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Failure Of Dreams Quotes


"Failure builds muscle, determination, and dreams." - Michael Jordan

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - Suzy Kassem

"All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible." - William Faulkner

"All of us failed to match our dreams of perfection. So I rate us on the base of our splendid failure to do the impossible." - William Faulkner

"I thank God that I live in a country where dreams can come true, where failure sometimes is the first step to success and where success is only another form of failure if we forget what our priorities should be." - Harry Hopkins

"Fear of failure leads to failure." - Paulo Coelho

"I had a God who knew my every desire. He also knew how I would fall. And yet he was waiting on the other side of my failure and my shattered dreams with some dreams of his own..." - Eric Ludy

"Of all the people I have ever known, those who have pursued their dreams and failed have lived a much more fulfilling life than those who have put their dreams on a shelf for fear of failure." - Anonymous

"To achieve your dreams, you must embrace adversity and make failure a regular part of your life. If you're not failing, you're probably not really moving forward." - John C Maxwell

"Never be afraid of failure or disappointment, because those are just temporary experiences on the path to your dreams coming true" - Doreen Virtue

"Most people are afraid to follow their dreams. The thought of failure is too much for them to handle so they never even try to achieve them." - Robert Cheeke

"Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of. Quick: try to think of a single movie about the horrors of Stalinism. This is not a failure of imagination. This is moral meltdown." - Mona Charen

"Dreams create desire. Desire creates determination. Determination creates distance between you and failure." - Jean Charest

"So many financial dreams are thwarted by the failure to act upon good intentions." - Suze Orman

"If you want to change your life, begin by changing your words. Start speaking the words of your dreams, of who you want to become, not the words of fear or failure." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The gears of poverty, ignorance, hopelessness and low self-esteem interact to create a kind of perpetual failure machine that grinds down dreams from generation to generation. We all bear the cost of keeping it running. Illiteracy is its linchpin." - Carl Sagan

"To place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule. To go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure. But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard of life is to risk nothing." - Rene Carayol

"Failure is part of success." - Hank Aaron

"90% of success is failure." - Soichiro Honda

"War is failure of diplomacy." - John Dingell

"Postponement: The father of failure." - Elbert Hubbard

"Thought is born of failure." - Lancelot Law Whyte

"Thought is borne of failure." - Lancelot Law Whyte

"There is no failure except the failure of trying." - Elbert Hubbard

"When there is fear of failure, there will be failure." - George S Patton

"Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure." - Paulo Coelho

"Fear of failure is the reason most often cited to explain why so many aspiring writers never realize their dreams. But I think it's that same fear of failure that absolutely invigorates those who do push through-that is, the fear of not being heard." - Betsy Lerner

"Fear of failure is the reason most often cited to explain why so many aspiring writers never realize their dreams. But I think it's that same fear of failure that absolutely invigorates those who do push through-that is, the fear of not being heard." - Betsy Lerner

"I don't have to pad my resume. Normal people are astounded by my resume, because normal people never let their dreams get beyond their front door, because they are scared of failure. I have never been scared of failure, and I have never failed." - John Layfield

"There is only one kind of failure I cannot tolerate: the failure to risk failure." - Richard Marcinko

"Failure of your company is not failure in life. Failure in your relationships is." - Evan Williams

"The unfulfilling job is not the failure; not pursuing your dreams is the real failure. Developing a vision requires conquering your fears and finding motivation from within." - Peter Murphy

"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love." - Mihai Eminescu

"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love." - Mihai Eminescu

"Have faith in your skills, negative thoughts kill. Self-doubt will kill your dreams before others do. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." - Suzy Kassem

"Th' embroid'ry of poetic dreams." - William Cowper

"Like glimpses of forgotten dreams." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Claim ownership of your dreams" - Chris Gardner

"Like glimpses of forgotten dreams." - Alfred Tennyson

"Dreams are manifestations of identities." - Kathy Acker

"I've got heaps of dreams." - Abbie Cornish

"What sort of love is this love that we have for countries? What sort of country is it that will ever live up to our dreams? What sort of dreams were these that have been broken? Isn't the greatness of great nations directly proportionate to their ability to be ruthless, genocidal? Doesn't the height of a country's 'success' usually also mark the depths of its moral failure?" - Arundhati Roy

"cynicism ... is the trade-mark of failure ..." - Katherine Cecil Thurston

"Growth always involves the risk of failure." - Howard Thurman

"Failure is the seed of success" - Kaoru Ishikawa

"Failure is the test of greatness." - Herman Melville

"Success is made of 99% failure." - James Dyson

"Failure is the path of least persistence." - Anonymous

"Success is the proper utilization of failure." - Anonymous

"Sentimentality is a failure of feeling." - Wallace Stevens

"Protectionism is the institutionalization of economic failure." - Edward Heath

"Play with no fear of failure." - Max Seibald

"I have a fear of failure." - Joe Montana

"War is an admission of failure" - K.J. Parker

"The secret of all failure is disobedience." - Mary Slessor

"To think of failure is to fail." - Arthur Saxon

"Failure is the true test of greatness" - Herman Melville

"Failure is the price of excellence." - Leonard Pitts

"Absence of failure does not constitute success." - Chris Alexander

"Failure too is a form of death..." - Graham Greene

"Guilt starts as a feeling of failure." - Frank Herbert

"Look beyond the failure of others." - Jeremy Gutsche

"Failure is a part of success." - Hank Aaron

"Translation is the art of failure." - Umberto Eco

"Vice is basically the love of failure." - Elfriede Jelinek

"Failure is the mechanism of learning." - Geoffrey Ballard

"All war represents a failure of diplomacy." - Tony Benn

"Failure too is a form of death." - Graham Greene

"A vice is a failure of desire" - Gerald Stanley Lee

"Failure is the inspiration of tomorrow's entrepreneurs." - St Jerome

"Failure? Scared to death of it." - Ryan Seacrest

"The only risk of failure is promotion." - Scott Adams

"War is the greatest failure of mankind." - Aaron Huey

"Do not simplify. Do not worry about failure. Failure is a badge of honour. It means you risked failure." - Charlie Kaufman

"The core failure of Team Obama is not a failure to communicate, but a failure to comprehend." - Michelle Malkin

"We can either passively continue on the road to utter domestication and destruction or turn in the direction of joyful upheaval, passionate and feral embrace of wildness and life that aims at dancing on the ruins of clocks, computers and that failure of imagination and will called work. Can we justify our lives by anything less than such a politics of rage and dreams?" - John Zerzan

"I wasn't going to be one of those people who died wondering what if? I would keep putting my dreams to the test - even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there." - Alex Haley

"Lack of confidence, sometimes alternating with unrealistic dreams of heroic success, often leads to procrastination, and many studies suggest that procrastinators are self-handicappers: rather than risk failure, they prefer to create conditions that make success impossible, a reflex that of course creates a vicious cycle." - James Surowiecki

"Failure is the foundation of success: success is the lurking place of failure." - Laozi

"the number one cause of failure in this country is the fear of failure" - Steve Harvey

"Success attracts success and failure attracts failure because of the law of harmonious attraction." - Napoleon Hill

"Failure is not the absence of success. Failure is the neglect of trying." - Myles Munroe

"The failure of modern evangelicalism is the failure to understand the holiness of God." - R C Sproul

"The antidote for fear of failure is not success but small doses of failure." - Mark Batterson

"Success makes us intolerant of failure and failure makes us intolerant of success." - William Feather

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

"Most of life is hell. It's filed with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams don't work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments of life, when everything comes together, are few and fleeting. But you'll never get to the next great moment if you don't keep going. So that's what I do. I keep going." - Sigourney Weaver

"Most of life is hell. It's filed with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams do' work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments of life, when everything comes together, are few and fleeting. But you"ll never get to the next great moment if you do' keep going. So that's what I do. I keep going." - Sigourney Weaver

"All superstition is much the same whether it be that of astrology, dreams, omen, retributive judgment, or the like, in all of which the deluded believers observe events which are fulfilled, but neglect and pass over their failure, though it be much more common." - Francis Bacon

"If you're living life from a place of fear, you're not free to take risks or pursue your dreams. If your energy is expended in avoiding failure or rejection, then that energy is used to stay safe, instead of being available to create the life you envision." - Lauren Mackler

"Make a decision! Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all." - John Wooden

"Failure is an event, not a person. Think of failure as 'it' and not 'me'." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"The greatest failure of all is the failure to act when action is needed" - John Wooden

"May we understand that fear of failure is worse than failure itself" - Paulo Coelho

"The key to success is failure... Success is made of 99 percent failure." - James Dyson

"Fear of failure is a far worse condition than failure itself, because it kills off possibilities." - Michael Eisner

"The most serious failure of leadership is the failure to foresee" - Robert K Greenleaf

"Learning starts with failure; the first failure is the beginning of education." - John Hersey

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure." - Jack Lemmon

"The failure of the past philosophers is largely the failure to see the self-evident." - Kedar Joshi

"The failure of political leaders to help uplift the poor will be judged a moral failure." - Jim Wallis

"If the thing you wish to do is right, and YOU BELIEVE IN IT, go ahead and do it! Put your dreams across, and never mind what 'they' say if you meet with temporary defeat, for 'they' perhaps, do not know that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success." - Napoleon Hill

"We want to avoid pain and have pleasure, so if our early attempts to achieve our dreams fail, we want to avoid the pain of future failure and rejection, so we stop trying and write it off with a broadbrush, "I'm just not driven enough, not well educated enough, not attractive enough, not smart enough."" - Tony Robbins

"If you're the type of person who has to fulfill your dreams, you've gotta be resourceful to make sure you can do it. I came out to California when I was 21, thinking my New York credentials would take me all the way. I came back home a year later all dejected and a failure." - Vin Diesel

"Silver-the first book of dreams" - Kerstin Gier

"Dreams are the children of idled minds." - William Shakespeare

"Love is what dreams are made of!" - Paulo Coelho

"Dreams are the language of God." - Paulo Coelho

"God, that checkroom of our dreams." - Jean Rostand

"Procrastinatio n is the thief of dreams" - Richard Paul Evans

"Dreams are the reality of tomorrow." - Dean Marshall

"What do dreams know of boundaries?" - Hilary Swank

"I am the assasin of my dreams." - Henry Rollins

"Dreams are the seedlings of reality." - Napoleon Hill

"Egypt is full of dreams, mysteries, memories." - Janet Erskine Stuart

"Most of my dreams came true." - Ronald Reagan

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." - Henry David Thoreau

"Another weaver of black dreams has gone." - Etheridge Knight

"Don't be afraid of your dreams." - Jacques Parizeau

"Dreams are hopes, and echoes of hope." - Neil Gaiman

"We live because of the dreams." - Marat Safin

"Dreams have only the pigmentation of fact." - Djuna Barnes

"We control the content of our dreams." - Thom Gunn

"Dreams are the touchstones of our character." - Henry David Thoreau

"A library is a palace of dreams." - M.C. Beaton

"All of our dreams can come true." - Walt Disney

"Men are the dreams of a shadow." - Pindar

"Everyone dreams of living in Paris." - Natalie Portman

"God, that dumping ground of our dreams." - Jean Rostand

"Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will. Fear is faith in reverse. Fear creates doubt. Replace your fears with faith and your doubts with determination." - Zig Ziglar

"Dreams don't come true. Dreams die. Dreams get compromised. Dreams end up dealing meth in a booth at the back of the Olive Garden. Dreams choke to death on bay leaves. Dreams get spleen cancer." - Douglas Coupland

"Don't permit fear of failure to prevent effort. We are all imperfect and will fail on occasions, but fear of failure is the greatest failure of all." - John Wooden

"Creatures with no dreams of their own can do naught but destroy the dreams of others." - Laini Taylor

"If you can't embrace both failure or the possibility of failure, or the tremendous fear of failure, you can't be wildly successful. It's just an axiomatic truth." - Donny Deutsch

"The wretchedness of failure is the great attraction of success." - Mason Cooley

"The realism of failure, the romance of success." - Mason Cooley

"People are not afraid of failure, they're afraid of blame." - Seth Godin

"A minute of success pays for years of failure." - Robert Browning

"Failure is part of the process of success." - Robert Kiyosaki

"One great cause of failure is lack of concentration." - Bruce Lee

"Trying is the internalization of the failure of omnipotence." - Brian O'Shaughnessy

"Success breeds a disregard of the possibility of failure." - Hyman Minsky

"We are more afraid of excellence than of failure." - Marianne Williamson

"Fear of failure falls away in the face of death." - Steve Jobs

"Don't be afraid of failure; be afraid of petty success." - Maude Adams

"Dreams require down payments. Dreams are free, but the journey isn't. There is a price to pay. First, you must pay the price of dealing with criticism from people who matter. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong.' Second, you must pay the price of overcoming your fears. Failure, rejection, and looking foolish are common fears - but they are just feelings that can be conquered and removed from your thoughts. Finally, you must be willing to pay the price of hard work in order to realize your dream." - John C Maxwell

"That's what I'm living on now, honey, dreams, dreams of what I used to do." - Fannie Flagg

"In Genua, someone set out to make dreams come true. Remember some of your dreams?" - Terry Pratchett

"Life being what it is, one dreams not of revenge. One just dreams." - Miriam Toews

"Dreams and expectations also have the very dark flipside of disappointment, broken dreams." - James Franco



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