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Gabby Giffords Quotes


"Gabby Giffords was a mentor of mine in the state Legislature and also in Congress." - Ann Kirkpatrick

"If [the shooting of Gabby Giffords in] Tucson tells us anything at all, it tells us this: Government has failed." - Wayne LaPierre

"I googled 'Gabby Douglas,' and all these things popped up like 'Gabby Douglas makes history!' And 'She's the champion!'" - Gabby Douglas

"Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Aurora deserve a vote. The families of Oak Creek, and Tucson, and Blacksburg, and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence - they deserve a simple vote." - Barack Obama

"Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been one of my good friends in the House of Representatives. When she was brutally shot, Gabby was out doing what she loved to do - meeting with her constituents in a local setting, allowing people to speak to her directly about the issues that concerned them." - Chellie Pingree

"To remain silent for only one minute is a serious punishment for a gabby!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"And if Sarah Palin whose Web site put and today scrubbed bull's-eyes targets on 20 Representatives, including Gabby Giffords, does not repudiate her own part - however tangential - in amplifying violence and violent imagery in American politics, she must be dismissed from politics. She must be repudiated by the members of her own party. And if they fail to do so, each one of them must be judged to have silently defended this tactic that today proved so awfully foretelling. And they must in turn be dismissed by the responsible members of their own party." - Keith Olbermann

"President Obama, right after the Gabby Gifford shooting said we need to usher in a new era of civil discourse in politics. But not heeding his own advice." - Eric Bolling

"Working with Gabby [Sidibe], I realized immediately that she was amazingly talented. I could tell just by the way she'd get into the role." - Lenny Kravitz

"Thank ye." "For what?" "For bein" who ye are." Gabby chuckled and shook her head, saying, "And who else could I be?" - Patricia Grasso

"Thank ye." "For what?" "For bein' who ye are." Gabby chuckled and shook her head, saying, "And who else could I be?" - Patricia Grasso

"It's just incredible how people come up to me and say, 'Gabby, you inspire me to do anything I can set my mind to.' It's truly an honor." - Gabby Douglas

"A moment later, he plopped down on the sand beside her, and when they accidentally touched, Gabby had the briefest flash of them sitting together just like this on a hundred different weekends in the future." - Nicholas Sparks

"I don't want to be awkward, but I've thought about this a lot, and all I want to say is in the statement. Me going out with Gabby from the Cheeky Girls is not a secret." - Lembit Opik

"The majority of actor kids are really competitive. But Gabby Sidibe on The Big C has been a big help to me. Her career went from zero to a hundred in about one second, so shes warned me what to expect." - Gabriel Basso

"And now she was just Gabby, currently staying in a dreamy, magnificent castle in Scotland with a Fae prince who did all kinds of non-nasty, non-inhuman things like tearing up lists of names, and returning tadpoles to lakes, and saving people's lives. Not to mention kissing with all the otherwordly splendor of a horny angel." - Karen Marie Moning

"At this time on a weekday morning, the library was refuge to the retired, the unemployed, and the unemployable. ... 'I'm not always this gabby,' the librarian said. 'It's just so nice to talk to someone who isn't constructing a conspiracy theory or watching videos of home accidents on YouTube." - Myla Goldberg

"I love you, Gabby, more than you'll ever know. You're everything I've ever wanted in a wife. You're every hope and every dream I've ever had, and you've made me happier than any man could possibly be. I don't ever want to give that up. I can't." - Nicholas Sparks

"For me going down in history being the first black American to win the gold, I think more colored people are going to start coming to the gymnastics world and say 'okay, anything is possible. If Gabby did it, then I can do it too.'" - Gabby Douglas

"Originally, back in 1992, DKNY started because I couldn't find a pair of jeans. I also wanted to dress my teenage daughter Gabby. So it was the perfect street wardrobe: jeans, anoraks, jumpsuits, boyfriend jackets, sweaters, skirts and dresses. Then DKNY grew into an entire lifestyle concept, including tailored clothes you wear to work." - Donna Karan

"My daughter Gabby very kindly once said that she thinks I was a better mother because I was doing a job I loved. I now think guilt is a universal part of being a mother. I used to think it was Jewish-mother guilt but now I think it is working-mother guilt." - Donna Karan

"By the time she got back to work, the only thing Gabby knew for certain was that as forgiving as he'd been, she'd never live down what she'd done, and since there wasn't a rock large enough to crawl under, it was in her best interest to find a way to avoid him." - Nicholas Sparks

"The majority of actor kids are really competitive. But Gabby Sidibe on 'The Big C' has been a big help to me. Her career went from zero to a hundred in about one second, so she's warned me what to expect." - Gabriel Basso

"I love women who are bosses and who don't constantly worry about what their employees think of them. I love women who don't ask, "Is that OK?" after everything they say. I love when women are courageous in the face of unthinkable circumstances, like my mother when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Or like Gabrielle Giffords writing editorials for the New York Times about the cowardice of Congress regarding gun laws and using phrases like "mark my words" like she is Clint Eastwood. How many women say stuff like that?" - Mindy Kaling

"Gwen smiled. "Hardly. Bedraggled is being in the full throes of nicotine withdrawal, and after a week on a bus with a group of senior citizens, falling into a cave, and landing on a body." "And then getting tossed back a few centuries, with no idea of what's going on," Chloe agreed. "Naked, too, weren't you?" Gwen nodded wryly. Gabby blinked. "I gave you my plaid," Drustan protested indignantly." - Karen Marie Moning

"As Confucius once said, 'He who does nothing is the one who does nothing.'" Gabby pondered the words, the furrowed her brow. "did Confucius really say that?" Sunglasses in place, Stephanie managed the tiniest of shrugs. "No, but who cared? The point is, they handled, and most likely they found some sort of self-satisfaction in their industrious-ness. Who am I to deprive them of that?" - Nicholas Sparks



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