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Ganging Up Quotes


"Employers ganging up against workers is like raising an army of elephants against ants." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Even the Russians are fighting us. They've brought in Jewish pilots, nurses, and doctors. Everybody's ganging up on us. We didn't think it would happen this way." - Josef Mengele

"Democracy without respect for individual rights sucks. It's just ganging up against the weird kid, and I'm always the weird kid." - Penn Jillette

"[N]o one's ever been able to show me any difference between democracy and brute force. It's just a majority ganging up on a minority with the minority giving in to avoid getting massacred." - L Neil Smith

"Will pointed a finger accusingly in their direction. "You're ganging up on me. Is this how it's going to be from now on? I'll be the odd man out? Dear God, I'll have to befriend Jessamine." "Jessamine can't stand you," Jem pointed out. "Henry, then." "Henry will set you on fire." - Cassandra Clare

"The fact that the majority wants something good does not give them the right to use force on the minority that don't want to pay for it. If you have to use a gun, it's not really a very good idea. Democracy without respect for individual rights sucks. It's just ganging up on the weird kid, and I'm always the weird kid." - Penn Jillette

"You know what i can't understand? You have all these people telling you all the time how great you are, smart and funny and talented and all that, i mean endlessly, i've been telling you for years. So why don't you believe it? why do you think people say that stuff, Em? Do you think it's a conspiracy, people secretly ganging up to be nice about you?" - David Nicholls

"Get up, dress up, and show up." - Alexa Von Tobel

"Look up, get up and don't ever give up." - Michael Irvin

"Never give up. Never give up. Never give up." - Winston Churchill

"Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Never give up the fight." - Bob Marley

"Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight." - Bob Marley

"Never give up...never ever give up." - Jim Valvano

"Get up, you useless lump, get up!" - J K Rowling

"I don't break up, I trade up" - Emily Giffin

"If you mess up, 'fess up.'" - Anonymous

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." - Jim Valvano

"Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too." - Isabel Allende

"Don't give - give up!" - Ian Gardner

"Oh, shut up Weatherby." - J K Rowling

"Enlightenment is lightening up." - Mike Myers

"I used to shoot up and throw up, now I suit up and show up." - David F. Noble

"Truth burns up error." - Sojourner Truth

"Despair swallows up cowardice." - William Hazlitt

"Clean up. Clean up, everybody, everywhere. Clean up. Clean up, everybody do your share." - Kelly Rowland

"Picked up his crumbs." - Arthur Murphy

"God, beam me up!" - Ozzy Osbourne

"What's up, Doc?" - Tex Avery

"Feeling down? Saddle up." - Anonymous

"Everything's Coming Up Roses." - Stephen Sondheim

"Tangled up in blue..." - Bob Dylan

"Light up the darkness" - Bob Marley

"Whats up, Seaweed Brain?" - Rick Riordan

"Shut up,' he explained." - Ring Lardner

"Tonstant Weader fwowed up." - Dorothy Parker

"Television speeded everything up." - Ruth Handler

"I grew up poor." - Jessica Chastain

"I never grew up." - Tracey Emin

"I'm no pin-up." - James Nesbitt

"Everybody grows up." - Bijou Phillips

"Stand-up is hard." - Jerry Seinfeld

"I hated stand-up." - Debra Wilson

"Pair up in threes." - Yogi Berra

"Ever up and onward." - Billy Strayhorn

"I love dressing up." - Bat For Lashes

"Life's picking up speed." - Jeff Bridges

"Never give up." - Mike Moreno

"I'm totally growing up." - Kim Kardashian

"Up up up up up up points the spire of the steeple but god's work isn't done by god it's done by people" - Ani Difranco

"Keep up and you will be kept up." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"It's better to show up than to give up." - Bernie Sanders

"his get up and go had gone up and went" - Robin Parrish

"WANT shows up in conversation - EXPECTATION shows up in behavior." - Les Brown

"Giving up witchcraft is, in effect, giving up the Bible." - John Wesley

"Never give up; just absolutely never give up." - Shane Warne

"People hook up. People don't hook up. I don't judge." - Lamorne Morris

"Screw up your courage, you screwed up everything else." - Donald Smith

"You give up your dream, you give up." - Billy Crystal

"When the stocks go up, the cocks go up!" - Xaviera Hollander

"Give up trying to make me give up" - Masashi Kishimoto

"Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at 'hello'." - Renee Zellweger

"If you can look up, you can get up." - Eric Thomas

"Don't show up to prove. Show up to improve." - Simon Sinek

"By lifting each other up we lift ourselves up" - Lauren Fleshman

"You don't pick up cues, you pick up impulses." - Sanford Meisner

"Get up sucker and fight. Get up and fight" - Muhammad Ali

"You only have one life. Whatever crops up, crops up." - Jack Steinberger

"Take up and read, take up and read." - Saint Augustine

"Up rose the sonne, and up rose Emelie." - Geoffrey Chaucer

"Some stories, you use up. Others use you up." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Growing up,I came up with this name: I'ma Cablinasian." - Tiger Woods

"Loosen up, and everybody around you will loosen up." - Sam Walton

"I like getting up early. I get up around five." - Marilu Henner

"I clean up really well. I can get dolled up." - Queen Latifah

"Break up the printing presses and you break up rebellion." - Dudley Nichols

"Never quit. Never give up." - Gabby Douglas

"Wake up - time to die." - Brion James

"Hope lights up our darkness." - Celia Fremlin

"Abracadabra, I'm up like Viagra." - Lil Wayne

"Hell is life drying up." - Joseph Campbell

"I gave up before birth." - Samuel Beckett

"Never give up on anybody." - Hubert Humphrey

"Social media really grew up." - Kevin Rose

"Palestinians caged up like animals." - Chuck Hagel

"Hurry up, please, its time." - T S Eliot

"Reading musses up my mind." - Henry Ford

"People grow up by living." - Alice Sebold

"The close-up says everything." - Marlon Brando

"Shut up and say something." - Moe Howard

"You could look it up." - Casey Stengel

"You can't slice up morals." - John Steinbeck

"All right cupcakes listen up!" - Rick Riordan

"Here's to Never Growing up" - Avril Lavigne

"Gotta get up and try." - Pink

"You're messing up my highlights." - Shaquille O'Neal

"I shook up the world." - Muhammad Ali

"Look not down but up!" - Robert Browning

"Don't give up the ship!" - James Lawrence

"Never give up the ganja." - Morgan Freeman

"Tears mess up your makeup." - Julia Child

"No matter how bad you may feel, get up, show up, dress up, and never, ever give up." - Tim Love

"Truth is error burned up." - Norman O Brown

"Hurry up and learn patience." - Wes Smith

"But listen up Alex Rider....." - Ridley Pearson

"Step up or step aside." - Christopher Titus

"I grew up amongst biologists." - Margaret Atwood

"Start from the bottom up." - Peter Buffett

"Bless up. Don't play yourself." - DJ Khaled

"Avoid being a 'groan' up." - James Simpson

"Jesus! My brother! Heave-up!" - Halldór Laxness

"Apologize when you screw up." - Randy Pausch

"Beam me up, Mr. Speaker." - James Traficant

"He girded up his loins." - Bible

"Keep Your Sunny Side Up." - Lew Brown

"Straighten Up and Fly Right." - Nat King Cole

"Somebody Up There Likes Me." - Rocky Graziano (Rocco Barbella)

"Don't give up the ship." - Oliver Hazard Perry

"Growing up with the runs." - Bill Allred

"What goes up can continue." - Vanna Bonta

"Very few people grow up" - Maya Angelou

"Further up and further in!" - C S Lewis

"My cholera's acting up again." - Libba Bray

"Someone up there likes me." - Neil Kinnock

"I hate putting up taxes." - James Callaghan

"Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill

"Tragedy makes you grow up." - Jane Campion

"I love getting dressed up." - Rebecca Ferguson

"Never give up on anybody." - Hubert H Humphrey

"Don't give up your dreams." - Sharmeen Obaidchinoy

"Humor helps people open up." - Roger Von Oech

"I stand up to people." - Keith Olbermann

"Always dream. Never give up!" - Tony Oller

"Friendship isn't always sunnyside up." - Jerry Spinelli

"When in doubt, shut up." - Caroline B Cooney

"I grew up in Mumbai." - Fareed Zakaria

"Algeria is not breaking up." - Ahmed Ben Bella

"I didn't grow up beautiful." - Jennifer Flavin

"I came up in gospel." - Aretha Franklin

"Clean up your own mess." - Robert Fulghum

"I grew up watching Westerns." - Anthony Hemingway

"Normally, I never dress up." - Roberto Cavalli

"Oh, I love stand-up." - Louis C K

"Work ends up dehumanizing people." - Pope Francis

"I grew up in Brooklyn." - Johnny Kelly

"My close-up was magnificent!" - Bela Lugosi

"I grew up with Bond." - Taron Egerton

"Don't give up your dreams." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"Never, ever, ever give up." - Charles M Schulz

"Don't give up your power." - Billy Crystal

"I grew up in Minnesota." - Sean William Scott



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