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Game Of Thrones Quotes


"The only game. The game of thrones." - George R R Martin

"Cersei in Game of Thrones is quite solid and stiff." - Lena Headey

"Game of Thrones' is an amazing show, and I have no problem speaking of the virtues of HBO." - Peter Dinklage

"I was really attracted to doing Game of Thrones because I thought the character of Meera was absolutely amazing." - Ellie Kendrick

"It is being common-born that is dangerous, when the great lords play their game of thrones." - George R R Martin

"I watch 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Walking Dead' and think, 'I want to create that kind of television!" - Michael Easton

"Most people were startled to find out there were books that preceded Game Of Thrones. I'm a case of working forty years to be an overnight success." - George R R Martin

"I want to be there when you get Cubbin. And I don't want to be left out of the television show either. Little people are sexy now. Have you seen Game of Thrones? We're hot." - Janet Evanovich

"I want to be there when you get Cubbin. And I don't want to be left out of the television show either. Little people are sexy now. Have you seen Game of Thrones? We're hot." - Janet Evanovich

"I want to be there when you get Cubbin. And I do' want to be left out of the television show either. Little people are sexy now. Have you seen Game of Thrones? We"re hot." - Janet Evanovich

"One of the many things I love about Daenerys from Game of Thrones is she's given me an opportunity to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody's wife and somebody's girlfriend." - Emilia Clarke

"Game of Thrones' is a fantasy show not dedicated to any specific time, but it seems to exist in sort of a 1400s medieval fantasy world, and in that setting, I wouldn't have had a six-pack." - Gwendoline Christie

"The common people pray for rain, healthy children and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace." - George R R Martin

"I love 'Game of Thrones." - Robin Thicke

"I love 'Game of Thrones.'" - Robin Thicke

"Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game." "What . . . what game?" "The only game. The game of thrones." -(Littlefinger)" - George R R Martin

"The fascinating thing about Game of Thrones is that none of the badasses are just badasses, and none of the wimps are just wimps. A coward will surprise you with courage, and a very powerful person will blindside you with weakness, and the most evil person is capable of the most compassionate moment." - Pedro Pascal

"I certainly relate to Ygritte in the fact that she is so strong and also ruthless as well and I feel that especially within Game of Thrones, I think that as a show, it is one of the frontrunners for showing dominant female characters and making sure that men answer to women rather than the other way around." - Rose Leslie

"Game of Thrones is great. Love it." - Jesse Metcalfe

"'Game of Thrones' is great. Love it." - Jesse Metcalfe

"'Game of Thrones' focuses on what's real." - Maisie Williams

"We sell the thrones of angels for a short and turbulent pleasure." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Time shakes the stable tyranny of thrones, And tottering empires rush by their own weight." - John Armstrong

"While in the progress of their long decay, Thrones sink to dust, and nations pass away." - Frederick Howard, 5th Earl Of Carlisle

"Hear all ye angels, progeny of light, Thrones, dominations, princedoms, virtues, powers." - John Milton

"I think television is moving more into movies, particularly with serialization and almost cinematic proportions and expectations. A show like Game of Thrones is a perfect example of that. It isn`t all about instant gratification it's about inviting someone into the long experience of television the way you'd be invited into a theater for two hours. So I think in that way, and the quality of writing in television is probably much better than most film writing." - Bryan Singer

"There are nine orders of angels, to wit, angels, archangels, virtues, powers, principalities, dominations, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim" - Billy Graham

"There are nine orders of angels, to wit, angels, archangels, virtues, powers, principalities, dominations, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim." - Pope Gregory I

"A filbert-hedge with wild-briar overtwined, And clumps of woodbine taking the soft wind Upon their summer thrones." - John Keats

"Jen Lawrence is quite a fan of 'Game of Thrones.'" - Peter Dinklage

"Game of Thrones. I'm all about it. I watch Arrow." - Steven R Mcqueen

"Game Of Thrones is arguably the hottest thing on television." - Cass Sunstein

"With 'Game of Thrones,' there are no real limitations." - Nathalie Emmanuel

"The hair department on 'Game of Thrones' is incredible." - Natalie Dormer

"Cersei in 'Game of Thrones' is quite solid and stiff." - Lena Headey

"I love 'Game of Thrones' and 'Breaking Bad.'" - Bridget Regan

"Dark pictures, thrones, the stones that pilgrims kiss Poems that take a thousand years to die But ape the immortality of this Red label on a little butterfly ." - Vladimir Nabokov

"The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Corporations, government entities and media conglomerates-fear the ideology of an animal liberationist could catch hold and topple them from their golden thrones, reducing their animal product profits." - Charlotte Laws

"Glory darts her soul-pervading ray on thrones and cottages, regardless still of all the artificial nice distinctions vain human customs make." - Hannah More

"The game of baseball is a clean, straight game." - William Howard Taft

"I'm hooked on 'Game of Thrones.' I'm a fan of the books and the show." - Michael Mcmillian

"We see a lot of gory deaths on 'Game of Thrones.'" - Esme Bianco

"Dialogue is something I don't get a lot of on 'Game of Thrones.'" - Maisie Williams

"On 'Game of Thrones,' all of my closest friends are 30 upwards, which is quite strange." - Sophie Turner

"The whole format of 'Game of Thrones' is that you just don't know what to expect." - Gwendoline Christie

"You don't want to be innocent in the world of 'Game of Thrones.'" - Sophie Turner

"I auditioned for 'Game of Thrones' seven times! Loads of times." - Sam Heughan

"'Game of Thrones' has multiple story lines, multiple countries, and it's complete fantasy." - Caitriona Balfe

"When you play a game of thrones you win or you die." - George R R Martin

"For 'Game of Thrones,' I realized immediately that it was about the characters." - Alex Graves

"'Game of Thrones' is just incredible, what they pull off every week." - Rian Johnson

"Since I've joined 'Game of Thrones,' it's been such a pleasure." - Peter Dinklage

"Game of Thrones' is just incredible, what they pull off every week." - Rian Johnson

"I spent a whole summer working on what proved to be 'A Game of Thrones'." - George R R Martin

"Turtles have always been my sigil, I suppose. When I was a kid, growing up in Bayonne, NJ, I lived in a federal housing project, and we were not allowed to have a dog or cats. The only pets I could have were turtles. So, I had an entire toy castle filled with dime-store turtles. I gave them all names, and since they were living in a toy castle, I decided they were all knights and kingsand I made up stories about how they killed each other and betrayed each other and fought for the kingdom. So, Game of Thrones, actually began with turtles. I decided later to recast it with actual human beings." - George R R Martin

"It is in the blood of genius to love play for its own sake, and whether one uses one's skill on thrones or women, swords or pens, gold or fame, the game's the thing." - Gelett Burgess

"I judge if nothin ever surprise me, Loungin, between two pillars of ivory. I'm lively, my dome piece is like buildin stones in Greece. My poems are deep, from ancient thrones I speak." - Killah Priest

"When God created Man, he gave him Music as a language different from all other languages. And early man sang his glory in the wilderness; and drew the hearts of kings and moved them from their thrones." - Khalil Gibran

"'Game of Thrones' is an amazing show, and I have no problem speaking of the virtues of HBO." - Peter Dinklage

"Results, are the name of the game..." - Jim Rohn

"Excellence is the name of the game..." - Judith Jamison

"Football is a game of tomorrows." - Geoff Hurst

"Politics is a game of friends." - Jean Chretien

"I'm passionate about the game of football." - Ladainian Tomlinson

"I'm a bit of a 'Throny,' as I think the 'Game of Thrones' fans refer to themselves." - Nathalie Emmanuel

"I was really attracted to doing 'Game of Thrones' because I thought the character of Meera was absolutely amazing." - Ellie Kendrick

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground." - George R R Martin

"Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?" - George R R Martin

"I'm obsessed with 'Game of Thrones.' I love comedies - I really like '30 Rock' and 'Modern Family.'" - Kunal Nayyar

"I like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones.' I like that era. I like that fantasy world." - Navid Negahban

"After my last audition for 'Game of Thrones,' they said, 'Congratulations, princess.' I was like, 'Bye-bye, call centre.'" - Emilia Clarke

"Sleep is my best friend when we're shooting 'Game of Thrones' because there are very long days and intense scenes." - Maisie Williams

"My whole adolescence has been on 'Game of Thrones;' I don't know what I'm going to do without it." - Sophie Turner

"'Game of Thrones' fans are the nicest people ever, but a thousand nice people coming at me gives me claustrophobia." - Peter Dinklage

"Never in a million years did I think 'Game of Thrones' was going to take off like it did." - Emilia Clarke

"I'm obsessed with 'Game of Thrones.' I love comedies - I really like '30 Rock' and 'Modern Family." - Kunal Nayyar

"I have to say that after some initial resistance, I'm now a complete 'Game of Thrones' addict." - Salman Rushdie

"It's never black and white on 'Game of Thrones.' If you think it's black and white, you're watching it wrong." - Maisie Williams

"I would rather get out of the game than stay in the game to change the game." - Danielle LaPorte

"Instead of playing the game "Making Life Wonderful", we often play the game called "Who's Right". Do you know that game? It's a game where everybody loses." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"I have a plan of action, but the game is a game of adjustments." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Chess isn't a game of speed, it is a game of speech through actions" - Matt Selman

"The game of keeping what one has is never so exciting as the game of getting." - Zora Neale Hurston

"Golf is just a game - and an idiotic game most of the time." - Mark Calcavecchia

"When you watch the game, be a student of the game." - Don Meyer

"The game we are playing her is closest to the old game of 'Christians and lions.'" - Robert Crandall

"With pro-gaming that's one of the toughest parts - living game to game." - Jeremy Lin

"For a game it is too serious, for seriousness too much of a game." - Moses Mendelssohn

"You know why the game of golf is popular? Very easy, it's a great game." - Bernhard Langer

"Written in support of abolishing the Corn Laws, it became Elliott's most famous poem. The Peoples Anthem When wilt thou save the people Oh, God of mercy! When? Not kings and lords, but nations! Not thrones and crowns, but men! Flowers of thy heart, of God they are. Let them not pass like weeds, away Their heritage a sunless day! God save the people! When wilt thou save the people? Oh, God of mercy! When? The people Lord the people! Not thrones and crowns, but men! God save the people! Thine they are, Thy children, as thy angels fair, Save them from bondage and despair. God save the people!" - Ebenezer Elliott

"It appeared to the Elders that the people here would believe anything about themselves, no matter how preposterous, as long as it was flattering. To make sure of this, they performed an experiment. They put the idea into Earthlings' heads that the whole Universe had been created by one big animal who looked just like them. He sat on a throne with a lot of less fancy thrones all around him. When people died they got to sit on those other thrones forever because they were such close relatives of the Creator. The people down here just ate that up!" - Kurt Vonnegut

"I watch 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Walking Dead' and think, 'I want to create that kind of television!'" - Michael Easton

"I think the beauty of the writing of 'Game of Thrones' is not that the characters are fearless; it's how they overcome their fear, you know?" - Natalie Dormer

"In the game of thrones, even the humblest pieces can have wills of their own. Sometimes they refuse to make the moves you've planned for them." - George R R Martin

"In terms of my career and stuff, Game of Thrones has just been such a blessing because people really love the show." - Nathalie Emmanuel

"I was a huge fan of 'Game Of Thrones.' I hadn't read the books but had watched the series from the beginning." - Nathalie Emmanuel

"I've been watching 'Game of Thrones,' and I can't wait for 'Bored to Death' to come back, it's one of my faves." - Michelle Forbes

"'Game of Thrones' is shot on a very similar kind of schedule to a TV show, but there's a lot more time and focus put into the script." - Alex Graves

"There's always the pressure on the director of how to transition from one scene to another, especially when it can really be oblique on 'Game of Thrones.'" - Alex Graves

"When I was fifteen, I got a Tiffany's necklace from the producers of 'Game of Thrones' with my character's name Sansa engraved on it." - Sophie Turner

"Why is 'Game of Thrones' the most pirated show in the history of TV? Because people can't get it fast enough, that's why." - Kevin Spacey

"The chambers of the East are opened in every land, and the sun come forth to sow the earth with orient pearl. Night, the ancient mother, follows him with her diadem of stars. Bright creatures! how they gleam like spirits through the shadows of innumerable eyes from their thrones in the boundless depths of heaven." - Thomas Carlyle

"The Union army demonstrated the stability of representative government. In the estimation of Europe the American Republic was an experiment. Would it go to pieces by the earthquake shock of civil war? Jealous kings said Yes, but when the red lips of Grant's cannon thundered No! thrones trembled." - Charles E. Allison

"If it's possible, I binge. There are other shows, like 'The Americans' and 'Game of Thrones,' I watch and have to wait a week." - Aziz Ansari

"I really love him [Jack Gleeson as Joffrey in Game of Thrones] - I love watching that character. It's quite phenomenal how people love to hate that character." - Taika Waititi

"If I was on Game of Thrones, I think the nudity and sex questions would probably get irritating, but this is a show about sex." - Lizzy Caplan

"Google is the enemy. I would tell that to anyone who enjoys any TV show like 'Game of Thrones' to avoid it; it spoils so many storylines." - Richard Madden

"Typically in 'Game of Thrones,' people who are honest and just and do things for the right reasons tend not to survive." - Richard Madden

"Casting young people is always so difficult, and they got it so right in 'Game of Thrones.' All the young actors are amazingly talented and so professional." - Joe Dempsie

"When you're in something like 'Game of Thrones' and get the chance to play a part like Bronn, with that cast and with Peter Dinklage, it's wonderful." - Jerome Flynn

"I honestly love nothing better than digging into a really good serialized show, whether it's 'Breaking Bad' or 'Game of Thrones' or 'Justified.'" - David S Goyer

"It's funny because 'West Wing' is similar to 'Game of Thrones' in some ways, as it was very hard to pull off back then." - Alex Graves

"I think 'Game Of Thrones' is incredibly true to the books. I think the fans will, hopefully, be very pleased with how true to the books we are." - Emilia Clarke

"I'm open to anything, dude. I'm open to anything. That's what I would ask the aliens. I'd be like, "Do you watch 'Game of Thrones?'"" - Charlize Theron

"There are no black and white, good or bad characters in 'Game Of Thrones,' but Joffrey was an exception. Just pure evil." - Sophie Turner

"The only thing that being killed off on 'Graceland' helped me with on 'Game of Thrones' is that it made me available to actually do the job." - Pedro Pascal

"Salvation does not lie where strong thrones are defended by swords, where the smoke of censers ascend to heaven or where thousands of strong men pace the rich fields of harvest. The revolution which is about to break will be sterile if it is not complete." - Adam Weishaupt

"Love the game of baseball and baseball will love you." - Babe Ruth

"Stay in the game until the end of time." - Tupac Shakur

"In golf, humiliations are the essence of the game." - Alistair Cooke

"The ball is an essential part of the game." - Johan Cruijff

"Golf is a game of precision, not strength." - Jack Nicklaus

"This wild swan of a world is no hunter's game." - Robinson Jeffers

"Life seemed even more of a guessing game than usual." - Julian Barnes

"We were outplayed in every facet of the game" - Michael Clarke

"Matrimony is the only game of chance the clergy favor." - Emily Murphy

"Decorating is like math, a game of adding and subtracting." - Charlotte Moss

"There is this concept of politics as a dirty game." - Georgios A. Papandreou

"Daikatana will be the greatest game of all time" - John Romero

"Feelings can't be a part of this game." - Simone Elkeles

"Baseball teaches that errors are part of the game." - Ernest Kurtz

"Ninety percent of this game is half mental." - Yogi Berra

"Is the circle of fifths a drinking game?" - Mike Burns

"West Ham play a speficic type of game - football." - Artur Boruc

"The Pawns are the soul of the game" - Francois-Andre Danican Philidor

"Softball isn't just a game it's away of life." - Kevin Kelly

"A game is a series of interesting choices." - Sid Meier

"Chess is and will always be a game of chance." - Jan Hein Donner

"Then Frodo came forward and took the crown from Faramir and bore it to Gandalf; and Aragorn knelt, and Gandalf set the White Crown upon his head and said: Now come the days of the King, and may they be blessed while the thrones of the Valar endure!" - J R R Tolkien

"The stone is strong. Bran told himself, the roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground the Kings of Winter sit their thrones. So long as those remained, Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me, he thought. I'm not dead either." - George R R Martin

"There is something on earth greater than arbitrary or despotic power. The lightning has its power, and the whirlwind has its power, and the earthquake has its power; but there is something among men more capable of shaking despotic thrones than lightning, whirlwind, or earthquake, and that is, the excited and aroused indignation of the whole civilized world." - Daniel Webster

"A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play." - James P. Carse

"The game of life is the game of everlasting learning. At least it is if you want to win." - Charlie Munger

"Dipp'd in the hues of sunset, wreath'd in zones, The clouds are resting on their mountain-thrones; One peak alone exalts its glacier crest, A golden paradise, above the rest; Thither the day with lingering steps retires, And in its own blue element expires." - James Montgomery

"Leaving the game plan is a sign of panic, and panic is not in our game plan." - Chuck Noll

"Playing the game is a form of winning the game. In those competitions, we win by being resilient." - Seth Godin

"Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"The game itself is an autonomous game, but everybody is a part of it. No contribution is too small." - Joe Torre

"A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad until the end of time" - Shigeru Miyamoto



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