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Failing Memory Quotes


"Memory is a tenuous thing, like a rainbow's end or a camera with a failing lens." - Ellen Hopkins

"Rome is everybody's memory ..." - Eleanor Clark

"Memory narrativises itself." - Aleksandar Hemon

"About the only thing that I have - or had, because it's failing me lately - is my memory. I had a really good memory. I was always terribly protective of that fact." - David Rakoff

"Memory belongs to the imagination." - Alain Robbe-Grillet

"Language is memory and metaphor." - Storm Jameson

"Memory fades, memory adjusts, memory conforms to what we think we remember." - Joan Didion

"If anything can, it is memory that will save humanity. For me, hope without memory is like memory without hope." - Elie Wiesel

"How vast a memory has Love!" - Alexander Pope

"Gratitude is the moral memory of mankind." - Georg Simmel

"Let your memory be your travel bag." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"In loving memory from the Family." - Bugsy Siegel

"Memory at last has what I sought." - Wislawa Szymborska

"Memory is a poet, not an historian." - Marie Howe

"Memory - the very skin of life." - Elizabeth Hardwick

"Memory changes as a person matures." - Siri Hustvedt

"But it was smell that carried memory." - Ann Brashares

"Memory, like liberty, is a fragile thing." - Elizabeth Loftus

"Memory is the only friend of grief." - Rumer Godden

"Scars are just another kind of memory." - M. L. Stedman

"We cannot develop and print a memory." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Poetry is the memory of language" - Jacques Roubaud

"Consciousness is the feel of accessing memory." - Bernard Beckett

"Happiness is health and a short memory!" - Audrey Hepburn

"Imagination, he realized, came harder than memory." - John Irving

"I've a grand memory for forgetting." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"White Americans have a short memory." - Sherman Alexie

"'Mnemonic' is a play about memory." - Simon Mcburney

"Memory is the mother of all wisdom." - Aeschylus

"Every man's memory is his private literature." - Aldous Huxley

"The secret to failing isn't failing; the secret to failing is failing forward." - Royce White

"Stop thinking of failing." - Benjamin Carson

"Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory." - Lewis B Smedes

"Identity is memory; when memory disappears, the self dissolves and love with it." - John Lahr

"I believe... that our memories are part of one great memory, the memory of Nature herself." - William Butler Yeats

"Memory is the fear, and I play most of my repertoire from memory." - Joanna MacGregor

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure." - Anonymous

"Memory plays tricks. Memory is another word for story, and nothing is more unreliable." - Ann-Marie MacDonald

"I hope that memory is valued - that we do not lose memory." - Studs Terkel

"I have a good memory. But I would be interested in memory even if I had a bad memory, because I believe that memory is our soul. If we lose our memory completely, we are without a soul." - Umberto Eco

"We're failing our children with education, we're failing our environment." - Carol Moseley Braun

"Trying is failing with honor" - James Arthur Ray

"Remember. Or, failing that, invent." - Monique Wittig

"The fearful are the failing." - Sarah Josepha Hale

"I like movies about failing." - Albert Brooks

"The goal is to avoid mediocrity by being prepared to try something and either failing miserably or triumphing grandly." - Georges St-Pierre

"No memoirists writes for long without experiencing an unsettling disbelief about the reliability of memory, a hunch that memory is not, after all, just memory." - Patricia Hampl

"Gossip is only the lack of a worthy memory." - Elbert Hubbard

"Illiterate him, I say, quite from your memory." - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"A liar ought to have a good memory." - Quintilian

"Hope is the forward-looking part of memory." - Diana Wynne Jones

"The root of oppression is the loss of memory." - Paula Gunn Allen

"What is memory for if not to fortify and sustain?" - Alice Tisdale Hobart

"I have a terrible memory; I never forget a thing." - Edith Konecky

"Wisdom is founded on memory; happiness on forgetfulness." - Mason Cooley

"Creative memory is the historian's most subtle opponent." - Mason Cooley

"A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial." - Clifton Paul Fadiman

"Memory - that fiend, that cruel enemy of comfort." - Paullina Simons

"Maybe Cubism started this way. Memory re-arranging a face." - Mary Rakow

"memory, like a horrible malady, was eating his soul away" - Oscar Wilde

"What happiness is there in just the memory of happiness?" - Julian Barnes

"Memory loss is one way of coping with damage." - Jeanette Winterson

"The memory of man is as old as misfortune" - Lawrence Durrell

"I know this music from memory, not from the music." - Eugene Ormandy

"The camera relieves us of the burden of memory." - John Berger

"Memory is what you did. Life is what you're doing." - Deacon Jones

"It takes good memory to keep up a lie" - Pierre Corneille

"For children, Christmas is anticipation. For adults, Christmas is memory." - Eric Sevareid

"If drinking don't kill me, her memory will." - George Jones

"The mind must be trained, rather than the memory." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Women often get dropped from memory, and then history." - Doris Lessing

"Sometimes I got worried that my memory was falling apart." - John Marsden

"Time heals nothing, it merely rearranges our memory." - Gary Numan

"A habit of debt is very injurious to the memory." - Austin O'Malley

"Funny how a melody sounds like a memory." - Eric Church

"Except for memory, time would have no meaning at all." - Pat Conroy

"Ordinarily men exercise their memory much more than their judgment." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"[Memory] visits when it is hungry, not when you are." - Elliot Perlman

"I write to breathe life back into memory." - Bernice L. McFadden

"The Western memory museum is now mostly a visual one." - Susan Sontag

"Memory should be the starting point of the present." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Health is a return to our memory of wholeness." - David Simon

"Computers have lots of memory but no imagination." - Anonymous

"Memory is always faulty. Emotions are always true." - Anonymous

"Happiness? That's nothing more than health and a poor memory." - Albert Schweitzer

"History attempts to provide society with an artificial collective memory." - Mark M. Krug

"Literature,like memory,selects only the vivid patches." - T. E. Hulme

"That's what a map is, you know. Just a memory." - Catherynne M Valente

"Death augments distance and dulls the memory. Death reconciles." - Leonid Andreyev

"Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today's events." - Albert Einstein

"Thank God for the potholes on memory lane." - Randy Newman

"Please leave me something...even one memory would be enough." - Ai Yazawa

"Memory is man's greatest friend and worst enemy." - Gilbert Parker

"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards." - Lewis Carroll

"I believe poetry has very little to do with memory." - Nick Flynn

"Gratitude changes the pangs of memory into a tranquil joy." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Swift defined observation to be an old man's memory." - James A Garfield

"You have to have a short memory as a closer." - Frank Robinson

"A writer's main tool is his memory - his own memory, the collective memory of his people. And the strongest memory is the one that is created by a wound to the heart." - Anatoly Rybakov

"I'm always fascinated by the way memory diffuses fact." - Diane Sawyer

"Memory is the personal journalism of the soul." - Richard Schickel

"Music, when soft voices die Vibrates in the memory." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Hope has a good memory, gratitude a bad one." - Baltasar Gracian

"Nothing is so admirable in politics as a short memory." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Memory isn't a theme; it's part of the human condition." - Hilary Mantel

"In memory everything seems to happen to music." - Tennessee Williams

"If we lose our culture, we lose our memory." - Robert Wilson

"Fond memory brings the light of other days around me." - Thomas Moore

"Anything in literature, including memory, is second-hand." - Herta Muller

"Our crimes, for which we are responsible: as taxpayers, for failing to provide massive reparations, for granting refuge and immunity to the perpetrators, and for allowing the terrible facts to be sunk deep in the memory hole. All of this is of great significance, as it has been in the past." - Noam Chomsky

"All experience is memory, and so everything you write about is from memory-unless you're writing about typing." - Joe Haldeman

"If the public photograph contributes to a memory, it is to the memory of an unknowable and total stranger." - John Berger

"Memory isn't the facts, it's just a record you keep to yourself. With the facts, memory is useless." - Guy Pearce

"Pain does not create a long-lasting memory, but the memory of luxury exerts itself for ever." - Paul Theroux

"To have a good memory the first thing you have to do is to trust your memory." - Paul Sophus Epstein

"Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future." - Elie Wiesel

"It is failing the American people miserably." - Peter Defazio

"If you aren't failing, you aren't trying." - Woody Allen

"Failing is another stepping-stone to greatness." - Oprah Winfrey

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Robin S. Sharma

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." - John Wooden

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Alan Lakein

"I don't like failing at anything." - Liam Mcintyre

"I'm pretty lowbrow. It's a failing." - Domhnall Gleeson

"Keep failing till you fail no more" - Kam Pankhania

"Failing doesn't have to mean not succeeding," - Astro Teller

"I know if I don't tour people will forget the record and you run a high risk of the record failing." - Daniel Johns

"To subvert the tyranny of our execrable government, to break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils and to assert the independence of my country- these were my objectives. To unite the whole people of Ireland, to abolish the memory of all past dissensions, and to substitute the common name of Irishman in place of the denominations of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter - these were my means." - Wolfe Tone

"There's something known as "memory conformity," also known as "social contagion of memory," which refers to a situation where one person's telling of a memory influences another person's account of that same experience." - Rob Roberge

"I have an awful memory, and I have a great memory. Meaning that, if I'm trying to remember something, I can't remember it. But my recall is fantastic." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"It's realizing that a great dream is not as good as a great memory. The dream can be had by anyone. The memory - must be made." - Eric Thomas

"Several sorts of memory exist in us; body and mind each possesses one peculiar to itself. Nostalgia, for instance, is a malady of the physical memory." - Honore De Balzac

"Memory belongs to the imagination. Human memory is not like a computer which records things; it is part of the imaginative process, on the same terms as invention." - Alain Robbe-Grillet

"Imagination draws on memory. Memory and imagination combined can stage a Servants' Ball or even write a book, if that's what they want to do." - Thornton Wilder

"Places seem to me to have some kind of memory, in that they activate memory in those who look at them." - W G Sebald

"When you get old, it's hard to tell what's memory and what you've kind of created in your head as memory, you know?" - Bode Miller

"I'd say my best memory was climbing Mt. Fuji, and the worst memory was... trying to fit my feet into the free giveaway slippers at Japanese schools." - Bruce Feiler

"There is no memory or retentive faculty based on lasting impression. What we designate as memory is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli." - Nikola Tesla

"That is my major preoccupation, memory, the kingdom of memory. I want to protect and enrich that kingdom, glorify that kingdom and serve it." - Elie Wiesel

"Every loss which we incur leaves behind it vexation in the memory, save the greatest loss of all, that is, death, which annihilates the memory, together with life." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Passing out while you try to kill yourself is like failing at failing." - Maddox

"You dont have to hold on to the pain, to hold on to the memory." - Janet Jackson

"Memoir is not an act of history, but an act of memory, which is innately corrupt." - Mary Karr

"Memory feeds imagination." - Amy Tan

"Every memory I have from when I was a kid involves basketball." - Kevin Durant

"... lapses of memory are only attractive when you've encouraged them, not when they take you unawares." - Hildegard Knef

"A good forgettery is a happier possession than a good memory." - Myrtle Reed

"But sometimes what we call 'memory' and what we call 'imagination' are not so easily distinguished." - Leslie Marmon Silko

"I'm just trying to remember what self-respect feels like. It's a fading memory." - Misha Collins

"If memory survived eternally, then indeed there might be justification for a belief in hell." - Stacy Aumonier



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