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First Year Teachers Quotes


"I always found the extraordinary loss of life in the First World War very moving. I remember learning about it as a very young child, as an eight- or nine-year-old, asking my teachers what poppies were for. Every year the teachers would suddenly wear these red paper flowers in their lapels, and I would say 'What does that mean?" - Tom Hiddleston

"I always found the extraordinary loss of life in the First World War very moving. I remember learning about it as a very young child, as an eight- or nine-year-old, asking my teachers what poppies were for. Every year the teachers would suddenly wear these red paper flowers in their lapels, and I would say 'What does that mean?'" - Tom Hiddleston

"After taking my B.A. degree in 1939 I remained at the University for a further year to take an advanced course in Biochemistry, and surprised myself and my teachers by obtaining a first class examination result." - Frederick Sanger

"Teachers don't need as much as $140,000 a year, ... But, perhaps some senators don't need $140,000 a year either." - John Mccain

"The first acting thing I ever did was my senior year I decided not to play a sport in the Spring and, in that Spring B.J. Novak who went to school with me, asked if I'd be in this show that was a parody of all the teachers in the school, 'sure!' That was the first acting thing I did." - John Krasinski

"At 13, in my first year of Tonbridge, I went up for the part of Macbeth. I was up against the 17- and 18-year-olds, but for some reason I got the part. It made me incredibly unpopular with my peers, but it was the English and drama teachers who stepped in to save me when others wanted me kicked out of the school." - Dan Stevens

"Effective leaders are, first and foremost, good teachers. We're in the education business." - John Wooden

"I judge preschool teachers and actresses shamelessly. The first five minutes I meet them." - Diane Farr

"My gratitude to them [my first teachers] grows as I myself grow older." - George Sarton

"... once you were in, they put a note in your file that said you were in therapy, and all your teachers saw that file. They might as well have tattooed CRAZY on your forehead. The next year every teacher would be watching you for the first weird thing you did-and has there ever been a kid who never does anything an adult considers weird?" - John Barnes

"The last thing we need to do, relating to teachers, is the key to a good education in this country is a strong teacher. I would have a minimum wage for all our teachers, $40,000 per year." - Bill Richardson

"Total teachers aren't perfect teachers." - Andy Hargreaves

"My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet." - Carl Lewis

"The first pale blossom of the unripened year." - Anna Letitia Barbauld

"All I did my first year at Vogue was Xerox." - Vera Wang

"My first year on 'SNL', I made $90,000 dollars." - Chris Rock

"I am younger each year at the first snow." - Anne Sexton

"The first year of marriage is like wet cement" - Robert Wolgemuth

"Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together." - Scott Hayden

"It's weird when you hear teachers call each other by their first names. It's like they're friends or something." - Brian Francis

"There are many people who claim to be teachers of others who should themselves be taught first of all." - Leo Tolstoy

"Well, first I studied piano. I wasn't very satisfied because I though my teachers were dumb... and repressive." - Luc Ferrari

"I believe that teachers committed to the community are the ones who deserve to earn the top dollar, a starting salary of a quarter million dollars a year." - Michael Clarke Duncan

"At the moment, I'm afraid that the discipline system doesn't give teachers the support that they need. One thing that I've been struck by is that the number of violent assaults on teachers increased last year. We need to be clear that teachers have the power they need in order to impose discipline." - Michael Gove

"The idea that because the school day is shorter or the school year is shorter than the sort of white collar workday or work year, that does not actually capture how teachers spend their time." - Dana Goldstein

"Within those confining walls, teachers - a bunch of men all armed with the same information - gave the same lectures every year from the same notebooks and every year at the same point in the textbooks made the same jokes." - Yukio Mishima

"Now, we believe that the majority of teachers in America know our system must be reformed, to put students first so that America can compete, that teachers don't teach to become rich or famous. They teach because they love children." - Chris Christie

"Instead of just giving lip service to improving our schools, I will actually put the kids first and the teachers union behind in giving our kids better teachers, better options and better choices for a better future." - Mitt Romney

"My mother thought my inclinations would do well in Law, but I was too shy and deliberative - slowfooted - for that, so I determined to be an English and German high school teacher. In my first year of university I had one subject to "fill in" and chose philosophy against the advice of my counselor. My university teachers in English and German were totally uninspiring; philosophy was wonderful and my results showed it. I chose it and basically backed into a situation in which only a philosophy career seemed a viable option. I've never regretted it, but there was a lot of serendipity." - John Kleinig

"We have a lot of players in their first year. Some of them are also in their last year." - Bill Walsh

"Good teachers teach. Great teachers transform." - Queen Rania Of Jordan

"This is my career highlight. Getting to the fourth round in the U.S. Open in my first year in the U.S. Open and first year on the tour." - Arthur Ashe

"Companies that put a mandated parental leave in place save money in the first year, FIRST YEAR. Because they don't have to hire to replace the woman." - Sallie Krawcheck

"I remember turning in my first assignment in elementary school using the computer and the teachers were kind of confused that I had printed it." - Larry Page

"Adults are the first and foremost teachers of love, peace, truth, tolerance, happiness and spirituality to their children. No school on Earth can ever replace them." - Robert Muller

"Directors are our teachers, and I'm always craving to work with a great director. They're pretty much the first thing that interests me about a project." - Naomi Watts

"I don't care who the student is, teachers should never be condescending. That should be the first rule in the teacher handbook." - Colleen Hoover

"The teachers liked me. In grade school, they make you copy pictures from books. I think the first one was Robert Louis Stevenson." - Andy Warhol

"First I was a mimic. Practically from the moment I began talking, I did impersonations of the people in my neighborhood - the storekeepers, the policemen, my teachers." - George Carlin

"My first teachers were street players, guys who would hustle you, get in your head, break you down mentally before they did it over the board." - Joshua Waitzkin

"If mothers are our first teachers, then having a narcissistic one teaches us that human closeness is terrifying, and the world is a heartless, inconsistent place." - Koren Zailckas

"Every man who rises above the common level has received two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from himself." - Edward Gibbon

"I had three influential teachers. The first was Uta Hagen. The second two, Bobby Lewis and my late husband, Charles Kakatsakis, were both from the Actors Studio." - June Squibb

"Many spiritual teachers - in Buddhism, in Islam - have talked about first-hand experience of the world as an important part of the path to wisdom, to enlightenment." - Bell Hooks

"Here's what income and wealth inequality is about. Last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made more than 24 billion, enough to pay the salaries of 425,000 public school teachers. This level of inequality is neither moral or sustainable" - Bernie Sanders

"I remember, in my senior year, one of my teachers taking me aside and saying: 'You look really tired.' This was when I was being a bad kid and she knew that something was wrong." - Cecily Von Ziegesar

"Honestly, I don't know if I'd want to be an educator. I find teachers to have more responsibility, in a way, than being a parent. You're molding hundreds of minds every year." - Eva Amurri

"I attended the University of Louisville my freshman year, transferred to what was then Western Kentucky State Teachers College for my sophomore and junior years, and then graduated from the University of Louisville in the summer of 1961." - Sue Grafton

"We can pay teachers a hundred thousand dollars a year, and we'll do nothing to improve our schools as long as we keep the A, B, C, D, F grading system." - William Glasser

"My teacher told me I'd never amount to anything. I left high school at 15, after one year. But my real teachers were all the people around me. And I was a good listener." - Curtis Mayfield

"As a Member of Congress from one of the fastest growing States in the country, we hire close to 2,500 new teachers a year, close to 5,000 support staff and faculty." - Jon Porter

"We've all heard these statistics that teachers at times go into their pockets in the tune of several hundred dollars a year to pay for school supplies and materials. It's not normal." - Kimora Lee Simmons

"Books are absent teachers." - Mortimer Adler

"Instill respect for teachers." - Henry Louis Gates

"Teachers touch the future." - Anonymous

"Don't trust your teachers." - Carlo Rovelli

"Great teachers transcend ideology." - Suzanne Fields

"In fact, as far as one can tell, Obama seems to have killed more civilians during his first year than Bush did in his first year, and maybe even than Bush killed in his final year." - Allan Nairn

"Actually, I didn't study photography at first. I went to school for painting my first year, poetry my second year, graphic design my third and fourth year, and photography my fifth." - Ryan Mcginley

"I'll bet your father spent the first year of your life throwing rocks at the stork." - Irving Brecher

"No one expected a first year engineering student to build the perfect bridge." - Janet Evanovich

"The first lecture of each new year renews for most people a light stage fright." - John Edensor Littlewood

"My first job at Graham-Newman was to prepare the annual report for that 10th year." - Walter Schloss

"The first year was like icing. Then the cake started to show through ..." - John Ashbery

"Mutual suspicions of mental inadequacy are common during the first year of any marriage." - James Thurber

"The first wild-flower of the year is like land after sea." - Thomas Wentworth Higginson

"My first word for the New Year was 'exsanguinate.' This was probably not a good omen." - Charlaine Harris

"In my first year at drama school, I did this kids' show called 'Let's See." - Alan Cumming

"The first sparrow of spring! The year beginning with younger hope than ever!" - Henry David Thoreau

"Name the season's first hurricane Zelda and fool Mother Nature into calling it a year." - Robert Breault

"Name the season's first hurricane Zelda and fool Mother Nature into calling it a year." - Robert Breault

"Name the season's first hurricane Zelda and fool Mother Nature into calling it a year." - Robert Brault

"I bet your father spent the first year of your life throwing rocks at the stork." - Groucho Marx

"Boho to me is a first-year student who's just discovered the tie-dye shop." - Alex Kapranos

"My son is racing his first 24-hour this year with Porsche." - Bobby Rahal

"I started D.J.-ing my first year of college just for fun and to pay bills." - Harley Vieranewton

"I first saw the light in the city of Boston in the year 1857." - Edward Bellamy

"In my first year at drama school, I did this kids' show called 'Let's See.'" - Alan Cumming

"My revenue was $4 million my first year in business, off of one $20 item." - Sara Blakely

"The first game of the year is always an in-season adjustment game." - Tony Romo

"I became a Republican in 1951, the first year I could vote." - Clint Eastwood

"In the first year, 1988, I wrote and sold 3 novels." - George Stephen

"I was the first woman ever named Entertainer of the Year in country music." - Loretta Lynn

"If you can't explain something to a first year student, then you haven't really understood ." - Richard P Feynman

"My goals for next year are to win a national title first and foremost." - Nerlens Noel

"Oh, it's the first big thing I've really done. My first job out of college was working with Steven Soderbergh. I was telling my acting teachers, "I did it, you guys!"" - Eve Hewson

"My first reaction every time I delve into an episode of history that I don't know very much about is... my first reaction is anger that my teachers never taught me about it." - Steven Spielberg

"I was the naughty kid that the teachers liked. I bullied a kid in the 1st year when I was in the 2nd, who then hit puberty like a plane crash and grew into a gorilla who bullied me when he was in the 4th year and I was in the 5th. That's Karma." - Simon Pegg

"I wasn't a troublemaker. I wasn't impertinent. The teachers liked me. But year after year, the comments on my report cards basically came down to a single point, and it was 100% accurate: I seemed to get nothing whatsoever out of all those long hours spent in the classroom." - Tim Howard

"I lost faith in the Oscars the first year I was a movie critic - the year that Bonnie and Clyde didn't win." - Roger Ebert

"Law school has been described as a place for the accumulation of learning. First-year students bring some in; third-year students take none away. Hence it accumulates." - Daniel R. White

"Med students panic their first year when they learn all the diseases. It's not until the second year that they learn the cures." - A J Jacobs

"For some reason, 1968 is a touchstone year for me. I think it was the first year I felt fully conscious." - Richard Greenberg

"Not scoring one for the whole calendar year last year was a bit disappointing but I didn't really feel any pressure to get my first one as skipper,." - Ricky Ponting

"I was always drawn toward the Actor's Studio. I studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute when I first came to New York. One of my favorite teachers was one of Al [Pachino]'s teachers, a guy named Charlie Laughton, who was just a wonderful, wonderful man." - Karen Allen

"The young boys that went to Athens, the first year, were wise men; the second year, philosophers, lovers of wisdom; the third year, mere orators; and the fourth but plebeians, and understood nothing but their own ignorance." - Menedemus

"First, the year 2004, the year past, the Comptroller General of the United States, David A. Walker, said that arguably it was the worst year in American fiscal history, clearly setting our Nation on an unsustainable path." - Jim Cooper

"The first year of the Bush administration we used up all of the surplus and ended up just with the Social Security and Medicare surplus, and each year worse than the year before." - Bobby Scott

"They believe in teachers unions. We believe in teachers." - Chris Christie

"There are certain teachers who shouldn't be teachers." - Tenzin Palmo

"Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more." - Bob Talbert

"The sins of teachers are the teachers of sin." - William Gurnall

"Enemies were teachers in disguise." - Eiji Yoshikawa

"Computers aren't magic; teachers are." - Craig R. Barrett

"Injuries are our best teachers." - Scott Jurek

"Computers are' magic; teachers are." - Craig R. Barrett

"Angry teachers can defeat governments," - Bob Rae

"Our teachers deserve better feedback." - Bill Gates

"I had a great first year and Mr. MacDonald was my biggest supporter. He gave me the encouragement I needed that first year to get my career started on a positive note." - Jim Evans

"And they turned around and leased it to The Assembly Of God Churches - their headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri. They leased it to them for the first year. Then, after the first year, they will donate it to the church." - Mel Tillis

"So by the time I got to Michigan I was a stutterer. I couldn't talk. So my first year of school was my first mute year and then those mute years continued until I got to high school." - James Earl Jones

"Don't try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed." - Marva Collins

"My mother tells this story that when I first went to school, I thought I was going to help the teachers. I didn't realize I was going to get educated." - Moon Unit Zappa

"It appears that some school officials, teachers, and parents have assumed that religious expression of any type is either inappropriate or forbidden altogether in public schools; however, nothing in the First Amendment converts our public schools into religion-free zones." - William J Clinton

"Most of teachers have but one object, viz. to draw their salary. I do not think that a teacher should have no salary. But I think they should earn it first and then think of it." - Sarah Winnemucca

"In the end, excellence in education means excellence in teaching, and if this country would give the status to first grade teachers that we give to full professors, this one act alone would revitalize the nation's schools." - Ernest L. Boyer

"I come from a long line of teachers. Not only did I not go into the family business; I had an aborted law career and I played in bands. 'Disco Pigs' was my first professional acting experience." - Cillian Murphy

"As a retired educator I have seen first-hand the impact a great education can have on a young person's life. I will always be a champion for public schools, our teachers, and our children." - Alma Adams

"In the state of Wisconsin it's mandated that teachers in the social sciences and hard sciences have to start giving environmental education by the first grade, through high school" - Gaylord Nelson

"Children copy their parents, friends, and teachers. They will develop the habits of the people around them. So if you want your child to be honest, peaceful and happy you should be that way first." - Baba Hari Dass

"My mom and grandfather are my first teachers of music. Those experiences and the process of exploring music as a discipline through them and with them is one of the main foundations of my life as musician." - Guillermo E. Brown

"In the state of Wisconsin it's mandated that teachers in the social sciences and hard sciences have to start giving environmental education by the first grade, through high school." - Gaylord Nelson

"There must be a profound recognition that parents are the first teachers and that education begins before formal schooling and is deeply rooted in the values, traditions, and norms of family and culture." - Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

"My mother tells this story that when I first went to school, I thought I was going to help the teachers. I didn't realise I was going to get educated." - Moon Unit Zappa

"With Skype video calling, teachers can provide their students with first-hand knowledge from experts around the world and with other classes who are studying the same subject halfway across the world." - Tony Bates

"Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn - a first step, if you will." - Michael N Castle

"My teachers encouraged me to audition for some professional work during our summer vacation. I landed my first job. It was for the National Theatre Company's Mimika Pantomime troupe. I ended up touring with them for the next two years." - Didi Conn

"When I first started teaching at Berkeley in 1958, I could not announce that I was gay to anybody, though probably quite a few of my fellow teachers knew." - Thom Gunn

"Polls that have been taken by kindergarten, first- and second-grade teachers indicate that 30 percent of the kids have been deprived in some way so that they are physically unable to keep up with the class." - C Everett Koop

"You know, even growing up going to school, I had teachers that were against bilingual teaching. I never understood that. My parents always had me speak Spanish first knowing I was going to speak English in school." - Emily Rios

"I want to work with the teachers' union. But as I said out there, we have to put the kids first and we are letting down a generation of California children. It's not acceptable." - Meg Whitman

"But in any case, I did poorly on the tests and so, in the first three years of school, I had teachers who thought I was stupid and when people think you're stupid, they have low expectations for you." - Robert Sternberg

"In the Western tradition, the first writers were teachers and historians, vastly traveled, who spiced their reports with fantasies. They were also poets who sang and entertained prince and pauper." - F Sionil Jose

"All religions must be made child-proof. Our teachers' unions have done good work in this field, K through 12. Delaying first communions and bar mitzvahs until age 21 would be another positive step." - P J Orourke

"Viacoms results for the first quarter put the company on a fast track for another record year in 2004." - Sumner Redstone

"Sacred to the memory of printing, the art preservative of all arts. This was first invented about the year 1440." - Anonymous

"I'm convinced that before the year 2000 is over, the first child will have been born on the moon." - Wernher Von Braun

"To win the Championship in the first year will be hard. We need time to become competitive and win races" - Valentino Rossi

"By the year 2000 I want to be the first latin musician to play on the moon." - Tito Puente

"All special assistants to the president are typically political appointees of the first year of the new president." - Roger Cressey

"[The whole first year at university] was a great time for me and great time of awakening." - Bill Ayers

"A man first quarrels with his father about three-quarters of a year before he is born." - Samuel Butler (novelist)

"The first one hundred and fifty year old human being could be alive as a baby today." - Patrick Dixon

"In the spring of her twenty-second year, Sumire fell in love for the first time in her life." - Haruki Murakami

"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple." - J K Rowling

"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year." - Mark Twain

"My first year, people were interested in me because I was new. Then the press started to come." - Valentino Garavani

"The first time my mum and dad went to the theatre was at my drama school in third year." - Amanda Hale

"A refund for defective software might be nice, except it would bankrupt the entire software industry in the first year." - Andrew S. Tanenbaum

"I wrote a million words in the first year, and I could never have done that outside of prison." - Jeffrey Archer



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