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Educational Inequality Quotes


"'Squidbillies' is pretty educational." - Slim Jimmy

"Bee stings are very educational" - Garth Nix

"Giving a minimum wage reduces inequality significantly." - Winnie Byanyima

"Inequality is the inevitable consequence of liberty." - Salvador de Madariaga

"If you're perpetuating discrimination, you're perpetuating inequality." - Ellen Page

"Another example of the educational inequality is the current debate over publicly financed school vouchers which will provide educational opportunities to a privileged handful, but deprive public schools of desperately needed resources." - Bobby Scott

"True education makes for inequality; the inequality of individuality, the inequality of success, the glorious inequality of talent, of genius; for inequality, not mediocrity, individual superiority, not standardization, is the measure of the progress of the world." - Felix Emanuel Schelling

"The whole educational and professional training system..." - Noam Chomsky

"Educational bureaucracies dull a child's questing sensitivity." - Frank Herbert

"Desire, ignorance, and inequality-this is the trinity of bondage." - Swami Vivekananda

"The engine of growth is also the engine of inequality," - T. J. Stiles

"Wherever there is great property, there is great inequality." - Adam Smith

"Sex - the great inequality, the great miscalculator, the great Irritator." - Enid Bagnold

"Being broke is a very efficient educational agency." - Edwin Lefevre

"The pathway to educational excellence lies within each school." - Terrence E. Deal

"When I was poor and I complained about inequality they said I was bitter. Now I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite. I'm starting to think they just don't want to talk about inequality." - Russell Brand

"What is different between national inequality and global inequality is you have another element there that is sometimes forgotten: what matters for global inequality is relative growth rates between poor and rich countries." - Branko Milanovic

"The results indicate that heterogeneity of race and heterogeneity of family educational background can increase the achievement of children from weak educational backgrounds with no adverse effect on children from strong educational backgrounds." - James S Coleman

"Inequality of rights and power proceeds from the very Author of nature ..." - Pope Leo XIII

"If we save the planet and have a society of inequality, we wouldn't have saved much." - James H. Cone

"We're dealing with a crisis of inequality, of joblessness, of underemployment." - Avi Lewis

"Rising inequality is' about who has the knowledge; it's about who has the power." - Paul Krugman

"It is not inequality which is the real misfortune, it is dependence." - Voltaire

"Women can't wait for equal pay. And I won't stop fighting to address this inequality." - Barack Obama

"Development develops inequality." - Eduardo Galeano

"Rising inequality isn't about who has the knowledge; it's about who has the power." - Paul Krugman

"When inequality gets to an extreme, it is completely useless for growth." - Thomas Piketty

"Inequality promotes progress." - James Cook

"Wealth inequality has increased." - Cornel West

"We have to have a very strong criticism of modes of cooperation that entrench inequality." - Judith Butler

"Rising inequality is a cultural and economic cancer on a lot of different levels." - Kevin Drum

"You need to look at inequality as a typical condition of modern society." - Rem Koolhaas

"Motherhood is a greater predictor of wage inequality than gender is. It's enormous." - Anne-Marie Slaughter

"Diversity there certainly is in the world, but it means neither inequality nor untouchability." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The only living socities are those which are animated by inequality and injustice." - Paul Claudel

"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle

"The days of humiliation, of second-class citizens and of inequality are over and gone forever." - Gerry Adams

"Happiness is often at its most intense when it is based on inequality." - James Salter

"Even after facing jail, Martin Luther King, Jr. courageously and boldly spoke out against racial inequality." - Yvette Clarke

"I want to make a positive point of Ikea. It makes income inequality a minor distraction." - Greg Gutfeld

"A permanent division of labor inevitably creates occupational and class inequality and conflict." - Robert Shea

"Inequality doesn't create unhappiness." - Timothy Noah

"We are trying to enable anyone in the world to be their own educational DJ, creating educational materials, sharing them with the world, constantly innovating on them." - Richard Baraniuk

"Not more knowledge but better use of the knowledge which we now have, is perhaps the main educational need and the main educational problem which confronts us." - Norman Angell

"As long as acquiring knowledge is the educational goal of schools, educational opportunities will be limited, as they are now, to affluent families." - William Glasser

"These economic, social, cultural and educational causes of opportunity inequality are complex. And they will not be solved by continuing with the same stale Washington ideas. Five decades and trillions of dollars after President Johnson waged his War on Poverty, the results of this big-government approach are in." - Marco Rubio

"We must fight inequality and poverty if we want to re-establish peace and security. Seven million Mexicans live in extreme poverty, which is why I have launched a crusade against hunger. We also have to improve our educational system and stimulate economic growth." - Enrique Pena Nieto

"Neoliberal violence produced in part through a massive shift in wealth to the upper 1%, growing inequality, the reign of the financial service industries, the closing down of educational opportunities, and the stripping of social protections from those marginalized by race and class has produced a generation without jobs, an independent life and even the most minimal social benefits." - Henry Giroux

"The major economic policy challenges facing the nation today - pick your favorites among the usual suspects of low public and household savings, concerns about educational quality and achievement, high and rising income inequality, the large imbalances between our social insurance commitments and resources - are not about monetary policy." - Timothy Geithner

"You teach kids how to succeed when they successfully foil the educational system." - Arlo Guthrie

"Powerful groups with anti-Christian worldviews dominate major media and major educational institutions." - Marvin Olasky

"The group consisting of mother, father and child is the main educational agency of mankind." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"A child's slowness in any subject indicates a deficiency in his environment, educational or otherwise." - Shinichi Suzuki

"The educational value of such experiments is often inversely proportional to the complexity of the apparatus." - James Clerk Maxwell

"The educational process has no end beyond itself; it is its own end." - John Dewey

"The important thing is the educational experience itself - how to survive it." - Donald Barthelme

"Our educational system needs to give equal importance to the intellect and the heart." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"In our educational institutions applied science may almost be described as a "no-man's land."" - Edward Teller

"Marriage is something that should be tried at least once. It's educational." - Helen Nielsen

"The central challenge for educational systems around the world is the substitution of effectiveness for popularity." - Douglas B. Reeves

"Common sense, alas in spite of our educational institutions, is a rare commodity." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Libraries are fun, educational, and the biggest bargain on the face of the earth." - Madeleine Albright

"A casual attitude toward human hurt and pain is the surest sign of educational failure." - Norman Cousins

"I always enjoyed the kids, but I didn't enjoy the bureaucracy of the educational system." - Dean Koontz

"Educational success should be measured by how strong your desire is to keep learning." - Alfie Kohn

"I read my web blogs, my tech blogs, it's highly educational, folks." - Rush Limbaugh

"With anything, you have to approach from an educational, mature standpoint." - Zendaya

"Any place that anyone can learn something useful from someone with experience is an educational institution." - Al Capp

"I'm a product of an East Coast liberal arts educational system." - Matt Taibbi

"The test of every religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?" - Nicholas Johnson

"I'm really not into the educational aspect of performing. It's not in me." - Dave Lombardo

"My charitable donations go to educational efforts, such as Teach for America, Vanderbilt University, Berkshire School." - Thomas Peterffy

"Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel with a purpose is educational and exciting." - Sargent Shriver

"If we marry educational technology with quality, enriching content, that's a circle of win." - Levar Burton

"A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state." - Isabel Paterson

"Destroy it. There may be a redistribution of the land, but the natural inequality of men soon re-creates an inequality of possessions and privileges, and raises to power a new minority with essentially the same instincts as the old." - Will Durant

"They talk about income inequality. I'm for income inequality." - Rick Santorum

"They talk about income inequality. I'm for income inequality." - Rick Santorum

"Here's what income and wealth inequality is about. Last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made more than 24 billion, enough to pay the salaries of 425,000 public school teachers. This level of inequality is neither moral or sustainable" - Bernie Sanders

"True education makes for inequality; the inequality of individuality, the inequality of success, the glorious inequality of talent, of genius." - Felix Schelling

"No sustainable development, environmental harmony or lasting security will happen if we are unable to eradicate hunger and extreme inequality" - Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva

"It's important to realize that innovation and growth in itself are not sufficient to moderate inequality of wealth." - Thomas Piketty

"Inequality can have a bad downside, but equality, for its part, sure does get in the way of coordination." - Mary Douglas

"Inequality is on the rise." - William Finnegan

"I've been talking about things like reversing the rise of inequality and strengthening social mobility,since before it was cool." - Barack Obama

"Inequality for gay and lesbian people is no longer a debatable issue in either church or state." - John Shelby Spong

"Inequality hardens society into a class system. Inequality divides us from one another... Inequality undermines democracy." - George Packer

"Schools, the institutions traditionally called upon to correct social inequality, are unsuited to the task; without economic opportunity to follow educational opportunity, the myth of equality can never become real. Far more than a hollow promise of future opportunity for their children, parents need jobs, income, and services. And children whose backgrounds have stunted their sense of the future need to be taught by example that they are good for more than they dared dream." - Kenneth Keniston

"I certainly do care about measuring educational results. But what is an 'educational result?' The twinkling eyes of my students, together with their heartfelt and beautifully expressed mathematical arguments are all the results I need." - Keith Devlin

"For the longest time, you couldnt even say boys and girls were different. It was taboo in the educational world." - Jon Scieszka

"The major weakness of all educational systems is that they neither teach nor encourage the habit of definite decision." - Napoleon Hill

"If life ever ceased to be an educational experience. I probably wouldn't get out of bed in the morning." - Paul Tudor Jones

"You're children. Don't you want a home, a family?" "With, like, vitamin-fortified cereal and educational television?" - James Patterson

"For children in their most impressionable years, there is, in fantasy, the highest of stimulating and educational powers." - Arthur Rackham

"The factor stringing together individuals, society and nature is missing from today's educational system. That factor is spiritual values." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"The greatest educational dogma is also its greatest fallacy: the belief that what must be learned can necessarily be taught." - Sydney J Harris

"Communication is not what we say, but what you hear (which is a lesson I wish our educational system understood)" - Tucker Max

"You would hope that the supposed best of American educational institutions would teach its students about America as an institution." - Paul Kengor

"To be entertaining and educational and enlightening, all at once, this is a good goal to have." - Jeffrey Lewis

"Still reading but learning a lot about true education and the process of guiding our children in their educational pursuits." - Oliver DeMille

"Those subjects have the greatest educational value, which are richest in incentives to the noblest self-activity." - John Lancaster Spalding

"In inner-city, low-income communities of color, there's such a high correlation in terms of educational quality and success." - Bill Gates

"I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message." - Steve Irwin

"Exciting discoveries in neuroscience are allowing us to fit educational methods to new understandings of how the brain develops." - John Katzman

"The role model approach to social change is no substitute for challenging unjust employment practices, educational policies and housing." - Patricia Hill Collins

"I think the problem with the arts in America is how unimportant it seems to be in our educational system." - Chuck Close

"I never went to class. That the university graduated me at all is an indictment of our educational system." - Kevin Kline

"Our nation's security, economy, and place on the world stage depends on the success our educational system." - Ed Markey

"While you're setting something up that's educational for yourself, you have an opportunity to teach others at the same time." - Bjork

"Everything has an educational value if you look for it. But it's the fun I want to get across." - Richard Scarry

"The biological factors underlying race differences in sports have consequences for educational achievement, crime and sexual behavior." - J Philippe Rushton

"Our office acts like a kind of educational establishment and we are very careful who we educate." - Rem Koolhaas

"Of all the American educational system's problems, none is more severe than the academic year beginning before Labor Day." - P J Orourke

"How can one not speak about war, poverty, and inequality when people who suffer from these afflictions don't have a voice to speak?" - Isabel Allende

"Private property implies exclusivity, inequality, and difference." - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

"If the Internet is worth its salt, it has to help arrest the forces that promote inequality, monopoly, hypercommercialism, corruption, depoliticization and stagnation." - Robert Waterman McChesney

"How can you trust people who are poor and own no property? ... Inequality of property will exist as long as liberty exists." - Alexander Hamilton

"To live in a culture in which women are routinely naked where men aren't is to learn inequality in little ways all day long." - Naomi Wolf

"Inequality is the root of social evil." - Pope Francis

"There's something in the cross that says this is not just about my "salvation" but about the "salvation" of all those who suffer injustice and inequality." - Mel White

"A tight-money policy reinforces inequality in two ways. Its high interest rates disproportionately reward the rich, and the resulting unemployment disproportionately punishes the poor." - Linda McQuaig

"Government mitigates the inequality of power, and makes an innocent man, though of the lowest rank, a match for the mightiest of his fellow-subjects." - Joseph Addison

"Rising inequality can create a more highly leveraged economy, and it can then make the economy vulnerable to a crash like 2008." - Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell

"The key to understanding the rise in inequality isn't technology or globalization. It's the power of the moneyed interests to shape the underlying rules of the market." - Robert Reich

"Inequality may linger in the world of material things, but great music, great literature, great art and the wonders of science are, and should be, open to all." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Most people believe that inequality is rising - and indeed it has been rising for a while in a number of rich countries. And there is lots of talk and realization of this. It's harder to understand that at the same time, you can actually have global inequality going down. Technically speaking, national inequality can increase in every single country and yet global inequality can go down. And why it is going down is because very large, populous, and relatively poor countries like India and China are growing quite fast." - Branko Milanovic

"Racial inequality is a big problem." - Hillary Clinton

"The higher the coefficient of inequality (Gini coefficient) in a society, the worse things tend to be for those at the bottom." - Catherine Wilson

"It's a collective truth that slavery is wrong, that child labor is wrong, that gross inequality is wrong. God didn't send it." - Dar Williams

"When it comes to social policies, I believe women have the right to make their own choices, and inequality is a really important issue." - Edward Snowden

"Wherever there is great property, there is great inequality... for one very rich man, there must be at least five hundred poor." - Adam Smith

"Empirically, all pornography is made under conditions of inequality based on sex, overwhelmingly by poor, desperate, homeless, pimped women who were sexually abused as children." - Catharine Mackinnon

"The weak economy, widening income inequality, gridlock in Congress and a presidential election: Those were perhaps the dominant economic and political themes of 2012." - Steven Rattner

"Inequality of any kind, once considered a normal, natural part of human existence, came to be seen in the course of the twentieth century as increasingly illegitimate." - Michael Mandelbaum

"Everyone has an equal right to inequality." - John Ralston Saul

"The term 'income inequality' is a bit misleading because it suggests in a somewhat pejorative way that the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor," - Edward Lazear

"Society cannot exist without inequality of fortunes, and inequality of fortunes cannot exist without religion. When a man is dying of hunger beside another who has engorged himself, it is impossible for him to accept that difference unless there is an authority that tells him to." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"we should reject the attempt to divert the national conversation away from soaring inequality toward the alleged moral failings of those Americans being left behind. Traditional values aren't as crucial as social conservatives would have you believe ? and, in any case, the social changes taking place in America's working class are overwhelmingly the consequence of sharply rising inequality, not its cause." - Paul Krugman

"Society cannot exist without inequality of fortunes and the inequality of fortunes could not subsist without religion. Whenever a half-starved person is near another who is glutted, it is impossible to reconcile the difference if there is not an authority who tells him to." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Our present educational systems are all paramilitary. Their aim is to produce servants or soldiers who obey without question and who accepts their training as the best possible training. Those who are most successful in the state are those who have the most interest in prolonging the state as it is; they are also those who have the most say in the educational system, and in particular by ensuring that the educational product they want is the most highly rewarded." - John Fowles

"One of the biggest things that needs to change is the educational system. Universities are still teaching a system to students that destroys the biosphere." - Ray Anderson

"The science fair has long been a favorite educational tool in the American school system, and for a good reason: Your teachers hate you." - Dave Barry

"What's the difference between a bright, inquisitive five-year-old, and a dull, stupid nineteen-year-old? Fourteen years of the British educational system." - Bertrand Russell

"Whenever people talk glibly of a need to achieve educational "excellence," I think of what an improvement it would be if our public schools could just achieve mediocrity." - Thomas Sowell

"In addition, the teaching of theories from axioms, or some close imitation of them such as the basic laws of an algebra, is usually an educational disaster." - Ivor Grattan-Guinness

"If people are driving you around to look at animals, that's wonderful. That's educational, but it's not necessarily enlightening and you're not finding out much about yourself." - Paul Theroux

"[Wellesley College] is about as meaningful to the educational process in America as a perfume factory is to the national economy." - Nora Ephron

"Christians in this country have found themselves under selective assault. God has, almost overnight, been removed from the educational, legal, and political institutions of the country." - Daniel Lapin

"I believe in women. I desire . . . to do those things that would advance women in moral and spiritual, as well as educational work." - Emmeline B. Wells



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