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Gas Quotes


"All is gas and gaiters." - Charles Dickens

"Gas consumption is growing everywhere." - Vagit Alekperov

"Eat more beans to produce more gas." - Evgeni Kostitsyn

"Scooby snack. Jurassic. Plastic. Gas. Booby Trap" - Ghostface Killah

"Natural gas is not a bridge - it's a gangplank." - Michael Brune

"Mix the the gas with the lean, call that gasoline" - Soulja Boy

"Scotland can't afford to take their minds off the gas" - Andy Townsend

"Death comes along like a gas bill one can't pay." - Anthony Burgess

"I vill destroy de snickers bar!" Gazzy(The Gas Man)" - James Patterson

"The sign read MOUSE PASS GAS Frank: "That's wrong" - Rick Riordan

"Life is not a tour of gas stations." - Tim O'Reilly

"Software is a gas; it expands to fill its container." - Nathan Myhrvold

"Please say this gas bill is just an estimate" - Adolf Hitler

"Her perfume was a mixture of roses and tear gas." - Rick Riordan

"There'll be no smoking in the gas chamber." - Jimi Hendrix

"Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country." - John Mccain

"There is a fine line between passion and gas." - Jeff Goldblum

"I can't even put gas in my plane!" - Chris Rock

"I will fight for oil, coal and natural gas." - Mitt Romney

"Gas tax holiday is a classic Washington gimmick." - Barack Obama

"When you've got nowhere to turn, turn on the gas." - Truman Capote

"Column writing is like gas - it fills the available space." - Jeremy Clarkson

"Natural gas is a feedstock in basically every industrial process." - Aubrey Mcclendon

"Someone tried to save my soul in a gas station." - Orlando Bloom

"When lost, I look for gas stations for counsel." - Laurel Lea

"Natural gas is great for America in so many ways." - Ed Rendell

"Natural gas is the future. It is here." - Bill Richardson

"Nothing panics politicians like $4 a gallon gas." - John Sununu

"There's a foot race between gas bills and paychecks." - Jerry A Webman

"India has large proven reserves of gas that remain unexploited." - Veerappa Moily

"Alaska has great potential for new oil and gas development." - Frank Murkowski

"You might be a redneck if when you run out of gas, you put gin in the gas tank." - Jeff Foxworthy

"The Iraqi regime . . . possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons. We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas." - George W Bush

"The sarin gas is a very primitive gas. You can have it done in the backyard of a house ; it's a very primitive gas. So, it's not something complicated." - Bashar al-Assad

"I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisonous gas against uncivilized tribes." - Winston Churchill

"Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country. It's kleptocracy, it's corruption, it's a nation that's really only dependent upon oil and gas for their economy." - John Mccain

"Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You do' want to run out of gas on your trip, but you're not doing a tour of gas stations." - Tim O'Reilly

"Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don't want to run out of gas on your trip, but you're not doing a tour of gas stations." - Tim O'Reilly

"I haven't been to a gas station in years. It feels so good not to be a slave to gas, playing the whole game of war for oil." - Daryl Hannah

"John Kerry's campaign attacks on gas prices ignore the reality of Kerry's long record of supporting higher gas prices and blocking the president's comprehensive energy plan." - Steve Schmidt

"Unfortunately, all gatherings convened for the betterment of the human lot show a tendency to gas themselves, and not with laughing-gas either." - Rebecca West

"Does the customer invent new product or service? The customer generates nothing. No customer asked for electric lights. There was gas and gas mantles, which gave good light." - W Edwards Deming

"There's no question that natural gas is a lot better than coal or oil, in the sense that natural gas produces less carbon per unit of energy produced." - Katharine Hayhoe

"America sold VX nerve gas and anthrax to Iraq for years, even after the Halabja gas attack, which killed thousands of Kurds." - Henry Rollins

"My government has the challenge of addressing the issue of gas. The issue of gas cannot be addressed today without the participation of all Bolivians alike." - Carlos Mesa

"People pump gas and then they go in the store and pick up some things and pay for them, and they forget to mention the gas." - Joe Williams

"If silicon had been a gas I should have been a major-general." - James Whistler

"Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers." - George Carlin

"Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful. So you might as well live." - Dorothy Parker

"My men can eat their belts, but my tanks have gotta have gas." - George S Patton

"Don't come around and try come gas me up, I like running on E" - Drake

"Meat is a tremendous environmental challenge. It contributes enormous amounts of greenhouse gas, especially beef eating." - Michael Pollan

"A website without SEO is like a car with no gas." - Paul Cookson

"Electricity, water, gas, and steam course through the walls of my building, keeping it alive." - Mason Cooley

"Death comes along like a gas bill one can't payand that's all one can sayabout it." - Woodrow Wilson

"Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people." - Edward Robert Harrison

"Alcohol is for drinking, gas is for cleaning parts, and nitro is for racing!" - Don Garlits

"Before you rob your first bank, knock off a couple of gas stations." - John Dillinger

"I'll use the knives for spreading jam, and the gas to warm my greying love." - Charles Bukowski

"Sometimes you get out from behind the wheel and let someone else step on the gas." - Bob Dylan

"He gave life to the breath- oxygen, a simple gas, he transferred into words, ideas, hope." - Michael J Fox

"Dammit!" "What?" Gonzo sounds panicked. "We're out of gas." "You're Shithenging me." "I Shithenge you not." - Libba Bray

"Capital is to the progress of society what gas is to a car." - James Adams

"I 'Don't See How It Matters' That I Don't Know The Price Of Gas." - John Mccain

"Gas is getting so expensive I'm gonna ride a mexican to work." - Chris Rock

"I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes." - Winston Churchill

"Both guys ran out of gas, only my guy had an extra tank." - Angelo Dundee

"[The unreactivity of the noble gas elements] belongs to the surest of experimental results." - Friedrich Paneth

"We hate to be cheering for high gas prices. The reality is that's what's happening." - Steve Miller

"Stuff up the cracks, turn on the gas, I'm gonna take my life." - Frank Zappa

"All the stars that never were are parking cars and pumping gas." - Dionne Warwick

"The road to energy independence, economic recovery, and greenhouse gas reductions runs through the building sector." - Edward Mazria

"From every Englishman emanates a kind of gas, the deadly choke-damp of boredom." - Heinrich Heine

"I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels." - Nancy Pelosi

"I'm not a star!!! A star is nothing but a ball of gas!!!" - Elijah Wood

"I was in the oil business for a while-gas and oil, check the tires." - Mike Love

"The nation wept tears of remorse for their leader: the tear-gas accomplished what was expected." - Minimaks

"Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?" - George Carlin

"Out of gas... I haven't heard that one in a long time." - Carey Lowell

"Leo: I'm almost out of gas! Woah, that came out wrong. I meant the burning kind!" - Rick Riordan

"To your generation, I must represent the literary equivalent of tufted furniture and gas chandeliers." - Edith Wharton

"The clock is ticking as nature attempts to absorb the increased greenhouse gas emissions." - Ernest Moniz

"You can't be bad ass in a car that kills gas like I kill tacos." - Gabriel Iglesias

"When you borrow a man's car, always return it with a tank of gas." - Charlie Munger

"Once you take your foot off the gas, your life will elevate." - Bridget Everett

"I can't pay my [bills]. I can't go to work. My car is out of gas." - Russell Simmons

"I've been breastfeeding for two years. I could light the gas ring with my nipples." - Jo Brand

"Don't ever tell the mother of a newborn that her baby's smile is just gas." - Jill Woodhull

"Books - the best antidote against the marsh-gas of boredom and vacuity." - George Steiner

"Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live." - Dorothy Parker

"A galaxy is composed of gas and dust and stars-billions upon billions of stars." - Carl Sagan

"Today, India's cooking gas subsidy is the world's largest Cash Transfer Programme." - Narendra Modi

"Decision by majorities is as much an expedient as lighting by gas." - William Ewart Gladstone

"India unarmed would not require to be destroyed through poison gas or bombardment." - Mahatma Gandhi

"My father would pass gas and then blame it on imaginary animals." - Bill Cosby

"She is come at last - at last - and all is gas and gaiters!" - Charles Dickens

"Modern man drives a mortgaged car over a bond-financed highway on credit-card gas." - Earl Wilson

"Truth as philosophy is a gas; as art, it is visible steam." - Austin O'Malley

"Politics are very much like war. We may even have to use poison gas at times." - Winston Churchill

"For decades the American people have had an addiction to oil and gas." - Lee H Hamilton

"A dream without ambition is like a car without gas... you're not going anywhere." - Sean Hampton

"I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz." - David Irving

"We should end the Environmental Protection Agency's war against American oil and gas." - Newt Gingrich

"Hydraulic fracking is very much a necessary part of the future of natural gas." - Ken Salazar

"Let's talk about the Gas Company because this is my favorite job." - Minoru Yamasaki

"National Democrats often try to pay for something with oil and gas taxes." - Mark Begich

"When I was Governor of Massachusetts, we worked to get Sable Island gas into New England." - Paul Cellucci

"Natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel like the rest of them." - Josh Fox

"I'd love to fly, especially with the gas prices right now." - Joel Gretsch

"If I relaxed, if I took my foot off the gas, I would probably die." - Gordon Ramsay

"Pay your utilities, gas and other basic needs before paying on your debts." - Dave Ramsey

"I can still smell the tear gas in the Hilton Hotel." - Eugene Mccarthy

"I'm sort of a foot-on-the-gas kind of guy." - David Duffield

"We are immortal life. Think of the opportunity of self-realization. What a gas!" - Frederick Lenz

"I'm not saying that the gas chambers didn't exist. I couldn't see them myself." - Jean-Marie Le Pen

"The cheapest natural gas in the world is in the United States." - T Boone Pickens

"Look, natural gas, just like oil, is going to eventually go away. It's not renewable." - Ed Rendell

"Shale gas, if left to flourish, could create several hundred thousand more jobs." - Wilbur Ross

"Electricity is derived from many non-renewable energy sources like oil, natural gas and coal." - Lamar S Smith

"Birds are, especially canaries, are super sensitive to hydrogen sulfide and sour gas." - David Suzuki

"Some of you say religion makes people happy. So does laughing gas." - Clarence Darrow

"When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man." - Jimi Hendrix

"I've got to pay $5 for gas just like everybody else." - Young Jeezy

"Carbon dioxide is unusual because it doesn't go through the usual three phases of matter, from solid to liquid to gas, but it goes straight from solid to gas. The volume of the gas is much greater than the volume of the solid. When a solid turns into a gas, we say it sublimes. The process is sublimation." - Robert Winston

"Power, as in the power structure, is why we are still using gas in cars." - Alexandra Paul

"I'm not saying that the gas chambers didn't exist. I couldn't see them myself." - Jeanmarie Le Pen

"Decision by majorities is as much an expedient as lighting by gas." - William E Gladstone

"Books - the best antidote against the marsh-gas of boredom and vacuity" - George Steiner

"Librarian is a service occupation. Gas station attendant of the mind." - Richard Powers

"We want to see oil and gas regulations on a continental basis given the integrated nature of this industry, with the current conditions in the oil and gas sector, this government will not consider unilateral regulation." - Stephen Harper

"The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to bring up comprehensive energy reform or any piece of legislation for that matter that would lower gas prices, opting instead to give massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry" - Rosa Delauro

"Obviously the horse can still do things that the gas car can never do, and the gas car will always be able to do things the electric car can't do. But they have really different uses and advantages." - Chris Paine

"Daddy,' my mother asked, 'are' we going to run out of gas?' No there's plenty of god-damned gas.' Where are we going?' I'm going to get some god-damed oranges!" - Charles Bukowski

"Daddy,' my mother asked, 'aren't we going to run out of gas?' No there's plenty of god-damned gas.' Where are we going?' I'm going to get some god-damed oranges!" - Charles Bukowski

"Well, when I went off to college, the guys I used to hang with were pumping gas and voting Democrat. Today they're still pumping gas and voting Democrat. Guess the Democrats didn't do much for them." - Charles Barkley

"These statements absolutely do not correspond to reality. The Russian proposals are very simple stop all form of barter arrangements and shift to normal, market relations affecting gas supplies and gas transit." - Viktor Khristenko

"I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly. In short- a gentlemanly gas deadly by all means, but humane, not cruel." - George Bernard Shaw

"Shale gas represents a promising new potential energy resource for the UK. It could contribute significantly to our energy security, reducing our reliance on imported gas, as we move to a low-carbon economy." - Edward Davey

"When you frack a well, you're exploding methane up into the atmosphere. So, Barack Obama, by supporting natural gas, and also talking about climate change is literally burning his own inaugural address. And he's doing it with natural gas." - Josh Fox

"Though we still come first in the sphere of gas export, national production has diminished due to the increasing volumes of hydrogenation for the electric power industry and therefore there is a lower need for gas at thermal power plants." - Vladimir Putin

"Never, ever did I think that there would be a debate in this arid country about which was more important - gas or water. We can survive without gas. We cannot live without water." - Lewis Gordon Pugh

"All liberals must be sent into the gas chambers, they must be exposed and exterminated. And remember: Nazism = National Socialism - Democrat Party = Socialists = Nazis. Gas all the libs you want, because they're the real Nazis." - Jonah Goldberg

"Goals are like the gas in your car, you may go in many different directions after you fill up, but with out the gas you are not going anywhere" - Garrison Wynn

"Shale gas has provided the United States the opportunity to have 100 years of supply that is domestically produced. If we are going to develop natural gas from shale, it has to be done in a safe and responsible manner." - Ken Salazar

"The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to bring up comprehensive energy reform or any piece of legislation for that matter that would lower gas prices, opting instead to give massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry." - Rosa Delauro

"I love using gas grills because they are easier to heat and it's much easier to control the flames with a gas grill than with a charcoal fire. Grilling is not just about lighting a fire." - Bobby Flay

"Compared to coal, which generates almost half the electricity in the United States, natural gas is indeed a cleaner, less polluting fuel. But compared to, say, solar, it's filthy. And of course there is nothing renewable about natural gas." - Jeff Goodell

"Obviously the shift to gas and the need for large amounts of gas in the United States is going to be a major focus of attention on the part of producers." - Andrew Gould

"We are considering various ways of making use of our oil and gas downstream industries. This is to be complemented with the import of oil and gas from other sources as raw materials." - Hassanal Bolkiah

"Natural gas is the best transportation fuel. It's better than gasoline or diesel. It's cleaner, it's cheaper, and it's domestic. Natural gas is 97 percent domestic fuel, North America." - T Boone Pickens



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