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First Real Love Quotes


"A man who loves himself takes the first step towards real love." - Rajneesh

"Where there is real love one wants to go to church first." - Rebecca West

"Real love is comforting, to be sure, but not always at first." - Marianne Williamson

"Love is real, real is love." - John Lennon

"Real love never fails." - Karen Kingsbury

"They say learning to love yourself Is the first step That you take when you want to be real." - Tiesto

"I love working with different musicians in the studio, that's a real joy working with someone for the first time." - Bob Seger

"First of all, let us try to know what love is. If love means to possess someone or something, then that is not real love, not pure love. If loves means to give oneself, to become one with everything and everyone, then that is real love. Real love is total oneness with the object loved and with the Possessor of love." - Sri Chinmoy

"Real love shouldn't be disposable." - Ellen Hopkins

"Real love isn't ever ambivalent," - Tony Kushner

"Truly, my first love." - Demi Moore

"Economized love is never real love." - Honore De Balzac

"My first real crush was... Louis Tomlinson." - Harry Styles

"When I was a teenager, if you'd asked me, I would have said I was in a relationship with New York City. It was my first real love." - Aleksa Palladino

"Optimism is the first cousin of love, and it's exactly like love in three ways: it's pushy, it has no real sense of humour, and it turns up where you least expect it." - Gregory David Roberts

"The first love is the difficult love." - Raymond E Feist

"First love is first love, first marriage is first marriage, disappointment is disappointment." - Maximilian Schell

"Jazz was my first love." - Frankie Valli

"Music is my first love." - Jacob Latimore

"Music is my first love." - Jeff Lynne

"Acting was my first love." - Joe Manganiello

"Cricket is my first love." - Yohan Blake

"My first love was basketball." - Stan Smith

"My first love is producing." - Timbaland

"Acting is my first love." - Dawn Wells

"Music is my first love." - Mandy Moore

"The first instinct is love." - Sean Penn

"If you ever had a pet, with me it was a dog, with that sort of unconditional love that only dogs can give, people can't do that; that sort of thing where it's very powerful, it's kind of your first love and your first real relationship, and usually your first experience with death." - Tim Burton

"Only by love is life made real." - Sara Teasdale

"I also love real estate and decorating." - Deana Carter

"... uncritical love is the only real treasure." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Nothing is real but dreams and love." - Anna de Noailles

"There's nothing like real love. Nothing." - Shirley Temple

"I'm searching for a real love." - Mary J Blige

"There's nothing like real love. Nothing." - Shirley Temple

"Real love stories never have endings." - Richard Bach

"There's nothing like real love. Nothing." - Shirley Temple

"Fear is real, but so is love." - Alice Walker

"In the real world, children love me." - Jackie Chan

"I love people who are real." - Moon Bloodgood

"We could say that love is a tenacious adventure. The adventurous side is necessary, but equally so is the need for tenacity. To give up at the first hurdle, the first quarrel, is only to distort love. Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world." - Alain Badiou

"You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him, "Real." - Suzanne Collins

"And because love, real love, is not so easily shed." - Junot Diaz

"Cheating love is just as real as un-cheating love." - Dolly Parton

"When you send out real love, real love will return to you." - Florence Scovel Shinn

"Real love will take you far beyond yourself;and therefore real love will devastate you." - Ken Wilber

"A runner is real when she takes the first step." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

"The real history of consciousness starts with one's first lie." - Joseph Brodsky

"I smiled at him, as Doyle squeezed my hand and I squeezed back. "Some people are addicted to falling in love, Doctor. Some people love that rush of new emotions, and when that first rush of new love is spent, they move on to the next, thinking the love wasn't real. What I felt in her, and potentially in you, is the love of years. Love that knows that that first rush of freshness isn't the real thing. It's the tip of the iceberg." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Where the observer is at first a real goodness realized, later it is a sophisticated power holder. The observer is given power and control that belongs to oneness. When oneness has that power and that control, there is love." - John de Ruiter

"Our first love is Jesus. Holiness is not ultimately about living up to a moral standard. It's about living in Christ and living out of our real, vital union with him." - Kevin Deyoung

"When you first fall in love, it's supposed to be awful. Awful, uncertain, scary, wonderful, confusing, all at once. That's how you know it's real. You have to care deeply. Passionately. That hurts." - Nancy Werlin

"We must nurture and love, if life is to have any real meaning. But First we must find a way to survive against the things that prevent us from doing so." - Terry Brooks

"That was the real secret of the Tarahumara: they'd never forgotten what it felt like to love running. They remembered that running was mankind's first fine art, our original act of inspired creation." - Christopher Mcdougall

"Believe me, I'm no romantic, and while I've heard all about love at first sight, I've never believed in it, and I still don't. But even so, there was something there, something recognizably real, and I couldn't look away." - Nicholas Sparks

"The important thing is first of all to have a real love for the visible world that lies outside ourselves as well as to know the deep secret of what goes on within ourselves." - Max Beckmann

"Hip-hop was my first real love, one that was my own and wasn't my parents' music. Initially, I was inspired by hip-hop fashion. Over the years, I kept the hip-hop sensibility, but make it my own." - Mayer Hawthorne

"Up until the last minute, it was art and drawing for me. That was the first real and natural thing I thought I was good at and loved to do. But I developed a similar kind of love for music." - James Bay

"The studio is really fun because I don't make it into the studio unless I've got something I really like. I love working with different musicians in the studio; that's a real joy, working with someone for the first time." - Bob Seger

"I love all of Albert Brooks' work from 'Defending Your Life' back to his first film, 'Real Life', but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work." - Douglas Wood

"Sometimes it's a struggle to get over self-love first. Sometimes in this struggle for love, we give up, or lose everything, and we still don't achieve love. Some people don't even recognize real love when it comes without being called or sought." - J. California Cooper

"Dad - a son's first hero, a daughter's first love." - John Walter Bratton

"This first murder, it's like first love, it's unforgettable." - Alexander Pichushkin

"This first murder, it's like first love, it's unforgettable." - Alexander Pichushkin

"I think the idea, first and foremost, is to understand that people may label these characters as villains, but at the end of the day I have to fall in love with the characters that I play. For me, they have to be real characters with real objectives, and driving forces. So they're all different." - Edi Gathegi

"Love, first begotten of all created things ..." - Georgiana Goddard King

"Love is the eternal first breath." - Vanna Bonta

"is love at first sight truly possible ?" - Nicholas Sparks

"You never forget your first love." - Wendelin Van Draanen

"There's no love like the first." - Nicholas Sparks

"Believe in love at first sight." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Other-Love is writing's first name." - Helene Cixous

"Love lasts when the relationship comes first" - Gautama Buddha

"My first love will always be movies." - Greg Mottola

"Music was my first love and companion." - Stacey King

"The stage is my first love." - Anthony Mackie

"Musical theatre is my first love." - Laura Benanti

"Acting was my first love before music." - Crystal Bowersox

"Trust is the first step to love." - Munshi Premchand

"Emilio Estevez was definitely my first love." - Demi Moore

"Shakespeare is definitely my first love." - Andre Holland

"First and foremost, I married for love." - Kim Kardashian

"When we say, "I take refuge in the Buddha," we should also understand that "The Buddha takes refuge in me," because without the second part the first part is not complete. The Buddha needs us for awakening, understanding, and love to be real things and not just concepts. They must be real things that have real effects on life. Whenever I say, "I take refuge in the Buddha," I hear "the Buddha takes refuge in me."" - Nhat Hanh

"The first sign of love is when love asks nothing, [when it] gives everything. This is the real spiritual worship, the worship through love. Whether God is merciful is no longer questioned. He is God; He is my love. Whether God is omnipotent and almighty, limited or unlimited, is no longer questioned. If He distributes good, all right; if He brings evil, what does it matter? All other attributes vanish except that one-infinite love." - Swami Vivekananda

"Love can become devotion. Love is the first step; only then can devotion flower. But for us even love is a faraway reality, sex is the only real thing. Love has two possibilities: either it falls into sex and becomes a bodily thing, or it rises into devotion and becomes a thing of the spirit. Love is just in between. Just below it is the abyss of sex, and beyond it is the open sky - the infinite sky of devotion." - Rajneesh

"The real people nation have for centuries had the practice at birth of speaking the same first phrase to all newborns. Each person hears the same exact first human words: "We love you and support you on the journey." At their final celebration, everyone hugs them and repeats the phrase again." - Marlo Morgan

"If you have the ability to love, love yourself first." - Charles Bukowski

"Do you love your creator Love your fellow-beings first." - Muhammad

"To love others you must first love yourself." - Leo Buscaglia

"First we love within, then we love the world." - Elizabeth Lesser

"Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time." - Jack London

"I love to write. It's my first love." - Geddy Lee

"Our first and last love is self-love." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"I love love and falling in love, but it can get pretty flat real fast." - Claire Danes

"The real bond and real love is something that is actually worth fighting for." - William Moseley

"Love affairs are the real only education in life." - Marlene Dietrich

"Real love begins where nothing is expected in return." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Well, girls love Justin Bieber... But real women have Letogasms" - Jared Leto

"Love everyone, including yourself. This is real sadhana." - Baba Hari Dass

"The real us is pure love, pure light" - Miguel Angel Ruiz

"I guess love is the real suspension of disbelief." - Melissa Bank

"Only love is real...everything else is illusion" - Carole King

"Whatever you know, or do' - only Love is real." - Rumi

"Love has to be reciprocated for it to be real." - Alexandra Adornetto

"Love is always real, even when it doesn't last." - Megan Hart

"The real drug, I came to believe, was love." - Joyce Maynard

"Pain or love or danger makes you real again...." - Jack Kerouac

"Real life is in love, laughter, and work." - Elbert Hubbard

"Real love cannot be silent in the face of injustice." - Mel White

"A huge part of real love is constant forgiveness." - Glenn Close

"Love is the part of us that is real." - Gerald Jampolsky

"The real gift of love is self disclosure." - John Powell

"Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener." - Paula Deen

"Whatever you know, or don't - only Love is real." - Rumi

"Real love finds you once, if you're lucky." - Ellen Hopkins

"Real love is strange and changeable... but also somehow constant." - Tom Hiddleston

"I love a real-life, movie moment in living color." - L'Wren Scott

"Real love, the Bible says, instinctively desires permanence." - Timothy Keller

"Evil is real - but so is God's power and love." - Billy Graham

"Sometimes [...] real love is silent as well as blind." - Stephen King

"I love being able to stay real to the world." - Kurt Sutter

"God alone is real, nothing matters but love for God." - Meher Baba

"Letting people share their gifts and strengths is real love." - Jon Gordon

"In the best organizations, love is the real "pixie dust."" - Bill Capodagli

"The presence of real love in the world inspires me." - Krishna Das

"Love is always real, even when it does' last." - Megan Hart

"Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I love documentaries, I like observing real people." - Tracey Ullman

"Love is messy. It's not something that's real clean." - Matt Dillon

"I really love Natalie Portman; she's the real deal." - Kirsten Prout

"I love a real-life, movie moment in living color." - Lwren Scott

"People love to yammer on about things that aren't real." - Jeremy Renner

"Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience." - M Scott Peck

"What I cannot love, I overlook. Is that real friendship?" - Anais Nin

"And he knew at that moment that love world never die, that it would never fade away altogether. The time might come when he would meet and marry someone else. He might even be reasonably happy. But there would always be a deep precious place in his heart that belonged to his first real love." - Mary Balogh

"I would love to see a debate on economics between Trump and Obama. Mr. 'Scholar,' Mr. Faculty Lounge Extraordinaire versus Mr. Real World Builder. I would love to see that. Obama wouldn't even get out his first sentence by the time Trump had given ten answers." - Rush Limbaugh

"The firsts go away - first love, first kiss, first baby. You have to create new ones." - Sarah Jessica Parker

"Love until it hurts. Real love is always painful and hurts: then it is real and pure." - Mother Teresa

"We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first." - George Whyte-Melville

"God will look to every soul like its first love because He is its first love." - C S Lewis

"Mourning your first love is as important as meeting your first love. It's the whole cycle." - Jane Anderson

"Femininity, yes, effectively there is more in The First Man, not only in terms of women but stylistically, in its elements, the notes he wrote. You can see a real love story in it, a childhood love story, [Albert] Camus' first. Meursault [protagonist of The Outsider] and Marie were never up to much really. There is Dora in The Just and others in his plays, but they aren't so well known." - Catherine Camus

"I definitely feel that we cannot do the fantastic things based on the real, unless we first know the real." - Walt Disney

"Love is real, real is love, Love is feeling, feeling love, Love is wanting to be loved. Love is touch, touch is love, Love is reaching, reaching love, Love is asking to be loved. Love is you, You and me, Love is knowing, We can be. Love is free, free is love, Love is living, living love, Love is needing to be loved." - John Lennon

"My first real showbiz job was on a Nickelodeon show called 'Hey, Dude.' That was my first real paid scriptwriting job." - Graham Yost

"Probably the '86 nationals. That was my first real national title and first real statement I ever made in figure skating, and my life changed after I returned." - Debi Thomas

"I'm starved for love. Not ordinary love but real love. The love that's like music or something." - J P Donleavy

"Men, this stuff that some sources sling around about America wanting out of this war, not wanting to fight, is a crock of bullshit. Americans love to fight, traditionally. All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle. You are here today for three reasons. First, because you are here to defend your homes and your loved ones. Second, you are here for your own self respect, because you would not want to be anywhere else. Third, you are here because you are real men and all real men like to fight." - George S Patton

"To the game I'm true like the sun first rose I'm real like my man Michael Jackson's first nose" - Dred Scott

"My first concert makes me sound like a real old man. My very first concert was Jackie Wilson." - Eddie Murphy



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