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Failed Relationship Quotes


"There's nothing worse than walking around and talking about your failed relationship, all day, every day, for months on end." - Max Greenfield

"A pear is a failed apple." - George Carlin

"When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed." - Marva Collins

"Who struggles can fail. Who doesn't struggle has already failed!" - Bertolt Brecht

"None of you has ever failed. School may have failed you. Goodbye to failure, children. Welcome to success." - Marva Collins

"After my second marriage failed... I said, 'You know, could I have a relationship with a man? A loving relationship with a man that would involve intimacy?' For a while, before I did get into a relationship, I saw, for a few years, either women or men. And I found that I could be attracted to both." - Clive Davis

"China and India's relationship is gradually developing." - Sushil Koirala

"When I began writing songs, there was a pretty direct line between what was happening in my life and what I wrote about. So my first album was really all about my failed attempts to make a particular relationship work." - Erin McKeown

"If you take the hard facts of a failed relationship, it's pretty grim. But if you make an album out of it, and if the violins represent all the tears, you create something magical out of something very normal." - Lykke Li

"This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed," - Angela Merkel

"I failed chemistry. I almost failed algebra." - Taye Diggs

"Am I in a relationship? Yeah. I'm already in a relationship with everybody that likes me." - G-Dragon

"The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn't fail. It still didn't really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal." - Max Levchin

"I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down." - Al Neuharth

"Justice, though moving with tardy pace, has seldom failed to overtake the wicked in their flight." - Horace

"Time hath often cured the wound which reason failed to heal." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Assurance never failed to get admission into the houses of the great." - Thomas Moore

"Loneliness is failed solitude." - Sherry Turkle

"Photographers are failed painters." - Paul Theroux

"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." - Matt Groening

"Environmentalism has failed." - David Suzuki

"I failed eating, failed drinking, failed not cutting myself into shreds. Failed friendship. Failed sisterhood and daughterhood. Failed mirrors and scales and phone calls. Good thing I'm stable." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"Commitment is inherent in any genuinely loving relationship." - M Scott Peck

"The fundamental glue that holds any relationship together is trust." - Brian Tracy

"Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship." - Dalai Lama

"Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship." - Robert Thieme

"Some people would rather lose the relationship than the argument." - Michael Lipsey

"Genuine relationships depend first on a healthy relationship with ourselves." - Sonia Choquette

"Definitely routine is the bedrock of our relationship." - Masiela Lusha

"Is disinterest not the essence of every human relationship?" - Sandor Marai

"Mandy because that was the most meaningful relationship." - Wilmer Valderrama

"It's developing a relationship with actors that makes it work." - Richard Donner

"I had a totally normal relationship with my body." - Scarlett Pomers

"We have had a rewarding relationship, the belly and I." - Sherwin B Nuland

"I just want to be in a relationship." - Rita Ora

"Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you." - Mike Murdock

"I'm so lucky that I have a great relationship." - Julianne Hough

"The value of a relationship is in direct proportion to the time that you invest in the relationship." - Brian Tracy

"I hope everyone can examine what is the most important relationship in life - the relationship between parent and child." - Jet Li

"The only way you're going to have a good relationship with anyone is to have a good relationship with yourself." - Vernon Howard

"Once you lose the honesty in a relationship, I mean, I think you don't have a relationship at all." - Elizabeth Gillies

"People should not judge failed love affairs as failed experiences, but as part of the growth process. Something does not have to end well for it to have been one of the most valuable experiences of a lifetime." - Ethel Person

"When I have tried and failed, I shall have failed." - Sophocles

"Music is my religion. Music is the only thing that has never failed me. People let you down, music won't." - Gary Bartz

"I have failed many times, but I have never gone into a game expecting myself to fail." - Michael Jordan

"You may have failed, but you are not a failure. That's what you did. That's not who you are." - Joel Osteen

"The Obama experiment has failed" - John Thune

"Most cartoonists are failed actors." - Milton Caniff

"We want no war of conquest... War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed." - William Mckinley

"I?'m not going to die because I failed as someone else. I'?m going to succeed as myself." - Margaret Cho

"If you feel that you have boy feet planted on the ground, then the university has failed you." - Robert F. Goheen

"Design cannot rescue failed content." - Edward Tufte

"Armenag Saroyan was the failed poet, the failed Presbyterian preacher, the failed American, the failed theological student." - William Saroyan

"Communism has failed; capitalism has failed; common sense has failed; now has to fail stupidity." - William C. Brown

"A human life is defined by its relationship with others: by its duty to its species. In the face of this duty, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless. What you call individual rights are merely the cultural fantasy of a failed civilization." - Matthew Stover

"To say she was my girlfriend was absurd: no one the wrong side of thirty has a girlfriend... I suppose I ought to have realize it's ominous that forty thousand years of human language had failed to produce a word for our relationship." - Robert Harris

"A human life is defined by its relationship with others: by its duty to its species. In the face of this duty, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless. What you call individual rights are merely the cultural fantasy of a failed civilization." - Matthew Woodring Stover

"To say she was my girlfriend was absurd: no one the wrong side of thirty has a girlfriend... I suppose I ought to have realize it's ominous that forty thousand years of human language had failed to produce a word for our relationship." - Robert Harris

"Oh, I don't think religion has failed. It's man who has failed. Christ hasn't failed. The Gospel hasn't failed. The teachings of God have not failed." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Jesus taught that your highest priority must be your relationship with Him. If anything detracts you from that relationship, that activity is not from God. God will not ask you to do something that hinders your relationship with Christ." - Henry Blackaby

"Motherhood is the most dangerous and awesome relationship possible. ... The parent/child blood relationship is one-sided and irrevocable and enduring. And it is all rather humbling." - Glenda Jackson

"Just as the right relationship with Christ generates a Christian, so the proper relationship with the Holy Spirit breeds a spiritual man." - Watchman Nee

"My relationship with my mother has always felt like the most complicated relationship of my life. I know I have a lot more writing to do on this." - Wendy C. Ortiz

"Romance fails us and so do friendships, but the relationship of parent and child, less noisy than all others, remains indelible and indestructible, the strongest relationship on earth." - Theodor Reik

"Nothing has changed in our relationship with East West. We have no relationship with East West. We've been withholding our labour for almost seven years now." - Andrew Eldritch

"It isn't hard to be in a relationship because I've always loved to be in a relationship, and I love to be in love." - Usher

"Chloe Honum's brilliant first book The Tulip-Flame traces an identity forming within radically divergent but interlocking systems: a family traumatized by the mother's suicide, a failed relationship, the practice of ballet, a garden-each strict, exacting. And with 'a crow's sky-knowing mind,' Honum in every case transfigures emotion by way of elegant language and formal restraint. Chloe Honum is 'one astounding flame' of a poet, and I predict a long-lasting one." - Claudia Emerson

"No, I don't think you're gonna be single forever, and also I don't understand your obsession with romantic love. There are other ways to have fulfilling relationships that can sustain you and make your life great and fun other than having a sexualized relationship. It's not the only kind of fulfilling human interaction. So, even if you are single forever, that doesn't mean that you've had some kind of failed life." - John Green

"No, I do' think you're gonna be single forever, and also I do' understand your obsession with romantic love. There are other ways to have fulfilling relationships that can sustain you and make your life great and fun other than having a sexualized relationship. It's not the only kind of fulfilling human interaction. So, even if you are single forever, that does' mean that you"ve had some kind of failed life." - John Green

"When I work, my first relationship with people is professional. There are people who want to be your friend right away. I say, "We're not gonna be friends until we get this done. If we don't get this done, we're never going to be friends, because if we don't get the job done, then the one thing we did together that we had to do together we failed."" - Bill Murray

"The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things." - Elise M. Boulding

"an act of forgiveness sets the victim apart from the perpetrator, who failed to act humanly towards the victim at the time he committed his crime." - Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

"We may have failed to teach our children right from wrong, but we've done a great job of teaching self-esteem!" - Roy Moore

"When the enemy is driven back, we have failed, and when he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded." - Alexander Suvorov

"We haven't failed. We now know a thousand things that won't work, so we are much closer to finding what will." - Thomas A Edison

"The death penalty experiment has failed." - Harry A Blackmun

"Poets are band leaders who have failed." - Ayi Kwei Armah

"I failed my way to success." - Thomas A Edison

"If you've never failed you've never tried." - Anonymous

"The produce of the vineyards has not failed everywhere, Ovidius. The heavy rains have been productive. Coranus made up a hundred jars by means of the water." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"Science has failed our mother Earth." - Serj Tankian

"Technique is nothing more than failed style." - John Waters

"If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." - Thomas Edison

"I'm a failed newspaper man myself." - Ernie Harwell

"I've failed way more than I've succeeded." - Daymond John

"I failed so therefore I succeed." - Michael Jordan

"Any relationship primarily built on physical attractiveness is predestined to be short lived." - Zig Ziglar

"The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.." - Jack Anderson

"Creating relationship is the heart of acting. It is basic. It is essential." - Michael Shurtleff

"The interdependency of humankind, the relevance of relationship, the sacredness of creation is ancient, ancient wisdom." - Rebecca Adamson

"What we do about our feelings determines the quality of our relationship with ourselves." - Cheri Huber

"There is a direct relationship between self-discipline and self-esteem." - Brian Tracy

"The relationship between man and space is none other than dwelling, strictly thought and spoken." - Martin Heidegger

"You know, what can I say. If a relationship can't work out, make a record." - Miley Cyrus

"Don't settle for a relationship that won't let you be yourself." - Oprah Winfrey

"Offer your customers a long-term relationship, then do everything possible to build and maintain it." - Brian Tracy

"The key to a good relationship is the key. Give me back the key." - Ronnie Claire Edwards

"In any relationship, the woman has control, the clever ones don't let the men know." - Groucho Marx

"A bibliophile has approximately the same relationship to literature as a philatelist to geography." - Karl Kraus

"Until you've completed your relationship with your parents, all your relationships will be about your parents." - Werner Erhard

"Nothing destroys a relationship quicker than our fears of inadequacy and loss." - Bill Crawford

"Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him." - Dr. Henker

"Combine the dual qualities of empathy and ambitionin every sales relationship." - Brian Tracy

"The true strength of any relationship is measured in bad times not good." - Miles J. Stanford

"A real relationship is like a river; the deeper it gets the less noise it makes." - Tony Gaskins

"You are an alchemist who can turn six beers into an awkward three week relationship." - Eugene Mirman

"People that say I have a 'fear of commitment' don't understand my relationship with popcorn." - Dov Davidoff

"When maintaining a relationship means diminishing your self, it's time to walk." - Dov Davidoff

"You know whether you have a real relationship with the president when you know it's real." - Joe Biden

"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands." - Alexandra Penney

"Because he should want to be in a relationship with me! I'm friggin" awesome." - J. Lynn

"I'm sort of...coming off a bad relationship," "When did it end?" "Slightly before it started," - Rainbow Rowell

"The truth is there ai' no relationship in the world that does' hit turbulence." - Junot Diaz

"I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty." - Zac Efron

"Destiny, I feel, is also a relationship - a play between divine grace and willful self-effort." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"You don't want to be in a relationship with someone who's scared of you." - Tila Tequila

"It's about strengthening the relationship and the bond of parent to child." - Blair Underwood

"What will support any relationship is clear, complete and conscious conversations when upsets or breakdowns occur." - Iyanla Vanzant

"The U.S.-China relationship, of course, has elements of both cooperation and competition." - Thomas E Donilon

"A relationship can give you a gut wrenching feeling sometimes. It's a real emotional ride." - Drake

"Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win." - Jeffrey Gitomer

"What students lack in school is an intellectual relationship or conversation with the teacher." - William Glasser

"When you make a living from something, it changes your relationship with it." - Jack Gleeson

"Well I don't know because I don't have a real relationship with the industry." - Danny Glover

"If you go into a relationship when you're 16, you've got no baggage." - Daphne Guinness

"Newspapers have roughly the same relationship to life as fortune-tellers to metaphysics." - Karl Kraus

"My favorite monologue in the book is Kate Harrington's story of her relationship with Truman." - George Plimpton

"My relationship with 'Pollyanna' is a very personal one, because Pollyanna got me through my childhood." - Eleanor Porter

"At this moment I do not have a personal relationship with a computer." - Janet Reno

"The dynamic of a relationship changes when one person gets sober." - Trent Reznor

"My mom drives me crazy sometimes, but I have a good relationship with her." - Seth Rogen

"When Tony was madly in love with me, his relationship with Vanessa Redgrave was ending." - Jeanne Moreau

"Every relationship is work." - Bill Hader

"American cinema tends to express a patriotic relationship to national identity on a regular basis." - Tom Hooper

"The U.S. relationship with Bahrain is obviously more complicated than with Syria and Iran." - Rebecca Mackinnon

"The relationship between citizens and government is increasingly mediated through the Internet." - Rebecca Mackinnon

"Much contemporary verse reads like failed short-short stories rather than failed poetry." - Alice Fulton

"Marxism has not only failed to promote human freedom, it has failed to produce food." - John Dos Passos

"I failed, I failed, and that is about all that can be said about it." - Abraham Lincoln

"All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition." - Peter Thiel

"The free enterprise system has not failed; the financial system has failed." - Tony Blair

"I'm a semi-failed writer, but I'm a capital-F Failed musician." - Joshua Mohr

"The euro is a failed currency, a wrong currency, a failed experiment." - Matteo Salvini

"Ten men have failed from defect in morals, where one has failed from defect in intellect." - Horace Mann

"I take great solace that Einstein failed math. I failed math. I also failed English and home economics. Einstein was an underachiever." - Danny Bonaduce

"In an attempt to help me move on from my failed marriage, my mom set me up with Jesus Freak. In fact, the stoner hadn't even finished moving out when she told me not to worry, because she already had someone better lined up for me. I was just lonely and desperate enough to endure a four-month celibate long distance relationship with a guy who read 15 chapters of the Bible and prayed for two hours every day and expected me to follow suit. He wanted to give our hypothetical children Bible names and for us to move to Korea to become missionaries." - Kate Madison

"And it's a lie that has consequences, because the great American dream is to have a good job, and in recent years, America has failed to deliver that dream more than it has at any time in recent memory. A good job is an individual's primary identity, their very self-worth, their dignity - it establishes the relationship they have with their friends, community and country. When we fail to deliver a good job that fits a citizen's talents, training and experience, we are failing the great American dream." - Jim Clifton

"If you want to talk further about a relationship with Russia, look no further than the Clintons. As we've said time and time again, Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, and was personally thanked by Putin for it. Hillary Clinton allowed one-fifth of America's uranium to - reserve to be sold to a Russian firm whose investors were Clinton Foundation donors. And the Clinton campaign chairman's brother lobbied against sanctions on Russia's largest bank and failed to report it. If you want to talk about having relations, look no further than there." - Bernie Sanders

"I have been proposed to four times. Twice at the beginning of a relationship and twice at the end of a relationship. I've never said no. I just didn't give an answer!" - Juliette Binoche

"Salvation is not a religion. It's not rules or regulations or rituals. Salvation is a relationship. That relationship doesn't begin when you get to Heaven; it begins here on Earth." - Rick Warren



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