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Faith In Relationship Quotes


"I believe a personal relationship with God is healthy, but organized religion has potential for danger, in whatever faith." - Max Lucado

"Truth, according to the Christian faith, is God's love for us in Jesus Christ. Therefore, truth is a relationship." - Pope Francis

"Faith in faith is faith astray." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"Trust yourself in God's hands. Maintain your relationship to Jesus Christ by the patience of faith. 'Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.'" - Oswald Chambers

"Loving the world destroys our relationship with God, it denies our faith in God, and it discounts our future with God." - David Jeremiah

"Faith is not a contract. Faith is surrender. If no other relationship in our experience is one of self-surrender, if it's all contractual, people won't know how to believe." - Francis George

"We don't always possess faith in the sense of having a clear embodiment of something to hang on to. The relationship between the intellect and faith is a very curious one. Sometimes the intellect can point us to faith, sometimes the intellect can stand in the way of faith. Sometimes, as St John of the Cross points out, we have to darken or blind the intellect in order to have faith." - Kevin Hart

"Have faith in yourself." - Nathan Parsons

"Pray in faith." - Gordon B Hinckley

"I'm not a fan of religion. Religion ties people up and binds them and puts them back in chains but faith - true relationship - releases us to be all what God ever intended us to be. That's what I'm interested in." - Kathie Lee Gifford

"I had praying grandmothers who bathed me in "The Word" and filled the atmosphere with worship. Though I developed my own personal spiritual relationship later in life, the foundation they laid is what my faith was built upon." - Aisha Hinds

"I still describe myself as a Christian, and my love of God and my relationship with God is fundamental, but its manifestations in my life and the practices of it are constantly changing. I find incredible freedom in my faith." - Sufjan Stevens

"The military infrastructure grew me. My faith in God is important, my belief in my country is important, my relationship to my family is important, the things that Mom and Dad tell you growing up are important." - Tommy Franks

"My mother made sure we stayed involved in the church and the things of God. My relationship with Christ came about through that and the influences of my mother and grandmother helped my faith to grow." - Torii Hunter

"The paradox in Christian truth is invariably due to the fact that it is the truth that exists for God. The standard of measure and the end is superhuman; and there is only one relationship possible: faith." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Red Letter Christians believe in the doctrines of the Apostle's Creed, are convinced that the Scriptures have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, and make having a personal transforming relationship with the resurrected Christ the touchtone of their faith." - Tony Campolo

"I'm still going to make mistakes, but I don't have any problems with publicly professing my faith now. It just took me a long time to get to the right place in my relationship with Christ." - Scott Stapp

"The celebration of Lent, in the context of the Year of Faith, offers us a valuable opportunity to meditate on the relationship between faith and charity: between believing in God - the God of Jesus Christ - and love, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit and which guides us on the path of devotion to God and others." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Believers are often thought of as people who have some kind of private conviction or repudiation of something, whereas "the faithful" refers to a relationship, which was also incidentally the earlier sense of "faith" in premodern, preliberal Christianity. This is not to say, incidentally, that "faith" refers simply to external behavior as opposed to internal belief but that it refers to an act." - Talal Asad

"I grew up a faithful person. I never lost faith. I prayed every day all throughout my life. But at some point in life, my faith became fairly abstract. And I lost this belief that we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." - Carly Fiorina

"We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship." - Harville Hendrix

"Losing faith in one's self means losing faith in God." - Swami Vivekananda

"Faith in God includes Faith in God's timing." - Neal A Maxwell

"Next to faith in God, is faith in labor." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people." - Steve Jobs

"Have faith in God; God has faith in you." - Edwin Louis Cole

"Have faith in yourself; faith in the infinite" - Napoleon Hill

"Age is not important in relationship" - Yoseob

"In the beginning was the relationship." - Martin Buber

"In marriage, compromise nurtures the relationship." - Tim Allen

"Baptism is faith in action." - Watchman Nee

"Have faith in your destiny" - Swami Vivekananda

"Faith lives in honest doubt." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Faith lives in honest doubt." - Alfred Tennyson

"The showrunner relationship in television is what the director relationship in film, there's really no more important relationship." - Bear McCreary

"Faith is a belief in the unknown. Faith heals, faith creates, faith works wonders, faith moves mountains. Faith is the searchlight for God-finding." - Sivananda

"Have faith in your faith-and doubt your doubts." - Robert H Schuller

"But every act in consequence of our faith, strengthens faith." - Anna Letitia Barbauld

"Sometimes the sight of someone in one faith wrestling with that faith can empower you to wrestle with another faith. For me, it was reading about how the Catholic Church wrestled with itself in the 1960s. Pope John XXIII set Nostra Aetate - the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions - in motion. It changed the relationship between Jews and Catholics. Today, Jews and Catholics meet as friends. If you can do that, after the longest history of hatred the world has known, that empowers you as a Jew or a Muslim to wrestle with your faith." - Jonathan Sacks

"I have no faith in my faith. My faith is in the faithful God." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Non-violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man." - Mahatma Gandhi

"That which is created in a relationship can be fixed in a relationship." - Murray Bowen

"Am I in a relationship? Yeah. I'm already in a relationship with everybody that likes me." - G-Dragon

"I was born into a Christian household, in a parsonage in fact, so I grew up in sort of a missionary atmosphere but it was an environment which involved both the traditional religions as well as the Muslim religion, so we were exposed to all the various facets of faith, micro cultures which existed within those beliefs, and even though I've lost whatever Christian faith was drummed into me as a child, I still maintain very good relationship with all the various religions." - Wole Soyinka

"From now on, I pray like I mean it. No more hitting SEND over and over. It's changed my life. It has freed me from fear and opened up endless avenues for me as a writer, radio host, parent, wife, and friend. It has enhanced every relationship I'm in, starting with the most important one: my relationship with God. Real faith isn't praying without ceasing. It's believing that God heard you the first time." - Regina Brett

"...for Paul faith is always faith in a person. Faith is not the intellectual acceptance of a body of doctrine; faith is faith in a person." - William Barclay

"My to shatter the faith of men here, there, and everywhere, faith in affirmation, faith in negation, and faith in abstention from faith, and this for the sake of faith in faith itself." - Miguel De Unamuno

"Addiction is a relationship, a pathological relationship in which... obsession replaces people." - Patrick Carnes

"Meaning is found in relationship. - Meaning is the relationship of the foreground figure to the background." - Bruce Lee

"In order to trust God, we must always view our adverse circumstances through the eyes of faith, not of sense. And just as the faith of salvation comes through hearing the message of the gospel (Romans 10:17), so the faith to trust God in adversity comes through the Word of God alone. It is only in the Scriptures that we find an adequate view of God's relationship to and involvement in our painful circumstances. It is only from the Scriptures, applied to our hearts by the Holy Spirit, that we receive the grace to trust God in adversity." - Jerry Bridges

"My parents were adherents of the Baha'i faith, which is sort of, I can't think of the best way to describe it, but it sort of has the same relationship to Islam that Christianity has to Judaism, and it's a kind of a universalist creed and missionaries aren't paid. You're essentially expected to go out and find a job and do your own thing, and in your spare time spread the faith, and so that was the driving force of us going overseas." - Lydia Polgreen

"Inflexible in faith, invincible in arms." - James Beattie

"Because the Christian God is not a lonely God, but rather a communion of three persons, faith leads human beings into the divine communion. One cannot, however, have a self-enclosed communion with the Triune God- a "foursome," as it were- for the Christian God is not a private deity. Communion with this God is at once also communion with those others who have entrusted themselves in faith to the same God. Hence one and the same act of faith places a person into a new relationship both with God and with all others who stand in communion with God." - Miroslav Volf

"It takes faith to find personal significance in your relationship with God rather than how much money you earn, how beautiful you look, how many toys you own, how many trophies you collect, or how much territory you conquer and control." - Charles R Swindoll

"I believe that a great number of people are going to die and go to hell because they're counting on their religiosity in the church instead of their relationship with Jesus to get them to heaven. They give lip service to repentance and faith, but they've never been born again." - Adrian Rogers

"I believe that a great number of people are going to die and go to hell because they"re counting on their religiosity in the church instead of their relationship with Jesus to get them to heaven. They give lip service to repentance and faith, but they"ve never been born again." - Adrian Rogers

"To mend our own relationship with God, regaining God's favor after having once lost it, is beyond the power of any one of us. And one must see and bow to this before one can share the biblical faith in God's grace." - J I Packer

"Sure! A relationship with the Almighty is not impossible. We must realize that one's approach to the Presence of Almighty Being, who is absolutely unseen, is possible by means of fortification of spiritual power via one's complete faith in His Self-reliant Being." - Muhammad Atta-ullah Faizani

"Most Christians are not convinced of their own faith. I would say 90 percent of Christians do not have a worldview, in other words a view of the world, based on the Scripture and a relationship with God. And so they cannot discern between the truth and falsehood." - Josh Mcdowell

"Trust is a core currency of any relationship. Sometimes our need to control and micromanage everything erodes our confidence in ourselves and others. The truth: People are much more capable than we think. A hearty dose of trust is often what's needed to unlock the magic. Go ahead, have faith." - Kris Carr

"When you think about your relationship with Christ, it really just affects every aspect of your life. I think a lot of people try to segment off, like, 'This is church, so this is God, this is my daily life, this is my job,' but I think true faith is when it manifests itself in every single aspect of your life." - Jeremy Lin

"I've received a lot of positive feedback from both the secular and Christian markets. People seem to be receiving it with open arms and hearts, and are interested in the stories I want to share about my relationship with God and my faith." - Brian Littrell

"When I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior, and I asked him to forgive and to come into my life, and He does - from that moment forward I have established a personal relationship with God that I have to develop, you know, through Bible reading and prayer, and living my life for him." - Anne Graham Lotz

"God's Word brought me peace and a desire for a relationship with Him. I found that questioning Him and searching for answers through Scripture helped me grow and gave me direction. Now my faith in Christ is what gives me confidence for the future. I know that through both good times and bad, He is faithful and will watch over me." - Clint Dempsey

"Churches provide a place of gathering for people who share common beliefs, support and encouragement for each other in faith, a place to find insight into and teaching about God's Word, and they provide a time and place where people can leave the world behind and focus only on their spiritual relationship with God." - Mary C. Neal

"I think you grow wherever God plants you. I hope I'm growing as a person of faith, as a Christian. That should be our number one objective this journey of life. That all starts with a personal intimate relationship with Christ and then being in prayer every single day about all of those things - being tenacious about it." - J C Watts

"I've learned through my own relationship with God that He's not expecting me to be perfect; He wants me to do my best to be in His will and take steps of faith as He leads me, through His Word and the promptings He speaks to my heart." - Joyce Meyer

"Put faith in one who's had experience." - Ovid

"Faith is unflinching trust in something divine." - A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

"Faith in friendship is the noblest part." - Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery

"... FAITH: ... Full Assurance In The Heart." - Nick Vujicic

"I fight fairly, and in good faith." - Edmond Francois Valentin About

"Faith takes root in the insignificant." - Nancy Willard

"your faith and hope are in god." - Billy Graham

"We put our faith in love." - Lauren Kate

"You must have faith in God." - A. B. Simpson

"Have faith in your imaginel act." - Neville Goddard

"Faith is reason at rest in God." - Charles Spurgeon

"I have great faith in a seed." - Henry David Thoreau

"Have faith in all that you make." - Dahvie Vanity

"Have faith in God. Stay focused." - DJ Khaled

"I have no faith in political arithmetic." - Adam Smith

"Faith consists in believing what reason cannot." - Voltaire

"I fight fairly, and in good faith." - Edmond About

"I have faith in my imperfections!" - Dana Delany

"I've lost my faith in science." - Bette Davis

"I have faith in the jury system." - Nancy Grace

"Have faith in your own thoughts." - Brooke Shields

"Fathers can find great inspiration in faith." - Bruce Feiler

"I had lost faith in biography." - A N Wilson

"We must hold enormous faith in ourselves." - Giorgio De Chirico

"I've always had great faith in people." - Wayne Newton

"Fear is faith in reverse gear." - Napoleon Hill

"Our faith is faith in someone else's faith, and in the greatest matters this is most the case." - William James

"When I was in my early 20s I converted to Catholicism after a long period of searching. What I think drew me to the Catholic church is that in Catholicism, prayer suffuses all of one's life by virtue of the sacraments. Prayer is not something which occurs just on Sunday, it doesn't occur only at particular moments of intensity or by particular conventions, one's whole life is given up to prayer in many, many modes. And so everything to do with the faith is trying to put you in relationship with God and trying to make that relationship grow deeper and more mature." - Kevin Hart

"Founding itself upon love, humility, and faith, dialogue becomes a horizontal relationship of which mutual trust between the dialoguers is a logical consequence." - Paulo Freire

"At the time I perceived most religious men, particularly the pastors with all their talk about love, faith and relationship, as effeminate." - Luke Ford

"Commitment is inherent in any genuinely loving relationship." - M Scott Peck

"In money matters no relationship counts; money hardens all hearts." - Matilde Serao

"Jesus is never bored in his relationship with you." - Mike Bickle

"Reality, like beauty, is in relationship and there only." - Vida Dutton Scudder

"The secret to desire in a long-term relationship" - Esther Perel

"physical beauty should have no importance in a lasting relationship." - Julie Garwood

"Be a loving person rather than in a love relationship." - Rajneesh

"In relationship with others, it is only you mirrored." - Rajneesh

"Sometimes sex gets in the way of a relationship." - Pamela Anderson

"In business courtesy and efficiency have a symbiotic relationship." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Success in any relationship or endeavor begins with trust." - S Truett Cathy

"I sometimes say I am in a relationship with boxing," - Marlen Esparza

"In a relationship you have to open yourself up." - Neil Labute

"every relationship you are in will fail, until one doesn't" - Dan Savage

"I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy." - Frances Bean Cobain

"The film depends on the audience's belief in this relationship." - Ralph Fiennes

"I'm in an on-off relationship at the moment." - Cat Deeley

"My relationship with everyone in Jamaica is good." - Usain Bolt

"I am very scared to invest emotionally in a relationship." - Deepika Padukone

"Life and death in a relationship depend on attitudes." - Laurel Lea

"I just want to be in a relationship." - Rita Ora

"I'm so happy to be in a committed relationship." - Adam Lambert

"there is no such thing as a faithless person.' Faith is an aspect of consciousness. We either have faith in fear or we have faith in love, faith" - Marianne Williamson

"I have faith in faith. God is there, whether we have faith or not, so why not have faith in him?" - Valerie Bertinelli

"For most mothers, vaccinations become a matter of faith - faith in pharmaceutical companies, faith in public health officials - and I think there's been an erosion of faith." - Paul A. Offit

"Faith is in the soul. Belief is thought. Faith is so rich. Faith gives me my spiritual self." - Ram Dass

"Not prayer without faith, nor faith without prayer, but prayer in faith, is the cost of spiritual gifts and graces." - Henry Clay Trumbull

"We must substitute fear for faith, for fear is only inverted faith; it is faith in evil instead of good." - Florence Scovel Shinn

"For me, there is no hope without faith. Faith is a higher good. Faith in our divinity." - Alyssa Milano

"The value of a relationship is in direct proportion to the time that you invest in the relationship." - Brian Tracy

"Just as it takes work to be in a relationship, so it takes work to not be in a relationship." - Kate Hudson

"I don't have faith in the Internet, I have faith in people connected through the Internet." - Jim Gilliam

"We must have faith in the people of this country and faith in our principles." - Ronald Reagan

"He who has no faith in others shall find no faith in them." - Laozi

"I think faith in each other is much harder than faith in God." - Stephen Fry

"Faith in God is less apt to proceed from miracles than miracles from faith in God." - Frederick Buechner

"Usually a person has more faith in their fear than faith in their future." - Doug Firebaugh

"If Man retained faith in God, he might also retain faith in Man." - Pat Frank

"If you don't have faith in yourself, then nobody else will have faith in you." - Hilary Devey

"My faith in man is, at bottom, a faith in God." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"We can have faith in the future only if we have faith in ourselves." - John F Kennedy

"Faith in God necessarily implies a lack of faith in humanity." - Barbara G. Walker

"I had faith in Israel before it was established, I have faith in it now." - Harry S Truman

"Those who put their faith in fire, in fire their faith shall be repaid." - Gordon Lightfoot

"He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God." - Swami Vivekananda

"Faith in our associates is part of our faith in God." - Charles Horton Cooley

"It is time we gave man faith in woman - and, still more, woman faith in herself." - Lucy Stone

"Faith in yourself and faith in God are the key to mastery of fear." - Harold Sherman

"I have an ultimate faith in America and an audacious faith in mankind." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If you do' have faith in yourself, then nobody else will have faith in you." - Hilary Devey

"It's easier to have faith in yourself if you have faith in God." - James Cook

"Don't put your faith in the innovations. Keep your faith in Christ." - Craig Groeschel

"When I loose my faith in Human nature, I put my faith in Nature-" - Lucinda Riley



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