. No rescue by the monied, governing, institutional, or otherwise privileged is in sight. It's up to the energy and inventiveness of the younger generation to pull the gated minds of millennium America toward acceptance of diversity, community, and fairness, and I hope they have as much fun as I did in my adolescences achieving what we Sixties kids only imagined." - Mike A. Males

"Sure, integrating schools may sound benign. But whats the use of living in a gated community if my kids go to school and get poor all over them?" - Stephen Colbert

"Roughly, so to say, you know, I am N-TTL-SH-P or so; You are gated after Hall, That's all. I mean that's nearly all." - Henry Charles Beeching

"I can't afford security. I can't afford a gated house. So, I feel a little vulnerable. I wish some laws would come into play." - Selma Blair

"Canadian writers don't live in gated mansions; you can just talk to them when you see them lining up at the Second Cup." - Russell Smith

"I'm also particularly pleased that there is bipartisan support to include the input of border communities. Not only will security be strengthened according to Washington, D.C., but border communities will have a say as well." - Jeff Flake

"Poor communities, frequently communities of color but not exclusively, suffer disproportionately. If you look at where our industrialized facilities tend to be located, they're not in the upper middle class neighborhoods." - Carol Browner

"Young people often serve as scapegoats for the challenges communities face. At the same time, they are routinely pushed away from connecting to their communities as serious problem-solvers capable of changing the world." - Adam Fletcher

"Companies are communities. Theres a spirit of working together. Communities are not a place where a few people allow themselves to be singled out as solely responsible for success." - Henry Mintzberg



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