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Flaws Quotes


"Don't show your flaws." - Drew Barrymore

"Be happy without picking flaws." - Victor Hugo

"Count your blessings not your flaws" - Lauren Aquilina

"Love your flaws, and own your quirks." - Ariana Grande

"Our flaws are what make us perfect." - Machine Gun Kelly

"A book's flaws make it less predictable." - Janet Fitch

"People are made up of flaws." - Amanda Seyfried

"No such thing as humanity without flaws." - Hugo Ball

"The trick is finding a person whose flaws don't drive you know...someone whose flaws you can live with...someone who can stand your flaws, too." - Marcia Lynn McClure

"Marriage is an excercise in learning our flaws everyday" - Siddharth Katragadda

"When virtues are pointed out first, flaws seem less insurmountable." - Judith Martin

"Flaws would not only bring death but, far worse, humiliation." - William Goldman

"Riches are able to solder up abundance of flaws." - Miguel De Cervantes

"None but great men are capable of having great flaws." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Nothing is perfect. Flaws are interesting. Be the tree." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"He sharpened his flaws and disappointments into daggers." - Pete Wentz

"I find flaws attractive. I find scars attractive." - Angelina Jolie

"I'm not perfect, but those flaws make an interesting person." - Mary Frann

"Judge not for your flaws, but for your Triumphs!" - Whitney Houston

"Nowadays I embrace it all/Beautiful ideals and amazing flaws." - Brother Ali

"I like characters with flaws, who have shadow." - Matt Bomer

"Appreciate your flaws to reach the potential of your greatness." - Behdad Sami

"It's our flaws who make us who we are." - Doug Stanhope

"By the flaws in the picture the truth will emerge." - William S Burroughs

"I got so sick of my face and the flaws." - Linda Evangelista

"Love is being accepting of all of their flaws." - Haley Pullos

"I was spread out daily and examined for flaws." - Anne Sexton

"It's amazing how beauty can mask so many flaws" - Lucinda Riley

"There are flaws in romance but love is perfect." - Jaejoong

"I was spread out dailyand examined for flaws." - Anne Sexton

"The flaws, the mistakes I make - that's the real me." - Nas

"I like flaws. I think they make things interesting." - Sarah Dessen

"One of my biggest flaws is I don't take advice." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"Every team in the Western Conference has flaws." - Charles Barkley

"Write in the sand the flaws of your friend." - Pythagoras

"I'm attracted to playing characters that have flaws." - Sarah Shahi

"I'm perfectly flawed... I've got tons of flaws." - Rob Lowe

"Literature wasn't intended to be about perfect people, it was about flaws, very real and very deep human flaws." - Erin McCarthy

"We all have our flaws. But we overcome them. And sometimes, it's our flaws that make us who we are." - Erin Hunter

"We tend to see our character flaws as simple defects, and the simple defects of others as character flaws." - Mardy Grothe

"I think superheroes are heroes with flaws, and in their flaws, there is a sense of humor." - Peter Segal

"Just be yourself and one day you will find someone who loves you for everything you are, flaws or no flaws." - Lupe Fiasco

"Be brave and celebrate with us your 'perceived flaws,' as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous." - Lady Gaga

"The beauty of social media is that it will point out your company's flaws; the key questions is how quickly you address these flaws." - Erik Qualman

"In any show with a character that you really love, one inclination is to cure them of all their flaws but you remember that you like those flaws." - Matt Warburton

"We focused attention on what some believe are the flaws in the process leading to Senate consideration of the bill and the flaws of the bill itself." - Harry Reid

"A lot of girls think they have flaws that really aren't flaws. I've never met a girl who was just so secure about everything." - Kellan Lutz

"What you call flaws are really just scars and wounds accumulated over a lifetime." - Deepak Chopra

"When you're comfortable in your own skin, you look beautiful, regardless of any flaws." - Emily Deschanel

"Flaws are awesome - so, flawsome! I love making up a word." - Tyra Banks

"The flaws you see in others are actually a reflection of yourself." - Eve Branson

"Will covers a multitude of flaws, just as love covers a multitude of sins." - Brent Weeks

"I only see the faults, flaws, the imperfections. That attracts me." - Yohji Yamamoto

"Algorithms dont do a good job of detecting their own flaws." - Clay Shirky

"I like the flaws best," Sam said. "They make her real." - Carolyn Mackler

"Make peace with your body, it's not manmade, there are no flaws, there are no mistakes." - Warsan Shire

"A man was defined not by his flaws, but by how he overcame them." - Brandon Sanderson

"I don't see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws." - Angelina Jolie

"When you love somebody, or something, its amazing how willing you are to overlook the flaws." - Caroline Knapp

"Still, that's the point of love; you love someone despite their flaws." - Sophie Kinsella

"The true Mason never hesitates to use the working tools to correct personal flaws." - William Howard Taft

"There are so many flaws, .. I don't think they can be fixed." - James Carroll

"Do' lose a woman that has seen your flaws and still love you." - Nizar Qabbani

"Heroes became heroes flaws and all. You do' have to be perfect to fulfill your dream." - Peter Mcwilliams

"To be able to see the flaws in your own work is a gift." - Jude Deveraux

"I never lie for the sake of kindness," he murmured, smiling. "One of my many flaws." - Lisa Kleypas

"Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." - George R R Martin

"Just just because there are flaws in aircraft design that doesn't mean flying carpets exist." - Ben Goldacre

"Never trust a shiny surface. They hide a multitude of flaws." - Melissa De La Cruz

"that's what I love you for: your inability to perceive all my hideous flaws" - Audrey Niffenegger

"Good enough never is. Set your standards so high that even the flaws are considered excellent." - Debbi Fields

"Friends see most of each other's flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit." - Gillian Flynn

"Fashion is the pursuit of perfection, Style is the acceptance of one's flaws." - Francesco Clemente

"We look harder for flaws in a study when we don't agree with its conclusions." - Sharon Begley

"Nobody sees anybody truly but only through the flaws of their own ego." - Tennessee Williams

"Everyone has flaws. It's a matter of finding the ones you can live with." - Moon Unit Zappa

"We're so quick to point out our own flaws in others." - Julian Casablancas

"Cast a spell and the small flaws don't matter. (From Workbook)" - Steven Heighton

"...I rejoiced in the flaws that made her more real to me" - Gene Wolfe

"Heroes became heroes flaws and all. You don't have to be perfect to fulfill your dream." - Peter Mcwilliams

"It's through our unique flaws that our individuality can be expressed." - David Trumble

"Real Love truthfully sees the flaws - and still really loves fully." - Ann Voskamp

"There are no flaws in the soul of every human being." - Ma Jaya

"He always loved her because of, not in sprite of, her flaws." - Megan Mccafferty

"I've always been interested in our flaws as human beings, just as much as the virtues." - Nicole Kidman

"Friends see most of each other's flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit." - Gillian Flynn

"Comedy is about flaws anyway... There's a lot of humor in the dark areas of life." - Brett Gelman

"In your flaws are hidden your strength. Your perfect imperfection will lead you to change." - Tonto Dikeh

"Don't lose a woman that has seen your flaws and still love you." - Nizar Qabbani

"When I'm writing flawed characters, I just think about my own flaws." - Jacqueline Woodson

"Quality of character doesn't make a leader, but the lack of it flaws the entire process." - Peter Drucker

"I think there's a lot more appreciation and maturity and acceptance of everyone's flaws." - Chad Urmston

"That's what I love you for: your inability to perceive all my hideous flaws." - Audrey Niffenegger

"Flaws like roadmaps I see. They are detours to you that I don't take." - Vanna Bonta

"You need to learn to accept your flaws and forgive yourself." - Susan Mallery

"Once you"ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." - George R R Martin

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." - Augusten Burroughs

"To me the interesting main character is never the one without flaws." - J J Abrams

"Despite its flaws, the American electoral system has produced Lincoln, the two Roosevelts, and Harry Truman." - Robert Dallek

"I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws." - Jerry Falwell

"I write my own songs, and I only see their flaws." - Chris Isaak

"Everyone loves characters that are relatable or who have unique quirks or tragic flaws." - Joe Madureira

"The young have all the same flaws adults do. Plus one: immaturity." - Nelson Rodrigues

"The queen of virtues is the recognition of one's own flaws." - Jack Mcdevitt

"The most dangerous flaws are those which are good in moderation." - Rick Riordan

"You can be a great president and be ridden with flaws. Of course we know that." - Morley Safer

"I'm trying to stop focusing on my flaws and appreciate what I love about my body." - Emily Vancamp

"When I watch myself on-screen, I always look for the flaws." - Michelle Yeoh

"Eventually you love people - friends or lovers - because of their flaws." - Karen Allen

"I love it when ugliness is beautiful. I love character flaws." - Marcia Gay Harden

"You can find flaws in Agassi and Sampras, but Federer has none." - Marat Safin

"Flaws are awesome - so, 'flawsome!' I love making up a word." - Tyra Banks

"I'm confident - confident in my skin, and I'm cool with my flaws and all that stuff." - Minka Kelly

"When you love somebody, or something, it's amazing how willing you are to overlook the flaws." - Caroline Knapp

"Stars don't want to have flaws. Stars like to be likable." - Jeff Daniels

"I wish I didn't have any flaws! I think everybody is flawed." - Beau Bridges

"Despite its flaws, Marxism still seems to explain the material world better than anything else." - Alexei Sayle

"Algorithms don't do a good job of detecting their own flaws." - Clay Shirky

"You know, real artists, we expose our flaws. We long for intimacy." - Anna Deavere Smith

"I know my flaws before other people point them out to me." - Taylor Swift

"The criminal justice system, like any system designed by human beings, clearly has its flaws." - Ben Whishaw

"However, when Java is promoted as the sole programming language, its flaws and limitations become serious." - Bjarne Stroustrup

"I don't believe that human beings can achieve ultimate enlightenment, because humans have flaws." - Tiger Woods

"Anyone who knows me well will tell you that arrogance is one of my flaws." - Randy Pausch

"We are flawed creatures, all of us. Some of us think that means we should fix our flaws. But get rid of my flaws and there would be no one left." - Sarah Vowell

"When you judge others, look at yourself - You too have flaws and the divine nature has accepted you with all your flaws. It doesn't judge you. Who are you to judge?" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Certainly paradise, whatever, wherever it be, contains flaws. (Paradisical flaws, if you like.) If it did not, it would be incapable of drawing the hearts of men or angels." - Henry Miller

"Flaws make us all human, and you're rooting for characters because of those flaws. It's ageless if you're interested in relationships and the way people can or can't relate to each other." - Lynn Shelton

"Fiction always reveals a lot about the person who is writing it. That's the scary thing. Not in a straightforward autobiographical sense. But the flaws in a piece of fiction are, unhappily, so often also the flaws of the writer." - Katie Kitamura

"That's what God does. He doesn't try to cover up our flaws; He starts from scratch and makes us new." - Sharon Jaynes

"I do like characters that have flaws, some sort of pathos to them that they are trying to sort out." - Nicolas Cage

"To be famous is to stand on a pedestal and give the world permission to tell you all your flaws." - Chris Colfer

"The more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God's grace appears to you." - Timothy Keller

"I have too many flaws to be perfect. But i have too many blessings to be ungrateful." - Zig Ziglar

"America is a nation with many flaws, but hopes so vast that only the cowardly would refuse to acknowledge them." - James A Michener

"Arrogance is one of the flaws in the Erudite heart - I know. It is often in mine." - Veronica Roth

"The true Mason is ever vigilant for subtle traces of character and personality flaws which daily experience brings out." - William Howard Taft

"Don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what makes us perfect." - Machine Gun Kelly

"At least I hope - that the fiction I've written so far has flaws but has mostly been successful." - William T Vollmann

"The more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God's grace appears to you." - Timothy Keller

"I just want you that's it. All your flaws, mistakes, smiles, giggles, jokes, sarcasm. Everything. I just want you" - Sara Quin

"But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. This is rare and pure and perfect." - Patrick Rothfuss

"If you focus on the flaws of others it takes away from the improvements that you may need to make." - Christofer Drew

"We're miserable because we think that we are mere individuals, alone with our fears and flaws and resentment and mortality." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"How easy it is to be "deep": all you have to do is let yourself sink into your own flaws." - Emile M Cioran

"Trying to find my flaws is like trying to find a black person at one of our concerts" - Thom Yorke

"I have full cause of weeping, but this heart shall break into a hundred thousand flaws or ere I'll weep." - William Shakespeare

"The same energy used to point out someone's flaws, can be used to work on your own." - Mark Sutton

"Certain trifling flaws sit as disgracefully on a character of elegance as a ragged button on a court dress." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"Sometime, It's easier to love someone with flaws you can forgive in return for them forgiving yours." - Mark Lawrence



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