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Garage Quotes


"Ashes to ashes. Garage sale to garage sale," I said." - John Green

"Our garage was basically science fair central." - Jeff Bezos

"Your heart, Bessie, is an autumn garage." - J D Salinger

"I went to a garage sale. 'How much for the garage' 'It's not for sale.'" - Steven Wright

"Your body is only the garage for your soul." - Wayne Dyer

"Your body is the garage where you park your soul." - Wayne Dyer

"Stephen Hawking: Brainier than Kurt Cobain's garage wall." - Frankie Boyle

"Garage music came up when people weren't paying attention." - Estelle

"Bulletin boards are sort of the garage bands of cyberspace." - Mitch Kapor

"I sat in a garage and invented the future." - Steve Jobs

"Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage." - Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

"I might be in a bit of a Skoda garage rather than a Mercedes garage, but I am telling you some old bangers don't half polish up great." - Ian Holloway

"Herbert Hoover once ran on the slogan, 'Two cars in every garage'. Apparently, the Republican candidate this year is running on the slogan, 'Two families in every garage'." - Harry S Truman

"When I first started writing lyrics and stuff, I was writing it to garage, and obviously garage kind of progressed to grime." - Lady Sovereign

"Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage." - Luca Cordero Di Montezemo

"Dale Earnhardt's opinion in the garage area is like God's to us." - Ernie Irvan

"I got a garage door opener. It can't close. Just open." - Steven Wright

"There are three floors beneath the garage? Why on earth?" -Mac" - Karen Marie Moning

"I saw him making love to you, you forgot to close the garage door." - Bob Dylan

"Buy our album, were Nirvana, a garage band from Seattle. Well, it sure beats raising cattle." - Al Yankovic

"It's always consoling to know that today's Christmas gifts are tomorrow's garage sales." - Milton Berle

"When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man." - Donald E Westlake

"Walking isn't a lost art: one must, by some means, get to the garage." - Evan Esar

"The coffee shop smell was strong enough to build a garage on." - Raymond Chandler

"I've got a Ferrari. VROOM! I do 104 from the garage to the front door." - Bill Cosby

"A clean basement, garage and attic are signs of an empty life." - Doug Larson

"I wash my cars and clean the garage a lot. That's kind of my thing." - Joey Logano

"Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Michelangelo to paint your garage." - Anonymous

"The reform of a college English department cuts no ice down at the corner garage." - Camille Paglia

"Leverage your brand. You shouldn't let two guys in a garage eat your shorts." - Guy Kawasaki

"I started out singing in high school in the choir and in a garage band." - Stark Sands

"I'm one of those guys who likes to piddle around in the garage and fix stuff." - Steve Cropper

"I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money." - Sammy Davis Jr

"You don't have to live in a garage to write great poetry." - Felix Dennis

"I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money." - Sammy Davis, Jr.

"I love punk, I love a lot of British Invasion bands, I love garage bands." - Anna Sui

"The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage." - Herbert Hoover

"I wasn't much into girlfriends. I was too busy tinkering in the garage." - Woody Norris

"A 50-year-old company can innovate as well as two guys/gals in a garage." - Guy Kawasaki

"I don't like recording studios - except my own, which is just a little room above the garage." - Keith Jarrett

"Give a man a car of his own and he leaves humility and common sense behind him in the garage." - John Le Carre

"Going to church doesn't make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car." - Billy Sunday

"Standing in a garage no more makes you a car than standing in a church makes you a Christian." - Woody Allen

"Every time my brain parks the car neatly in the driveway, my mouth drives through the back of the garage." - Dave Eggers

"I don't dream football. I dream the American Dream - two cars in a garage, be a happy father." - Barry Sanders

"I think we're just a garage band that got lucky. It's the enthusiasm from the audience that keeps it going." - Joe Perry

"Funny how a wife can spot a blonde hair at twenty yards, yet miss the garage doors." - Corey Ford

"A Polish man had his vasectomy done at Sears. Now when he makes love, the garage door goes up." - Henny Youngman

"I have a pacemaker in, but it doesn't work very well, because every time I fart the garage door opens." - Frank Carson

"Welcome to my garage! This is where I go to get away from the honey-do list." - Bill Engvall

"That's why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage." - Michael Buckley

"I don't like recording studios - except my own, which is just a little room above the garage." - Keith Jarrett

"When I go to the garage to pick up my clubs, I clean the spider webs off." - John Ratzenberger

"Going to church doesn't make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car." - Laurence J Peter

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile." - Billy Sunday

"Inconvenience yourself: ditch the remote, the garage door opener, the leaf-blower; buy a bike, broom, rake, and snow shovel." - Dan Buettner

"The doctor must have put my pacemaker in wrong. Every time my husband kisses me, the garage door goes up." - Minnie Pearl

"I'd been through crappy day jobs and stupid garage bands. I was determined to make it as a musician." - Paul Westerberg

"My mom was a garage sale person, save money. Come on in to the garage sale, you might find a shirt. She'd get in that garage sale and point stuff out to you. There's a good fork for a nickel. Yeah, that's beautiful. It's a little high. If it were three cents I'd snap it up." - Louie Anderson

"When I started making films I just decided "I'm the filmmaking equivalent of a garage band and I'll just make my garage band movies." But even the same musicians from garage bands would go to my movies and you could tell what they liked from the way that they dressed and they would be the first ones to walk out." - Guy Maddin

"When I'm alone in my apartment, I open my Garage Band and just, you know, record these weird imitations of celebrities - Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson; everybody!" - Charice Pempengco

"Get the shuttle out of the garage. It's in its prime of its life. How could we just put it away?" - Gene Cernan

"My goal was to show that even if people work in a garage or a supermarket, they have very funny things to say. We never hear their voices." - Michel Gondry

"Suicide by carbon monoxide used to be done in the garage. Now, all you have to do is go to Mexico City and inhale." - Richard Bayan

"You can't fix stupid. You can't fix a neutered dog you can't fix a garage door and hey, you can't fix stupid" - Si Robertson

"I think that's exactly what Silicon Valley was all about in those days. Let's do a startup in our parents' garage and try to create a business" - Walter Isaacson

"I was in my friends garage, and he had; a kite, a yo-yo, and a boomerang. I was like "Dude, you have abandonment issues"" - Demetri Martin

"We made a plan at school to meet in her garage and kiss. It was like this little business deal. I kissed her and then I ran home" - Brad Pitt

"Spending time in a church does not make you religious, any more than spending time in a garage makes you a car." - Garrison Keillor

"I'm happier than I've ever been in life. Happy with my life outside of racing. Really happy with my life inside the garage." - Matt Kenseth

"Sometimes I worry I'm not going to be the best parent because if my baby gets a skin fungus I might sell him at a garage sale." - Sara Quin

"Just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn't make me a car" - Joyce Meyer

"Let's say you're a garage mechanic, and you have big dreams about opening up your own chain of branded garages around the country. Terrific." - Gene Simmons

"My next door neighbor just had a pacemaker installed. They're still working the bugs out, though. Every time he makes love, my garage door opens." - Bob Hope

"If you walked into Netscape headquarters with a plain old modem from CompUSA they'd think it was a garage-door opener." - Walt Mossberg

"We have had two chickens in every pot, two cars in every garage, and now we have two headaches for every aspirin." - Fiorello H. La Guardia

"The most significant New York club for me was Paradise Garage, where they played house music. This was around '84 or '85." - Boy George

"I also watched boxing all the time and Tuesday Night Fights on USA and just kept hitting my heavy back in the garage." - Robbie Lawler

"An old friend once told me, you don't go fill up your car with gas at night and then park it in the garage." - Gary Player

"Going to church on Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than going into a garage makes you an automobile!" - Billy Sunday

"Going to church doesn't make anybody a Christian Any more than taking a wheelbarrow into a garage make it an automobile." - Billy Sunday

"The 99 Cent Only Store is calling itself your Valentine's Day headquarters. Guys, if that's your Valentine's Day headquarters, you can also call the garage your new home." - Jay Leno

"Grime is a particular style of music. You've got electro, funk and garage; grime is its darker side. It's constantly evolving." - Tinie Tempah

"Get the shuttle out of the garage. It's in its prime of its life. How could we just put it away?" - Eugene Cernan

"You can tell the difference between songs that were created in a garage and songs that were created in the studio." - Gary Cherone

"I was the worst hitter ever. I never even broke a bat until last year when I was backing out of the garage." - Lefty Gomez

"When I first came to New York City in 1967, I joined up with Richard Schechner's Performance Group - where we worked in the Performing Garage in SoHo." - Spalding Gray

"I didn't feel that running away would change anything but when the roof of the garage started coming off I thought it was time to go." - John Harrison

"Studios are passe for me. I'd rather play in a garage, in a truck, or a rehearsal hall, a club, or a basement." - Neil Young

"People who are using it to sell things on Craigslist to holding garage sales - campaigns - the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign both used Square to raise funds." - Jack Dorsey

"I think there's a bargain in every garage sale - not as much as there used to be, but they're still there." - Judith Miller

"When I was poor living in a garage in Kansas I began to draw the mice that scampered over my desk. That is how Mickey Mouse was born." - Walt Disney

"I started out with a dream to make a star in a jar in my garage, and I ended up meeting the President of the United States!" - Taylor Wilson

"I'd like to own my own garage and my own fishery. I'd also like to be a professional fisherman. But I'll take whatever happens." - Tom Felton

"I think that's exactly what Silicon Valley was all about in those days. Let's do a startup in our parents' garage and try to create a business." - Walter Isaacson

"There's not a platinum record hanging in my house anywhere. It doesn't exist here. I'm over it. They're all in the garage, wrapped up in bubblewrap." - Jon Bon Jovi

"My study is a converted garage which is largely lined with bookshelves and cardboard boxes filled with manuscripts of my film scripts, plays and books." - William Nicholson

"Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car." - Garrison Keillor

"I am an obsessive garage cleaner - my wife and the neighbors make fun of me. I remember that my father was the same way, and now when I'm out there unearthing things in the garage, I realize I am becoming my dad!" - Chris O'Donnell

"Woz and I started Apple in my parents' garage when I was 20. We worked hard, and in 10 years Apple had grown from just the two of us in a garage into a $2 billion company with over 4,000 employees." - Steve Jobs

"I moved into the garage at my mom's house, she wouldn't let me into the house, and the garage didn't have any running water. It did have electricity though, but it didn't have any running water, no bathroom. But, you know, it was great for me because I had my books there." - Luis J. Rodriguez

"I am an obsessive garage cleaner - my wife and the neighbors make fun of me. I remember that my father was the same way, and now when I'm out there unearthing things in the garage, I realize I am becoming my dad!" - Chris Odonnell

"When I was in Philadelphia during the Depression in 1930 or '31, I got a very sad job as a night watchman in a garage. The cars in the garage had been abandoned by their owners, since they had lost their jobs and couldn't keep up the payments." - Tom Glazer

"I know, I know - you're a woman who's had a lot of tough breaks. Well, we can clean and tighten those brakes, but you'll have to stay in the garage all night." - Groucho Marx

"The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. It's unequivocally absurd." - Zoltan Istvan

"I survived a number of garage bands during my teens and early twenties, both as drummer and guitarist. It's nigh impossible for me to listen to music without parsing it." - F. Paul Wilson

"I wrote a short article called "Yardcore" for that issue, too, as an attempt to talk about the Jamaican influence on garage, grime and dubstep; as a splicing of soundsystem culture and hardcore." - Kode9

"And he had a nice home in Ohio with wife, daughter, Christmas tree, two cars, garage, lawn, lawnmower, but he couldn't enjoy any of it because he really wasn't free. It was sadly true." - Jack Kerouac

"Heaven and earth, sang the tenor, Mr. Henry Wallace, owner of the Wallace garage. His larynx, which gave him somewhat the effect of having swallowed a crab-apple and got it only part way down, protruded above his low collar." - Mary Roberts Rinehart

"We'd started out as a garage band and it became like a huge band, which was fine. But everything was so magnified, drug addictions, personalities, it just became too much." - Izzy Stradlin

"Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who's forging a bullet with your company's name on it. You've got one option now - to shoot first. You've got to out innovate the innovators." - Gary Hamel

"I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I'd be like, 'But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!'?" - Leighton Meester

"When Tiger was 6 months old, he would sit in our garage, watching me hit balls into a net. He had been assimilating his golf swing. When he got out of the high chair, he had a golf swing." - Earl Woods

"I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I"d be like, "But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!"?" - Leighton Meester

"I don't want to pooh-pooh modern pop. I appreciate that as well, but my personal favorite kind of music is guitar-based rock. I like grunge and garage bands and alternative music, but that's more my personal taste." - Al Yankovic

"Parking at a garage is like going to a prostitute. Why pay for it when you can apply yourself, and then may be you can get it for free." - Jason Alexander

"I grew up as a little 4- and 5-year-old kid, watching Phil Tippett and my dad make monsters in our garage. That's what I did, as a child." - Robert Stromberg

"As long as bands are still out there slaving away in the garage and putting out their own records and just pushing the envelope for how songs should be written or how they should be played, punk will never die." - Milo Aukerman

"I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I'd be like, 'But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!'&8201;" - Leighton Meester

"Glenn Beck retired or got fired...and a lot of people are asking who will now speak for the raving lunatics who startle you outside of a parking garage?" - Bill Maher

"Too many bands practice in their garage, play a couple of shows locally, and expect opportunities to appear from the sky. Bands have to push, work, grind, and struggle to make it happen on their own." - Mark Hoppus

"I like garage band for writing because you only have crayons and there are only five crayons in the box. Your choices are limited and I find that to be very good for me." - Erin McKeown

"I know my own limitations. And if somebody says, "I need songs for a cartoon garage band - they look like this and they should sound like this," it gives you a direction. I like having that kind of assignment." - Beck

"When drum'n'bass happened, when the two-step/garage thing happened, there was a chart smash every week; it operated on the underground and the pinnacle of pop mainstream at the same time." - Kieran Hebden

"I was about seven years old. In my mother's garage I used to create plays and star in them and charge the neighborhood kids five cents to see them. It was a lot of fun." - Franny Armstrong

"What I love about music, when you can look at something and be like, "Wow, what's this all about?" You can't really picture what these people look like - is it one guy, or a band making music in a garage?" - Stephen Malkmus

"We didn't have a garage to rehearse in. We had to aggravate the folks in the house. But I got a chance to play in a beer joint, and that's how it started." - Charlie Daniels

"My heroes were Eddie Van Halen - especially after Van Halen I, II, III, and IV - Randy Rhoads, Ace Frehley and dudes like that. My brother played drums and we jammed in the garage and started writing our own stuff." - Dimebag Darrell

"Technology ventures can succeed with very little investment, unlike many other industries. A lot of the big Internet players like Google or Yahoo were started by a couple of guys with computers. Microsoft was started in Bill Gates' garage." - Jonathan Raymond

"'Garage Magazine' has a strong track record of promoting diversity and racial and gender equality in the worlds of art and fashion and will continue in our mission to stir positive debate on these and other issues." - Dasha Zhukova

"When kids can't afford to see it anymore maybe we'll have a whole resurgence of garage bands all over America and this New Wave thing will start to mean something on a grass roots level." - Lester Bangs

"My mom passed on her obsession of all things antique or vintage. I love to go thrift store shopping or explore any sort of garage sale. Treasure hunting is a family passion." - Zoey Deutch

"Practical storage pieces are great if you have a basement or a garage. But when you actually live with them day in and day out, they should be beautiful to look at." - Thom Filicia

"Folk music is music that everyday people can play, and it inspired a lot of people to make their own music. That trailed into making your own pop music, and that's why garage bands started springing up everywhere." - Arlo Guthrie

"I think the kitchen is the new garage. And I think for a guy that wants to go out and be an evolved person, he should know about his local favorite restaurant. He should know how to cook something." - Marcus Samuelsson

"Some kids spent their allowance going to see 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'; I spent mine on a great-looking lamp I'd found at the flea market and a ceramic bowl from a neighborhood garage sale." - Nate Berkus

"I played in garage bands and rock and roll bands when I was in junior high and high school and saw some of the great talents of all time in the local area where I lived." - David Cassidy

"There was a computer in our garage when I was growing up, and I'd go out there in winter and wrap myself in a blanket and write a story." - Eleanor Catton

"It's been said that I formed The Wallflowers to hide my name but, really, I've always wanted to be in a band - right from the day my friends and I soundproofed a garage with bed-covers for our first rehearsal." - Jakob Dylan

"I remember going with my mom to a random garage sale as a kid and thinking what a cool treasure hunt that whole world was. Only to transition as an adult to think, 'What a gross place that really is.'" - Will Ferrell

"All kids love to get dirty, but if I wandered into the garage, my father would say: 'Son, you're not going to have filthy hands like mine. You're going into show business.'" - Bruce Forsyth

"There's poetry in being the band that can sell out Wembley but also makes a record in a garage. I don't like doing what people expect me to do." - Dave Grohl

"Growing up I played in garage bands and cover bands with my older brother, and he got us a gig opening up for some hippie jam band. I was 15. I felt like such an adult!" - Charles Kelley

"America glories in its tradition of the self-made individual. Political candidates compete to be a friend to entrepreneurs, and policymakers, imagining the next Microsoft or Google, design laws to back the innovator in the garage." - Mark Mckinnon

"One day, when we were coming back from school, we saw this big cloud of smoke coming up, and all these fire-trucks in the yard. The garage was burning down. I was 14, and we'd lost everything." - Valerie June

"I demo all of my songs on Garage Band, where I pretty much play everything - not very well, but I manage to hammer out a drum beat and a bass idea." - Jenny Lewis

"I did get to keep the wedding dresses from 'Runaway Bride'. They're all boxed up in my garage. I've never opened them. It'll be fun one day when Hazel is taller. She can play dress-up with her friends." - Julia Roberts

"We always feel pretty creative as far as writing songs. We write them together; we just get in a room, or on occasion in Flea's garage. We just sort of improvise, like jazz musicians." - Chad Smith

"Plan B is really a little garage band of three people, and our mandate has been to help get difficult material, that might not otherwise get made, to the screen and to work with directors we respect." - Brad Pitt

"News and images move so easily across borders that attitudes and aspirations are no longer especially national. Cyber-weapons, no longer the exclusive province of national governments, can originate in a hacker's garage." - Robert Reich



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