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Fair Trials Quotes


"How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Good day, fair maidens." - Val Venis

"Turnabout is fair play." - Proverbs

"Fat, fair, and forty." - Walter Scott

"Farewell, fair cruelty." - William Shakespeare

"Play fair, okay?" - Colleen Haskell

"Kids are fair game; women are fair game." - Timothy Mcveigh

"... I am dark but fair, / Black but fair." - Alice Meynell

"Consider this a fair warning." - Steig Larsson

"And she's fair I love." - William Shakespeare

"Don't be fair, be engaged." - Andy Stanley

"Grief has turned her fair." - Oscar Wilde

"Fair and softly goes far." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Trials help us detach ourselves from the earth; they make us look higher than this world." - Therese Of Lisieux

"Rejoice in liberating moments of victory when conflicts, trials, and adversity fall momentarily under your command." - Wes Fesler

"All's fair in love and war." - Francis Edward Smedley

"No love is foule, nor prison fair." - George Herbert

"Who ever said the world was fair?" - Cassandra Clare

"Nobody ever said life was fair." - Lauren Oliver

"Virtuous and fair, royal and gracious." - William Shakespeare

"Is she kind as she is fair?" - William Shakespeare

"Faint heart ne'er won fair lady." - Miguel De Cervantes

"After the rain cometh the fair weather." - Aesop

"Life's not fair; why should I be?" - Margaret Atwood

"Life's not fair. It's only short." - Hank Phillippi Ryan

"A fair bargain leaves both sides unhappy." - George R R Martin

"Our garage was basically science fair central." - Jeff Bezos

"Life isn't fair, but you can be." - Tom Selleck

"Russian police. Stern, stern but fair" - Chris Pontius

"Faint heart never won fair lady." - Proverbs

"All's fair in love and war." - Proverbs

"O fairer daughter of a fair mother!" - Horace

"Faint hearts never win fair ladies." - Proverbs

"Fair is whatever God wants to do." - Leif Enger

"When you see fair hair Be pitiful." - George Eliot

"faint heart never won fair lady" - Meg Cabot

"Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow." - Thomas Campion

"I made my fair share of mistakes." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"A good leader must be fair." - Yao Ming

"How do you make things fair?" - Al Sharpton

"In fair weather prepare for foul." - Thomas Fuller

"Vanity is great motivation, to be fair." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"Spectators often express disfavor of fair decisions." - Helen Wills Moody

"All's fair in love and purchasing." - Emily Oster

"All workers want is a fair shake." - James P Hoffa

"Life isn't fair, but God is." - Joyce Meyer

"Make a Fair Product for a Fair Price, then Tell the World." - William Wrigley, Jr.

"Ah fair Zenocrate, divine Zenocrate, Fair is too foul an epithet for thee." - Christopher Marlowe

"I just want to be fair. I want to be a firm and fair trader." - Donald Trump

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air." - William Shakespeare

"Be fair with others, but then keep after them until they're fair with you." - Alan Alda

"As governor, I don't want my fair share. I want more than my fair share." - Terry Mcauliffe

"The universe is not fair and it is never going to be fair." - Daniel Keys Moran

"It is not the trials in your life that develop or destroy you, but rather your response to those hardships." - Charles Stanley

"Fiery trials make golden Christians." - Charles Spurgeon

"Validation comes to us in two ways: through trials we overcome, and through the words of older men." - John Eldredge

"Love seizes on us suddenly, without giving warning, and our disposition or our weakness favors the surprise; one look, one glance from the fair, fixes and determines us. Friendship, on the contrary, is a long time forming; it is of slow growth, through many trials and months of familiarity." - Jean De La Bruyere

"By my monastic life and vows I am saying no to all the concentration camps, the aerial bombardments, the staged political trials, the judicial murders, the racial injustices, the economic tyrannies, and the whole socioeconomic apparatus which seems geared for nothing but global destruction in spite of all its fair words in favor of peace." - Thomas Merton

"From the very beginning, our state and national constitutions and laws have laid great emphasis on procedural and substantive safeguards designed to assure fair trials before impartial tribunals in which every defendant stands equal before the law. This noble ideal cannot be realized if the poor man charged with crime has to face his accusers without a lawyer to assist him." - Hugo Black

"You can tell yourself that God's not fair, or you can thank Him that He's not fair. If God was fair, we would be doomed and condemned." - Paul David Tripp

"Too fair to worship, too divine to love." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Golf is not, and never has been, a fair game." - Jack Nicklaus

"Fall the deep curtains, delicate the weave, fair the thread." - Hilda Doolittle

"An old man dies, a little girl lives. Fair trade." - Frank Miller

"How fair the realm Imagination opens to the view," - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"All's fair in love, war and ride-sharing." - Marc Andreessen

"Life is not fair; get used to it." - Charles J. Sykes

"I am at peace, and people become fair by themselves." - Laozi

"It just is what it is. It's not always fair." - Lauren Conrad

"Earth has not anything to show more fair." - William Wordsworth

"Good morning to you, fair and gracious daughter." - William Shakespeare

"Fair, kind, and true, have often lived alone." - William Shakespeare

"Sir, he's a good dog, and a fair dog." - William Shakespeare

"What the vengeance, could he not speak 'em fair?" - William Shakespeare

"Speak, my fair, and fairly, I pray thee." - William Shakespeare

"No fair, sky. I'm the one who feels like crying." - Hiromu Arakawa

"The face that cannot smile is never fair." - Martial

"Life is not fair get used to used to it" - Bill Gates

"Riches, understanding, beauty, are fair gifts of God." - Martin Luther

"How near to good is what is fair!" - Ben Jonson

"It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair." - Taylor Swift

"Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you." - William Shakespeare

"The world is watching, and you better be fair." - Joe Berlinger

"All is fair in love and war and Parliamentary procedure." - Michael Foot

"I think everything is fair game to a certain extent." - Gary Gulman

"Flee flattery, false praise and fair weather friends" - Fraser Young

"We need to have strong growth, fair growth, sustained growth." - Hillary Clinton

"You have never had fair press in America." - Louis Farrakhan

"Too fair to worship, too divine to love." - Henry Hart Milman

"Timely blossom, Infant fair, Fondling of a happy pair." - Ambrose Philips

"All's fair in love and war - and coffee." - Pam Brady

"Fair Harvard! Thy sons to thy Jubilee throng." - Samuel Gilman

"He injures a fair lady that beholds her not." - Thomas Fuller

"I say you fellows, I expect to see fair play." - Charles Hamilton

"That's at the root of the human interaction: fair trade." - Billy Corgan

"Who says life is fair, where is that written?" - William Goldman

"I like not fair terms and a villain's mind." - William Shakespeare

"So foul and fair a day I have not seen." - William Shakespeare

"Skype actually does get a fair bit of revenue." - Bill Gates

"Fair peace becomes men; ferocious anger belongs to beasts." - Ovid

"'My Fair Lady' will never get old for me." - Lisa Ohare

"To be called a coward, I don't think that's fair." - Rodney Alexander

"Most people don't get a fair crack of the whip." - Norman Cook

"I'm one of the nicest, most fair people I know." - Robin Givens

"There's a difference between fair game and playing games." - Hillary Clinton

"Killing ain't fair, but somebody gotta do it." - Tupac Shakur

"Prices need to be fair, appropriate and consistent." - Robert Genn

"People, man, they love hurting people. It's not even fair." - David Ortiz

"I like to be a very fair person." - Alan Sugar

"A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy." - George Soros

"The wisdom is your glory. By wisdom you will be fair to yourself and fair to others." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Most learned of the fair, most fair of the learned. [Lat., Delle belle eruditissima, delle erudite bellissima.]" - Jacopo Sannazaro

"My inheritance how lordly wide and fair; Time is my fair seed-field, to Time I'm heir." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"O heresy in fair, fit for these days, A giving hand, though foul, shall have fair praise." - William Shakespeare

"Oh, did you expect me to play fair?" Cupid laughed. "I am the god of love. I am never fair." - Rick Riordan

"My inheritance how lordly wide and fair; Time is my fair seed-field, to Time I'm heir." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"What men of science want is only a fair day's wages for more than a fair day's work." - Thomas Huxley

"I think what my father is saying is I want a fair election. I want a fair election." - Eric Trump

"It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." - Warren Buffett

"Fair Game Theory: If you are dumb enough to be drained by people then you are fair game." - Frederick Lenz

"I am stronger than my trials." - Dan Wells

"Great faith must have great trials." - Charles Spurgeon

"Trials teach us what we are." - Charles Spurgeon

"The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials." - John L. Parker Jr.

"For a lawyer to do less than his utmost is, I strongly feel, a betrayal of his client. Though in criminal trials one tends to focus on the defense attorney and his client the accused, the prosecutor is also a lawyer, and he too has a client: the People. And the People are equally entitled to their day in court, to a fair and impartial trial, and to justice." - Vincent Bugliosi

"A good friend, who knows whereof he speaks, has observed of trials, 'If it's fair, it is not a true trial!' That is, without the added presence of some inexplicableness and some irony and injustice, the experience may not stretch us or lift us sufficiently. The crucifixion of Christ was clearly the greatest injustice in human history, but the Savior bore up under it with majesty and indescribable valor." - Neal A Maxwell

"A good friend, who knows whereof he speaks, has observed of trials, "If it's fair, it is not a true trial!" That is, without the added presence of some inexplicableness and some irony and injustice, the experience may not stretch us or lift us sufficiently. The crucifixion of Christ was clearly the greatest injustice in human history, but the Savior bore up under it with majesty and indescribable valor." - Neal A Maxwell

"Your trials can release your Gifts and Dreams. Your trials can set you free." - Bo Sanchez

"All trials are trials for one's life, just as all sentences are sentences of death." - Oscar Wilde

"All trials are trials of one's life, just as all sentences are sentences of death." - Oscar Wilde

"Some writers hate to go to trials, but I love trials." - Ann Rule

"Is it fair for the bears to come down to where humans live, looking for food? Is it fair for the Duke's soldiers to shoot at them? Is it fair for the bears to crush them with giant snowballs? Often, if you point out something that isn't fair, someone will reply, "Life isn't fair." What is to be done with such people?" - Daniel Handler

"Fair is fair; all love is war." - Kyle Busch

"Why, then, did I always feel as if his happiness was my responsibility? It wasn't fair for him to burden me with that. It had never been fair." - Melanie Benjamin

"There are other things besides beauty with which to captivate the hearts of men. The Italians have a saying: Fair is not fair, but that which pleaseth." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"I think I've realized that business and being polite [don't] match. You can be fair, but me being polite was not me being fair to myself." - Beyonce Knowles

"The liberal ideal is that everyone should have fair access and fair opportunity. This is not equality fo result. Its equality of opportunity. There's a fundamental difference." - Robert Reich

"Every fair from fair sometime declines" - William Shakespeare

"I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules." - Barack Obama

"Fair use is important to innovators as well as consumers. It's fair use that allowed the VCR to innovate on top of the television." - Joe Kraus

"If they will play fair I will play fair, but if they won't then I reserve all my rights to do anything I find myself able to do." - William Howard Taft

"Fair and foul are near of kin, And fair needs foul,' I cried. 'My friends are gone, but that's a truth Nor grave nor bed denied." - William Butler Yeats

"Oval face. His eye a dark grey. He had auburn hair. His complexion exceeding fair-he was so fair that they called him the lady of Christ's College." - John Aubrey

"Fair weather weddings make fair weather lives." - Richard Hovey

"Your skin's so fair its not fair" - St Vincent

"Here's my Golden Rule for a tarnished age: Be fair with others, but keep after them until they're fair with you." - Alan Alda

"Because appearing to be fair is part of being fair, most mainstream news organizations discourage marching for causes, displaying political bumper stickers or giving cash to candidates." - Bill Dedman

"The Bible does not tell us that life in this world will be fair. Evil and sin are not Victorian gentlemen; they do not play fair." - D A Carson

"If you do your fair day's work, you are certain to get your fair day's wage - in praise or pudding, whichever happens to suit your taste." - Alexander Smith

"Regulation is necessary to protect our natural environment, keep our food and medicine safe, and ensure fair competition and fair treatment of our workers." - Marco Rubio



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