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Failure Lincoln Quotes


"When Lincoln died, hate died - ... And anger, came to North and South When Lincoln died." - William James Lampton

"Fear of failure leads to failure." - Paulo Coelho

"Bitterness is a greater failure than failure." - James Richardson

"I didn't fear failure. I expected failure." - Amy Tan

"With the American failure came world failure." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"I've never considered failure." - Jennifer Lawrence

"success is 99% failure" - Henry Ford

"Failure: the renewable resource." - Kay Ryan

"Form follows failure." - Henry Petroski

"Reward worthy failure - Experimentation." - Bill Gates

"Failure has no friends." - John F Kennedy

"Failure is my specialty." - Barbara Corcoran

"Nothing fails like failure" - Margaret Drabble

"Nothing succeeds like - failure." - Tommy Lasorda

"Failure is impossible." - Susan B Anthony

"Success unshared is failure." - John Paul Dejoria

"Failure is not an option. Failure is a prerequisite." - David Zinczenko

"Ambitious failure, magnificent failure, is a very good thing," - Guy Kawasaki

"There is no failure except the failure of trying." - Elbert Hubbard

"Your nervous system can't tell real failure from imagined failure." - Maxwell Maltz

"The greatest failure is the failure to try." - William Arthur Ward

"There is no failure except failure to serve one's purpose." - Henry Ford

"The only real failure is the failure to try." - Judi Dench

"Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding" - Burt Rutan

"When there is fear of failure, there will be failure." - George S Patton

"Our biggest failure is our failure to see patterns." - Marilyn Ferguson

"Learning is about failure and recovery from failure." - Roger Schank

"Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be." - John Wooden

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." - John Wooden

"Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding." - Burt Rutan

"Failure isn't failure unless you just stop with that." - Miesha Tate

"Your attitude towards failure determines your altitude after failure." - John C Maxwell

"He's completely unspoiled by failure." - Noel Coward

"Most progress is most failure." - Robert Browning

"Failure is part of success." - Hank Aaron

"I was stained by failure." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"I'm a perfectly equipped failure." - Azar Nafisi

"An existence transfigured by failure." - Emile M Cioran

"Success without happiness is failure." - Tony Robbins

"Failure is life's magnifying glass." - Simon May

"Innovation without insight is failure." - Mark Simmonds

"Failure cannot cope with persistence." - Napoleon Hill

"Success without fulfillment is failure." - Tony Robbins

"Failure is not an option." - Gene Kranz

"Only failure makes us experts." - Theo De Raadt

"Failure should be our teacher.." - Denis Waitley

"Success is failure inside out." - William Cranch Bond

"Predictability can lead to failure." - T Boone Pickens

"90% of success is failure." - Soichiro Honda

"Failure is success in progress" - Albert Einstein

"Success is somebody else's failure." - Ursula K Le Guin

"My greatest fear is failure." - Chris Zylka

"War is failure of diplomacy." - John Dingell

"Postponement: The father of failure." - Elbert Hubbard

"Thought is born of failure." - Lancelot Law Whyte

"Thought is borne of failure." - Lancelot Law Whyte

"Failure is always an option." - Adam Savage

"Success is 99 percent failure." - Soichiro Honda

"There is only one kind of failure I cannot tolerate: the failure to risk failure." - Richard Marcinko

"Failure is not a crime. Failure to learn from failure is." - Walter Wriston

"Failure plus failure plus failure equals success. You only fail when you quit." - Jack Hyles

"Failure of your company is not failure in life. Failure in your relationships is." - Evan Williams

"I have read where Abraham Lincoln said he wasn't interested in freeing the slaves." - Malcolm X

"a dishonest Abe Lincoln." - Alexander Woollcott

"The failure-dichotomy principle: failure is good. Failure is not an option. Balance those in your brain." - Donny Deutsch

"Do not simplify. Do not worry about failure. Failure is a badge of honour. It means you risked failure." - Charlie Kaufman

"The core failure of Team Obama is not a failure to communicate, but a failure to comprehend." - Michelle Malkin

"Lincoln could be on the moon. He's still Lincoln." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"Abraham Lincoln was interested in, in saving the Union. Well, most negroes have been tricked into thinking that Lincoln was a negro lover whose primary aim was to free them, and he died because he freed them." - Malcolm X

"When Marconi suggested the possibility of wireless transmission of sound (the radio),he was committed to a mental institution. But people like Lincoln, Edison, and Marconi were strongly motivated. So they didn't give up. They somehow knew that the only real failure is the one from which we learn nothing. They seemed to go on the assumption that there is no failure greater than the failure of not trying, and so they continued to try in the face of repeated failures." - John Powell

"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement." - Matt Biondi

"One who fears failure limits his activities." - Henry Ford

"cynicism ... is the trade-mark of failure ..." - Katherine Cecil Thurston

"Failure is our most important product." - R. W. Johnson

"Failure to die is always appreciated." - Mira Grant

"After all, there is nothing but failure." - Thomas Bernhard

"Failure is an attitude, not an outcome." - Harvey Mackay

"Failure is a stepping stone to success." - Arianna Huffington

"Failure is the seed of success" - Kaoru Ishikawa

"A success unshared is a failure." - John Paul Dejoria

"You cannot be successful without failure." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Failure is the test of greatness." - Herman Melville

"Success is made of 99% failure." - James Dyson

"Failure is a disappointment, but not defeat." - Jeanne Robertson

"He's no failure. He's not dead yet." - William Lloyd George

"Failure is the path of least persistence." - Anonymous

"Success is the proper utilization of failure." - Anonymous

"Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts." - Anonymous

"It's not information overload. It's filter failure." - Clay Shirky

"Failure makes me work even harder." - Michael Jordan

"You are a totally loved moral failure." - Timothy Keller

"Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable." - John Wooden

"Trying is the first step toward failure." - Homer

"Success teaches us nothing; only failure teaches." - Hyman Rickover

"Trying is the first step to failure" - Homer

"You expect success, you respect failure." - Greg Norman

"Protectionism is the institutionalization of economic failure." - Edward Heath

"Failure is a word I don't accept." - John H Johnson

"Play with no fear of failure." - Max Seibald

"I have a fear of failure." - Joe Montana

"The only failure is not trying." - Robin S. Sharma

"Frostbite? I consider that a failure." - Mark Twight

"Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker." - Zig Ziglar

"War is an admission of failure" - K.J. Parker

"Failure builds muscle, determination, and dreams." - Michael Jordan

"every failure is also a victory." - David Foster Wallace

"To think of failure is to fail." - Arthur Saxon

"Failure is a greater teacher than success" - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

"Contempt for failure is our cardinal virtue." - Steven Pressfield

"Never a failure,always a lesson" - Rihanna

"Failure is the true test of greatness" - Herman Melville

"Success takes communication, collaboration and, sometimes, failure." - Jessica Alba

"All great success is preceded by failure." - Brian Tracy

"Failure will hurt but not hinder us." - Mike Babcock

"Failure is a stepping-stone to greatness." - Oprah Winfrey

"Absence of failure does not constitute success." - Chris Alexander

"Failure is an event, never a person." - William D. Brown

"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

"Failure too is a form of death..." - Graham Greene

"Failure is a necessary ingredient for success." - Bran Ferren

"We learn from failure, not from success!" - Bram Stoker

"Guilt starts as a feeling of failure." - Frank Herbert

"Look beyond the failure of others." - Jeremy Gutsche

"Failure is a part of success." - Hank Aaron

"Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive." - Steven Spielberg

"Failure is just success rounded down." - Ryan North

"Low aim, not failure, is the crime." - Bruce Lee

"Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." - Mike Ditka

"Failure too is a form of death." - Graham Greene

"Never permit failure to become a habit." - William Frederick Book

"Success and failure are terrible traps." - Frederick Lenz

"When you prohibit failure, you kill innovation." - Dan Pallotta

"A vice is a failure of desire" - Gerald Stanley Lee

"Poverty leads to hardship and failure." - Irwin Redlener

"I believe only in art and failure." - Jane Rule

"Failure has gone to his head." - Wilson Mizner

"The only risk of failure is promotion." - Scott Adams

"The hippy movement was a failure." - Joe Strummer

"All actors should experience public failure." - Olivia Wilde

"Success isnt permanent & failure isnt fatal." - Mike Ditka

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." - Mike Murdock

"Without failure there is no achievement." - John C Maxwell

"Youcanfooltoomanyofthepeopletoomuchofthetime. See Lincoln 510:35." - James Thurber

"Abraham Lincoln is the guy who could never be elected today, but whom we desperately wish we could elect." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"Abraham Lincoln was a melancholy man, so he had a dark side that appeals to horror fans." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"I think that Abraham Lincoln probably did more to trick negroes than any other man in history." - Malcolm X

"Failure is the foundation of success: success is the lurking place of failure." - Laozi

"Make a decision! Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all." - John Wooden

"the number one cause of failure in this country is the fear of failure" - Steve Harvey

"Failure is an event, not a person. Think of failure as 'it' and not 'me'." - Jeffrey Gitomer



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