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Easy Money Quotes


"Money is easy to hide." - Herve Falciani

"It is easy to be compassionate with other people's money" - John Atherton

"It's easy to clean up when you got money." - J. F. Lawton

"Money, says the proverb, makes money. When you have got a little, it is often easy to get more." - Charles Dickens

"Money is hard to earn and easy to lose. Guard yours with care." - Brian Tracy

"When it's easy to make money, you have no incentive to think about development of talent." - Malcolm Gladwell

"It's easy to say you don't care about money when you have plenty of it." - Ransom Riggs

"It's just as easy to be happy with a lot of money as with a little." - Marvin Traub

"It's easy to be generous with money. Far harder to be generous with your time." - Alan Bleasdale

"All present-day governments are fanatically committed to an easy money policy." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Make music a service that's easy to consume, and there'll be plenty of money for everyone." - Todd Rundgren

"It's the lifestyle of easy money, fast cars and supermodels that keep me going." - Christopher Tin

"Public opinion always wants easy money, that is, low interest rates." - Ludwig Von Mises

"When I was a player, I worried only about myself. Good money and easy work." - Mickey Cochrane

"Now, although my life is still pleasant, the days of easy money are over." - Ben Stein

"Well money is not easy to describe. It is easy to lose but it cannot be lost, and no one can get really get used to it." - Gertrude Stein

"It's easy to make money. You put up the sign Bank and someone walks in and hands you his money. The facade is everything." - Christina Stead

"It's easy to sit there and say you'd like to have more money. And I guess that's what I like about it. It's easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money." - Jack Handey

"It's not easy making money as an actor. It's just not an easy thing to do. There's so many that want to do it and so few opportunities to do it that it's not as easy as it would seem." - Kurt Russell

"Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube. Easy to take out, hard to put back." - Earl Wilson

"When you work with your hands, you learn to appreciate how easy it is to earn money talking." - Jay Leno

"I don't like fashionistas. They only wear the brand. You want to become a fashionista? Easy! Spend money." - Franca Sozzani

"There is no substitute for hard work. There is no such thing as overnight success or easy money." - Henry Sy

"I bought properties inexpensively and made a lot of money. I began to think it was easy." - Donald Trump

"[Voice acting] is such an easy job. It's like stealing money, really. Which I'm always happy to do." - Brent Spiner

"Making money is easy. It is. The difficult thing in life is not making it, it's keeping it." - John Mcafee

"We're all shareholders. These guys below me, they see the CEO taking it easy, it's their money." - Ivan Glasenberg

"Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business." - Franklin P Jones

"We have never heard of laundering in Macau; money laundering is unheard of. Mind you, my casino, every bit of money - someone says Stanley Ho, you issue me a check of so much money - we don't give that easy." - Stanley Ho

"In Russia, or anywhere, people don't like rich people. Yeah, OK, I have money, but the question is how I use it. It's not easy, believe me; it's not easy." - Viktor Vekselberg

"I'm not stingy. I'm just afraid of being an easy mark. People wouldn't have money long if they didn't ask how much things cost." - Doris Duke

"People love leverage when it's working. I mean, it's so easy to borrow money from a guy at X and put it out at X." - Howard Warren Buffett

"I think sometimes you just lose your focus, and I think that's easy to do when you start getting more fame, more money, more power." - Joel Osteen

"There are three easy ways of losing money - racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain." - Lord Amherst

"It is well to write love letters. There are certain things for which it is not easy to ask your mistress face to face, like money for instance." - Henri de Regnier

"Talent works for money and fame; the motive which moves genius to productivity is, on the other hand, less easy to determine." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"It is easy to smile at an insult and pretend it's funny when the person insulting you is hosing you with money." - Al Alvarez

"The worst thing that can happen to an investor is to make money on his first trade; he thinks investing is easy" - Mark Skousen

"A man of talent will strive for money and reputation; but the spring that moves genius to the production of its works is not as easy to name." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"A man of talent will strive for money and reputation; but the spring that moves genius to the production of its works is not as easy to name" - Arthur Schopenhauer

"People who look for easy money invariable pay for the privilege of proving conclusively that it cannot be found on this earth." - Jesse Lauriston Livermore

"You had a lot of novice investors who got into the market looking for easy money, without any regard to the fundamentals. These stocks were running on fumes." - Bernard Madoff

"Those who have easy, cheerful attitudes tend to be happier than those with less pleasant temperaments, regardless of money, making it, or success." - Joyce Brothers

"It's easy to love yourself when you feel good enough, when you feel special enough, when you're loved enough, when you have enough money, and you're appreciated," - Debbie Ford

"The money it would cost to buy another car could be [used to] build two schools. So it's an easy choice that makes me very happy." - Angelina Jolie

"Money shows [man] new ways to cheat life. Power becomes exterior instead of interior. In these circumstances architecture becomes too difficult, building too easy." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Somehow we have to detach from feeling as though money is a quick and easy standard by which we can gauge how well we're doing." - Alice Mattison

"It's not as easy as that... it's disappointing to think that all these countries spend a lot of money trying to get the Olympics." - Bernie Ecclestone

"People who look for easy money invariably pay for the privilege of proving conclusively that it cannot be found on this sordid earth." - Edwin Lefevre

"Money... is none of the wheels of trade: it is the oil which renders the motion of the wheels more smooth and easy." - David Hume

"It is easy to be independent when you've got money. But to be independent when you haven't got a thing, that's the Lord's test." - Mahalia Jackson

"Every swindle is driven by a desire for easy money; it's the one thing the swindler and the swindled have in common." - Mitchell Zuckoff

"I always tell my traders that they would've loved the 1990s because it was a fairly easy time to make money." - Steven A Cohen

"It's easy to love yourself when you feel good enough, when you feel special enough, when you're loved enough, when you have enough money, and you're appreciated." - Debbie Ford

"The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover." - Al Franken

"Style has replaced elegance. Before, I believed that style is something a person embodied. But now it's so easy to buy good style if you have the money." - Nicola Formichetti

"I once told Tommy Smothers, 'If I could just get the money and the women straightened out, the rest of my life would be easy.'" - Pat Paulsen

"The difference between anger and deep remorse - remorse is much fatter. It's a deeper feeling altogether. Anger is too easy an escape for my money." - John Hurt

"We would do well to ask why governments seem to find it so easy to raise the money required to wreck the biosphere, and so difficult to raise the money required to save it." - George Monbiot

"Certain money is not always good money. It could be just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, if you have your priorities in check then for the most part it's easy." - Lebron James

"Managers will work for a salary. Entrepreneurs create new businesses. Many people have capital, but instead of making money for business they build houses for rent. It's easy money to collect rental." - John Gokongwei

"Asset bubbles have happened even without not-so-easy money. And, in a depressed economy, where alternative uses of money are not great, people are going to bid up the prices of profitable corporations and stuff like that." - Paul Krugman

"If a man has money, it is usually a sign, too, that he knows how to take care of it; don't imagine his money is easy to get simply because he has plenty of it." - E W Howe

"Making money has always been pretty easy for me, but today I don't need any more money. I still work, because money is important, but my work is more important than the money, now. And that's a very big difference. I just work because I enjoy my work." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue, the monograph went on. Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact how hard money is to come by, and, there, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves." - Kurt Vonnegut

"It's not easy to be my sons because we're very high profile. We try so hard to give them a normal life. I'm very, very tight with them about money. I don't give that money until they ask, 'I need 100 yuan for my lunch card,' and so on. So they never have extra money." - Zhang Xin

"The money, the fame, if that comes, that's fantastic. But at the end of the day, my aim is to go to sleep at night content and have a purpose, and to know that I'm not swapping my life for money and some mind-numbing boring job, making easy money and protecting my brain." - Mark De Mori

"Money begets money." - John Ray

"Money makes people bold and cosmopolitan; if you are poor, you are naturally conservative. Its not easy to be a bohemian when you have to worry about what is going to happen with you and with your next paycheck." - Antonio Munoz Molina

"The product has to work. It has to be a good product. An enormous number of them are all hype with no value at all. People get into them because they want to make a lot of quick, easy money." - Brian Tracy

"We understand that as public figures, we are a target for people who have nothing to lose in their quest for fame and easy money, ... preposterous, slanderous and defamatory lies." - Emilio Estefan

"Use Time. Make it easy. Get your money to work for you. The key is to get in the market, as it is not about timing the market, but time in the market that matters." - Ann Wilson

"With any level of success you get some non-musical things that come along - money, ego - and it's easy to lose your perspective and get off doing what you did to get there." - Joe Walsh

"Reagan's neglect of the inner city is responsible for hiphop. Hiphop is created thanks to the conditions that crack set: easy money but a lot of work, the violence involved, the stories it produced. Crack helped birth hiphop." - Questlove

"When it's too easy to get money, then you get a lot of noise mixed in with the real innovation and entrepreneurship. Tough times bring out the best parts of Silicon Valley." - Sergey Brin

"At the moment, most customers do not wish to pay the extra money for connection to the Internet, and for some customers, connection procedures to the Internet are still not easy." - Satoru Iwata

"The great attraction of fashion is that it diverted attention from the insoluble problems of beauty and provided an easy way - which money could buy... to a simply stated, easily reproduced ideal of beauty, however temporary that ideal." - Theodore Zeldin

"Despite all the cynical things writers have said about writing for money, the truth is we write for love. That is why it is so easy to exploit us." - Erica Jong

"It's not always easy to do what's not popular, but that's where you make your money. Buy stocks that look bad to less careful investors and hang on until their real value is recognized." - John Neff

"When it's too easy to get money, then you get a lot of noise mixed in with the real innovation and entrepreneurship. Tough times bring out the best parts of Silicon Valley." - Sergey Brin

"I do know that the world knows or thinks that I have money and lots of it. They perceive me as an old weak man and an easy target." - John Mcafee

"You know what I'd really, really like? What I'd pay MONEY for? A ZX81 with a disc drive. I understood the ZX81. It was so easy to interface stuff to it." - Terry Pratchett

"It makes it [work] a lot easier when you like what you do. It's easy when you're working and making money doing it. It's hard when you're not. That's when that gets challenged." - Marc Blucas

"Easy money, sudden fortunes, increasingly powerful political machines and blatant corruption transformed much of the nation; and the Senate, as befits a democratic legislative body, accurately represented the nation." - John F Kennedy

"When it's too easy to get money, then you get a lot of noise mixed in with the real innovation and entrepreneurship. Tough times bring out the best parts of Silicon Valley." - Sergey Brin

"Pop is an easy way for evil business people to make a lot of money. But I find myself humming a Christina Aguilera song every once in a while." - Brandon Boyd

"Countries compete in offering easy working conditions to their banks. In many jurisdictions, you can deposit money anonymously with no questions asked, even if the accepting bank knows that it derives from criminal activities." - Thomas Pogge

"Making movies is a lot like being a construction worker. There are long intense stretches of work followed by nothing. It's not easy to find work, and in between, you have to figure out what to do for money." - Robert Schenkkan

"It's pretty easy to lose money on tour - most bands do on their first couple of tours. We're more established, but I think it was just poorly booked. It was a mess from the get-go." - Zachary Cole Smith

"It's simply a matter of creative accounting. Let's assume for a moment that you are a dishonest man.... It's very easy. You simply raise more money than you really need." - Mel Brooks

"One night at the diner over eggs, Over easy she showed me the length of her legs, But that gold plated cross on her neck, it was real And you don't get that kind of money from pushing a meal." - Ryan Adams

"Forgiveness is the best charity. (It is easy to give the poor money and goods when one has plenty, but to forgive is hard; but it is the best thing if one can do it." - Meher Baba

"The career of a writer is comparable to that of a woman of easy virtue. You write first for pleasure, later for the pleasure of others and finally for money." - Marcel Achard

"I think the situation in Toronto is such that there are funding organizations which make it easy for a film to raise more money than it needs and very often that works against a film." - Atom Egoyan

"To try and raise a budget for a film that is strictly for adults and both strong and graphic in content is not easy, especially when there is pressure to spend serious money on good special effects." - Dario Argento

"Judaism is one of the last of the world's matrilineal philosophies. Matriarchies are always the cultures that patriarchy attacks and decimates, because they don't spend all their money on the military like patriarchy does. They are easy prey." - Roseanne Barr

"In L.A., it's easy to get caught up in what you look like or how much money you have, and those aren't values I want my kids to adopt." - Joan Cusack

"The easy way to make money is to get special political privilege. From the beginning of time, business has cozied up to government and gotten restrictions on competition and subsidies and stuff." - Charles Koch

"Our whole Depression was brought on by gambling, not in the stock market alone but in expanding and borrowing and going in debt... all just to make some easy money quick." - Will Rogers

"Grasping the realities of the Middle East is never easy. This is not primarily because they change quickly, but because so much time, effort, and money is spent to prevent reality from breaking through." - Elliott Abrams

"Getting movies made is not as difficult as people think. Making movies is easy. You get a script, you get a director, you raise the money, you make the movie." - Stephen Baldwin

"Acting is easy and fun. You earn a lot of money, and you bang out with girls. The profession is given tremendous significance within our society, but it's not really worthy of it." - James Spader

"Could a government dare to set out with happiness as its goal? Now that there are accepted scientific proofs, it would be easy to audit the progress of national happiness annually, just as we monitor money and GDP." - Polly Toynbee

"Without grounding, it's easy to embrace the 'baller' lifestyle: dropping out of tech, throwing money at cars, boats and real estate, and slipping into a cycle of spending and indulgence." - Ryan Holmes

"I know exactly what my values are and what I love to do. That's worth additional years right there. I say no to a lot of stuff that would be easy money but deviates from my meaning of life." - Dan Buettner

"Money makes people bold and cosmopolitan; if you are poor, you are naturally conservative. It's not easy to be a bohemian when you have to worry about what is going to happen with you and with your next paycheck." - Antonio Munoz Molina

"It's so easy for me to fall back into depression. I think it comes with having money. I don't have to work. I could be sitting bored and depressed at home with a bag on my head." - Kelly Osbourne

"I enjoyed the Hee Haw people, but from 1980 on I didn't enjoy it and thought about leavin', and thought, hell, it's an easy job and pays wonderful. I kinda just prostituted myself for their money." - Buck Owens

"I'm tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money." - Shaquille Oneal

"Social media is a great way to get customers. Time is money. If you do this right, it costs money. But social media is great because you put stuff out there and see if it works almost immediately. You can test to see if it will be effective for your company. It's easy if you hit a nerve and talk about something people are interested in. It's easy for them to share with their friends." - JJ Ramberg

"It is easy to think of potatoes, and fortunately for men who have not much money it is easy to think of them with a certain safety. Potatoes are one of the last things to disappear, in times of war, which is probably why they should not be forgotten in times of peace." - M F K Fisher

"Any one can get angry - that is easy - or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for every one, nor is it easy." - Aristotle

"To give away money is an easy matter and in any man's power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's power nor an easy matter." - Aristotle

"The mentality with African and European people is different. In Africa, when you come from a difficult life, when it's not so easy to eat, not so easy to survive, you respect money when you start to earn it, and you respect people more. When you respect people, they will respect you, and your life is better for that." - Yaya Toure

"As for poker, I've stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean's Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think "actor" and see some easy money." - Matt Damon

"For artists it's a lot easier to make art in bad times than it is in good times. When you've got no money it's easy to just drink your way through it and make great art. But if you're making lots of money it can be very problematic." - Damien Hirst

"When your money is taken by a thief, you get nothing in return. When your money is taken through taxes to support needless bureaucrats, precisely the same situation exists. We are lucky, indeed, if the needless bureaucrats are mere easy-going loafers. They are more likely today to be energetic reformers busily discouraging and disrupting production." - Henry Hazlitt

"As for poker, I've stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean's Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think 'actor' and see some easy money." - Matt Damon

"People in the film industry always want to save for a rainy day. Many early actors died in small houses with no money, and so they are insecure. My advantage is I don't value money that much. It's an easy thing for me to let go." - Salman Khan

"It's hard to align with money if you think that it is evil and nasty. But once you come to an understanding that money is neutral, it's easy to see that having money does not necessarily deprive somebody else. There's no reason why you can't be very rich and still be an extremely spiritual and wonderfully generous person-aligned to the God Force-with a huge heart, and compassion for everyone you meet." - Stuart Wilde

"Easy there, Smurfette." - Larissa Ione

"Easy comfort isn't comforting" - John Green

"Nothing worthwhile is easy..." - Daniel Taylor

"Train hard, fight easy." - Alexander Suvorov

"Devaluations are never easy." - Jeffrey Sachs

"Only entropy comes easy." - Anton Chekhov

"Change is never easy." - Sally Field

"Easy doesn't do it." - Al Bernstein

"I'm real easy-going." - Prince

"I'm easy to hate." - Olivia Munn

"Golf is not easy." - Yani Tseng

"Prepare while it's easy." - Laozi

"Money goes where money is, money yearns where money is." - Christina Stead

"Tis money that begets money." - Thomas Fuller

"There is a lot of money to be made from miseducation, from the easy to read easy to learn textbooks, workbooks, teacher manuals, educational games and visual aids. The textbook business is more than a billion-dollar-a-year industry and some of its biggest profits come from 'audio-visual aids' - flash cards, tape cassettes, and filmstrips. No wonder the education industry encourages schools to focus on surface education." - Marva Collins

"It was not easy when I was a teenager. But today, with the new technology, with the Internet, everybody can do prostitution with two clicks. During the period of Belle du Jour, it was a very strong decision to go into the profession, but now, if you need a little bit money, you go on a website and you say, "Can I have 50 dollars?" It's easy! I wanted to show these facilities." - Francois Ozon

"Borrowing money on what's called 'easy terms,' is a one-way ticket to the Poor House. If you think it ain't a Sucker Game, why is your Banker the richest man in your Town? Why is your Bank the biggest and finest building in your Town? Instead of passing Bills to make borrowing easy, if Congress had passed a Bill that no Person could borrow a cent of Money from any other person, they would have gone down in History as committing the greatest bit of Legislation in the World." - Will Rogers

"There is no practice more dangerous than that of borrowing money; for when money can be had in this way, repayment is seldom thought of in time, the interest becomes a loss, exertions to raise it by dent of industry cease, it comes easy and is spent freely, and many things (are) indulged in that would never be thought of if (they were) to be purchased by the sweat of the brow." - George Washington

"Well, I think here there is some money gathered, especially in Europe, through the web, through connection to a network. I mean, imagine that in Brussels there is only one person, one single person, which is monitoring the traffic that goes on on the internet for the jihadist groups. In Strasbourg there are two people. So I mean you can imagine how easy it is to raise money through the net." - Loretta Napoleoni

"We create these boom-bust cycles by manipulating the money supply and the interest rates and directing it where it went in. And that is what happened with housing: pushed into housing combination of easy money plus all the regulations, and we created this boom-bust cycle, and corruption, because corruption goes with it, because you don't have the same discipline. So we've got to stop all that." - Charles Koch

"We must not forget either that some of the system's resilience is due to its ability to coopt people with money and prestige. It is easy to get sucked right in. Those who grasp the system are also likely to be talented and capable of doing well within the system. Who will turn down a lot of money? Who doesn't have an ego? A compromise here, another one there, and pretty soon, you are sucked right in." - Michael Yates

"I had been asked to open a nightclub in Atlantic City. They offered me a ridiculous amount of money. They literally overpaid me. So I did one show a night. Then they asked me back by popular demand. So I went back. Then I said, "To hell with this." I was only doing it for the money, and I was doing easy routines. It's just too much work to get up every day and practice." - Gene Kelly

"No business in the economy has the easy money that banks get to play with.... The existence of banks with single digit amounts of equity is a completely unhealthy existence - that is not only a risk for the banks, but for all of us." - Anat R. Admati

"We have to have the money to do the work we want to do, as well as to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Fat commissions are good, but not always easy to come by, and each new painting takes its time. So we need to find every way possible to earn extra income from our work." - Elizabeth Aston

"No matter what advantages you are born with- money, intelligence, an appealing personality, a sunny outlook, or good social connections- none of these provides a magic key to an easy existence. Somehow life manages to bring difficult problems, the causes of untold suffering and struggle. How you meet your challenges makes all the difference between the promise of success and the specter of failure." - Deepak Chopra

"There are so many things that can take over your life: money, alcohol, drugs - even fashion. People hand you things, and you start to believe life is easy. And it's not like that - you're not supposed to be the person you play in the movies." - Miley Cyrus

"The people running the business have to be people of good character. They have to have good Internet support. You can't be struggling to get payments. It has to be properly organized. You can only beat that horse of good and easy money so many times before it eventually dies." - Brian Tracy

"It is impossible to imagine the universe run by a wise, just and omnipotent God, but it is quite easy to imagine it run by a board of gods. If such a board actually exists it operates precisely like the board of a corporation that is losing money." - H L Mencken

"Bringing up teenagers is like sweeping back ocean waves with a frazzled broom-the inundation of outside influences never stops. Whatever the lure-cars, easy money, cigarettes, drugs, booze, sex, crime-much that glitters along the shore has a thousand times the appeal of a parent's lecture." - Mary Ellen Snodgrass

"Take a look at your own heart, and you will soon find out what has stuck to it and where your treasure is. It is easy to determine whether hearing the Word of God, living according to it, and achieving such a life gives you as much enjoyment and calls forth as much diligence from you as does accumulating and saving money and property." - Martin Luther



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