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Ganguly Quotes


"Sourav Ganguly is the new Steve Waugh of mind games." - Ian Healy

"Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Good But Sourav Ganguly Best Captain" - Yuvraj Singh

"On the onside, first there is God, then Sourav Ganguly." - Rahul Dravid

"Whatever be the complex situations, the Indian team under Ganguly has moved to great heights. The fact of the matter is that Ganguly is determined to stay focused." - Brett Lee

"I used to crack A joke when Sourav Ganguly is upset and make him happy , i usually speak in bengali which would make him laugh" - Sachin Tendulkar

"Ganguly is a very good leader. His return to the field brings a spring in the steps of the Indians. He is a great player." - Ricky Ponting

"Sourav Ganguly has been an excellent captain, his record speaks for himself. I found him to be a tough competitor and every Indian should feel proud of Sourav." - Nasser Hussain

"He's very competitive and knows what he wants. He has developed toughness in character and that is what is needed for Indian cricket. Ganguly has proved to be one of the best captains. He has now acquired great leadership qualities." - Steve Waugh

"The Indian team does not need any best wishes - they are going to win anyway. I have been close to Sourav Ganguly, and I hope he does well in the World Cup." - Amitabh Bachchan

"He's the type of bloke you would want to have on your side. When you see an Indian side with Ganguly in the line-up, you know it's game on. You don't have to like or dislike him. You have to respect him." - Steve Waugh