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Feminine Mystique Quotes


"The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive." - Betty Friedan

"Shopping, true feminine felicity!" - Letitia Elizabeth Landon

"Women owe Friedan an incalculable debt for The Feminine Mystique. Domesticity was not a satisfactory story of an intelligent woman's life." - Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

"In retrospect, we could see that the 1950s had been a reactionary period in America of Eisenhower blandness, of virulent anticommunism, of the 'Feminine Mystique.'" - Edmund White

"I've always jealously guarded my feminine mystique. I've been married twice, and neither of my husbands has ever seen me put my face on." - Laurie Graham

"Celebrities, movie stars and rock stars are losing their mystique." - Nikki Sixx

"The key to the trap is, of course, education. The feminine mystique has made higher education for women seem suspect, unnecessary and even dangerous. But I think that education, and only education, has saved, and can continue to save, American women from the greater dangers of the feminine mystique." - Betty Friedan

"Grace is a feminine quality." - Rajneesh

"Brilliant. . . . Marriage Confidential is both laugh-out-loud funny and gasp-out-loud shocking, and nothing less than a Feminine Mystique for our time. Mark my words, your marriage will change after reading this book." - Debby Applegate

"Instead of fulfilling the promise of infinite orgasmic bliss, sex in the America of the feminine mystique is becoming a strangely joyless national compulsion, if not a contemptuous mockery." - Betty Friedan

"Each woman is made to feel it is her own cross to bear if she can't be the perfect clone of the male superman and the perfect clone of the feminine mystique." - Betty Friedan

"It was the era that I later analyzed, the "feminine mystique" era, [when] "career woman" was a dirty word. And so I didn't want a career anymore. [But] I had to do something. So I started freelancing for women's magazines." - Betty Friedan

"I realized that what I was saying was threatening, somehow, to the editors of women's magazines. That it threatened the very world they were trying to paint, what I then called the "feminine mystique."" - Betty Friedan

"Instead of fulfilling the promise of infinite orgastic bliss, sex in the America of the feminine mystique is becoming a strangely joyless national compulsion, if not a contemptuous mockery." - Betty Friedan

"We broke through the feminine mystique and women who were wives, mothers and housewives began to find themselves as people. That didn't mean they stopped, or had to stop, being mothers, wives or even liking their homes." - Betty Friedan

"The eternal feminine draws us up." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Taste is the feminine of genius." - Lord Edward FitzGerald

"Masculine and feminine, vertical and horizontal." - Piet Mondrian

"The Eternal Feminine draws us on." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Taste is the feminine of genius." - Edward Fitzgerald

"Intuition is a strong feminine quality." - Carolina Herrera

"Mystique is rare now, isn't it? There aren't that many enigmas in this modern world." - Benedict Cumberbatch

"A high price may be part of the mystique in selling difficult art." - Robert Genn

"There's no mystique to acting. It's only common sense - and a bit of courage." - Bill Hunter

"The feminine values are the fountain of bliss. Know the masculine, Keep to the feminine." - Laozi

"The masculine DOES while the feminine IS. Major in the feminine, but minor in the masculine." - Marianne Williamson

"Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny." - Aristotle

"I do not... look very feminine. Diana, Princess of Wales is feminine... I am... femi-none." - Caitlin Moran

"There will always be something about two men in the ring - a mystique because it's pure man-to-man competition. Because of the history boxing has and the tradition it holds, boxing will always have a that mystique." - Sugar Ray Leonard

"The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity or loyalty, mystique, humor, discipline, courage, self sufficieny and confidence." - James Fisher

"The word 'professional' doesn't hold any magic or mystique. The people who really change the world are usually amateurs" - Dave Hampton

"Those who advocate common usage in philosophy sometimes speak in a manner that suggests the mystique of the 'common man.'" - Bertrand Russell

"Are Republican women politicians more feminine than Democratic women politicians?" - Susan Estrich

"One only really loves from a feminine position." - Jacques-Alain Miller

"Enlightenment comes through the feminine side of the being." - Frederick Lenz

"She succumbed to the eternal feminine passion for bargains." - Georgette Heyer

"Because, Cat, it's the feminine persuasion that's always the deadliest." - Jeaniene Frost

"There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman." - Margaret Fuller

"Because, Cat, it's the feminine persuasion that's always the deadliest." - Jeaniene Frost

"I love being a woman and I love being feminine." - Charlize Theron

"An unreflected light did never yet Dazzle the vision feminine." - Henry Taylor

"Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention." - Ninon De Lenclos

"I grew up around a lot of feminine energy." - David Walton

"I want to be as feminine and classic as possible." - Jessie Ware

"Purity is the feminine, truth the masculine of honor." - David Hare

"Keeping a feminine approach is vital - men hate bossy females." - Ida Lupino

"Punk allowed women to stop looking feminine. Oh, the relief." - Jo Brand

"I am positive that flexibility is a feminine characteristic." - Emma Bonino

"Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"What is masculine and what is feminine, anyway?" - Jean Paul Gaultier

"I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine." - Nancy Reagan

"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." - Victor Hugo

"You can still be strong and be feminine." - Shannon Tweed

"She was deeply passionate about the sacred feminine." - Dan Brown

"Every woman knows the power of the sacred feminine." - Deborah King

"The real joke that history played on American women is not the one that makes people snigger, with cheap Freudian sophistication, at the dead feminists. It is the joke that Freudian thought played on living women, twisting the memory of the feminists into the man-eating phantom of the feminine mystique, shriveling the very wish to be more than just a wife and mother." - Betty Friedan

"I've been reading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, which is obviously very dated now but still relevant. It's so interesting to see how far we've come and how far we haven't come with all these myths that people put onto women." - Rose Byrne

"It's still feminine, but not in a romantic way. It's all about masculine and feminine, and being strong." - Miuccia Prada

"Being strong can be also feminine. I don't think feminine equals being weak. Being strong is very sexy." - Sanaa Lathan

"I feel that I'm sort of playing me but more feminine, and to me more feminine means smarter." - Kevin Mcdonald

"Miles got a mystique about him-plus he's at the top of his profession. And he's got way, way, way more money." - Dizzy Gillespie

"Friedan: There was a masculine mystique, too." - Betty Friedan

"The mystique associated with the bomb, the role that scientists played in it, and its general importance could not fail to impress even a six-year old." - Sidney Altman

"I think it's important to have mystique." - Joan Jett

"It's fun to look at people that are so good at acting that aren't actors, like David Bowie creating a mystique about rock n' roll." - Val Kilmer

"The only kind of work which permits an able woman to realize her abilities fully, to achieve identity in society in a life plan that can encompass marriage and motherhood, is the kind that was forbidden by the feminine mystique, the lifelong commitment to an art or science, to politics or profession. If divorce has increased by one thousand percent, don't blame the women's movement. Blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based." - Betty Friedan

"The tension in the world is the tension between the ego and the feminine, not between the masculine and the feminine." - Terence Mckenna

"The Masculine State expels alien races; The Super Masculine State kills them. The Feminine State admits alien races; The Super Feminine State interbreeds with them." - Simon Sheppard

"Women are treated as unjustly in poetry as in life. The feminine ones are not idealistic, and the idealistic not feminine." - Friedrich Schlegel

"Women are treated as unjustly in poetry as in life. The feminine ones are not idealistic, and the idealistic not feminine." - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

"With age comes wisdom. You don't need big boobs to be feminine. Look at Liberace." - Joan Rivers

"The eternal feminine doth draw us upward. [Ger., Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan.]" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Men are cowards when it comes to the "eternally feminine": and the little women know it." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"If the feminine issue is so absurd, is because the male's arrogance made it "a discussion" - Simone De Beauvoir

"... a woman who is not feminine is a monster in creation." - Elizabeth Missing Sewell

"Jane Austen is the feminine Peter Pan of letters. She never grew up." - George Sampson

"A man of fine perceptions is more truly feminine than a merely sentimental woman." - Henry David Thoreau

"If there were genders to genres, fiction would be unquestionably feminine." - William Gass

"It is difficult to distinguish where the feminine ends and nature begins." - Antonio Carlos Jobim

"Reason is feminine in nature; it can only give after it has received." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Schools are generally feminine places, institutions where conformity is valued, taught largely by conformist women." - Judith M Bardwick

"There is no sound more feminine than a woman in a taffeta dress." - Oscar De La Renta

"The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don't have." - Christian Louboutin

"Fearless gentleness is the most beautiful of feminine attractions born of modesty and love." - Clara Lucas Balfour

"I am completely tied up with softness, fragility, and the problems of a feminine world." - Lillian Bassman

"I identify more with women than with men. I guess I have a strong feminine side." - Lenny Kravitz

"Since women do most delight in revenge, it may seem but feminine manhood to be vindictive." - Thomas Browne

"We are born male or female, but not masculine or feminine." - Sandra Bartky

"There's something about the Strat's shape that is at once masculine and feminine" - Bonnie Raitt

"Success is feminine and like a woman, if you cringe before her, she will override you" - William Faulkner

"The union of feminine and masculine energies within the individual is the basis of all creation." - Shakti Gawain

"If someone says tennis is not feminine, I say screw it." - Rosemary Casals

"Somewhere in the shadow cast by every famous man is a feminine victim." - Jules Renard

"I didn't completely forget how to be nice or feminine because I have a career." - Mindy Kaling

"To truly be feminine means being soft, receptive, and - look out, here it comes - submissive," - Gabrielle Reece

"The Woman, the Eternal Feminine envelops with her gaze of light the entire planet." - Samael Aun Weor

"You don't have to apologize for being feminine in a male space." - Charissa Thompson

"Paradoxically, when females reject the male, they usurp the masculine role and abandon the feminine one." - Henry Makow

"We can be beautiful at all ages. Feminine beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, ways." - Lauren Hutton

"It is in great part the anxiety of being a woman that devastates the feminine body." - Simone De Beauvoir

"The world was very feminine when I was young. And now it's very masculine." - Quentin Crisp

"A truly feminine woman should always retain a little air of mystery." - Louis Jourdan

"A woman beautiful facially can negate all her beauty by no longer being feminine." - George Hamilton

"The Super Masculine State dominates; The Super Feminine State becomes extinct." - Simon Sheppard

"What makes a gay icon is someone who possesses both masculine and feminine qualities simultaneously." - RuPaul

"Mysteries are feminine; they like to veil themselves but still want to be seen and divined." - Friedrich Schlegel

"Real liberation for men means that they can explore and integrate their feminine aspects of consciousness." - Marianne Williamson

"You always have access to your truth. You always have access to the divine feminine." - Danielle LaPorte

"In writing, I apply my feminine side and respect the mystery involved in creation." - Paulo Coelho

"I took a gamble to exercise leadership without losing my feminine nature." - Michelle Bachelet

"Ideally, people find mates with whom they can express both their masculine and feminine sides." - Scott Bakula

"If there were genders to genres, fiction would be unquestionably feminine." - William H Gass

"I really want to make clothes that are feminine and help women look beautiful." - Gianni Versace

"Intuition is truly a feminine quality, but women should not mistake rash conclusions for this gift." - Minna Antrim

"I'm feminine, but I wouldn't say that I'm girly in any way at all." - Victoria Beckham

"I like very girly, retro inspired, feminine, floral things. I'm not very edgy." - Ariana Grande

"As a result of the feminist revolution, 'feminine' becomes an abusive epithet." - Wyndham Lewis

"Any woman who wishes to smash into the world of men isn't very feminine." - Ida Lupino

"I like a little bit of punk mixed with a little bit of feminine." - Hannah Marks

"I tend to wear all black. I like feeling sexy, feminine, effortless, and real." - Banks

"The feminine is the foundation on which a peaceful and happy world is to be raised." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Mysteries are feminine; they like to veil themselves but still want to be seen and divined." - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

"We will make La Perla a great international brand for beauty and feminine luxury." - Silvio Scaglia

"Mysteries are feminine; they like to veil themselves but still want to be seen and divined." - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Sc

"I'd always thought hurricanes were romantic, with pretty feminine names like Celestine." - Mark Shand

"Never had he found himself so close to those terrible weapons of feminine artillery." - Stendhal

"Nothing is either all masculine or all feminine except having sex." - Marlo Thomas

"I hate men who are in touch with their feminine side." - David Bailey

"The first feminine feature that goes, with advancing age, is the neck." - Gloria Swanson

"Becoming the new feminine ideal requires just the right combination of insecurity, exercise, bulimia and surgery." - Garry Trudeau

"I love the feel of good quality Italian black lace that feels delicate and really feminine." - Nicole Trunfio

"Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy." - Beyonce Knowles

"I identify with women more than men. I guess I have a strong feminine side." - Lenny Kravitz

"I'm really super feminine, and I'm really soft. I'm very sensitive, I realized." - Serena Williams

"I've been known to create clothes that are very formfitting and feminine." - Jason Wu

"Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed." - Judith Butler

"If we did not have a feminine being within us, how would we rest ourselves?" - Gaston Bachelard

"It just so happens that some of the things I like are feminine." - Andrej Pejic

"The divine feminine akins itself to the gracefulness of a swan." - Faisal Khokhar

"Creativity is basically a feminine process. I'm convinced that we have in our soul, everybody, this masculine side and this feminine side. So at the end of the day, you always use this feminine creative energy to write or to do any type of art or creativity. So if I see that my protagonist is feminine, it's not more difficult, no. And even when my protagonist is masculine, I'm writing from using this feminine energy." - Paulo Coelho

"Over and over again, stories in women's magazines insist that women can know fulfillment only at the moment of giving birth to a child. They deny the years when she can no longer look forward to giving birth, even if she repeats the act over and over again. In the feminine mystique, there is no other way for a woman to dream of creation or of the future. There is no other way she can even dream about herself, except as her children's mother, her husband's wife." - Betty Friedan

"There always has been a mystique and a romance about aviation, but in terms of the principles involved of satisfying your customer there's no difference between selling airlines seats and chocolate bars." - Mike Batt

"Most computer technicians are complicators, not simplifiers. They're trying to make it look tough. Not easy. They're building a mystique, a priesthood, their own mumbo-jumbo ritual to keep you from knowing what they - and you - are doing." - Robert Townsend

"For me, and most of the other players, too, if you had to pick one of the four Grand Slams, you would pick Wimbledon. It's got tradition, it's got atmosphere, and it's got mystique." - Stefan Edberg

"I long for the old days of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, stars who had real glamour and mystique. We only knew so much about their lives; the rest was a mystery." - Pixie Lott

"My entire career stands on the strong pillars of women-oriented films. This stems from the fact that I am sensitive to the entire aura and mystique of a woman and womanhood." - Madhur Bhandarkar

"The mysteriousness and mystique of space is such, that science fiction attempts to tantalize you by telling you a story that could possibly be out there and that's the appeal of science fiction." - William Shatner

"When Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 as her father's rightful heir, she laid upon him the mantle of Camelot and the enduring mystique of John F. Kennedy, who, according to polls, continues to be America's most beloved president." - Kitty Kelley

"If I welcomed people into my lovely home every week in the pages of a magazine, they'd soon see how incredibly dull it is. It's important to maintain a bit of mystique." - Kevin Mccloud



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