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Easy Way Out Quotes


"The easy way out usually leads back in." - Peter Senge

"The easy way out is often just that-the 'easy' way out of the most rewarding lifestyle." - Albert Ellis

"Death Is only the easy way out if you are the one who dies." - Ellen Hopkins

"It is because they took the easy way out that rivers, and people, go crooked." - Jill Peterson

"The habit of religion is oppressive, an easy way out of thought." - Peter Ustinov

"Smut, if it's really smut, there's nothing backing it up. It's the easy way out." - Sandra Bernhard

"We as Republicans have taken the easy way out a lot of times." - Rand Paul

"Men are awesome, but they're pretty easy to figure out; women are way more complicated, and way more interesting." - Judy Greer

"Everyone says surgery is the easy way out, but going under the knife is never the easy way out. You don't know if you're going to come back out of it and whether there will be complications." - Rosie Mercado

"It is going to be tough if you look for the easy way out because very rarely is there an easy way out. There is nothing that replaces hard work." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Striking out batters was easy." - George Herman

"There's no easy quick way out, we're gonna have to live through our whole lives, win, lose, or draw." - Walt Kelly

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"Once you start copying other people's licks, you begin thinking they're yours. Doing that's just an easy way out." - Robin Trower

"Abortion is the easy way out. It's hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations." - Tony Abbott

"There is a very easy and very peaceful way to get rid of a dictator: Get out of the system!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Dying young is the easy way out. It's much harder to keep your edge and keep it going." - Robert Longo

"There's no easy way to be free." - Pete Townshend

"God doesn't believe in the easy way." - James Agee

"We point to our unhappy circumstances to rationalize our negative feelings. This is the easy way out. It takes, after all, very little effort to feel victimized." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"The great Way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths. Be aware when things are out of balance. Stay centered within the Tao." - Laozi

"When you know the answer you want, it is often all too easy to figure out a way of getting it." - Brian Greene

"...after a few days at the desk, telling the truth in an interesting way turns out to be as easy and pleasurable as bathing a cat." - Anne Lamott

"There is no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it. And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!" - Oprah Winfrey

"There's no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it. And believe me, it would be one of my favorite things!" - Oprah Winfrey

"Number seven... What's it meant to be, dear?... A Study?... It doesn't say what of?... Well, that's an easy way out for an artist." - Ruth Draper

"Here's an easy way to figure out if you're in a cult: If you're wondering whether you're in a cult, the answer is yes." - Stephen Colbert

"As women, we tend to take the easy way out in showbiz. I have done movies where all I did was look pretty in every frame." - Bipasha Basu

"When things aren't working out for people, the end of the world seems like an easy way to wipe the slate clean." - Evan Glodell

"When I was training for the Olympics, I didn't eat the way I should have. I missed out on much-needed protein and opted for every easy carb." - Summer Sanders

"This year has been full of lessons learned and soul searching and realizing I'm an adult. It's time to take responsibility and not take the easy way out." - Nicole Richie

"There is the easy way and there is my way." - Teresa Mummert

"For example, the dwarfs found out how to turn lead into gold by doing it the hard way. The difference between that and the easy way is that the hard way works." - Terry Pratchett

"You never fight your eye when you look at a hole. If it looks one way, play it that way. Don't make a big deal out of an easy shot." - Ben Hogan

"The way out of our narrowness may not be so easy as the way in. The weasel that creeps into the corn-bin has to starve himself before be can leave by the same passage." - Cyrus Augustus Bartol

"Easy is the way down to the Underworld: by night and by day dark Hades' door stands open; but to retrace one's steps and to make a way out to the upper air, that's the task, that is the labor." - Virgil

"Because, if you ever been in the state pennitentary, you understand if you're not in something, then you stay out of it, you know and that's how I do.That's a easy way to stay out of it!" - Nate Dogg

"The easy way out is to approve an early retirement plan one year but not pay out sick and vacation time to deserving employees until three years later. Unfortunately, later is now." - Jodi Rell

"The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading." - Pablo Neruda

"You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy." - Hermann Hesse

"Obedience to Christ is the easy way, take my yoke..." - Dallas Willard

"It's easy to be beautiful - just be born that way." - Suzy Parker

"Competition is an easy way to get into flow." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

"Twitter is a very easy way to keep in touch." - Evan Williams

"A mouse-trap; easy to enter, but not easy to get out of." - Clara Lucas Balfour

"It is easy to get into war, not so easy to get out." - Chuck Hagel

"Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way to go easy is to forget the right way, and forget that the going is easy." - Zhuangzi

"Easy is right. Begin right, and you will be easy. Continue easy and you are right... The right way to go easy is to forget the right way, and forget that the going is easy." - Zhuangzi

"You never do things the easy way, do you?" she said. "There's an easy way?" I asked." - Patrick Rothfuss

"It's not easy to take three ships out of service." - Micky Arison

"Why do you knock yourself out? Take it easy." - David O Selznick

"The worst thing we can do as a nation is taking the easy way out. If you start opening up offshore drilling, then you are buying time and you are not addressing the fundamental problem with fossil fuels." - Joe Biden

"It would be very easy to drool with sentimentality over the Ryder Cup. But, at the end of the day, it is simply two teams trying to knock seven bells out of each other, in the nicest possible way." - Peter Alliss

"I came from nothing out in the woods near Tallahassee, Florida. My mom was a single mom raising five of us. It wasn't easy but she found a way to raise us to adulthood. We made it somehow." - Tavoris Cloud

"Angel is right,"said Dr. G-H quickly. "This is my clumsy way of demonstrating." "Demonstrating what?" I was barely able to keep a snarl out of my voice. "How to get yourself beat up in one easy step?" - James Patterson

"It may be tempting and more comfortable to just keep your head down, plod along, and appease those who demand: 'Sit down and shut up,' but that's the worthless, easy path; that's a quitter's way out." - Sarah Palin

"Technology has helped me with the writing and recording processes, and it's a great way to reach out to fans of my music, ... Dell's combining all these different technologies and making it really easy to enjoy them." - Sheryl Crow

"Latin America wants to decriminalize at least marijuana (maybe more or course;) the US wants to maintain it. An interesting story. There seems to me no easy way out of this." - Noam Chomsky

"It seems like the more I punish myself, the better it's been. What it is, I'm relentless and I never give up. I never take the easy way out." - John Lydon

"Being positive is like going up a mountain. Being negative is like sliding down a hill. A lot of times, people want to take the easy way out, because it's basically what they've understood throughout their lives." - Chuck D

"This is easy to say with the benefit of hindsight, but I think it once again points out how very important style of leadership, that is the way he does what he does, is to his perception." - Robert Teeter

"I got bored with the old way - it came too easy. I worked until I could play and chord changes at any tempo in any key, and then said 'What else is there?' Now I'm finding out." - Don Ellis

"Anything that gets in the way of my focus to create gets cut out of my life. It's not easy. Sometimes it's family. Sometimes it's friends. Sometimes it's the ability to have a relationship." - John Zorn

"My kind of wanting to be funny didn't come from need, necessarily. The closest I can analyze it is that it was an easy way to make friends, I found out. It was just a great kind of social tool." - Will Ferrell

"The first information I consume in the morning is probably 'The New York Times' and then my Twitter feed. I think Twitter is a really fascinating, easy way to stay on top of what stories are out there." - Uzo Aduba

"If you're going to write about war, which my books are about, wars are nasty things. I think it's sort of a cheap, easy way out to write a war story in which no one ultimately dies." - George R R Martin

"We can do this the easy way,' Oblivious snarled. 'Or the hard way.' 'What's the easy way?' 'You leave immediately.' 'And what's the hard way?' 'We make you leave.' Skulduggery's head tilted. 'What was the easy way again?" - Derek Landy

"It is very easy to conform to what your society or your parents and teachers tell you. That is a safe and easy way of existing; but that is not living...To live is to find out for yourself what is true..." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"I really don't like to take the easy way out, if I can help it, on anything I do, I like to really make it a challenge. I don't know how to create by taking the easy routes. I've tried, you know, I've tried to let myself, but I always struggle to compensate." - Jack White

"I think that, just in general, my number one priority is to just go out of your way to stay yourself and put yourself out there in a positive way. It's so easy, and you can connect with a lot of your friends." - Will Rothhaar

"Those who seek the easy way do not seek the true way." - Dogen

"The way to belief is short and easy, the way to knowledge is long and hard." - Ernst Stuhlinger

"The right way to go easy is to forget the right way..." - Zhuangzi

"It's not supposed to be easy, if it's easy, it's no good, that's the way I look at it." - Craig Charles

"There is no easy path leading out of life, and few are the easy ones that lie within it." - Walter Savage Landor

"The design of each element should be thought out in order to be easy to make and easy to repair." - Leo Fender

"There is no easy path leading out of life, and few easy ones that lie within it." - Walter Savage Landor

"The way out is the way through." - L Ron Hubbard

"The habit patterns of the human mind are very strong and make it seem that the hard way is easy and the easy way is hard." - Eckhart Tolle

"When you start with why, which decision you make becomes very easy. It is so hard to do when you may suffer a short term loss or you may lose out on some short term gain. But in the long run it's way more powerful and way more stable." - Simon Sinek

"You convinced yourselves we're just a bunch of regular lads who got a bad break in life. Anything else would have cracked your dream open and made you face reality. Illusion is easy. Illusion is the loser's way out. Your way." - Peter F. Hamilton

"Some people don't like my songs because they think they're too simple or easy or not that thought-out. I feel like the way I write is pretty simple, in some ways, because I'm trying to connect. I want a lot of people to hear it, and be moved in some way." - Langhorne Slim

"this is why we call people exes, I guess - because the paths that cross in the middle end up separating at the end. it's too easy to see an X as a cross-out. it's not, because there's no way to cross out something like that. the X is a diagram of two paths." - David Levithan

"This is why we call people exes, I guess - because the paths that cross in the middle end up separating at the end. It's too easy to see an X as a cross-out. It's not, because there's no way to cross out something like that. The X is a diagram of two paths." - John Green

"It means a lot to you, to be out there. The highs are pretty high, and the lows are pretty low. You know, it's easy to feel like you let the team down. I mean, at the end of the day we still got to figure out a way to get through the tie." - Andre Agassi

"I was working with actors who were very easy to work with, but I can just imagine how, with all the other decision-making problems that come up along the way, in addition to that, the whole point of what your doing is following performance and character development. You're building your story with those building blocks, and it is not easy. I've only come out with more respect for directors, from this." - Rick Heinrichs

"Social media is a great way to get customers. Time is money. If you do this right, it costs money. But social media is great because you put stuff out there and see if it works almost immediately. You can test to see if it will be effective for your company. It's easy if you hit a nerve and talk about something people are interested in. It's easy for them to share with their friends." - JJ Ramberg

"[Friendships] are easy to get out of compared to love affairs, but they are not easy to get out of compared to, say, jail." - Fran Lebowitz

"Get out of harms way." - Miguel De Cervantes

"I tan the easy way. I just wait for my liver spots to connect." - Martha Bolton

"It's easy to lose our way when we lose our why." - Michael Hyatt

"There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." - Seneca the Younger

"There is no easy in the world neither hard everything is the same in a way." - Hector Hugh Munro

"Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way." - John Wooden

"Betrayal is never easy to handle and there is no right way to accept it." - Christine Feehan

"When something comes easy, you usually let it go the same way." - Nora Roberts

"Having a camera is a really easy and quick way to indulge in your creative side." - Erin Davie

"I'm really easy to get along with once you see it my way." - Stephen Hawking

"The obvious mathematical breakthrough would be development of an easy way to factor large prime numbers." - Bill Gates

"There is no easy way to train an apprentice. My two tools are example and nagging." - Daniel Handler

"There is no easy way to the stars from the earth." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Never underestimate the capacity of people to choose the easy way." - William James Moore

"It is no easy matter to say commonplace things in an original way." - Horace

"If we go for the easy way, then we never change" - Marina Abramovic

"Conventions are like coins, an easy way of dealing with the commerce of relations." - Freya Stark

"The easy way has never in the long run commanded the allegiance of mankind." - Edith Hamilton

"Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way." - Yip Harburg

"Listen to the way people talk. If your characters sound real the rest is easy." - David Eddings

"Nature's way is simple and easy, but men prefer the intricate and artificial." - Laozi

"It is no easy task to pick one's way from truth to truth through besetting errors." - Peter Mere Latham

"It's easy to get married, but hard to stay that way." - Mae West

"If the road is easy, you're likely going the wrong way." - Terry Goodkind

"The easiest way to solve a problem is to pick an easy one." - Franklin P Jones

"Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it." - Marc Jacobs

"It's easy to not feel misplaced if this tidal wave of appreciation is coming your way." - Christoph Waltz

"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it." - Noam Chomsky

"I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy." - Marie Curie

"An easy way to get people to like you is to make them laugh." - Isla Fisher

"Being a professional writer is not an easy way to make a living." - Tracy Kidder

"The way of life is not as easy as some people think... like me." - Mattie Stepanek

"The most self-disciplined people in the world aren't born with it, but at one point they start to think differently about self discipline. Easy, short-term choices lead to different long-term consequences. Difficult short-term choices lead to easy long-term consequences. What we thought was the easy way led to a much more difficult life. I think that motivation is sort of like a unicorn that people chance like a magic pill that will make them suddenly want to work hard. It's not out there." - Rory Vaden

"If we choose the easy way, by letting another think for us, we must eventually tread the hard way. If we select the hard way, by insisting upon our own mental integrity, we eventually come to the easy way." - Vernon Howard

"I'll never be ready for the exam... Wish I was sound asleep. Wish there was an easy way to absorb facts. I can't memorize all this stuff... My head's splitting. What good'll this education do me when I'm out of school and start working! Here I am beating my brains out while everyone's out having fun. If I could make myself invisible I could copy answers easy. Maybe I could have an accident and get excused from class. After studying all night I'll probably fall dead asleep at the test tomorrow." - Harvey Kurtzman

"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way." - Edgar Cayce

"The easy way is efficacious and speedy, the hard way arduous and long. But, as the clock ticks, the easy way becomes harder and the hard way becomes easier. And as the calendar records the years, it becomes increasingly evident that the easy way rests hazardously upon shifting sands, whereas the hard way builds solidly a foundation of confidence that cannot be swept away." - Colonel Sanders

"The way I challenge myself is by writing something that really engages me, that doesn't have an easy answer, and isn't always an easy book to write." - Jodi Picoult

"Crying is easy, like breathing- the more you hold it in, the more you let out." - Tablo

"Drought brings out the worst in us and it's easy to hate your fellow human beings." - Luke Davies

"My mind contains many good ideas, but it's not always easy to squeeze one out." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Predicting the future is easy. It's trying to figure out what's going on now that's hard." - Fritz R. S. Dressler

"Keep breathing. Just keep doing it. It's easy. In and out." - Jenny Downham

"Get your hustle on... Hard work is easy, working out is hard." - Russell Simmons

"Little Alice, all hollowed out, so easy to smash into a million little pieces." - Elizabeth Scott

"It is easy to make plans but difficult to carry them out" - Keiichi Tsuchiya

"It's not always easy to tell the difference between thinking and looking out of the window." - Wallace Stevens

"Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?" - A Fine Frenzy

"It is easy to be clever if you leave something important out." - Peter Redgrove

"Whenever things sound easy, it turns out there's one part you didn't hear." - Donald E Westlake

"It turns out that there is something that can compete with free: easy." - Lev Grossman

"Since baseball is my favorite sport, it's easy to go out and do what I do." - Tim Lincecum

"I think psychology would be an easy transition and figuring out the human mind somehow." - Wilmer Valderrama

"It's easy to choose doing what you love when there are people out there supporting you." - Hoodie Allen

"Knowing is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part." - Nicholas Evans

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words." - Mark Twain

"Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard." - Walter Dean Myers

"An awful lot of people think it's easy to lift recipes out." - Elizabeth David

"And I think it's really easy for people to point out hypocrisy in people's lives." - Ellen Page

"I guess I'm breaking out a little of what's comfortable and easy." - Angela Bassett

"It's easy to maintain your integrity when no one is offering to buy it out." - Marc Maron



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