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Galleries Quotes


"I love to be in front of big galleries" - Natalie

"I love going to galleries, particularly the National Portrait Gallery." - Mark Gatiss

"I love to be in front of big galleries." - Natalie Gulbis

"There aren't that many galleries in Havana. There are a few state galleries and an ever-increasing but still limited number of independent galleries; there's no comparison with the number in New York." - Rachael Price

"I always have a very good relationship with galleries, a lot of galleries and artists, so I don't want any conflict situations." - Patrick Seguin

"Galleries are nice to me. I sign a lot of autographs." - Vijay Singh

"Now there is a big turnover in the galleries. The top galleries are getting better all the time. A lot of galleries just struggle along, then a new one comes along. There are certainly a great number of galleries. I think this argues well for the art but there are, of course, a lot of "phonies" in all the arts." - Ansel Adams

"I've always liked the fact that galleries are free to visit in New York." - Joe Bradley

"Predators and prey always coexist. That's why we have galleries as well as photographers." - Bill Jay

"I realise the power of art that does not hang on the walls of galleries." - Marina Abramovic

"The art world is molting - some would say melting. Galleries are closing; museums are scaling back." - Jerry Saltz

"The art galleries of Paris contain the finest collection of frames I ever saw." - Humphry Davy

"Edinburgh is my favourite city. We'll be doing a lot of children's theatre and galleries." - Carol Ann Duffy

"Cincinnatians support a symphony, an opera, a ballet, museums, many galleries and theater groups." - Bill Dedman

"Galleries are easier to steal from than the Apple Store, maybe." - Barry Mcgee

"Culture, like the kingdom of heaven, lies within us, and not in foreign galleries and books." - Randolph Bourne

"The universe is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries." - Jorge Luis Borges

"Galleries, and they're all the same, and rightly so, they sell work." - Kim Weston

"It's a mystery to me the way that contemporary art galleries function." - Steve Martin

"I'm fortunate in one respect; that I don't have a lot of work in my studio. Most of it's out, gone; either sold or in galleries. I work with a lot of galleries." - Robert Barry

"I never really took a proper art class in college. I just started reading art magazines and going to galleries." - Larry Gagosian

"There's always tons of crap music people are trying to sell us - [it's] the same way with publishers and galleries." - Scott McClanahan

"My real father was a portrait painter. I went to a lot of auctions as a kid and galleries." - Cary Elwes

"The biggest weakness with my game is that I have fun with the galleries. I just love a gallery." - Babe Didrikson Zaharias

"And several galleries - two had asked me and I said no, because I didn't want to leave things on consignment." - Beatrice Wood

"When I'm traveling the world, I don't ever look anymore at the geography - just enough to catch galleries and paintings." - Alber Elbaz

"There are so many great galleries and museums in London, but they can be very crowded during the day." - Zaha Hadid

"When the 14th Amendment, equal protection clause was enacted, the galleries in the Senate were segregated. Now we have integration." - Arlen Specter

"I grew up in a town where there were no galleries, no museums, no theaters - a very religious, ultraconservative community." - Robert Wilson

"I love the art world, I love art galleries, I love what it means - I love art." - Nas

"Sometime when I was in my mid-twenties I noticed, "Hey, even I don't go into too many art galleries. Why? Because I don't like the vibe in them. If even I'm not going into galleries, then who goes into art galleries in the first place?" It's just a certain, very narrow percentage of the population." - Eric Drooker

"And you can't help but worry for them, love them, want for them - those who go on down the close, foetid galleries of time and space without you." - Tim Winton

"Sometimes commercial galleries ask for particular work to sell, but I try not to be bossed around by them. I didn't become an artist to get bossed around." - David Shrigley

"Gather knowledge... Visit galleries, museums, art and craft fairs... Read books and magazines. Take workshops. Use your senses. Experience stimulates your memory and imagination." - Nita Leland

"Art shouldn't be locked away in galleries and libraries and books. Art should be for everybody and not just art buffs, historians and so-called experts." - Julian Beever

"I feel like Havana has always been such an amazing, cosmopolitan city that it makes sense that a lot of galleries will want to be present." - Rachael Price

"I love wandering. It's liberating to throw away the map and explore uncharted galleries. You'll nearly always stumble into something immensely interesting that way." - Steve Cosson

"I came late to galleries. A lot of people my age started their careers younger, so I was spared seeing that side for a long time." - Wade Guyton

"Everyone knows French artist Claude Monet's "Water Lilies," which he painted in his garden. You find the images everywhere from galleries to dorm rooms and dentists' lounges." - Ari Shapiro

"We live in a world of crisis, of challenge, and ... it's in our galleries that we can unpack the civilizations that we're seeing the current manifestations of." - Thomas P Campbell

"Galleries are becoming overwhelmed with psychedelic music/art. I like it; it's a good direction, a new blurring of the lines between what you do." - Brian Chippendale

"We live in a world of crisis, of challenge, and... it's in our galleries that we can unpack the civilizations that we're seeing the current manifestations of." - Thomas P Campbell

"I never really took a proper art class in college. I just started reading art magazines and going to galleries. I was really drawn to it." - Larry Gagosian

"I'm saving up to buy art. Nothing famous, but every time I'm in a new city I wander into galleries and dream about buying great pieces one day." - Nicola Formichetti

"There are 65 to 70 photography galleries in New York alone. In the U.K., there are no more than five, and they're all in London." - Martin Parr

"Galleries needn't be exactly like White Columns purely because times are bad again. But the idea of this special space could - should - help shape what comes next." - Jerry Saltz

"I've always liked artists like Chris Burden, who would take performances, put them in galleries, and then do things that were on the edge." - David Blaine

"The media, the galleries, the collectors - it's all very chaotic actually. The artworld doesn't have this defined corporate structure that people imagine." - Jeff Koons

"Read the folklore masters. Go to galleries. Walk in the woods. That's what you need to be an artist or storyteller." - Terri Windling

"Im saving up to buy art. Nothing famous, but every time Im in a new city I wander into galleries and dream about buying great pieces one day." - Nicola Formichetti

"I look at art all the time. I go to the museums and galleries every week. That really is like food for me." - Tina Barney

"Two main groups like to drop the readymade bomb-galleries and art historians. Galleries love to drop the Duchamp brand because dealers can try to convince clients of an artist's worth just by mentioning the mouthwatering response readymade. Most Art Historians aren't interested in what artists are making in Bushwick studios, most of whom rarely wake up with Duchamp on the brain." - Paddy Johnson

"Two main groups like to drop the readymade bomb-galleries and art historians. Galleries love to drop the Duchamp brand because dealers can try to convince clients of an artist's worth just by mentioning the mouthwatering response readymade. Most Art Historians are' interested in what artists are making in Bushwick studios, most of whom rarely wake up with Duchamp on the brain." - Paddy Johnson

"Anyone who relishes art should love the extraordinary diversity and psychic magic of our art galleries. There's likely more combined square footage for the showing of art on one New York block - West 24th Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues - than in all of Amsterdam's or Hamburg's galleries." - Jerry Saltz

"Can space break? I mean the space of art galleries. Over the past 100 years, art galleries have gone from looking like Beaux Arts salons to simple storefronts to industrial lofts to the gleaming giant white cubes of Chelsea with their shiny concrete floors." - Jerry Saltz

"If only we could persuade galleries to observe a fallow period in which, for two months every other year, new and old works of art could be sold in back rooms and all main galleries would be devoted to revisiting shows gone by." - Jerry Saltz

"Appreciation of works of art requires organized effort and systematic study. Art appreciation can no more be absorbed by aimless wandering in galleries than can surgery be learned by casual visits to a hospital." - Albert C. Barnes

"The mind left to itself creates monstrosities, and not only in art galleries. Look at our urban landscapes and industrial wastelands. No civilization has ever produced so much ugliness." - Eckhart Tolle

"There's no question that the galleries still like to see birdies and eagles. If you take them all away, it takes some of the dramatics, the excitement of a golf tournament and we [people] don't want to do that." - Arnold Palmer

"In art school, I started to see Pettibon in magazines, and I figured it out backward. I was into the idea that someone could show work in galleries while making album covers and photocopied books." - Michael Dumontier

"Fond man! though all the heroes of your line Bedeck your halls, and round your galleries shine In proud display; yet take this truth from me - Virtue alone is true nobility!" - Humphrey Gifford

"One of the the things she most liked about the city -apart from all its obvious attractions, the theatre, the galleries, the exhilarating walks by the river- was that so few people ever asked you personal questions." - Julia Gregson

"Above all, artists must not be only in art galleries or museums - they must be present in all possible activities. The artist must be the sponsor of thought in whatever endeavor people take on, at every level." - Michelangelo Pistoletto

"As far as my opinion on galleries, I think they are a great thing .I see them as another outlet. I'm sure by now you've figured out that I do my work for everybody to see. That's the whole point." - KAWS

"Just as composers go to concerts and artists visit galleries, writers read. You will learn, in the most enjoyable way, more about style and language from reading good literature than you will ever acquire from workshops and how-to books." - Judith Barrington

"Exposure to the reproductions [of Corbis-owned fine art photographs] is likely to increase rather than diminish reverence for the real art and encourage more people to get out to museums and galleries." - Bill Gates

"Use between three and five photos in your gallery. Galleries with more photos are more competitive, but after five they seem to pass a point of saturation and diminishing return." - Amy Webb

"The current climate doesn't represent a threat to the production of art but to the market. I think it's time for artists to get over auction houses, galleries, and high-production-value exhibitions and start using our voices again." - Maurizio Cattelan

"I have little art piece, a kind of short film thing I filmed with my friend. It's going to be 20 minutes, and we're going to submit it into festivals but also going to art galleries." - Ellery Sprayberry

"I love looking at vintage for inspiration; go see movies, art galleries, watch people on the street, you have to really keep your eyes open and see how you can reinterpret the old and make it modern and relevant again." - Charlotte Ronson

"I spent a lot of time standing on street corners [of New York City] talking to local residents. I spent time in bookstores and galleries. But most of the time, I really did not have much to do." - Ai Weiwei

"The galleries are simply corporations in the art world - "Here's a million dollars for this latest piece of crap" - but I'm not about to go along with the gallery system." - Betty Dodson

"After thirty years of looking at new work in galleries and even newer work in studios, I am very familiar with the experience of being completely at a loss when confronting a new idea or image." - Nicholas Serota

"In the Soviet Union, he knew, great art hangs in public galleries. No scholars, no men and women waiting to mend their souls before a Raphael or a Matisse need wait, cap in hand at the mansion door." - George Steiner

"In a national capital Mirabeau and his set Attacked mystery ; the packed galleries roared And history marched to the drums of a clear idea, The aim of the Rational City, quick to admire, Quick to tire." - W H Auden

"The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings." - Jorge Luis Borges

"When Sir Humphry Davy returned from a visit to Paris he was asked how the picture galleries had impressed him. The finest collection of frames I ever saw, he said." - Humphry Davy

"If we imagine that the only right that we have is to make commodifiable objects, then we limit our practice, and we limit the great potential for an understanding between collectors, curators and galleries." - Theaster Gates

"Of course I believe imaginative architecture can make a difference to people's lives, but I wish it was possible to divert some of the effort we put into ambitious museums and galleries into the basic architectural building blocks of society." - Zaha Hadid

"Whereas there's a wealth of galleries in Australia, everyone's got a gallery in Australia or wants your work. Because the art scene is smaller in Indonesia, there's not so much competition." - Andrew Jack

"First of all, I only get 50 percent of it, because, I mean, the galleries get 50 and 60 percent. I mean, that's normal. I understand that. I don't quarrel with that." - Anthony Quinn

"I came to Berlin not to visit its museums and galleries, its operas, its theaters... but for the sake of seeing and speaking with the world's greatest living man - Alexander von Humboldt." - Bayard Taylor

"Milan, for me, is a city of discovery. You can find some amazing gardens behind some great houses; I also love finding beautiful galleries and incredible shops, but you have to explore. And the food is amazing." - Francisco Costa

"I like going to New York. I like the galleries and the theatre and the restaurants and bars and music. I think that city is more alive than Los Angeles." - Sara Gilbert

"When I get some down time on the weekends, I love gallery hopping with friends, in particular checking out Gagosian Galleries - between the three in N.Y.C., there's always a great show on or something cool to see." - Jessica Hart

"I see artists bored by light-without-heat, irked at gigantic galleries' pushing out art-as-product, leaving behind the over determined for the undetermined, guided by interior voices and bringing us out of a long tunnel to new blueness." - Jerry Saltz

"Galleries began growing in both number and size in the late seventies, when artists who worked in lofts wanted to exhibit their work in spaces similar to the ones the art was made in." - Jerry Saltz

"The last time money left the art world, intrepid types maxed out their credit cards and opened galleries, and a few of them have become the best in the world." - Jerry Saltz

"I love Tate Modern; there's such great style and shopping here. I love the galleries and the pubs out on the street, just having your pint as the sun is setting." - Drew Barrymore

"Just as the development of earth art and installation art stemmed from the idea of taking art out of the galleries, the basis of my involvement with public art is a continuation of wall drawings." - Sol Lewitt

"People of my generation who became photographers in the late fifties, early sixties, there were no rewards in photography. There were no museum shows. Maybe MOMA would show something, or Chicago. There were no galleries. Nobody bought photographs." - Duane Michals

"Fond man! though all the heroes of your line Bedeck your halls, and round your galleries shine In proud display; yet take this truth from me- Virtue alone is true nobility!" - Juvenal

"Great Art is Great because it inspired you greatly. If it didn't, no matter what the critics, the museums and the galleries say, it's not great art for you." - Yoko Ono

"The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering galleries, they are clearly heard at the end, and by posterity." - Jean Paul

"I'm a contemporary artist and I show in art galleries and museums. I show a number of photographs and films, but I also make television programs, books and some appetizing, all with the same concept." - Alison Jackson

"I think the art world... is a very small pond, and it's a very inbred pond. They rely on information from an elect elite sect of galleries, primarily in New York." - Thomas Kinkade

"I cycled when I was at high school, then reconnected with bikes in New York in the late '70s. It was a good way of getting around the clubs and galleries of the Lower East Side and Soho." - David Byrne

"Some government expenditure actually makes a profit. Our theatre leads the world. Loads of tourists must be attracted by the fact that you could spend a week in London doing nothing but visit superb museums and galleries, free." - Simon Hoggart

"We now live in the era of fake consensus, or phoney populism, a condition in which galleries and homes are seen to succeed best where they manage feelings of non-difference." - Andrew Ohagan

"While it may be a really trying, weird time for the art world, I see good work all the time. If you just go around to that many galleries, and if you stay open, you're going to see work with enough energy and surprise. I don't think I've ever gone to the galleries without coming home thinking, Gee, I now know something I didn't know this morning." - Jerry Saltz

"There was a kind of cultural life in New York that wasn't as solidified as it is now, it wasn't as money-driven. If you look at the size of the successful art galleries compared to the size of galleries now - there was no such thing as the Gagosian Gallery or Pace Gallery. But it was a time when magazines were a vital part of American life, and Esquire gave me a free pass to every world - I could get to the art world, the theater world, the movie world. It allowed you to roam through the cultural life of New York City." - Robert Benton

"The heart of Paris is like nothing so much as the unending interior of a house. Buildings become furniture, courtyards become carpets and arrases, the streets are like galleries, the boulevards conservatories. It is a house, one or two centuries old, rich, bourgeois, distinguished. The only way of going out, or shutting the door behind you, is to leave the centre." - John Berger

"I've always thought that there shouldn't be any limit to the things that are well designed. And I think that people who consider that art should only be kept for art galleries and doesn't have a role in public life, I think that's too narrow." - Ken Done

"In the times in which we live it is far too restricting to say that art can only be found in art galleries and not touch people's everyday lives. I want to use any means that are necessary to communicate with people what I feel about things. There are no rules. And if there are rules, then you may as well break them." - Ken Done

"When I was your age, art was a lonely thing: no galleries, no collecting, no critics, no money. We didn't have mentors. We didn't have parents. We were alone. But it was a great time, because we had nothing to lose and a vision to gain." - John Logan

"I remember going into galleries and seeing this thing called conceptual art, and I understand people's marginalization from what the art subculture is because if you haven't crashed the codes, and if you don't know what it is, you feel it's a conspiracy against your unintelligence. You feel it's fraud." - Barbara Kruger

"Galleries in the West have probably been looking for exoticism. That's the reason my paintings initially sold well, I think. And then once they started selling, people said my works were very detailed. They may have represented something Japanese to them." - Takashi Murakami

"I lived through being pooh-poohed by fine art galleries, saying, "Digital is going to destroy the meaning behind photos." The motion side, the moment all of the cameras come alive with that motion, it was like a dream come true. It enables people to economically experiment with film." - Russell James

"Art exhibitions would be less censored if they were rated, G or NC-17, like movies. People in general see galleries and museums as family-appropriate excursions. Censorship is a provided system which caters to lazy parenting, which is publicly-funded and socially accepted." - Adamo Macri

"When you fall in love with a work of art, you"d die to meet the artist. I am a student of the galleries of Pacific sunsets, full moon rises on the ocean, the clouds from an airplane, autumn forests in Raleigh, first fallen snows. And I'm dying to meet the artist." - Yasmin Mogahed

"Beauty isn't what you see on TV or in magazine ads or even necessarily in art galleries. It's a lot deeper and a lot simpler than that. It's realizing the goodness of things, it's leaving the world a little better than it was before you got here. It's appreciating the inspiration of the world around you and trying to inspire others." - Charles De Lint

"The arts inform as well as stimulate; they challenge as well as satisfy. Their location is not limited to galleries, concert halls and theatres. Their home can be found wherever humans chose to have attentive and vita intercourse with life itself." - Elliot W. Eisner

"We are all naturally seekers of wonders. We travel far to see the majesty of old ruins, the venerable forms of the hoary mountains, great waterfalls, and galleries of art. And yet the world's wonder is all around us; the wonder of setting suns, and evening stars, of the magic spring-time, the blossoming of the trees, the strange transformations of the moth.." - Albert Pike

"Smart art galleries know it's not the words on paper but the emotion in the piece that makes clients pull out the credit card or check book. The gallery's number one concern is will this stuff sell? What your bio, artist's statement or resume articulates will be of no help if you don't make art that connects with buyers." - Jack White

"I had given up ( around 1950, fh) any ambition of making a career as an artist.....I had lost all interest in the art shown in galleries and museums, and I no longer aspired to fit in that world. I loved the paintings done by children, and my only desire was to do the same for my own pleasure." - Jean Dubuffet

"An interesting thing happened in 1989, right as I was graduating: the stock market crashed and really changed the landscape of the art world in New York. It made the kind of work I was doing interesting to galleries that wouldn't have normally been interested in it" - Matthew Barney

"I was the first woman to paint cleanly, and that was the basis of my success. From a hundred pictures, mine will always stand out. And so the galleries began to hang my work in their best rooms, always in the middle, because my painting was attractive. It was precise. It was 'finished'." - Tamara de Lempicka

"When you fall in love with a work of art, you'd die to meet the artist. I am a student of the galleries of Pacific sunsets, full moon rises on the ocean, the clouds from an airplane, autumn forests in Raleigh, first fallen snows. And I'm dying to meet the artist." - Yasmin Mogahed

"I realized that I could have been in galleries much sooner. I just needed to get past the fear of rejection. I still feel nervous when I approach a new gallery, although it has become more like a job now. The first step on this long road was getting past that initial fear." - Mark Edward

"I just moved onto Queen West, after 20 years in Cabbagetown. The whole area around Trinity-Bellwoods is one of the juiciest in Toronto - all kinds of people to watch, dogs to pat, food to eat, galleries to check out. And the walk home from CBC delivers some of the most interesting window-shopping in town." - Andy Barrie

"There seems to be art and creativity everywhere, whether it was in the galleries of Jaffa or along the streets of Jerusalem ... the creativity blows my mind because you can see that people want to live their lives to the fullest." - Guillermo Diaz

"To be rich is to have a ticket of admission to the masterworks and chief men of each race. It is to have the sea, by voyaging; to visit the mountains, Niagara, the Nile, the desert, Rome, Paris, Constantinople: to see galleries, libraries, arsenals, manufactories." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I should also mention that the Neue Galerie is piping music into the galleries where "Klee and America" is hanging, a practice for which vulgar is not even close to the word. Yes, I like Schumann's Carnaval, but I'm damned if I know why anybody thinks the paintings of Paul Klee profit from being viewed with Carnaval playing in the background." - Terry Teachout

"I'm actually looking for a gallery, but the thing is some galleries just want to show the video work and some are just interested in the 2-D work. It has to be a gallery where I can do the 2-D collages, the video, and live performance, where it's not this weird conflict, where it can all move forward." - Kalup Linzy

"I remember when I first started putting things on the web and people were writing about it. I totally didn't keep up with what was going on because I wanted to present stuff in museums and galleries and have some presence on the web. I feel fortunate to have posted stuff in the beginning." - Kalup Linzy

"There are things going on in galleries recently that have shocked me. What I'm going to say is really controversial, but what I find the most provocative is the commerciality of art in general. And the fact that a lot of people have forgotten what the meaning of art is and what the intention behind it is." - Tracey Emin

"I don't go to galleries every day because it's so rare that I like what I see. There's a lot of bad art out there and a lot of it is because art has found its way into the university, where it probably shouldn't be." - Michael C. McMillen

"I think when something becomes a comfortable genre, it's against what street art stood for in the beginning - breaking out of genres and taking art out of galleries. Now street art is in the gallery, and it's all made up into a nice, packaged concept." - Mia

"I didn't visit art galleries growing up. I didn't know anything about it. But at 17 I made the decision to leave home and explore. I've been using the Internet since I was 13, so I could see there was this whole world out there." - Kesh

"Provided we can escape from the museums we carry around inside us, provided we can stop selling ourselves tickets to the galleries in our own skulls, we can begin to contemplate an art which re-creates the goal of the sorcerer: changing the structure of reality by the manipulation of living symbols ... Art tells gorgeous lies that come true." - Hakim Bey

"When it comes to locations, I'm one of those crazy authors who has to see it, touch it, taste it, before I trust myself to recreate it for my readers. Having said that, visiting a locked-down pediatric psych ward was the most intimidating research I've ever done - and I've visited maximum security prisons, shooting galleries, bone collections, etc." - Lisa Gardner

"Sometimes, you just have to clear your head and get out to see other things. It is very important to be nourished. I love to go to museums and galleries, I like to see theatre, film, dance - anything creative. It doesn't promise you inspiration, but it nourishes your creative soul, and that's good." - Marc Jacobs

"It's absolutely irrelevant what galleries and critics and people who buy your paintings think. They just don't have any possible idea of what happens to you and they're really not that interested. As a matter of fact, they hate the idea that anything really happens to you. They want you to be a genius and that's it." - Milton Resnick

"An interesting thing happened in 1989, right as I was graduating: the stock market crashed and really changed the landscape of the art world in New York. It made the kind of work I was doing interesting to galleries that wouldn't have normally been interested in it." - Matthew Barney

"Rumors sound of galleries asking artists for upsized art and more of it. I've heard of photographers asked to print larger to increase the wall power and salability of their work. Everything winds up set to maximum in order to feed the beast." - Jerry Saltz

"A saboteur in the house of art and a comedienne in the house of art theory, Lawler has spent three decades documenting the secret life of art. Functioning as a kind of one-woman CSI unit, she has photographed pictures and objects in collectors' homes, in galleries, on the walls of auction houses, and off the walls, in museum storage." - Jerry Saltz

"I don't plan out my visits rigorously, but I do have a list of about 125 New York galleries, alternative spaces, museums, and so forth that I visit regularly. That's the closest thing I have to a strategy: I go to a lot of places, many that artists don't visit." - Jerry Saltz

"I wish I could write about shows outside New York. I often feel like the last person to know anything, because I almost never get to leave town, and when I do, I tend to go for three days max. Seeing between 30 and 40 shows a week in 100 or so galleries and museums takes up nearly all my time." - Jerry Saltz

"There's something pleasing about large, well-lit spaces. I love that dealers are willing to take massive chances in order to give this much room to their artists. Most of all, I love that more galleries showing more art gives more artists a shot." - Jerry Saltz

"It's so important as a creative person to go out and look for things. Go to galleries, talk to people, read books. Yes, you can just type something into Google, but if you read and interact, you'll have a deeper understanding of the world." - Nicola Formichetti

"Some prescient American collectors, including Vicki and Kent Logan and Mera and Donald Rubell, began collecting Chinese art before 2000 with a genuine passion, but as the auction prices exploded everyone was beating a path to the galleries and artist studios in China. It became the 'China thing.'" - Arne Glimcher

"There are times when the art world seems like a religious empire. There are great cathedral galleries and pilgrimage sites where treasured art pieces are displayed like holy relics, and this can certainly be a great pleasure on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - Michael Leunig

"When I go to galleries in New York, I feel like I'm in school. I know that there's good contemporary conceptual art, but I have a really hard time caring about it. I'd rather look at images of people and things I can relate to. Then again, I didn't go to art school." - Kyp Malone

"Street artists need to get back to actually doing things on the streets instead of in the galleries where they all seem to be ending up. I hope this term 'street artist' falls from the face of the earth, in my honest opinion." - Barry Mcgee

"Earning money is not the sole objective of life or education. A community of any quality should have a whole range of skills and interests. They should paint, write, perform, visit art galleries and enjoy world-class concerts. Only then will they form a vibrant, rounded, interesting community." - Goh Chok Tong

"Entering into the spirit of this interior, you will discover the best possible atmosphere in which to show fine paintings or listen to music. It is this atmosphere that seems to me most lacking in our art galleries, museums, music halls and theaters." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"The paintings in our galleries are seen one day in bright sunshine and another day in the dim light of a rainy afternoon, yet they remain the same paintings, ever faithful, ever convincing. To a marvelous extent they carry their own light within. For their truth is not that of a perfect replica, it is the truth of art." - Ernst Gombrich

"I am all for art's finding a large audience. But the way that's happening now, with big works filling big galleries and bigger shows, is mostly stopping statements from being made. Or heard. Or talked about. Or really examined. It's watering things down." - Jerry Saltz

"Rumors sound of galleries asking artists for up-sized art and more of it... Everything winds up set to maximum in order to feed the beast. Bigness is not all bad. There's something pleasing about large, well-lit spaces. But the bigness has also led to a narrowing of sensibilities, by making it very hard for any but the glitziest works to get traction." - Jerry Saltz

"Maybe this is a utopian view of art but I do believe that art can function as a vehicle, that it isn't just a cultural pursuit, something that happens in art galleries. Unless art is linked to experience and the fear and joy of that, it becomes mere icing on the cake." - Antony Gormley



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