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Gap Analysis Quotes


"Analysis kills spontaneity." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"Without analysis, no synthesis." - Friedrich Engels

"For every credibility gap there is a gullibility gap." - Richard Cobden

"This book fills a much-needed gap." - Moses Hadas

"The biggest gap there is in America is not economic; the gap is spiritual and cultural." - Mike Huckabee

"Other people have analysis. I have Utah." - Robert Redford

"Love, in the final analysis, is wisdom." - E. W. Kenyon

"Truth is subject to too much analysis." - Frank Herbert

"Truth suffers from too much analysis." - Frank Herbert

"In the gap between thoughts nonconceptual wisdom shines continuously." - Milarepa

"I really have a generation gap about modern clothes." - Julie Harris

"The gap between the rich and poor is widening fast." - Richard Rogers

"The big gap between the ability of actors is confidence." - Kathleen Turner

"The so-called skills gap is really a gap in education, and that affects all of us." - Adam Davidson

"Retrospective analysis is not a useful guide to current problems." - David Ignatius

"I am lithe, but fragile from constant involuntary self-analysis." - Mary Maclane

"Only strong characters can resist the temptation of superficial analysis." - Albert Einstein

"Criticism, analysis, and insults are tragic expressions of unmet needs." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"To me, error analysis is the sweet spot for improvement." - Donald A. Norman

"Charts are a leading indicator of fundamental analysis" - John Murphy

"All obvious moves look dubious in analysis after the game." - Viktor Korchnoi

"I spend about fifteen minutes a year on economic analysis." - Peter Lynch

"The analysis of the thing is not the thing itself." - Aaron Allston

"The analysis of character is the highest human entertainment." - Isaac Bashevis Singer

"In therapy you sit down; in analysis you lie down." - Rachel Weisz

"Creationists eagerly seek a gap in present-day knowledge or understanding. If an apparent gap is found, it is assumed that God, by default, must fill it." - Richard Dawkins

"You have to suspend thinking in narratives. The moment you are conscious of yourself the gap opens up. And in this gap, stories are generated." - Aleksandar Hemon

"We had periodic crises in this country when the technical intelligence didn't support the policy. We had the bomber gap, the missile gap." - Aldrich Ames

"Every time I go to the dentist they say, 'You really need to fix that gap of yours'. I'm like, 'My gap is paying your dentist bills.'" - Lara Stone

"The gap between current conditions and your future vision should be your focus" - Tony Jeary

"Remember that the biggest gap in the world is between 'I should' and 'I did.'" - H Jackson Brown Jr

"The gap between compassion and surrender is love's darkest, deepest region." - Orhan Pamuk

"The gap between compassion and surrender is love's darkest, deepest region." - Orhan Pamuk

"The gap between compassion and surrender is love's darkest, deepest region." - Orhan Pamuk

"The secret to success lies in the gap between dream and reality." - Bret Michaels

"You don't have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful" - Demi Lovato

"The gap between what is popular and what is righteous is widening." - James E Faust

"There's room for the Gap, but the joy of dressing is an art." - John Galliano

"There is not that much of a generation gap these days." - Chris Frantz

"It can be a long gap between the emergence of fully researched historical biographies." - Antonia Fraser

"Gap clothing allows you to look like you're from nowhere and anywhere." - Douglas Coupland

"I like the fact that I have good old-fashioned British teeth with a big gap." - Georgia May Jagger

"Great talkers are trying to fill the gap between themselves and others, but only widen it." - Mason Cooley

"'The Guardian's 'Word of Mouth' blog bridges the gap between blogging and serious food journalism." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"Eventually, most people felt MoMA had filled a very important gap." - David Rockefeller

"In the last analysis the entire field of psychology may reduce to biological electrochemistry." - Sigmund Freud

"It's funny - people think analysis or psychiatry is mad, and THEY go to CHURCH..." - John Malkovich

"If your neighbors did an analysis of your life, what would they learn about the kingdom?" - Michael Frost

"Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within." - Deepak Chopra

"I'm a bit of a freak for evidence-based analysis. I strongly believe in data." - Gus O'Donnell, Baron O'Donnell

"Self-analysis always cheats." - Mason Cooley

"Transformation is something I cannot explain - too much analysis might destroy it." - Sophia Loren

"The analysis of data will not by itself produce new ideas..." - Edward De Bono

"The falsification of scientific data or analysis is always a serious matter" - Ed Markey

"Advertising in the final analysis should be news. If it is not news it is worthless." - Adolph Ochs

"In the last analysis, what we ARE communicates far more eloquently than anything we SAY." - Anonymous

"Literature must be an analysis of experience and a synthesis of the findings into a unity." - Rebecca West

"Knowledge comes by taking things apart, analysis. But wisdom comes by putting things together." - John Alexander Morrison

"Talents of the novelist: ... observation of character, analysis of emotion, people's feelings, personal relations ..." - Virginia Woolf

"[T]he habit of scientific analysis ... exhausts the material offered to it..." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"A difficulty journey is more revealing of character than any discussion or analysis." - Michael Treanor

"The great political questions are in their final analysis great moral questions." - William Jennings Bryan

"In the final analysis, change sticks when it becomes the way we do things around here." - John P Kotter

"Geography prepares for the world of work - geographers, with their skills of analysis are highly employable!" - Michael Palin

"The sole remaining task for philosophy is the analysis of language." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The analysis of man discloses three chemical elements - a job, a meal and a woman." - Martin H Fischer

"A statistical analysis, properly conducted, is a delicate dissection of uncertainties, a surgery of suppositions." - M.J. Moroney

"Before the problem of the artist, analysis must, alas, lay down its arms." - Sigmund Freud

"It requires a very unusual mind to make an analysis of the obvious." - Georges Bataille

"Analysis is carried into everything. Even Deity is subjected to chemical tests." - James Russell Lowell

"The repetition of a catchword can hold analysis in fetters for fifty years or more." - Benjamin Cardozo

"I'm a bit of a freak for evidence-based analysis. I strongly believe in data." - Gus Odonnell

"Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"I am basically analytical, not creative; my writing is simply a creative way of handling analysis." - Philip K Dick

"I have, I admit, a low tolerance for detached chronicling and cool analysis." - Leslie Fiedler

"In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves." - Bernard Baruch

"The falsification of scientific data or analysis is always a serious matter." - Ed Markey

"I believe realism is nothing but an analysis of reality. Film scripts have a synthetical constitution." - Manuel Puig

"Therapy, as opposed to analysis, is a whole construct of myth, beautiful and creative." - Dennis Potter

"It's a little strange to become a kind of symbol of a whole type of analysis." - Nate Silver

"Sometimes Republicans engage in number-crunching analysis that doesn't always take the neediest into account." - Susana Martinez

"Analysis is like a lobotomy. Who wants to have all their edges shaved off?" - David Byrne

"You've heard the saying, 'Analysis creates paralysis.' You can't be 100 percent sure of anything." - Mark Burnett

"There'll be differences of opinion in just about every intelligence analysis that you make." - Robert Mueller

"Present-moment awareness creates a gap not only in the stream of mind but also in the past-future continuum. Nothing truly new and creative can come into this world except through that gap, that clear space of infinite possibility." - Eckhart Tolle

"I think that the main issue with inequality is not the gap between the rich and the poor. It is the gap between the earnings of top business leaders and the salaries of academics and journalists." - Arnold Kling

"You know that gap between where you are and where you'd like to be? Within that gap, there is an ache and an aspirational leap, which is very good for writing." - Amanda Harlech

"Celebrities do look different in real life from our images of them - there is a big gap. And that is what my work is about: the gap between the image and the celebrity themselves." - Alison Jackson

"The law of balance is a law of applied consciousness. You can never change it. You will get one thing, you lose the other, you get third thing, you lose the fourth. Always there will be a gap. The 'law of gap' is that there is no gap and how can that gap be filled? Be in gratitude. Make an attitude to be in gratitude, you will find the whole Universe will come to you." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"Every time you create a gap in the stream of mind, the light of your consciousness grows stronger" - Eckhart Tolle

"The gap between our sincere values and our actual behavior is the source of all self-hatred." - Bo Lozoff

"Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the universe take care of the details." - Deepak Chopra

"Possibly the greatest waste in life is the gap between what you are and what you could become." - Zig Ziglar

"If we are transparent, with nothing to hide, the gap between language and being disappears. Then the Muse can speak." - Stephen Nachmanovitch

"Conversation is imperative if gaps are to be filled, and old age, it is the last gap but one." - Patrick White

"The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap." - Spiro T Agnew

"I did not want to be depressed by the gap existing between my weakness and my ambition." - Ella Maillart

"Obviously after such a long gap, one itches to get back to the game and score big runs." - Sachin Tendulkar

"The rich should be less rich, and the poor should be less poor. We have to close this gap." - Arnon Milchan

"We live in a world in which we're seeing an increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots." - Jacqueline Novogratz

"I used to live in a gap jumper, tracksuit bottoms and a fake flower in my hair. Shocking." - Jessie J

"The gap between the young people and the rest of society is that... young people don't have hope." - Sister Souljah

"I mean, one thing I know about change is we are not going to close the achievement gap without educators." - Margaret Spellings

"I'm supposed to be taking time off. But I'm still writing and I have this Gap advert lined up." - Joss Stone

"If I could change my appearance, I would have the gap between my front teeth put back in." - Thandie Newton

"Peter Montiel has long set the highest standard for lucid textbooks on the macroeconomics of developing countries. Now in this new edition of his superb classic Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets, he has surpassed even himself. He uniquely fills the gap between rich-country-obsessed macro- and micro-obsessed developing-country analysis. No student of the macroeconomics of development will henceforward be able to do without this book." - William Easterly

"A great advantage of X-ray analysis as a method of chemical structure analysis is its power to show some totally unexpected and surprising structure with, at the same time, complete certainty." - Dorothy Hodgkin

"That is, while we believe that cost-benefit analysis is an important tool to inform agency decision making, the results of the cost-benefit analysis do not trump existing law" - Fred Thompson

"We do liquidation analysis and liquidation analysis only." - Peter Cundill

"Limit risk with: Deep analysis Bargain purchase Sensitivity analysis." - Seth Klarman

"Laura and I really don't realize how bright our children is sometimes until we get an objective analysis." - George W Bush

"In the final analysis it is between you and God, it was never between you and them anyway." - Mother Teresa

"There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis." - Malcolm Gladwell

"Analysis and synthesis are both as necessary to the thinking spirit as inspiration and expiration to the organism." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Never hear what somebody thinks about you, you'll live longer. Hear that they're in pain. Don't hear their analysis." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Four D's of Disconnection: 1. Diagnosis (judgment, analysis, criticism, comparison); 2. Denial of Responsibility; 3. Demand; 4. 'Deserve' oriented language." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Gold is, in its last analysis, the sweat of the poor and the blood of the brave." - Joseph Napoleon

"Although our eyes can not penetrate the darkness of the future, scientific geopolitical analysis enables us to make certain predictions." - Karl Haushofer

"I am no longer an advocate of elaborate techniques of security analysis in order to find superior value opportunities." - Benjamin Graham

"The basic unit for contemporary art is not the idea, but the analysis of and extension of sensations." - Susan Sontag

"I think that money is devoted to serious journalism, with analysis, interestingly presented, by good writers can still sell newspapers." - Phillip Knightley

"That man who is more then his elements knows the land that is more than its analysis." - John Steinbeck

"This was the ethos of the intelligence analysis directorate during most of the 27 years I spent there." - Ray McGovern

"Statistician: A man who believes figures don't lie, but admits that under analysis some of them won't stand up either." - Evan Esar

"Fortunately analysis [psychoanalysis] is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist." - Karen Horney

"There is, then, in this analysis of variance no indication of any other than innate and heritable factors at work." - Ronald Fisher

"God is known by many names. And in the last analysis God's names were as many as human beings." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Even in my first analysis of a depressive psychosis, I was immediately struck by its structural similarity with obsessional neurosis." - Karl Abraham

"Analysis gave me great freedom of emotions and fantastic confidence. I felt I had served my time as a puppet." - Hedy Lamarr

"Analysis does not transform consciousness." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"I was in analysis for years because of a traumatic childhood; I was breast-fed through falsies." - Woody Allen

"I'm a huge proponent of therapy and analysis, but it's something that, in a nonprofessional way, can be abused." - Noah Baumbach

"An absolute can only be given in an intuition, while all the rest has to do with analysis." - Henri Bergson

"All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know." - Alexis Carrel

"The analysis of variance is not a mathematical theorem, but rather a convenient method of arranging the arithmetic." - Ronald Fisher

"Now in business we do a cost benefit analysis before we make policy changes. Washington should as well." - Vicky Hartzler

"Computerized medical records will enable statistical analysis to be used to determine which treatments are most effective." - Temple Grandin

"The analysis of concepts is for the understanding nothing more than what the magnifying glass is for sight." - Moses Mendelssohn

"I criticise these compositions by analysis but an illustration cannot be made that way - it must be made by inspiration." - Howard Pyle

"Liberty, in its last analysis, is but the sweat of the poor and the blood of the brave." - Robert Toombs

"Causal analysis provides absolutely no value judgment, and a value judgment is absolutely not a causal explanation." - Max Weber

"Many children are taught to believe in God. I came to believe in the power of systems analysis." - Lawrence Summers

"What is interesting about self-analysis is that it leads nowhere - it is an art form in itself." - Anita Brookner

"Most people make their choices predicated upon a feeling because analysis really isn't that good a tool." - Frederick Lenz

"I have an aversion to news nuggets, so I find myself looking for sites that offer more analysis." - Jeff Moss

"Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist." - Karen Horney

"I see The Gap ads as being a great example of how branding has changed. Those Gap campaigns are pop culture. They've been incredibly powerful. They have had the kind of effect on culture that a hit band has. Just look at The Gap's Khaki swing ads, which were music videos. They had this tremendous impact on the industry - suddenly everything started looking like Gap ads and it became difficult to know who was co-opting whom and who was creating culture." - Naomi Klein

"Whitney Houston came in. Someone dared me to do "the Gap act" on her. You know, the Gap act. So I went up to her like I didn't know who she was, and I said, 'Hi, I just wanted to let you know about our sale items and make sure to check out our new colors'. She looked at me like I was crazy (On working at The Gap)." - Amy Adams

"You've got to look for a gap, where competitors in a market have grown lazy and lost contact with the readers or the viewers." - Rupert Murdoch

"The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments." - Michael Parenti



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