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Education System Quotes


"Education is a self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon." - Sugata Mitra

"Abstinence-only education - the best STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and pregnancy delivery system that politicians have ever devised." - Rachel Maddow

"Today's public education system is a failed monopoly: bureaucratic, rigid and in unsteady control of dissatisfied captive markets." - David T. Kearns

"Osama Bin Laden is not going to come here and destroy America. Our education system is doing that just fine." - Geoffrey Canada

"I think the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina," - Arne Duncan

"I found in direct selling companies an education system designed to draw out the rich person in you." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The ultimate goal of the educational system is to shift to the individual the burden of pursuing his education." - John W Gardner

"Youve got to have a good public education system so small-business owners, when they locate to an area, are confident their kids are getting the best education possible. I feel strongly about local control in school districts." - Jon Tester

"The problem with our education system is not that parents do not have a choice. The problem is that inequities continue to exist." - Patsy Mink

"The secret of sound education is to get each pupil to learn for himself, instead of instructing him by driving knowledge into him on a stereotyped system." - Robert Baden-Powell

"America's education system has become less a ladder of opportunity than a structure to transmit inequity from one generation to the next." - Nicholas D Kristof

"The most sure, but at the same time the most difficult expedient to mend the morals of the people, is a perfect system of education." - Catherine The Great

"One of the unfortunate things about our education system is that we do not teach students how to avail themselves of their subconscious capabilities." - Bill Lear

"If a country puts its entire focus on making sure that the education system improves, then that's the kind of progress that you can see." - Michelle Rhee

"Every education system on Earth has the same hierarchy of subjects: at the top are mathematics and languages, then the humanities, and the bottom are the arts." - Ken Robinson

"There isn't an education system on the planet that teaches dance everyday to children the way we teach them mathematics. Why?" - Ken Robinson

"Education is a system of imposed ignorance." - Noam Chomsky

"I'm all for reforming our higher education system, in the 21st century, to have the skills you need for a middle-class job, you need higher education of some form or fashion. It may not be a four-year degree. The problem is he just wants to pour that additional money into the broken, existing system." - Marco Rubio

"Whatever the explanation, it's perfectly obvious that our educational system has nothing to do with education: it's a babysitting service designed to replicate the worst qualities of the parents." - Stephen R Donaldson

"Mitt Romney was attacking Obama about our failing education system. He has a point. We are graduating millions of people in this country who are so lacking in basic analytical skills, they are considering voting for Mitt Romney." - Bill Maher

"Vaccination is one of the easiest things on the way to development. It's much easier than roads and a great education system. It's very basic. It's one of the first things you want to get right." - Bill Gates

"Refinancing won't fix everything that's broken with our [American] higher education system. We've got to bring down the cost of college. And we need more accountability for how schools spend federal dollars." - Elizabeth Warren

"We ask the education system to expiate the sins of the rest of the society and then condemn it as hopelessly broken when it doesn't prove up to the task." - Chris Hayes

"There are two extremes to be avoided: one is the attitude of contempt toward education, the other is the tragic snobbery of assuming that marching through an educational system is a sure cure for ignorance and mediocrity." - Henry Ford

"Let them be reassured, it has never been one of our intentions to ban religion in society, but solely to protect the national education system from any conspicuous display of religious affiliation." - Jean-Pierre Raffarin

"Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system, and public health ... what have the Romans ever done for us? Brought peace!" - Graham Chapman

"Most people believe that schools were good enough when they were children and that they are good enough now. But the dynamic growth of our system of education has spawned serious problems of educational quality." - Diane Ravitch

"I loved growing up in Canada. It's a great place to grow up, because - well, at least where I grew up - it's very multicultural. There's also good health care and a good education system." - Ryan Gosling

"The intellect is vagabond, and our system of education fosters restlessness. Our minds travel when our bodies are forced to stay at home. We imitate; and what is imitation but the travelling of the mind?" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The best system of education is that which draws its chief support from the voluntary effort of the community, from the individual efforts of citizens, and from those burdens of taxation which they voluntarily impose upon themselves." - James A Garfield

"Our higher education system is controlled by what amounts to a cartel of existing colleges and universities, which use their power over the accreditation process to block innovative, low-cost competitors from entering the market." - Marco Rubio

"Probably the biggest thing around not training correctly is eating. You've got to fuel your system correctly, and I think what we're very unfortunate with in this country [UK] is the [lack of] education around food and nutrition." - Greg Rutherford

"[I am] confident that Congress will pass the Kennedy-Hatch KidCare bill, a first step toward the single-payer socialized medicine system that the NEA [National Education Association] has endorsed for years." - Phyllis Schlafly

"I think the education system is great just the way it is. There's kids in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, seven years old, that can already speak fluent Spanish." - Kevin Nealon

"One of the great failings of the American education system (in our view) is that young people can graduate from university without any understanding of poverty at home or abroad." - Nicholas D Kristof

"[Our system of education ]not designed to create critical thinkers." - Edward Snowden

"Segregation has no place in the education system." - Richard Dawkins

"I am pro-education. I'm just anti the system." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in. That everyone may receive at least a moderate education appears to be an objective of vital importance." - Abraham Lincoln

"The purpose of a Christian education would not be merely to make men and women pious Christians: a system which aimed too rigidly at this end alone would become only obscurantist. A Christian education must primarily teach people to be able to think in Christian categories." - T S Eliot

"The truth is that the want of common education with us is not from our poverty, but from the want of an orderly system. More money is now paid for the education of a part than would be paid for that of the whole if systematically arranged." - Thomas Jefferson

"People in Detroit aren't just urban gardening. They're starting a new mode of education. They're trying to give children the education to be "solutionaries" rather than people who are going to get jobs in the system. And that is a huge change, a cultural revolution." - Grace Lee Boggs

"Fear, coercion, punishment, are the masculine remedies for moral weakness, but statistics show their failure for centuries. Why not change the system and try the education of the moral and intellectual faculties, cheerful surroundings, inspiring influences? Everything in our present system tends to lower the physical vitality, the self-respect, the moral tone, and to harden instead of reforming the criminal." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"we have not yet developed a system of education that is not a system of indoctrination." - Doris Lessing

"An education without a Bible education is no education." - Clive James

"Education is the only solution. Education first." - Malala Yousafzai

"There is no education but self-education." - Charlotte Mason

"To improve our schools, we have to humanize them and make education personal to every student and teacher in the system. Education is always about relationships. Great teachers are not just instructors and test administrators. They are mentors, coaches, motivators, and lifelong sources of inspiration to their students. Teaching is an art form. Great teachers know they have to cultivate curiosity, passion and creativity in their students." - Ken Robinson

"The American education system couldn't be more badly directed or poorly funded if the Secretary of Education were Ed Wood." - Dennis Miller

"We need the best education system in the United States. The best system, not the most expensive." - Bruce Brown

"Education is soul crafting." - Cornel West

"Education is understanding relationships." - George Washington Carver

"Empathy before education." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Education must precede motivation." - Jim Rohn

"Labor is God's education." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Education is life itself." - John Dewey

"Education is not filling" - William Butler Yeats

"No system of education is complete that does not harden the hands and toughen muscles, while it is also develops the intellect and enlarges the heart...only through work do we attain the true symmetry, strength, and glory of godly manhood and womanhood." - Alexander Clark

"As long as learning is connected with earning, as long as certain jobs can only be reached through exams, so long must we take this examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment was contrived, much so-called education would disappear, and no one would be a penny the stupider." - E M Forster

"The most stupendous system of organized robbery known has been that of the church towards woman, a robbery that has not only taken her self-respect but all rights of person; the fruits of her own industry; her opportunities of education; the exercise of her judgment, her own conscience, her own will." - Matilda Joslyn Gage

"Since there is no system of public education, the great majority of my fellow citizens is frighteningly ignorant. They have no idea where Iraq is. They accept as the gospel whatever the government tells them. Good grief, any other normal country would have been against the Iraq war! But we live in an abnormal country, governed by experts in deceptive advertising." - Gore Vidal

"The private schools and the independent schools like Oprah's are really doing well because they've got the best of everything but it certainly puts the spotlight on a system of public education that is still reeling from the apartheid years [in South Africa]." - Charlayne Hunter-Gault

"Crime is a social problem, and education is the only real deterrent. Look at all of us in prison; we were all truants and dropouts, a failure of the educational system. Look at your truancy problem, and you're looking at your future prisoners. Put the money there." - Wilbert Rideau

"Americans are interested because they are open-minded. They have an education system that teaches them to find out for themselves why things are the way they are. Open-minded people tend to be interested in Buddhism because Buddha urged people to investigate things - he didn't just command them to believe." - Dalai Lama

"Health is more than absence of disease; it is about economics, education, environment, empowerment, and community. The health and well being of the people is critically dependent upon the health system that serves them. It must provide the best possible health with the least disparities and respond equally well to everyone." - Joycelyn Elders

"Our society cannot afford a two-tiered system in which the affluent have access to superior education, while everyone else is subjected to a dull and incoherent classroom experience. Academic excellence, educational equity, and fairness demand a strong foundation of knowledge for all learners." - E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

"Apollo wasn't just about sending people into space. It transformed so much of our economy. From our education system to so many of the things we use today, it was a vision that led to the total transformation of the planet." - Kesha Rogers

"For too long we have occupied ourselves with responding to the consequences of cruelty and abuse and have neglected the important task of building up an ethical system in which justice for animals is regarded as the norm rather than the exception. Our only hope is to put our focus on the education of the young." - John Hoyt

"If on one day we find the fast-spreading recognition of popular rights accompanied by a silent, growing perception of the rights of women, we also find it accompanied by a tendency towards a system of non-coercive education - that is, towards a practical illustration of the rights of children." - Herbert Spencer

"Our most important education system is in the employees' own organization." - Peter Drucker

"I do regard spinning and weaving as a necessary part of any national system of education." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I say further that our system of education should be unsectarian." - Edmund Barton

"My primary and secondary education was provided by the Highland Park Public School System." - James Cronin

"Let's make sure that we are working for age-appropriate sex education in our school system." - Wendy Davis

"I think part of the problem is the education system doesn't work - it's not accountable." - Luis Guzman

"I started Knewton to do my bit to fix the world's education system." - Jose Ferreira

"The quality of an education system can never exceed the quality of its teachers." - Andreas Schleicher

"I'd repair our education system or replace it with something that works." - Larry Niven

"You see, we'll never be able to compete in the 21st century unless we have an education system that doesn't quit on children, an education system that raises standards, an education that makes sure there's excellence in every classroom." - George W Bush

"The essence of education is the education of the body." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Not all schooling is education nor all education, schooling." - Milton Friedman

"Arts in education is especially important to me. Inspired teachers in our education system is crucial in developing inspired human beings." - Madi Diaz

"Education forms the common mind." - Alexander Pope

"Nature is stronger than education." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Education doesn't make you smarter." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Philippine education is in crisis" - Florencio Abad

"Education is an admirable thing." - Oscar Wilde

"Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is, not a preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey

"Thanks is part to our education system, we tend to think that we're smarter than the stupid guys in funny wigs who came before us. But that's because we are mistaking technology, progress, and access to information for intelligence. We think that because we know how to use iPhones (but not build them), browse the Internet (but not understand how it works), and use Google (but not really know anything), our educational system is working just great. By the same token, we think that those dumb aristocrats who used horses to get around and didn't have electricity were neanderthals." - Glenn Beck

"Liberals are not about choice; they are about imposition. The way they live, the way they believe, must be imposed on people, otherwise they won't do it on their own. It's taken them 50, 60 years to get to this point of conditioning people, of taking hold of the education system, the university, academia system, the media. It's taken a long time to condition people not to stand up for themselves, not to exercise freedom, not to speak outside the acceptable norms. What is political correctness but speech censorship, is all it is." - Rush Limbaugh

"What is the first part of politics? Education. The second? Education. And the third? Education." - Jules Michelet

"Education, education, education" - Tony Blair

"There will come a time when the proper education of children, by a glorified system of spontaneous education of choice, similar to the Montessori System, will be made possible." - R Buckminster Fuller

"Any education system that only memorizes things creates robots and will never produce Nobel laureates. Any education system that only emphasizes improvisation will get a bunch of people who may think they are creative, but they are functionally illiterate." - John Medina

"We need first of all the reform of our justice system. We need reform of the education system, because of quality of education because of innovation and technology. And we need administrative reform. Too much bureaucracy." - Iveta Radicova

"There is enough for everyone to have what they need without exploitation. Adequate distribution of resources, including education, without violence can lead to a sustainable system that doesn't stress the ecosphere. Alternately, continued violence feeds population surges and hoarding the products of exploitative extraction, which endanger the survival of our species. In short, if we want a future with humans on Earth, we've got to stop war." - Vern Huffman

"The liberal appropriations made by the legislature of Kentucky for a general system of education cannot be too much applauded . . . . Learned institutions ought to be the favorite objects with every free people. They throw that light over the public mind which is the best security against crafty and dangerous encroachments on the public liberty . . . . What spectacle can be more edifying or more seasonable than that of liberty and learning, each leaning on the other for their mutual and surest support?" - James Madison

"A public-school system, if it means the providing of free education for those who desire it, is a noteworthy and beneficent achievement of modern times; but when once it becomes monopolistic it is the most perfect instrument for tyranny which has yet been devised. Freedom of thought in the middle ages was combated by the Inquisition, but the modern method is far more effective.' (1923)" - John Gresham Machen

"We all want to live a happy life and have a right to do so, whether through work or spiritual practice. I'm subject to destructive emotions like anger and jealousy the same as you, but we all have potential for good too. However, our existing education system is oriented towards material development; neglecting inner values. Consequently we lack a clear awareness of the inner values that are the basis of a happy life." - Dalai Lama

"Education may well be, as of right, the instrument whereby every individual, in a society like our own, can gain access to any kind of discourse. But we well know that in its distribution, in what it permits and in what it prevents, it follows the well-trodden battle-lines of social conflict. Every educational system is a political means of maintaining or of modifying the appropriation of discourse, with the knowledge and the powers it carries with it." - Michel Foucault

"The present system under the control of the whites trains the Negro to be white and at the same time convinces him of the impropriety or the impossibility of his becoming white... the Negros will have no outlet but to go down a blind alley, if the sort of education which they are now receiving is to enable them to find the way out of their present difficulties." - Carter G Woodson

"Bail out the bankers and bankrupt the school teachers - we will still teachI will never follow the lead of those who exclude the kids who need education the most so that my precious scores will rise. I will never line up with those whose idea of reform is the subtle segregation of the poor and desperate. I want no part of the American caste system." - John Kuhn

"D'you ever wonder what it would be like if our positions were reversed?' I ask. At Jack's puzzled look I continue. 'If we whites were in charge instead of you Crosses?' 'Can't say it's ever crossed my mind,' Jack shrugs. 'I used to think about it a lot,' I sigh. 'Dreams of living in a world with no more discrimination, no more prejudice, a fair police force, an equal justice system, equality of education, equality of life, a level playing field..." - Malorie Blackman

"The great thing, then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy." - William James

"The United States has, overall, the most effective system of higher education the world has ever known." - Clark Kerr

"A first class system of early childhood education is the hallmark of a caring and civilized society." - Andy Hargreaves

"California is maybe the richest place in the world. They're destroying the best public education system in the world." - Noam Chomsky

"The teachers don't know anything. What are the kids going to learn with a horrible education system?" - Bill Maher

"It should begin much earlier with arts education in the American school system, which is sadly deficient." - Frank Gehry

"We must ensure our system of higher education offers world-class quality for a world-class economy." - Bob Taft

"England is so defined, the class system, your education. I think what was unique about the Canterbury scene." - Kevin Ayers

"If you improve your education system, there's no telling what kind of businesses you'll be able to attract." - Shelley Berkley

"When National Guardsmen shot four unarmed students at Kent State, virtually the entire system of higher education shuddered and stopped." - Nancy Gibbs

"As countries embrace mass higher education, the cost of maintaining universities increases dramatically relative to an elite system." - Derek Bok

"Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men." - W E B Du Bois

"There is no education system in the world - none at all - that's better than its average teacher." - David Puttnam

"Music is an element that should be part and parcel of every child's life via the education system." - Victoria Wood

"You look at public education system, charter schools, infrastructure, in so many ways New Orleans has come back stronger." - Drew Brees

"People who say the system works work for the system." - Russell Brand

"Capitalism is a stupid system, a backward system" - Stokely Carmichael

"Management works in the system; leadership works on the system." - Stephen Covey

"Convert to IRA-based system." - Newt Gingrich

"Immune system will heal itself." - Rhonda Byrne

"Culture is your operating system." - Terence Mckenna

"Besides taking jobs from American workers, illegal immigration creates huge economic burdens on our health care system, our education system, our criminal justice system, our environment, our infrastructure and our public safety." - Jan C Ting

"Bible reading is an education in itself." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Training teaches how. Education teaches why." - Nido R Qubein

"Animal protection is education to the humanity." - Albert Schweitzer

"Education is cheap; experience is expensive." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Education should be as broad as man." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Almost all education has a political motive." - Bertrand Russell

"Education made us what we are." - Claude Adrien Helvetius

"Without education, confidence does not come." - B.K.S. Iyengar

"The real safeguard of democracy is education." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Education beats the beauty and the youth." - Chanakya

"I didn't completed my University Education" - Bill Gates

"All genuine education comes about through experience." - John Dewey

"Education is the number one priority." - Vincent Kartheiser

"We are here for an education." - W Edwards Deming

"Traveling is my form of self-education." - Yvon Chouinard

"Education gives you neither experience nor wisdom." - Peter Drucker

"Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired by education." - Cicero

"Education does not necessarily make one wise?" - Benjamin Carson

"Education is preparation to live completely." - Herbert Spencer

"Education is the science of relations" - Charlotte Mason

"If children have interest, then Education happens" - Sugata Mitra

"Education is... doing anything that changes you." - George Leonard

"The problem with education is school." - Mark Twain

"Philosophy is the education of grown-ups." - Stanley Cavell

"A school's job [is] to begin education." - Caroline Pratt



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