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Easy Way Quotes


"There's no easy way to be free." - Pete Townshend

"God doesn't believe in the easy way." - James Agee

"There is the easy way and there is my way." - Teresa Mummert

"The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading." - Pablo Neruda

"You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy." - Hermann Hesse

"The easy way out usually leads back in." - Peter Senge

"Obedience to Christ is the easy way, take my yoke..." - Dallas Willard

"It's easy to be beautiful - just be born that way." - Suzy Parker

"Competition is an easy way to get into flow." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

"Twitter is a very easy way to keep in touch." - Evan Williams

"Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way to go easy is to forget the right way, and forget that the going is easy." - Zhuangzi

"Easy is right. Begin right, and you will be easy. Continue easy and you are right... The right way to go easy is to forget the right way, and forget that the going is easy." - Zhuangzi

"The easy way out is often just that-the 'easy' way out of the most rewarding lifestyle." - Albert Ellis

"You never do things the easy way, do you?" she said. "There's an easy way?" I asked." - Patrick Rothfuss

"We can do this the easy way,' Oblivious snarled. 'Or the hard way.' 'What's the easy way?' 'You leave immediately.' 'And what's the hard way?' 'We make you leave.' Skulduggery's head tilted. 'What was the easy way again?" - Derek Landy

"Those who seek the easy way do not seek the true way." - Dogen

"The way to belief is short and easy, the way to knowledge is long and hard." - Ernst Stuhlinger

"The right way to go easy is to forget the right way..." - Zhuangzi

"It's not supposed to be easy, if it's easy, it's no good, that's the way I look at it." - Craig Charles

"The habit patterns of the human mind are very strong and make it seem that the hard way is easy and the easy way is hard." - Eckhart Tolle

"I tan the easy way. I just wait for my liver spots to connect." - Martha Bolton

"It's easy to lose our way when we lose our why." - Michael Hyatt

"Death Is only the easy way out if you are the one who dies." - Ellen Hopkins

"There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." - Seneca the Younger

"There is no easy in the world neither hard everything is the same in a way." - Hector Hugh Munro

"Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way." - John Wooden

"Betrayal is never easy to handle and there is no right way to accept it." - Christine Feehan

"When something comes easy, you usually let it go the same way." - Nora Roberts

"Having a camera is a really easy and quick way to indulge in your creative side." - Erin Davie

"I'm really easy to get along with once you see it my way." - Stephen Hawking

"The obvious mathematical breakthrough would be development of an easy way to factor large prime numbers." - Bill Gates

"There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging." - Daniel Handler

"It is because they took the easy way out that rivers, and people, go crooked." - Jill Peterson

"There is no easy way to the stars from the earth." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Never underestimate the capacity of people to choose the easy way." - William James Moore

"It is no easy matter to say commonplace things in an original way." - Horace

"If we go for the easy way, then we never change" - Marina Abramovic

"Conventions are like coins, an easy way of dealing with the commerce of relations." - Freya Stark

"The easy way has never in the long run commanded the allegiance of mankind." - Edith Hamilton

"Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way." - Yip Harburg

"Listen to the way people talk. If your characters sound real the rest is easy." - David Eddings

"Nature's way is simple and easy, but men prefer the intricate and artificial." - Laozi

"It is no easy task to pick one's way from truth to truth through besetting errors." - Peter Mere Latham

"It's easy to get married, but hard to stay that way." - Mae West

"If the road is easy, you're likely going the wrong way." - Terry Goodkind

"The easiest way to solve a problem is to pick an easy one." - Franklin P Jones

"Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it." - Marc Jacobs

"The habit of religion is oppressive, an easy way out of thought." - Peter Ustinov

"It's easy to not feel misplaced if this tidal wave of appreciation is coming your way." - Christoph Waltz

"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it." - Noam Chomsky

"I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy." - Marie Curie

"An easy way to get people to like you is to make them laugh." - Isla Fisher

"Being a professional writer is not an easy way to make a living." - Tracy Kidder

"Smut, if it's really smut, there's nothing backing it up. It's the easy way out." - Sandra Bernhard

"We as Republicans have taken the easy way out a lot of times." - Rand Paul

"The way of life is not as easy as some people think... like me." - Mattie Stepanek

"If we choose the easy way, by letting another think for us, we must eventually tread the hard way. If we select the hard way, by insisting upon our own mental integrity, we eventually come to the easy way." - Vernon Howard

"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way." - Edgar Cayce

"Men are awesome, but they're pretty easy to figure out; women are way more complicated, and way more interesting." - Judy Greer

"The easy way is efficacious and speedy, the hard way arduous and long. But, as the clock ticks, the easy way becomes harder and the hard way becomes easier. And as the calendar records the years, it becomes increasingly evident that the easy way rests hazardously upon shifting sands, whereas the hard way builds solidly a foundation of confidence that cannot be swept away." - Colonel Sanders

"The way I challenge myself is by writing something that really engages me, that doesn't have an easy answer, and isn't always an easy book to write." - Jodi Picoult

"Bad habits are easy and discipline is hard-and "easy" is where people gravitate. A good work ethic requires a painstaking daily effort. Easy typically leads to a life long list of problems but the discipline of having a plan leads to an extraordinary rewarding life. In the long run, the easy way makes life harder and the harder way makes life easier." - Tony Horton

"Even ignorant men seek perfection; perhaps the way is easy. Not even wise men can be perfect; perhaps the way is difficult. Easy or difficult, between the two, I do not feel the advance of age." - Yi Hwang

"Everyone says surgery is the easy way out, but going under the knife is never the easy way out. You don't know if you're going to come back out of it and whether there will be complications." - Rosie Mercado

"It is going to be tough if you look for the easy way out because very rarely is there an easy way out. There is nothing that replaces hard work." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Gratitude opens your heart, and opening your heart is a wonderful and easy way for God to slip in." - Ram Dass

"I knew then and I know now, when it comes to justice, there is no easy way to get it." - Claudette Colvin

"You just have to get one misstep - that's an easy way to fall into caricature. Bad caricature." - Brad Pitt

"There's no easy quick way out, we're gonna have to live through our whole lives, win, lose, or draw." - Walt Kelly

"In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time." - Mark Allen

"Easy way to make someone sound less powerful, just put DJ in front of their name... ..DJ Abraham Lincoln" - Demetri Martin

"To mess around with Ebola is an easy way to die. Better to work with something safer, such as anthrax." - Richard Preston

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"Identifying pain in others was easy for me. I was drawn to it in some strange perverse way." - Abbi Glines

"The only way to understand the difficult parts of the Bible is first to read and obey the easy ones." - John Ruskin

"The prevailing view is that the easy way to stimulate economic growth is to have a low currency." - Gary Cohn

"Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge." - Abu Hurairah

"I have found God to be cordial and generous and in every way easy to live with." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"The only way I can protect him now is to make sure he never understands how easy killing can become." - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

"To listen to the silence, wherever you are, is an easy and direct way of becoming present." - Eckhart Tolle

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"Doesn't it seem sometimes that the whole world's uphill but at least we know the way back will be easy..." - Sarah Dessen

"Once you start copying other people's licks, you begin thinking they're yours. Doing that's just an easy way out." - Robin Trower

"Anyway, if you needed something really dangerous, get a gun. It's easy, it's cheap, and it's the American way." - Craig Ferguson

"We are bringing technology into governance in a very big way. This is making governance easy, effective, economic and transparent." - Narendra Modi

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"Life's not real easy right now. But I guess I'd rather have it this way than not at all." - Vince Carter

"There is a very easy and very peaceful way to get rid of a dictator: Get out of the system!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"I love writing to my little sister. It's a very nice, easy kind of way I always find inspiration." - Jillian Hervey

"I don't see any easy way of disqualifying people on the basis that they decide not to work." - Pierre Trudeau

"It's like heroin: You do a little and you want a little bit more. Raising prices is the easy way." - James Sinegal

"I try to make puzzles range all the way from easy to hard, and to leave many open at once." - Graham Nelson

"There is no quick easy way to the body you want... commit yourself now to your workout and get started." - Tracy Anderson

"I don't find acting and directing schizophrenic in any way. I find it completely easy to move between the two." - Jodie Foster

"I think putting labels on people is just an easy way of marketing something you don't understand." - Adam Jones

"An easy way to find your own style is to exaggerate yourself a bit and then find a balance." - Johan Lindeberg

"Dying young is the easy way out. It's much harder to keep your edge and keep it going." - Robert Longo

"No right way is easy in this rough world. We must risk our lives to save them." - John Muir

"I had big shoes to fill, but the way we have been playing has made the transition easy." - Ricky Ponting

"To pay more is the easy way. In fact, the solution possibilities to the problem are many." - Vladimir Putin

"When I go home, its an easy way to be grounded. You learn to realize what truly matters." - Tony Stewart

"Life is made too easy. Mankind's moral fibre is giving way under the softening influence of luxury." - Johan Huizinga

"The way that I am now, I don't want to accept mediocrity. I don't want to accept the easy road." - Joe Nichols

"You can say that designing is quite easy; the difficulty lies in finding a new way to explore beauty" - Yohji Yamamoto

"Of course I work hard. Why shouldn't I? Who am I to think I should get things the easy way?" - Judy Holliday

"Sometimes it's easy to have ideas, but somebody has to find a way to do it. Often those responsible for finding a way don't have the idea." - Karl Lagerfeld

"When making the problem go away is more important than solving the problem leadership begins to fail. The easy way vs. The character way." - William James Moore

"Change isn't easy. Changing the way you live means changing the way you think, means changing what you believe about life. That's hard." - Dean Koontz

"The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character." - Margaret Chase Smith

"I'm just trying to do my best every day, hoping that I have done my best every day, and its very easy in a way, but also it's not that easy. Every day counts." - Yoko Ono

"It is possible to fail in many ways . . . while to succeed is possible only in one way (for which reason also one is easy and the other difficult - to miss the mark easy, to hit it difficult)." - Aristotle

"Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way; this is not easy." - Aristotle

"It's easy to spend - especially in this day and age - to spend your time not being in the present. It's very easy to be way ahead. What's tomorrow and the day after that?" - Audra Mcdonald

"I'd rather get a good clean laugh with good material, than an easy laugh by swearing or shocking. That's not clever or comedic, anybody can get a laugh that way, it's too easy." - Jim Dale

"I'm a pop princess at heart. Pop is about distilling what you want to say and making it easy. And the way I write isn't about making things easy. It's a weird juxtaposition." - Lorde

"Easy reading is damn hard writing. But if it's right, it's easy. It's the other way round, too. If it's slovenly written, then it's hard to read. It doesn't give the reader what the careful writer can give the reader." - Maya Angelou

"For example, the dwarfs found out how to turn lead into gold by doing it the hard way. The difference between that and the easy way is that the hard way works." - Terry Pratchett

"There are two ways of talking. One is the easy way, where you talk lightly, and the other one is the considered way. The considered way is what I have put my name to." - V S Naipaul

"Well, sometimes love seems easy.'s easy to love rain...and hawks. And it's easy to love wild plums...and the moon. But with people, seems like love's a hard thing to know. It gets all mixed up. I mean, you can love one person in one way and another person in another way. But how do you know you love the right one in every way?" - Billie Letts

"Baseball and football are very different games. In a way, both of them are easy. Football is easy if you're crazy as hell. Baseball is easy if you've got patience. They'd both be easier for me if I were a little more crazy - and a little more patient." - Bo Jackson

"A lot of the things that I've learned in the past have been from dear friends. Rodriguez's favorite line is "Facil!" Easy! He makes things easy. He doesn't complicate his life. He's obsessed with perfection, but he makes it easy, and that's pretty much the way I work as an actor." - Demian Bichir

"Baseball and football are very different games. In a way, both of them are easy. Football is easy if you're crazy as hell. Baseball is easy if you've got patience. They'd both be easier for me if I were a little more crazy - and a little more patient." - Bo Jackson

"Before doing stand-up, I thought acting was easy - it's not easy. It's a hard life. It's easy in its own way, you just stand there and talk. But there is a difference between people who can do it well and people who can't." - Jim Jefferies

"Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find an easy way of doing it." - Walter Chrysler

"We point to our unhappy circumstances to rationalize our negative feelings. This is the easy way out. It takes, after all, very little effort to feel victimized." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"Don't be attracted to easy paths because the paths that make your feet bleed are the only way to get ahead in life." - Saddam Hussein

"The real goal of Zen is to find a way of life that's easy and undramatic. Strong attachments lead to upset and drama." - Brad Warner

"You can do anything in the world if you say "Hey man, don't blame me, the devil made me do it." It's an easy way to escape responsibility." - Ice Cube

"I never said the way of Christ is easy. Are you prepared to let go of everything He would not approve?" - E Stanley Jones

"I am learning, as I make my way through my first continent, that it is remarkably easy to do things, and much more frightening to contemplate them." - Ted Simon

"The Way lies at hand yet it is sought afar off; the thing lies in the easy yet it is sought in the difficult." - Mencius

"Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable." - Pythagoras

"The great Way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths. Be aware when things are out of balance. Stay centered within the Tao." - Laozi

"When you know the answer you want, it is often all too easy to figure out a way of getting it." - Brian Greene

"The only good thing about having your back to the wall is that it makes it really easy to choose which way you're going to go." - Jim Butcher

"Some things you can only learn in the struggle. When it's easy, when everything is going your way, that doesn't take any faith." - Joel Osteen

"It's easy to have a great attitude when things are going our way...It's when difficult challenges rise before us...that attitude becomes the difference maker." - John C Maxwell

"Screw this. He"d blown his shot at nice-and-easy, which only left quick-and-brutal-my favorite way to play." - Rachel Vincent

"When you sleep I will creep Into your thoughts Like a bad debt That you can't pay Take the easy way and give in!" - Steven Morrissey

"His books were the closest thing he had to furniture and he lived in them the way other men live in easy chairs." - Laura Hillenbrand

"Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest, and like a forest it's easy to lose your way... to get lost... to forget where you came in." - Hattori Hanzo

"Non est ad astra mollis e terris via. That's my philosophy. Its a quote from the past. "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." - Cecil Castellucci

"I persuaded him to throw the dirk away; and it was as easy as persuading a child to give up some bright fresh new way of killing itself." - Mark Twain

"Many unsustainable behaviours are locked-in and made 'normal', not just by the way that we produce and consume, but by the absence of easy alternatives" - Margaret Beckett

"It hurts when it don't last, no easy way saying bye. So I'mma spread my wings and head for the sky." - Wiz Khalifa

"If you are hardworking and determined, you will make it and that's the bottom line. I don't believe in an easy way through." - Isabel Dos Santos

"...after a few days at the desk, telling the truth in an interesting way turns out to be as easy and pleasurable as bathing a cat." - Anne Lamott

"There is no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it. And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!" - Oprah Winfrey

"The Rosary offers an easy way to present the chief mysteries of the Christian religion and to impress then upon the mind." - Pope Leo XIII

"The shallow is easy to embrace, but the profound is difficult. To discard the shallow and seek the profound is the way of a person of courage." - Gautama Buddha



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