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Faith Prayers Quotes


"Well-developed faith results in well-defined prayers, and well-defined prayers result in a well-lived life." - Mark Batterson

"Prayers are heard in heaven very much in proportion to our faith. Little faith will get very great mercies, but great faith still greater." - Charles Spurgeon

"Prayers are heard in heaven in proportion to our faith. Little faith gets very great mercies, but great faith still greater." - Charles Spurgeon

"It's a big world. Don't get trapped by tiny dreams and feeble problems. Time for big prayers and bold faith." - Louie Giglio

"As you walk with God, your faith will grow, your confidence will increase and your prayers will have real power." - Bill Hybels

"I desire an special interest in your prayers that my faith fail not in the day of adversity." - John Hawley

"Courage is fear that has said its prayers." - Dorothy Bernard

"For prayers to be efficacious, they must be in harmony with the plan of heaven. The prayer of faith bears fruit when such harmony exists, and this harmony exists when prayers are inspired by the Holy Spirit." - Keith B. McMullin

"Repentance and faith are distasteful to the unregenerate; they would sooner repeat a thousand formal prayers than shed a solitary tear of true repentance." - Charles Spurgeon

"God wants to bless us in many ways that require faith. We must trust that He is answering our prayers even when we ca' see it." - Stormie Omartian

"Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, our faith triumphant o"er our fears, are all with thee - are all with thee!" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, our faith triumphant o'er our fears, are all with thee - are all with thee!" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Trust in God. Do your duty. Remember your prayers. Get faith in the Lord, and take hold and build up Zion. All will be right." - Wilford Woodruff

"God wants to bless us in many ways that require faith. We must trust that He is answering our prayers even when we can't see it." - Stormie Omartian

"Our prayers can be more than empty wishes, vain hopes or feeble aspirations - but only when they are prayed from faith-filled hearts." - Bill Hybels

"Let us use our energy and our initiative to solve our problems without relying on prayers and wishful thinking. When we have faith in ourselves, we will find we do not have to have faith in gods." - Ruth Hurmence Green

"strenght-faith-hope-love" - Bruce Springsteen

"Only faith is sufficient." - Robert Ley

"Faith is intellectual laziness." - Robert A Heinlein

"Have faith in yourself." - Nathan Parsons

"I don't need faith." - Maurice Sendak

"Pray in faith." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Faith can move mountains." - Proverbs

"I am standing on my own altar; The poses are my prayers." - B.K.S. Iyengar

"Our prayers are prophets." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Short prayers reach heaven." - Proverbs

"I witness the reality and divinity of our Eternal Father, of His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Ghost. I testify that our Father hears and answers our prayers. May each of us strive with greater resolve to ask in faith and thereby make our prayers truly meaningful." - David A Bednar

"People who pray for miracles usually don't get miracles. But people who pray for courage, for strength to bear the unbearable, for the grace to remember what they have left instead of what they have lost, very often find their prayers answered. Their prayers help them tap hidden reserves of faith and courage that were not available to them before." - Harold S. Kushner

"Prayers offered up in Christian worship in the earliest days of the faith were addressed to 'Our Lord the Sun,' evidencing that 'primitive' Christians were quite in the spirit of Pagan forms and ideologies." - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

"the world has changed: it did not change without your prayers without your faith without your determination to believe in liberation and kindness; without your dancing through the years that had no beat." - Alice Walker

"Your Father in heaven knows your name and knows your circumstance. He hears your prayers. He knows your hopes and dreams, including your fears and frustrations. And He knows what you can become through faith in Him." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"I am here in spirit with you and you are in my prayers. Remember God is with you, and have faith in the fact that this too shall pass." - Michael Jackson

" see that God does answer, in great things as well as small, the prayers of those who put their trust in Him will strengthen the faith of multitudes." - Philip Yancey

"All the Saints of God are there to protect me, to sustain me and to carry me. And your prayers, my dear friends, your indulgence, your love, your faith and your hope accompany me." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Prayer offered without faith by a person that doesn't truly believe God exists will not be effective. Sin in our lives that we refuse to confess will also render our prayers ineffective." - Anne Graham Lotz

"Winnowing is more like a trip to the confessional...transparent & vulnerable without being sentimental. These songs have elements that are more like prayers & pleas for faith. They're questionings and wrangling in the dark about the journey." - Bill Mallonee

"Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee, Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, Our faith triumphant o'er our fears, Are all with thee,-are all with thee!" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"God does say He will graciously entertain our prayers. He says that if we exercise faith, and if our request is in accordance with His will, He will hear us." - Walter Martin

"Cleave to no faith when faith brings blood." - Arthur Miller

"Love is faith and one faith leads to another." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"Hope and faith. You have to have hope and faith," - Gabrielle Giffords

"Faith with proof is no faith at all." - Patrick Ness

"We live by faith, and faith lives by exercise." - William Gurnall

"... cling to Faith beyond the forms of Faith." - Alfred Tennyson

"Who breaks his faith, no faith is held with him." - Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

"Is a faith without action a sincere faith?" - Jean Racine

"Faith which does not doubt is dead faith." - Miguel De Unamuno

"But every act in consequence of our faith, strengthens faith." - Anna Letitia Barbauld

"Have faith in God; God has faith in you." - Edwin Louis Cole

"My reason nourishes my faith and my faith my reason." - Norman Cousins

"Keep the faith, keep the faith, keep working." - Deb Fischer

"The faith that stands on authority is not faith." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Have faith in yourself; faith in the infinite" - Napoleon Hill

"Baptism is faith in action." - Watchman Nee

"Faith isn't blind, it's visionary" - Marianne Williamson

"Faith changes hope into reality." - Kenneth E. Hagin

"Faith is necessary to victory." - William Hazlitt

"God will honor our faith." - Dwight L Moody

"Faith must be worked at." - James Cook

"We just need some faith." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I take my faith seriously." - Zac Farro

"Faith without works is dead." - Bible

"My faith is a wounded faith, but it's not without faith. My life is not without faith." - Elie Wiesel

"Faith lives in honest doubt." - Alfred Tennyson

"All action is vicarious faith." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Faith is reason grown courageous." - Sherwood Eddy

"Faith is a passionate intuition." - William Wordsworth

"Duty cannot exist without faith." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Faith idles when character shrivels." - Miroslav Volf

"My faith keeps me strong." - Cissy Houston

"Faith means believing the unbelievable." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Faith of consciousness is freedom Faith of feeling is weakness Faith of body is stupidity." - George Gurdjieff

"Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is foolishness." - George Gurdjieff

"Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world." - Masaru Emoto

"Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers." - Jentezen Franklin

"Prayers said by good people are always good prayers" - Willa Cather

"The most effective prayers are usually the simple prayers." - Joyce Meyer

"O thou child of many prayers! Life hath quicksands, Life hath snares! Care and age come unawares!" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"First comes the sweat. Then comes the beauty if you're very lucky and have said your prayers." - George Balanchine

"Fervent prayers produce phenomenal results." - Woodrow M. Kroll

"Your tears are my prayers." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Thank God for unanswered prayers." - Garth Brooks

"Fortune resists half-hearted prayers." - Ovid

"Put legs to your prayers" - Ray Comfort

"The effective prayers are affirmations." - James Redfield

"Fearr imprisons, faith liberates; fear paralyzes, faith empowers; fear disheartens, faith encourages; fear sickens, faith heals; fear makes useless, faith also makes serviceable az quotes." - Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Furnish thyself with arguments from the promises to enforce thy prayers, and make them prevalent with God. The promises are the ground of faith, and faith, when strengthened, will make thee fervent, and such fervency ever speeds and returns with victory out of the field of prayer. The mightier any is in the Word, the more mighty he will be in prayer." - William Gurnall

"He didn't believe in a God who sifted through prayers, answering some and ignoring others, no matter how unworthy or worthy a person might be. Instead, he preferred to believe in a God who bestowed all people with gifts and abilities and placed them in an imperfect world; only then was faith tested, only then could faith be earned." - Nicholas Sparks

"Prayer is a privilege and the soul's sincere desire. We can move beyond routine and 'checklist' prayers and engage in meaningful prayer as we appropriately ask in faith and act, as we patiently persevere through the trial of our faith, and as we humbly acknowledge and accept 'not my will, but Thine, be done.'" - David A Bednar

"My to shatter the faith of men here, there, and everywhere, faith in affirmation, faith in negation, and faith in abstention from faith, and this for the sake of faith in faith itself." - Miguel De Unamuno

"Prayers are designed to raise God-consciousness five times a day, throughout one's life. Prayers also provide regular exercise - like yoga or Tai Chi or Qigong built into the day - and serve as a calming retreat from the daily demands of life. Muslims thus learn to balance deeni wa dunyavi (the spiritual and the worldly). They can't abandon one for the other; that's the essence of their faith." - Haroon Siddiqui

"Popular piety is one of our strengths because it consists of prayers deeply rooted in people's hearts. These prayers even move the hearts of people who are somewhat cut off from the life of the Church and who have no special understanding of faith. All that is required is to 'illuminate' these actions and 'purify' this tradition so that it may become part of the life of the Church today." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Hope and faith are two intimate brothers; they always go together. Hope nourishes faith and faith treasures hope." - Sri Chinmoy

"Faith takes God without any ifs. If God says anything, faith says, "I believe it"; faith says, "Amen" to it." - Dwight L Moody

"Our faith is faith in someone else's faith, and in the greatest matters this is most the case." - William James

"Christian life consists of faith and charity" - Martin Luther

"We walk by faith, not by sight." - Paul the Apostle

"Faith is fudamentally a kind of folly ..." - Catherine Doherty

"God is bigger than the Christian faith." - Rob Bell

"Faith Alone is what really matters." - Nichiren

"'Faith' Him When You Can't Feel Him." - Lester Roloff

"I fight fairly, and in good faith." - Edmond Francois Valentin About

"Our life must answer for our faith." - Thomas F Wilson

"True faith is ever connected with hope." - John Calvin

"Worry and faith just don't mix." - Charles R Swindoll

"Hope is the parent of Faith." - C. A. Bartol

"The antidote to fear is faith." - Wayne Dyer

"You must have faith in God." - A. B. Simpson

"Faith doesn't begin until reason stops." - Jean-Claude Carriere

"Never break faith with the truth." - George Tenet

"Faith and optimism come from love." - Maya Soetoro-Ng

"Buddhism strongly discourages blind faith and fanaticism." - Dalai Lama

"Have faith in God. Stay focused." - DJ Khaled

"Faith is not the opposite of reason." - Richard Dawkins

"If one has faith, one has everything." - Ramakrishna

"Fear is faith that it won't work." - Mary Kay Ash

"Always have Faith. Always have Hope." - DJ Khaled

"If one has faith one has everything." - Ramakrishna

"We walk by faith, not by sight." - Bible

"One king, one law, one faith." - Louis XVI of France

"The principal part of faith is patience." - George Macdonald

"The Baha'i Faith is consolation for humanity." - Baha'u'llah

"Faith consists in believing what reason cannot." - Voltaire

"I fight fairly, and in good faith." - Edmond About

"Faith is a continuation of reason." - William Adams

"Faith is not contrary to reason." - Sherwood Eddy

"Faith creates the foundation for conviction." - Simon Soloveychik

"Have a little faith. Don't give up." - Fantasia Barrino

"Faith is never identical with piety." - Karl Barth

"I have faith in my imperfections!" - Dana Delany

"To me faith means not worrying." - John Dewey

"I have faith in the jury system." - Nancy Grace

"For most mothers, vaccinations become a matter of faith - faith in pharmaceutical companies, faith in public health officials - and I think there's been an erosion of faith." - Paul A. Offit

"Faith is nothing but obedience and piety." - Baruch Spinoza

"Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted." - Albert Pike

"Have faith in your own thoughts." - Brooke Shields

"Faith Hill is a big role model." - Taylor Swift

"Vision looks upward and becomes faith." - Stephen Samuel Wise

"I try to act out of faith." - Marian Wright Edelman

"Faith is like a kernel of wheat." - Joe Bob Briggs

"Faith has need of the whole truth." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"I've always had great faith in people." - Wayne Newton

"Faith is a big thing we explore." - Uzo Aduba

"First, I prepare. Then I have faith." - Joe Namath

"Fear is faith in reverse gear." - Napoleon Hill

"In a world torn by every kind of fundamentalism - religious, ethnic, nationalist and tribal - we must grant first place to economic fundamentalism, with its religious conviction that the market, left to its own devices, is capable of resolving all our problems. This faith has its own ayatollahs. Its church is neo-liberalism; its creed is profit; its prayers are for monopolies." - Carlos Fuentes

"Losing faith is a complicated business and takes time. There are no epiphanies, no "moments of truth." It takes much thought and concentration in the later phases, which thenselves come about through an accumulation of small accidents: examples of general injustice, misfortune falling upon the godly, prayers of one's own unanswered." - Thomas Pynchon

"If we, like the Savior, have the faith to put our trust in our Father in Heaven, to submit to His will, the true spirit of peace will come as a witness and strength that He has heard and answered our prayers." - Rex D. Pinegar

"Praised be St John, the glorified of God! Lord, grant me the prayers of St John, disciple and friend whom thou lovest, apostle of love. Thy love, forever, eternal, that my faith may become as complete, as flaming and tranquil, as his, and pierce as deep and speak as simply in the spirit." - Eric Milner-White

"Above all, I declare that Jesus Christ is the center of our faith; I testify to you that he lives. He leads his Church today; he hears our prayers when we humbly, earnestly, unceasingly seek to know his will, making this, too, a day of miracles and of revelation." - Spencer W. Kimball



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