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Garage Sale Quotes


"Ashes to ashes. Garage sale to garage sale," I said." - John Green

"I went to a garage sale. 'How much for the garage' 'It's not for sale.'" - Steven Wright

"My mom was a garage sale person, save money. Come on in to the garage sale, you might find a shirt. She'd get in that garage sale and point stuff out to you. There's a good fork for a nickel. Yeah, that's beautiful. It's a little high. If it were three cents I'd snap it up." - Louie Anderson

"Your heart, Bessie, is an autumn garage." - J D Salinger

"Sometimes I worry I'm not going to be the best parent because if my baby gets a skin fungus I might sell him at a garage sale." - Sara Quin

"I think there's a bargain in every garage sale - not as much as there used to be, but they're still there." - Judith Miller

"Make a customer, not a sale." - Katherine Barchetti

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." - Ernest Hemingway

"I'm not for sale, neither is UKIP." - Nigel Farage

"Garage music came up when people weren't paying attention." - Estelle

"Bulletin boards are sort of the garage bands of cyberspace." - Mitch Kapor

"I sat in a garage and invented the future." - Steve Jobs

"The American Dream has become a death sentence of drudgery, consumerism, and fatalism: a garage sale where the best of the human spirit is bartered away for comfort, obedience and trinkets. It's unequivocally absurd." - Zoltan Istvan

"My mom passed on her obsession of all things antique or vintage. I love to go thrift store shopping or explore any sort of garage sale. Treasure hunting is a family passion." - Zoey Deutch

"Some kids spent their allowance going to see 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'; I spent mine on a great-looking lamp I'd found at the flea market and a ceramic bowl from a neighborhood garage sale." - Nate Berkus

"I remember going with my mom to a random garage sale as a kid and thinking what a cool treasure hunt that whole world was. Only to transition as an adult to think, 'What a gross place that really is.'" - Will Ferrell

"When is the last time you saw a Lamborghini sale?" - Chris Campbell

"I never bought a man who wasn't for sale." - William A. Clark

"Things are worth what they will fetch at a sale" - Edward Coke

"Honour sits smiling at the sale of truth." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Things are worth what they will fetch at a sale." - Edward Coke

"I am a sale shopper. I love a discounted item." - Brad Goreski

"I don't believe every download is a lost sale." - Jeff Tweedy

"When I first started writing lyrics and stuff, I was writing it to garage, and obviously garage kind of progressed to grime." - Lady Sovereign

"Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage." - Luca Cordero Di Montezemo

"One sister for sale, One sister for sale, One crying and spying young sister for sale I'm really not kidding so who'll start the bidding Do I hear a dollar? A nickle? A penny? Oh isnt there isnt there isnt there any One person who will buy this sister for sale This crying spying old young sister for sale." - Shel Silverstein

"There are three floors beneath the garage? Why on earth?" -Mac" - Karen Marie Moning

"I saw him making love to you, you forgot to close the garage door." - Bob Dylan

"It's always consoling to know that today's Christmas gifts are tomorrow's garage sales." - Milton Berle

"The coffee shop smell was strong enough to build a garage on." - Raymond Chandler

"A clean basement, garage and attic are signs of an empty life." - Doug Larson

"I wash my cars and clean the garage a lot. That's kind of my thing." - Joey Logano

"The reform of a college English department cuts no ice down at the corner garage." - Camille Paglia

"Leverage your brand. You shouldn't let two guys in a garage eat your shorts." - Guy Kawasaki

"I'm one of those guys who likes to piddle around in the garage and fix stuff." - Steve Cropper

"The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage." - Herbert Hoover

"Practice is just as valuable as a sale. The sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn

"Never count on making a good sale. Have the purchase price be so attractive that even a mediocre sale gives good results." - Warren Buffett

"Business - the world's work - is the sale of lies: Not goods, but trade-marks; and still more and more In every branch becomes the sale of money." - John Davidson (poet)

"In Russia, as I sat there day after day wearing headphones, listening to the interpreter struggle to make our words relevant, I wondered if we could establish meaningful rapport with a nation that had never seen raisins dance in dark glasses on TV...never had a garage sale." - Erma Bombeck

"It's as if women are in a totally rigged race. A lot of men are driving souped-up, low-slung racing cars and we're running as fast as we can in tennis shoes we managed to salvage from a local garage sale." - Naomi Weisstein

"It's as if we women are in a totally rigged race. A lot of men are driving souped-up low slung racing cars, and we're running as fast as we can in tennis shoes we managed to salvage from a local garage sale." - Naomi Weisstein

"I think when you get interested in antiques, the most frustrating thing is that books don't have enough photos. When you go to a flea market or garage sale, you see lots of things you've never seen before and you have no idea what the price is going to be or should be." - Judith Miller

"When was the last time you bought an American-made radio or television? If you're Gen X or younger, the answer is 'never.' Does the label on that shirt or skirt you're wearing say 'Made in the U.S.A.'? If so, you probably got it at Goodwill, or maybe at a Smithsonian garage sale." - Seth Shostak

"The Giants are usually described as rag tag, kind of a great garage sale team, and the Democrats are described as the Mommies to the Republican Daddies; and everyone hates the mommies, but wait, wait - I didn't intend to get into the pathos and thrill of being a Democratic Giants fan." - Anne Lamott

"In the sales profession, the real work begins after the sale is made." - Brian Tracy

"Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale." - Chris Brogan

"They'll just cut our wrists like Cheap coupons and say that death Was on sale today." - Marilyn Manson

"Success never goes on sale. Be willing to pay the market price." - Randy Gage

"You're in an awfully good mood," he observed. "Was there a sale at Khakis-R-Us?" - Richelle Mead

"There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"If you want to buy my wares Follow me and climb the stairs... Love for sale." - Cole Porter

"Healthcare should be a human right and not a commodity for sale." - Jim Wallis

"Start with the soul and end with the sale. Not the other way around." - C.C. Chapman

"I've never bought a stock unless, in my view, it was on sale." - John Neff

"In the absence of the sacred, nothing is sacred - everything is for sale." - Oren Lyons

"Point of sale is where you reach 100% of your audience 100% of the time." - Paul Hudson

"Just because a club says a player is not for sale, it doesn't necessarily mean that." - Roy Keane

"Testimonials are the BEST way to beat down the price objection and win the sale." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"Everything I have is for sale, except for my kids and possibly my wife." - Carl Icahn

"Self-respect cannot be hunted. It cannot be purchased. It is never for sale." - Alfred Whitney Griswold

"The creation and sale of most art today is pure prostitution." - Leo Tolstoy

"[When looking at expensive goods for sale:] How many things I can do without!" - Socrates

"No sale is really complete until the product is worn out, and the customer is satisfied." - L.L. Bean

"Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust." - Zig Ziglar

"Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." - H L Mencken

"To me, music is no joke and it's not for sale." - Ian Mackaye

"Anything pretty,' Claire will tell you, 'it's only for sale because no one wants it." - Chuck Palahniuk

"A man is what he does with his attention and mine is not for sale." - John Ciardi

"Virtue has its own reward, but no sale at the box office." - Mae West

"Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself." - Maxwell Maltz

"Objects seen in dreams should be manufactured and put on sale." - Andre Breton

"For any leftover inventory, publishers must have a program to maximize the sale of a book." - David Dunn

"Politicians in this country have always been for sale. That is nothing new." - Peter Schuyler

"I'm a sucker for a sale. I don't understand why anyone wants to pay full price for anything because everything goes on sale. I love sale websites. In fact - this is almost kind of embarrassing - I'm coming from an Isabel Marant sample sale." - Busy Philipps

"Cutting prices or putting things on sale is not sustainable business strategy." - Howard Schultz

"I don't like losing a ballgame any more than a salesman likes losing a sale." - Early Wynn

"How come anything you buy will go on sale next week?" - Erma Bombeck

"In Paris, everything's for sale: wise virgins, foolish virgins, truth and lies, tears and smiles." - Emile Zola

"I don't like recording studios - except my own, which is just a little room above the garage." - Keith Jarrett

"Going to church doesn't make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car." - Billy Sunday

"Standing in a garage no more makes you a car than standing in a church makes you a Christian." - Woody Allen

"I don't dream football. I dream the American Dream - two cars in a garage, be a happy father." - Barry Sanders

"That's why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage." - Michael Buckley

"Going to church doesn't make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car." - Laurence J Peter

"I'd been through crappy day jobs and stupid garage bands. I was determined to make it as a musician." - Paul Westerberg

"I was depressed, but that was a side issue. This was more like closing up shop, or, say, having a big garage sale, where you look at everything you've bought in your life, and you remember how much it meant to you, and now you just tag it for a quarter and watch 'em carry it off, and you don't care. That's more like how it was." - Jane Smiley

"Originally marriage meant the sale of a woman by one man to another; now most women sell themselves though they have no intention of delivering the goods listed in the bill of sale." - Robert Graves

"Everything is now for sale. Even those areas of life that we once considered sacred like health and education, food and water and air and seeds and genes and a heritage. It is all now for sale." - Maude Barlow

"I sat down and wrote a short story in two weeks and submitted it to Marion Zimmer Bradley. And Marion bought "Wound On The Moon" .My first sale and my first pro sale rolled into one." - Vera Nazarian

"We live in a predatory capitalist society in which everything is for sale. Everybody is for sale, so there is ubiquitous commodification - be it of music, food, people, or parking meters." - Cornel West

"Really good customer service will deliver sales. You are training salesmen to give the best possible advice and then to achieve the sale. People actually like you to ask for a sale because it shows you value their business." - John Caudwell

"For every sale you miss because you're too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you're not enthusiastic enough." - Zig Ziglar

"There's a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers-after the sale." - Harvey Mackay

"In Morocco, before you even get to the matter of the sale, you have to coax the owner to sell." - Tahir Shah

"The Nordic countries are leading the way on women's equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale." - Johanna Sigurdardottir

"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success." - Thomas Edison

"Competition validates you. It creates a category. It permits the sale to be this or that, not yes or no." - Seth Godin

"The sale of souls to gain the whole world is completely voluntary and almost unanimous...but not quite." - John Steinbeck

"The sale of sex in modern societies is not about spreading genes. Sex has been taken over by the memes." - Susan Blackmore

"A sale is not something you pursue, it's what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer." - Anonymous

"If wisdom were on sale in the open market, the stupid would not even ask the price." - Anonymous

"To things a sale a seller's praise belongs; She passes praise; then praise too short doth blot." - William Shakespeare

"Our sense of being worthwhile, our sense of being good, our sense of being anything must go - Final clearance sale." - Frederick Lenz

"My hair looks like it had been purchased at a rummage sale after all the real hair was gone." - Haven Kimmel

"Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen." - Kevin McAllister

"It seems to me that it's actually harder to invent excuses than it is to get a sale." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"The key to a sale in an interview, and the key to an interview is a disturbing question." - Ben Feldman

"If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune!" - Jeffrey Gitomer

"Looks do count. Deliver visually stunning merchandising. Engage at the point of sale. Help consumers shop with their eyes." - Michael J. Silverstein

"A master salesman is one who takes the offensive and never the defensive sale of an argument, if argument arises." - Napoleon Hill

"Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." - H L Mencken

"I like to think that Not For Sale is the Juniper Networks of the social section, a disruptive innovator." - David Batstone

"Everything is for sale in Hollywood; the fairy tale, the costume, the pumpkin, the footman and the mice." - Amanda Eliasch

"Oh there are lots of doctors and medical professionals out there who buy my devices at whole sale price." - Alex Chiu

"I don't go to the sale rack. But I wouldn't say I am decadent in my spending. I am careful." - Madonna Ciccone

"The Nordic countries are leading the way on women's equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale." - Johanna Sigurdardottir

"The house in Chappaqua is up for sale, ... and you can get it for a bargain on Wednesday." - Rudy Giuliani

"The Nordic countries are leading the way on women's equality, recognizing women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale." - Johanna Siguroardottir

"I was long brought up to think that it was nothing short of a crime to miss a sale." - James Cash Penney

"All business success rests on something labeled a sale, which at least momentarily weds company and customer." - Tom Peters

"The mistake so many marketers make is that they conjoin the urgency of making another sale with the timing to earn the right to make that sale. In other words, you must build trust before you need it. Building trust right when you want to make a sale is just too late." - Seth Godin

"When I'm alone in my apartment, I open my Garage Band and just, you know, record these weird imitations of celebrities - Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson; everybody!" - Charice Pempengco

"My goal was to show that even if people work in a garage or a supermarket, they have very funny things to say. We never hear their voices." - Michel Gondry

"Suicide by carbon monoxide used to be done in the garage. Now, all you have to do is go to Mexico City and inhale." - Richard Bayan

"You can't fix stupid. You can't fix a neutered dog you can't fix a garage door and hey, you can't fix stupid" - Si Robertson

"I was in my friends garage, and he had; a kite, a yo-yo, and a boomerang. I was like "Dude, you have abandonment issues"" - Demetri Martin

"Spending time in a church does not make you religious, any more than spending time in a garage makes you a car." - Garrison Keillor

"I'm happier than I've ever been in life. Happy with my life outside of racing. Really happy with my life inside the garage." - Matt Kenseth

"Just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn't make me a car" - Joyce Meyer

"Let's say you're a garage mechanic, and you have big dreams about opening up your own chain of branded garages around the country. Terrific." - Gene Simmons

"If you walked into Netscape headquarters with a plain old modem from CompUSA they'd think it was a garage-door opener." - Walt Mossberg

"Our garage was basically science fair central." - Jeff Bezos

"I also watched boxing all the time and Tuesday Night Fights on USA and just kept hitting my heavy back in the garage." - Robbie Lawler

"Going to church on Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than going into a garage makes you an automobile!" - Billy Sunday

"Going to church doesn't make anybody a Christian Any more than taking a wheelbarrow into a garage make it an automobile." - Billy Sunday

"Grime is a particular style of music. You've got electro, funk and garage; grime is its darker side. It's constantly evolving." - Tinie Tempah

"Get the shuttle out of the garage. It's in its prime of its life. How could we just put it away?" - Eugene Cernan

"When I first came to New York City in 1967, I joined up with Richard Schechner's Performance Group - where we worked in the Performing Garage in SoHo." - Spalding Gray

"I didn't feel that running away would change anything but when the roof of the garage started coming off I thought it was time to go." - John Harrison

"Studios are passe for me. I'd rather play in a garage, in a truck, or a rehearsal hall, a club, or a basement." - Neil Young

"People who are using it to sell things on Craigslist to holding garage sales - campaigns - the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign both used Square to raise funds." - Jack Dorsey

"I'd like to own my own garage and my own fishery. I'd also like to be a professional fisherman. But I'll take whatever happens." - Tom Felton

"The book is a uniquely durable object, one that can be fully enjoyed without being damaged. A book doesn't require fuel, food, or service; it isn't very messy and rarely makes a noise. A book can be read over and over, then passed on to friends, or resold at a garage sale. A book will not crash or freeze and will still work when filled with sand. Even if it falls into the bath, it can be dried out and finished. Books require no special training to operate." - Lewis Buzbee

"It's funny how insomnia has a way of hauling faded memories up from the cellar of the mind, unearthing buried bits of nostalgia from deep within and spreading the broken, jagged pieces out in front of you like a display of junk at a garage sale. It makes you feel cheap and guilty when you didn't do a thing in the world to kindle the dull burn in your veins or the sting in your eyes. Some nights the painful past unexpectedly pushes up through the floorboards like an ugly nightmarish weed, and by doing so, cultivates and nurtures an entirely new species of headache." - Adam Young

"I am an obsessive garage cleaner - my wife and the neighbors make fun of me. I remember that my father was the same way, and now when I'm out there unearthing things in the garage, I realize I am becoming my dad!" - Chris O'Donnell

"I moved into the garage at my mom's house, she wouldn't let me into the house, and the garage didn't have any running water. It did have electricity though, but it didn't have any running water, no bathroom. But, you know, it was great for me because I had my books there." - Luis J. Rodriguez

"I am an obsessive garage cleaner - my wife and the neighbors make fun of me. I remember that my father was the same way, and now when I'm out there unearthing things in the garage, I realize I am becoming my dad!" - Chris Odonnell

"When I was in Philadelphia during the Depression in 1930 or '31, I got a very sad job as a night watchman in a garage. The cars in the garage had been abandoned by their owners, since they had lost their jobs and couldn't keep up the payments." - Tom Glazer

"You may be a redneck if . . . you think you are an entrepreneur because of the "Dirt for Sale" sign in the front yard." - Jeff Foxworthy



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