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Fair Trade Quotes


"Love's never a fair trade." - Margaret Atwood

"An old man dies, a little girl lives. Fair trade." - Frank Miller

"That's at the root of the human interaction: fair trade." - Billy Corgan

"That foreign trade should be fair rather than free." - Lyn Nofziger

"Likewise, free trade does not, as evidenced in CAFTA, mean fair trade." - Stephen F Lynch

"Fair Trade is all about improving lives, but we don't do that through charity - there is no hand out in the Fair Trade movement. People are solving their own problems through Fair Trade." - Paul Rice

"I will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores." - Donald Trump

"You know, OK, I made a few jokes - and they killed 3000 Americans. Fair trade." - Ann Coulter

"You know, OK, I made a few jokes and they killed 3000 Americans. Fair trade." - Ann Coulter

"Farewell, fair cruelty." - William Shakespeare

"Buy your fair-trade coffee beans by all means, but don't assume fair-trade principles govern the conditions of the men who fetch it to you. You would be mistaken." - Rose George

"I think that trade is an important issue. Of course, we are 5 percent of the world's population; we have to trade with the other 95 percent. And we need to have smart, fair trade deals." - Hillary Clinton

"Fair play is a jewel." - Walter Scott

"I am a firm believer in free but fair trade. However the United States should not be on the losing end of trade agreements that are not enforced. It is time that we make China play fairly." - Elizabeth Dole

"Gansey appeared beside Blue in the doorway. He shook his empty bottle at her. "Fair trade," he told her in a way that indicated he had selected a fair-trade coffee beverage entirely so that he could tell Blue that he had selected a fair-trade coffee beverage so that she could tell him well done with your carbon footprint and all that jazz. Blue said, "Better recycle that bottle." - Maggie Stiefvater

"I saw a sign that said, 'Watch for children.' I was like, 'That sounds like a fair trade - especially if they're crappy kids.'" - Demetri Martin

"Among the responsibilities, we will be ending the bleeding of jobs from our country and negotiating fair trade deals for our citizens." - Donald Trump

"It's all about fair trade, and helping people eating locally grown stuff. We're recycling everything. We're trying to tour in the most conscious way possible, environmentally and socially." - Andrew Dost

"China's idea of fair trade is government subsidies of its textile and apparel exports to the United States, currency manipulation, and forgiveness of loans by its government banks." - Virginia Foxx

"I often wonder why the West is much more interested in aid deliveries than in fair trade, for example. The fair exchange of goods would place far more money into the hands of the affected people than relief operations." - Paul Kagame

"All's fair in love and war." - Francis Edward Smedley

"Fair words gladden so many a heart." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Our garage was basically science fair central." - Jeff Bezos

"A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." - Publilius Syrus

"Life's not fair, get over it!" - Bill Gates

"How do you make things fair?" - Al Sharpton

"Fair Trade supports some of the most bio-diverse farming systems in the world. When you visit a Fair Trade coffee grower's fields, with the forest canopy overhead and the sound of migratory songbirds in the air, it feels like you're standing in the rainforest." - Miguel A. Altieri

"The American people want to make sure that the rules of the game are fair. And what that means is that if you look at surveys around Americans' attitudes on trade, the majority of the American people still support trade. But they're concerned about whether or not trade is fair, and whether we get the same access to other countries' markets that they have with us. Is there just a race to the bottom when it comes to wages, and so forth." - Barack Obama

"Golf is not a fair game, so why build a course fair?" - Pete Dye

"Life is not fair, so why should I make a course that is fair." - Pete Dye

"We're taught to trade. We're not taught to give." - Bob Proctor

"Slovakias joining the OECD in 1999 is totally dependent on meeting economic reforms required such as transparency and legislation that permits fair and open conduct of trade and business." - John Mica

"I don't think I knew how going to Ethiopia would affect my life, through a very simple choice of buying fair-trade coffee, we can take part in change." - Hugh Jackman

"My label in Toronto was Stand Pat and I think that was a fair assessment. I tried to be patient, but if a trade came along - big or small - that I thought should be made, I would make it." - Pat Gillick

"To help U.S. workers, farmers and businesses, and Americas long-term economic security, Congress should take decisive action to bring about fair trade with China, instead of squandering this opportunity on a weak Republican bill." - Joe Baca

"The failure so far of the governments of so many of the worlds most powerful countries in the face of such egregious unfairness ... to make the slightest progress on the issue of fair trade is hard to explain." - Colin Firth

"That a joint stock company should be able to carry on successfully any branch of foreign trade, when private adventurers can come into any sort of open and fair competition with them, seems contrary to all experience." - Adam Smith

"To help U.S. workers, farmers and businesses, and America's long-term economic security, Congress should take decisive action to bring about fair trade with China, instead of squandering this opportunity on a weak Republican bill." - Joe Baca

"Dover's cliffs call to mind the Roman invasion; the Battle of Britain; our proximity to, yet difference from, mainland Europe; and international trade and exploration, both fair and exploitative." - Julian Baggini

"We are determined that our nation shall cease to be a burden on other countries but shall contribute positively to world prosperity, while observing fully the fair trade practices in international commerce." - Shigeru Yoshida

"I am appreciative of the Bush administration's commitment to fair trade by looking at the facts in this case and ruling affirmatively for the implementation of quotas in this specific category." - Howard Coble

"My label in Toronto was 'Stand Pat' and I think that was a fair assessment. I tried to be patient, but if a trade came along - big or small - that I thought should be made, I would make it." - Pat Gillick

"Anyone who criticises me for talking about fair trade is a few pebbles short of a beach. Because everyone should care about it, just like everyone should care about the environment, because we all live here." - Chris Martin

"Slovakia's joining the OECD in 1999 is totally dependent on meeting economic reforms required such as transparency and legislation that permits fair and open conduct of trade and business." - John Mica

"Yes, I will put it out there - I will work for anyone for free if they're prepared to make their clothing Fair Trade and organic. It's really hard to get people interested in it." - Emma Watson

"I had always been interested in markets - specifically, the theory that in financial markets, goods will trade at a fair value only when everyone has access to the same information." - Pierre Omidyar

"Fair Trade is a market-based, entrepreneurial response to business as usual: it helps third-word farmers developing direct market access as well as the organizational and management capacity to add value to their products and take them directly to the global market. Direct trade, a fair price, access to capital and local capacity-building, which are the core strategies of this model, have been successfully building farmers' incomes and self-reliance for more than 50 years." - Paul Rice

"We also exchange oil for software technology. Uruguay is one of the biggest producers of software. We are breaking with the neoliberal model. We do not believe in free trade. We believe in fair trade and exchange, not competition but cooperation. I'm not giving away oil for free. Just using oil, first to benefit our people, to relieve poverty." - Hugo Chavez

"We are on pace this year to have a trade deficit that is larger than $800 billion. We have never faced that before, but we continue to put forward trade agreements like these that leave us naked to competition that is neither free nor fair." - Xavier Becerra

"Golf is not, and never has been, a fair game." - Jack Nicklaus

"In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond..." - William Shakespeare

"Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair." - Stephenie Meyer

"Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you." - William Shakespeare

"Flee flattery, false praise and fair weather friends" - Fraser Young

"Life isn't fair," Owen told her. "Get used to it." - Sarah Dessen

"It hurts not the tongue to give fair words." - William Shakespeare

"I like not fair terms and a villain's mind." - William Shakespeare

"So foul and fair a day I have not seen." - William Shakespeare

"To be called a coward, I don't think that's fair." - Rodney Alexander

"I like to be a very fair person." - Alan Sugar

"Is it fair for the bears to come down to where humans live, looking for food? Is it fair for the Duke's soldiers to shoot at them? Is it fair for the bears to crush them with giant snowballs? Often, if you point out something that isn't fair, someone will reply, "Life isn't fair." What is to be done with such people?" - Daniel Handler

"Please don't let the illegal ivory trade orphan even more baby elephants." - Yao Ming

"All writers are thieves; theft is a necessary tool of the trade." - Nina Bawden

"Photographs trade simultaneously on the prestige of art and the magic of the real." - Susan Sontag

"Trade follows the flag." - Proverbs

"In Africa today, we recognise that trade and investment, and not aid, are pillars of development." - Paul Kagame

"Fair is fair; all love is war." - Kyle Busch

"Every fair from fair sometime declines" - William Shakespeare

"If they will play fair I will play fair, but if they won't then I reserve all my rights to do anything I find myself able to do." - William Howard Taft

"Show me a mistress that is passing fair, what doth her beauty serve but as a note where I may read who pass'd that passing fair?" - William Shakespeare

"Fair weather weddings make fair weather lives." - Richard Hovey

"Your skin's so fair its not fair" - St Vincent

"Here's my Golden Rule for a tarnished age: Be fair with others, but keep after them until they're fair with you." - Alan Alda

"Because appearing to be fair is part of being fair, most mainstream news organizations discourage marching for causes, displaying political bumper stickers or giving cash to candidates." - Bill Dedman

"It hit me very early on that something was terribly wrong, that I would see silos full of food and supermarkets full of food, and kids starving. ... In Fair Trade, we see ourselves as this infinitesimal part of the world economy. But somebody's got to come up with an alternative model that says children eating is No. 1." - Medea Benjamin

"Prostitution will always exist in every society, so I believe in a fair trade. Open the doors for women to earn their money without having pimps. The worst thing is to criminalize it, because then you open the doors for pimps, criminals, and trading." - Michael Glawogger

"When I visited coffee farms in Ethiopia, the farmers could not believe we spend a week's wages in their country on a cup of coffee in ours, because they see so little of the profits. Oxfam's fair trade campaign helps right this wrong." - Colin Firth

"We want to begin in working-class neighborhoods. We want to test the concept there, because our idea is that fair trade should not just be for the elites, but for everyone, for the majority, for the poor people. Quality food for poor people. Why just quality for the rich? And at an equal price" - Victor Suarez Melendez

"This trade agreement fails on every count. I urge my colleagues to scrap it and tell the administration to come back with a deal that is fair to American businesses, workers and farmers, as well as the small businesses, workers and farmers of our trading partners." - Russ Feingold

"But I believe in fair trade, and I will tell you, I have many, many friends heading up corporations, and people that do just business in China, they say it's virtually impossible. It's very, very hard to come into China. And yet, we welcome them with open arms." - Donald Trump

"This country lacks the backbone and the spine and the will to demand fair trade and stand up for our products. If our producers can't compete, shame on us. Then we lose. But requiring our producers to compete when the game is rigged, saying our producers ought to compete, when foreign markets are closed to us, is fundamentally wrong." - Byron Dorgan

"All over the world, social innovation is tackling some of the most pressing problems facing society today - from fair trade, distance learning, hospices, urban farming and waste reduction to restorative justice and zero-carbon housing. But most of these are growing despite, not because of, help from governments." - Geoff Mulgan

"A fair request should be followed by the deed in silence." - Dante Alighieri

"Good day, fair maidens." - Val Venis

"A fair-minded man tries to see both sides of an argument." - Aesop

"Seedy wasn't a fair description for the place, because seeds imply eventual regrowth and renewal." - Jim Butcher

"Fair words cost nothing." - John Gay

"deep they delved us, fair they wrought us, high they builded us; but they are gone." - J R R Tolkien

"Turnabout is fair play." - Proverbs

"It's so obvious The Weather Channel is pro hurricane. Fair and balanced my ass." - Jim Gaffigan

"Nowhere on your birth certificate did it say life would be fair" - Trevor Jones

"What is fair in men, passes away, but not so in art" - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Because life is not fair, Albert. And the world is conspiring against you." - Veronica Roth

"Lovers and warriors are not bound by the rules of fair play." - Wayne Gerard Trotman

"Heigh, ho, fair Rosalynde!" - Thomas Lodge

"Fat, fair, and forty." - Walter Scott

"There was never yet fair woman but she made mouths in a glass." - William Shakespeare

"Being a good person and fair person is very important in life, I think." - Guler Sabanci

"It is better to use fair means and fail, than foul and conquer." - Sallust

"Play fair, okay?" - Colleen Haskell

"To all, to each, a fair good-night, and pleasing dreams, and slumbers light." - Walter Scott

"In order to establish peace, you must have fair justice for everyone." - Al Sharpton

"That level of trade deficit throttles real growth in our country and continues the unfortunate path of selling out America. We are not winning the global trade war, we are losing it badly." - Marcy Kaptur

"I don't trade for excitement; I trade to win" - Larry Hite

"Bench me or trade me." - Chico Ruiz

"Trade is a social act." - John Stuart Mill

"The capitalist system of coordination by trade seems to be largely populated by indigestible lumps of socialism called corporations" - Kevin Carson

"War,-the trade of barbarians!" - Napoleon Bonaparte

"The most important lesson in the writing trade is that any manuscript is improved if you cut away the fat." - Robert A Heinlein

"Editing might be a bloody trade. But knives aren't the exclusive property of butchers. Surgeons use them too." - Blake Morrison

"Literature is like any other trade; you will never sell anything unless you go to the right shop." - George Bernard Shaw

"Becoming a mother has been the best experience of my life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything." - Karisma Kapoor

"I'm a passionate trade unionist." - Richard Attenborough

"The most conservative man in this world is the British trade unionist when you want to change him." - Ernest Bevin

"Free Tibet before free trade." - Zhu Rongji

"Because countries often have differing political and economic systems, agreements are needed to protect those invested in trade." - David Suzuki

"I've been careful in love. I've been careless in love. And I've had adventures I wouldn't trade for anything." - Taylor Swift

"Trade your cleverness for bewilderment." - Rumi

"On issue after issue, the polls - and these are not snapshot polls; these are polls over a consistent period of time - show that most Americans share what one could call core liberal or progressive values: investment in health care and education over tax cuts; fair trade over free trade; corporate accountability over deregulation; environmental protection over laissez-faire policies; defending Social Security and Medicare over privatizing them; raising the minimum wage over eliminating it. The country prefers progressive alternatives to the failed policies of the conservative right." - Katrina vanden Heuvel

"I trade sweat for strength. I trade doubt for belief. I trade cheerleading for nothing." - Anonymous

"It is a fair trade and an equal exchange: to the extent that you depart from things, thus far, no more and no less, God enters into you with all that is his, as far as you have stripped yourself of yourself in all things. It is here that you should begin, whatever the cost, for it is here that you will find true peace, and nowhere else." - Meister Eckhart

"While I've always been critical about this peddling of spiritual materialism, it wasn't until I went to Nepal that I came face-to-face with my own spiritual materialism. The thing is, Kathmandu is noisy, and dusty, and crowded, and everywhere you go you see these same Western yoga teachers, hashish-smoking backpackers, and fair-trade shop owners, all seeking the stalls filled with amazing Buddha statues, hand carved mirrors, beautiful yak scarves, and thangka paintings. And everyone is buying stuff!" - Alexander Weinstein

"Look, you are interested in trying to make sure that governments keep a clean environment, have regard for the lifestyles of indigenous peoples, and work for fair trade rules. Well, it's exactly the same for human rights - from non-discrimination to the basic rights to food, safe water, education and health care. We are talking rights not needs. There are standards that governments have signed up to - but nobody is holding them to account." - Mary Robinson

"Tariffs are in the end taxes. And somebody has to pay that tax. I think one thing people are forgetting is that trade disputes are two-sided. When the United States imposes tariffs on a partner like Canada, there is always a possibility that Canada will say that's not fair and retaliate. And at that point, you have to ask the question, - which U.S. industry will suffer because the Canadians retaliated against it?" - Donald Trump

"Las Vegas does have its fair share of males in the business. But the male sex trade is often more underground. There are escort services that specify in gay prostitution, although it may not be advertised for the public, but if you are a male calling for a male, or female calling for a female, you will get what you ask for as long as the money is right." - Annie Lobert

"OK, so here's the deal. First of all, "The Wall Street Journal" was bought for $5 billion. It's now worth $500 million, OK. They don't have to tell me what to do. "The Wall Street Journal" has been wrong so many different times about so many different things. I am all for free trade, but it's got to be fair. When Ford moves their massive plant to Mexico, we get nothing. We lose all of these jobs." - Donald Trump

"I'm convinced after spending three weeks in China and Tibet, unless the United States gets its act together, our grandchildren will be living in a world dominated by the People's Republic. China is simply inexorable in its pursuit of wealth, growth and power. It cares little about human rights, democracy, labor protections, fair trade rules or the environment. It is relentless in advancing its national interests." - Mort Kondracke

"Book culture has also become something that's kind of incredible to younger people now, because of the Internet. If you go to any of the book fairs - PS1 or the MOCA Book Fair - none of the people are over the age of 40 years old there, and they trade and buy books, because they're almost antiquities at this point. They're not really important, in a way, because the Internet is how information is taken in." - Jim Walrod

"Fair is not fair, but that which pleaseth." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"So what are you going to tell her?" "A little help?" I pleaded. "What does she want to know?" He shook his head, grinning wickedly. "That's not fair." "No, you not sharing what you know-now that's not fair." - Stephenie Meyer

"Kids are fair game; women are fair game." - Timothy Mcveigh

"A fair day's wages for a fair day's work." - Thomas Carlyle

"... I am dark but fair, / Black but fair." - Alice Meynell

"Bad things happen to good people all the time. It sucks. It's not fair but then much of life isn't fair. It's how you live that matters. It's how you deal with the bumps in the road." - Maya Banks

"Most learned of the fair, most fair of the learned." - Jacopo Sannazaro

"After rain comes fair weather." - James Howell

"Consider this a fair warning." - Steig Larsson

"And she's fair I love." - William Shakespeare

"There is no fair in life and death. If it were, no good men would die young." - Mitch Albom

"It's not fair," I said. "It's just so goddamned unfair." "The world," he said, "is not a wishgranting factory," - John Green

"A bevy of fair women." - John Milton

"Is she not passing fair?" - William Shakespeare

"The nation was not founded by habitual groupthinkers. But it stands a fair chance of being destroyed by them." - Barbara Ehrenreich

"Speak me fair in death." - William Shakespeare

"Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?" - Charles Rangel

"I also want to tell him how much I already miss him. But that wouldn't be fair on my part." - Suzanne Collins

"I'm not really trying to break the bank like some other people. I just want what's fair." - Brandon Jacobs

"Don't be fair, be engaged." - Andy Stanley

"Those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest; and those that she makes honest she makes very ill-favouredly." - William Shakespeare

"I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright, Who art as black as hell, as dark as night." - William Shakespeare



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