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Gaining Experience Quotes


"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience." - Denis Waitley

"Gaining my education from practical experience certainly benefited me. If I had gone on to be a lawyer, my life wouldn't have been anywhere near as interesting." - Lindsay Fox

"Our knowledge, experience, and wisdom can assist us in gaining more from this life, which will correctly set up our next life." - Frederick Lenz

"At its most basic, the spiritual is the experience of the connectedness that underlies reality. The depth of that experience depends on the capacity of the individual to set aside considerations of self, thereby gaining access to connection." - Arthur J. Deikman

"Gaining time is gaining everything in love, trade and war." - John Shebbeare

"Each of us can make a great difference in the lives of other people, particularly as we move along the Success Process ourselves growing in strength, gaining experience and knowledge." - Stedman Graham

"Even if we fail, we are still gaining life experience. The worst thing that could happen is that we come out smarter and more prepared for our next challenge." - Jane Powell

"There are three methods to gaining wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest." - Confucius

"In most parts of the world, starting a company that goes bust is dubbed a 'failure.' In Silicon Valley, we call this 'gaining experience.' We are willing to take the risks that are inherent for innovation." - Sebastian Thrun

"During the war years I worked on the development of radar and other radio systems for the R.A.F. and, though gaining much in engineering experience and in understanding people, rapidly forgot most of the physics I had learned." - Martin Ryle

"As between mileage and experience choose experience." - Clifton Paul Fadiman

"Real magic is not about gaining power over others: it is about gaining power over yourself." - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"Poetry can magnify experience." - May Swenson

"Life experience is priceless." - Amanda Seyfried

"Experience is retrospect knowledge." - Hosea Ballou

"Experience makes us wise." - William Hazlitt

"Experience precedes understanding." - Jean Piaget

"Experience first, then intellectualize." - Carl Orff

"Experience has taught." - Tacitus

"Suffering brings experience." - Aeschylus

"I learn from experience." - Alan Dershowitz

"Let the experience begin!" - Frank Gehry

"The object of our sojourns on earth, as apart from the gaining of experience, is but one. The loosing of ourselves from the coil of reincarnation, which, over and over again, brings us back to earth as on a coiled spring, until, having learned the last lesson of matter, leaped the last barrier, we are freed for ever from earth." - Shaw Desmond

"Many people think that by hoarding money they are gaining safety for themselves. if money is your ONLY hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a person can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. Without these qualities, money is practically useless." - Henry Ford

"Some people are afraid of change and [feel] that getting older is a bad thing, but I really love maturing and gaining wisdom, and the experience of being pregnant and having a child and seeing what a woman's body can do is amazing." - Christina Aguilera

"On the television planet, where men make up the tribe, the law of the caveman rules. So, for a woman coming from another world, without experience or cunning, to succeed gradually in gaining control over what is to be taped, what goes out over the air, what is said without censorship, is an epic feat." - Cristina Saralegui

"Man is a spiritual intelligence, who has taken flesh with the object of gaining experience in worlds below the spiritual, in order that he may be able to master and to rule them, and in later ages take his place in the creative and directing hierarchies of the universe." - Annie Besant

"I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers." - Gloria Steinem

"Intuition is when we use our experience, and the patterns we have learned, to rapidly size up situations and know how to respond without going through deliberate analysis. Intuitions depend on the patterns we have acquired. Insight is about gaining new patterns." - Gary A. Klein

"Life and work are not things apart. Work is more than gaining privileges and possessions; it is ongoing, ecstatic, LIVING experience. When we tap into living experience, we no longer feel as though we must be king. We can just be ALIVE at work! When we live in the bliss, there is no difficulty which is insurmountable. If we miss the bliss, there is no compensation which is adequate." - Laurence Boldt

"Many persons think that by hoarding money they are gaining safety for themselves. If money is your only hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. Without these qualities, money is practically useless. The security even of money depends on knowledge, experience, and ability. If productive ideas are displaced by destructive ideas, economic life suffers." - Henry Ford

"In our quest to quickly make three-dimensional objects, we can miss out on the experience of making something that helps give us our first understandings of form and material, of the way a material behaves-'I press too hard here, and it breaks here' and so on. Some of the digital rendering tools are impressive, but it's important that people still really try and figure out a way of gaining direct experience with the materials." - Jonathan Ive

"Gaining people's trust might be harder than gaining all creation. But, what is harder than gaining people's trust is having to abandon them." - Queen Seondeok of Silla

"Don't try to lose weight. Take delight in gaining fitness." - Alan Cohen

"Gaining superpowers doesn't mean you know how to use them." - Richelle Mead

"For one gains by losing And loses by gaining." - Laozi

"Science is a systematic means of gaining reliable knowledge." - John Dewey

"You are either losing your mind - or gaining your soul." - Julia Cameron

"Happily, fantastic fiction is slowly gaining in status." - Karin Tidbeck

"Motorcycles aren't about gaining agency, I don't think." - Rachel Kushner

"Don't look back: Something may be gaining on you." - Satchel Paige

"Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." - Satchel Paige

"I'm gaining weight the right way: I'm drinking beer." - Johnny Damon

"Never look back; something is always gaining on you." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Don't look back, because someone might be gaining on you." - Tom Waits

"Experience isn't the best teacher - evaluated experience is." - John C Maxwell

"Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything." - John C Maxwell

"Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is." - Howard G. Hendricks

"Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement." - Simon Bolivar

"Conceptions without experience are void; experience without conceptions is blind." - Albert Einstein

"Judgment comes from experience - and experience comes from bad judgment." - Walter Wriston

"Okay, the experience itself was a pleasant experience." - Betty Hill

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." - Jim Horning

"Gardening is a humbling experience." - Martha Stewart

"Human experience is usually paradoxical." - George Eliot

"Transcendence: that which transcends experience." - Franz Grillparzer

"I have experience seducing nephews." - Gina Lollobrigida

"Every experience is worth having." - Henry Ford

"Experience is largely non-transferable." - Anonymous

"Prayer turns theology into experience." - Timothy Keller

"Wisdom comes from experience, but experience is not enough. Experience anticipated and experience revisited is the true source of wisdom." - John Grinder

"Experience doesn't necessarily teach anything." - Gerald Weinberg

"What you believe you experience." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"You're about to experience chaos." - Hans Reiser

"Every experience is of value." - Oscar Wilde

"Everything is a learning experience." - Angus T Jones

"Experience is a great teacher." - John Legend

"Many people experience Gethsemane moments." - Arthur Middleton

"One thing I really hate is experience. Experience for me doesn't work. Everybody's talking about experience this, experience that." - Yohan Blake

"Every moment is an experience." - Jake Roberts

"Experience teaches only the teachable." - Aldous Huxley

"Keep on playing the Experience!" - Noel Redding

"Our wisdom comes usually from our experience, and our experience comes largely from our experience." - Anonymous

"The only way to experience an experience is to experience it" - Bill Moggridge

"Undermining experience, embellishing experience, rearranging and enlarging experience into a species of mythology." - Philip Roth

"I have gone from "being" my experience to being infinite consciousness having the experience and observing the experience." - David Icke

"Experience, as a desire for experience, does not come off. We must not study ourselves while having an experience." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"In this league, experience means a lot." - Kevin Durant

"View life as a continuous learning experience." - Denis Waitley

"Education is cheap; experience is expensive." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Gentlemen are overestimated, that is my experience." - Christina Stead

"Art is an artificial organization of experience ..." - Sara Maitland

"Experience is never at bargain price." - Alice B Toklas

"Put faith in one who's had experience." - Ovid

"Life was a pre-death experience." - Jeanette Winterson

"Every experience of beauty points to [eternity]." - Hans Urs Von Balthasar

"Hope' wins over 'Experience' every time." - Marc Marcel

"Experience alone does not create knowledge." - Kurt Lewin

"There remains an experience of incomparable value." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Art is an experience, not an object." - Robert Motherwell

"You cannot experience the death of anybody" - U.G. Krishnamurti

"I don't have faith, I have experience." - Joseph Campbell

"Experience is always larger than language." - Adrienne Rich

"God sends experience to paint men's portraits." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Experience is the thing of supreme value"." - Henry Ford

"Experience is a form of paralysis." - Erik Satie

"Reading the Scriptures is an uplifting experience." - Anonymous

"By far the best proof is experience." - Francis Bacon

"Customs represent the experience of mankind." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Life is a near-death experience." - George Carlin

"A respectful understanding of another's experience." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Experience is the mother of custom." - Henry Ward Beecher

"We see the world through our experience." - John Paul Caponigro

"reality is the completion of experience ..." - Muriel Rukeyser

"Talent comes from experience and failure" - Richard Branson

"Always choose attitude over experience. Always." - Barbara Corcoran

"Judgment is forced upon us by experience" - Samuel Johnson

"Ignorance is innocence - stupidity comes with experience" - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Love requires imagination more than experience." - Simon Van Booy

"Bill Dickey is learning me his experience." - Yogi Berra

"I don't need faith. I have experience." - Joseph Campbell

"Comparing is impoverishing your own experience" - Paulo Coelho

"Enough experience will make you wise." - James R Cook

"Art isn't a product. It's an experience" - Lori Lansens

"Experience is the opposite of education." - Ashly Lorenzana

"Experience is, for me, the highest authority." - Carl Rogers

"Spirituality means seeking experience. Not just belief." - Goswami Kriyananda

"Experience is low; confidence is high." - Bob Varsha

"All #11;genuine knowledge originates in #11;direct experience." - Mao Zedong

"Music is an experience, not a science." - Ennio Morricone

"Be joyful and experience pleasurable lives." - Christiane Northrup

"We need experience to release what matters." - Mark Nepo

"I think dancing is an emotional experience." - Lucinda Childs

"Every book is a unique experience." - Mordicai Gerstein

"God is only a great imaginative experience." - David Herbert Lawrence

"Religious structure often dilutes the spiritual experience." - Steve Maraboli

"Wisdom is the daughter of experience." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Proverbs are the daughters of daily experience." - Proverbs

"Art helps nature, and experience art." - Thomas Fuller

"In the welfare state, experience teaches nothing." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"Religion idolizes concepts and avoids personal experience." - Bill Johnson

"Bible study without Bible experience is pointless." - Bill Johnson

"A proverb is the child of experience." - Proverbs

"History is philosophy teaching by experience." - Thomas Carlyle

"The experience of this sweet life." - Dante Alighieri

"We just had a near-life experience!" - Chuck Palahniuk

"Experience is a great spoiler of pleasures." - Mason Cooley

"Making 'Beloved' was an awesome experience." - Kimberly Elise

"Age affects how people experience time." - Edward T Hall

"Physics is experience, arranged in economical order." - Ernst Mach

"Conviction without experience makes for harshness." - Flannery Oconnor

"God is an experience of supreme love." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Faces are the ledgers of our experience." - Richard Avedon

"Life is a very emotional experience." - Tony Goldwyn

"My experience on 'Jarhead' was life changing." - Jake Gyllenhaal

"Body experience... is the centre of creation." - Barbara Hepworth

"Sound comes out of a life experience." - Bill Laswell

"All experience helps when you write." - Jerome Lawrence

"Characterization is integral to the theatrical experience." - Robert Ludlum

"I want the single player experience." - Wayne Brady



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