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Easy Living Quotes


"Living is Easy with Eyes Closed." - John Lennon

"Living with Tourette's is not easy." - Tim Howard

"Dying is easy; it's living that's difficult." - Frederick Lenz

"Living ain't easy, loving's twice as tough." - Bobby Vee

"The writing's easy, it's the living that is sometimes difficult." - Charles Bukowski

"Almost dying is awfully easy. It's the living that's hard." - Jennifer L. Holm

"Singing is easy. The proof is always in the living." - Matt Redman

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon

"I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard." - Gayle Forman

"Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death." - Annie Lennox

"Living is what scares me. Dying is easy." - Charles Manson

"Living in England was wonderfully civil and easy-going." - Iggy Pop

"Nothing's ever easy as long as you go on living." - Marilyn Monroe

"Living with a dog is easy- like living with an idealist." - H L Mencken

"At times it is not easy for me to take up living again." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Dead people are easy to love. It's the living ones who are hard." - Laurence Overmire

"Living is too hard right now. Dying is easy. Let me die." - Kristin Cashore

"Don't ever be afraid to live. Because though dying is easy when compared to living" - Sandra Brown

"It's easy to make mistakes. It's living with the consequences of them that's the hardest." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Man, living, feeling man is the easy prey of the powerful present." - Friedrich Schiller

"What the matter, Zarek? You afraid to die? (Thanatos) Dying's easy. It's living that's hard. (Zarek)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination." - Jane Jacobs

"Living the 'easy' life today seems to make a 'difficult' life tomorrow." - Randall Wright

"It's dead easy to die; it's the keeping on living that's hard." - Douglas Mawson

"What the matter, Zarek? You afraid to die? (Thanatos) Dying's easy. It's living that's hard. (Zarek)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"There are no easy answers, there's only living through the questions." - Elizabeth George

"TV makes it so easy to postpone living for another half hour." - Bill Mckibben

"Being a professional writer is not an easy way to make a living." - Tracy Kidder

"Man, living, feeling man, is the easy sport of the over-mastering present." - Friedrich Schiller

"Living in Hollywood, it's easy to have someone flatter you. That doesn't help me." - Marilyn Manson

"Dying, dying, someone told me just recently, dying is easy. Living is hard. for everyone." - James Hetfield

"Living is being born slowly. It would be a little too easy if we could borrow ready-made souls." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I think my life will always be worth living, though I don't imagine it being very easy." - Bernadette Devlin

"Living the gospel and standing in holy places is not always easy, but I testify that it is worth it." - Bonnie L. Oscarson

"Ha! Easy for nuns to talk about giving up things. That's what they do for a living." - Garrison Keillor

"I decided to make my living as a magazine writer. And I found that it was really easy and fun." - Ann Patchett

"Sometimes I thought about nothing and sometimes I thought about my life. At least I made a living. What kind of living? A living. It wasn't easy. I found out how little is unbearable." - Nicole Krauss

"We're living in a very tricky world, and unless we become analytical and expose the tricknology, people will become sucked into that. It is very easy, it is very, very easy." - Assata Shakur

"It's easy for people to mistake most musicians as living the easy life. It takes a while to get to that point. I'm sure it's like that for acting and television." - Chaz Bundick

"Saying that you love is easy, but living up to those simple words is the most difficult thing you'll ever do." - Kay Hooper

"I know it's not easy for you, living this life, but try to remember, always try to remember, you're not the only one with troubles." - Laini Taylor

"Dying well is easy,it only takes a moment of courage. It's living well that I couldn't do. What's death compared to that." - Brent Weeks

"Dying well is easy,it only takes a moment of courage. It's living well that I couldn't do. What's death compared to that." - Brent Weeks

"Living in the spiritual world is very easy, once you grow accustomed to it. But initially, it puts you through some changes." - Frederick Lenz

"You youngsters nowadays think you're to begin with living well and working easy; you've no notion of running afoot before you get on horseback." - George Eliot

"Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others." - Martin Sheen

"I don't really care. I shouldn't have to care. I shouldn't have to work this hard. I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard." - Gayle Forman

"Since I am I, I must make an act of self-surrender, however small or however easy, in living to God rather than to my self." - C S Lewis

"Today everything must be easy and it mustn't take time ... ready meals. Powdered hot chocolate and instant coffee ... Living takes time. We need to give each other time." - Karin Fossum

"While you're busy chasing your dream, don't forget to leave time for living - it's way too easy to run straight past what's truly important." - John Avery

"Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today." - John Lennon

"The thing I am most interested in is power relations - it is so easy to imagine that the other person is living a perfect life." - Miranda July

"I spent a week living as a man. Which was actually, I'm sorry to say, embarrassingly easy for me to do." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Dying well is easy,it only takes a moment of courage. It's living well that I could' do. What's death compared to that." - Brent Weeks

"Tis easy now for the heart to be true As for grass to be green or skies to be blue- 'Tis the natural way of living." - James Russell Lowell

"It's easy to understand why the most beautiful poems about England in the spring were written by poets living in Italy at the time." - Philip Dunne

"Living most of the time in a world created mostly in one's head, does not make for an easy passage in the real world." - Sydney Brenner

"Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out It doesn't matter much to me" - John Lennon

"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today..." - John Lennon

"Where there's life, death is inevitable. Dying's easy; it's living that's hard. The harder it gets, the stronger the will to live. And the greater the fear of death, the greater the struggle to keep on living." - Mo Yan

"Living is the challenge. Not dying. Dying is so easy. Sometimes it only takes ten seconds to die. But living? That can take you eighty years and you do something in that time." - Melina Marchetta

"That's easy to answer: I never had any special appetite for filmmaking, but you have to make a living and it is miraculous to earn a living working in film." - Alain Resnais

"Dying for something is easy because it is associated with glory. Living for something is the hard thing. Living for something extends beyond fashion, glory, or recognition. We live for what we believe." - Donald Miller

"People are taking it for granted that [the Negro] ought not to work with his head. And it is so easy for these people among whom we are living to believe this; it flatters and satisfies their self-complacency." - Paul Laurence Dunbar

"Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy. Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult. For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way and become themselves despite all opposition." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way." - Audre Lorde

"Your muscles know nothing. It's your brain. Exercise is something you've got to do the rest of your life. It's a lifestyle. Dying is easy. Living is a pain in the neck. You've got to work at it." - Jack Lalanne

"I seldom know what I'm going to write when I sit down. There isn't much agony and sweat of the human spirit involved in doing it. The writing's easy, it's the living that is sometimes difficult." - Charles Bukowski

"Cynicism can be funny. But it's the easy way. You'll forget to enjoy anything. I try to make the evolving choice, the forward-moving, life-giving choice. Just keep living, man." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"Respectable men and women content with good and easy living are missing some of the most important things in life. Unless you give ;yourself to some great cause you haven't even begun to live." - William P. Merrill

"Nay, nay!" said the Squire. "It's not so easy to break one's heart. Sometimes I"ve wished it were. But one has to go on living-"all the appointed days," as is said in the Bible." - Elizabeth Gaskell

"There are a huge amount of people who sell a TV pilot, every year, but most of them never get produced. It's very easy to make a living and never get anything produced." - Robert Ben Garant

"I've seen of enough of people who die for an idea. I don't believe in heroism; I know it's easy and I've learned it can be murderous. What interests me is living and dying for what one loves." - Albert Camus

"Democracy is not an easy form of government, because it is never final; it is a living, changing organism, with a continuous shifting and adjusting of balance between individual freedom and general order." - Ilka Chase

"Respectable men and women content with the good and easy living are missing some of the most important things in life. Unless you give yourself to some great cause you haven't even begun to live." - William P. Merrill

"It is the denial of death that is partially responsible for people living empty, purposeless lives; for when you live as if you'll live forever, it becomes too easy to postpone the things you know that you must do." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"While we're young and beautiful, living free and easy. Here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet because when the summer's done we might not be so young and beautiful." - Carrie Underwood

"It's the difference between having a couple of dates, dating for a few months, or having a marriage and living together for eight years or so. It's easy to look back fondly on the ones that were somewhat short." - Brigid Brannagh

"I chose to enter a profession that is not easy. To be able to say that I am doing what I love for a living - man, it isn't work. I cannot begin to describe how fortunate I am." - Jonathan Sadowski

"Though I later found a career as a journalist and an essayist, fiction is my first love and I never left it, even though there was no easy way to make a living from it." - Andrew Lam

"Community life is not easy for somebody like me, who is used to living by himself and doing what he wants. It's a demanding life, and you quickly get in touch with your own handicaps and weaknesses." - Henri Nouwen

"It?s very easy to capture pictures of jubilant people in the street after the nuclear bomb. But there were no pictures of morose people sitting in their kitchens and living rooms." - Amartya Sen

"Living in a market economy is not very different from speaking in prose. It is not easy to do without it, but much depends on what we choose to use prose." - Amartya Sen

"It was so easy living day by day Out of touch with the rhythm and blues But now I need a little give and take The New York Times, The Daily News." - Billy Joel

"It is easy now to communicate with people through abstraction, and particularly so in sculpture. Since the whole body reacts to its presence, people become themselves a living part of the whole." - Barbara Hepworth

"Nay, nay!" said the Squire. "It's not so easy to break one's heart. Sometimes I've wished it were. But one has to go on living-'all the appointed days,' as is said in the Bible." - Elizabeth Gaskell

"I'm easy driving, But I'm not a person who loves living pleasantly above all else. I'm not that way at all. I might think I'm that, but I'm not really that." - Ray Davies

"Life is not always easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension. In the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which will cause us to suffer and to experience pain." - L Lionel Kendrick

"It's not easy making a living as a writer, and for many years I worked at a Waterstones in Dublin. It was a good environment for an aspiring writer, with lots of events and authors appearing." - John Boyne

"Living in London has become incredible. I suppose it's easy to love where you live if you love what you're doing. But this is not just a visit: it's my home." - Kevin Spacey

"Labor organizations are formed, not to employ combined effort for a common object, but to indulge in declamation and denunciation, and especially to furnish an easy living to some officers who do not want to work." - William Graham Sumner

"I know there's a principle of spirit. It works without space-time. I am subject to that principle, in spirit and in belief of body. Learn how spirit works, a few simple rules, living a perfect spiritual life is easy." - Richard Bach

"The old Victorian laws against homosexuality were still on the statute books until the early 1990s. As a gay man living in Ireland, I and people like me found it easy to feel less than citizens." - Colm Toibin

"When you love food as much as I do, staying healthy is not easy. I mean, moderation, not deprivation. That's my new way of living. I always want more and that's just my life." - Carnie Wilson

"I think in some ways I'm quite lucky to be living in London, there's this certain separation from the movie business. In that way, it's been quite easy to separate acting and going back to a normal life." - Freddie Highmore

"There is a certain class of race problem-solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public." - Booker T Washington

"It is very easy to conform to what your society or your parents and teachers tell you. That is a safe and easy way of existing; but that is not living...To live is to find out for yourself what is true..." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"I went to LA because my parents were there and somebody asked me if I wanted to be in a movie. It was easy, it wasn't easy to do, but I fell into it. I made a living as an actor for a long time, but I didn't think of myself as an actor, I thought I was a writer." - Hampton Fancher

"It's not easy-living in a void, living and dying inside your head...wanting what you want so much that you'd give everything else to get it- but the time still passes, the days go on...and as long as there's still a tomorrow, there's always a chance." - Kevin Brooks

"One of the pitfalls about writing about illness is that it is very easy to imagine people with cancer as either these wise-beyond-their-years creatures or these sad-eyed tragic people. And the truth is, people living with cancer are very much like people who are not living with cancer. They're every bit as funny and complex and diverse as anyone else." - John Green

"It is easy to be mindless in America, because dreaming of and living for a better tomorrow is the American way. ... The problem is, in the second half of the twentieth century, we have gotten so good at living for tomorrow that most of us spend very little time in the present." - Barbara De Angelis

"I think people look at me and realize that I am definitely not in line to the throne. It feels very easy living in Great Britain. The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, it doesn't feel like a huge cultural difference living here." - James Corden

"The most difficult thing about living as a writer is precisely 'having to write.' Pretending to be a writer is easy. Living freely, reading many books, going on frequent trips, cultivating minor eccentricities... but genuinely being a writer is difficult, because you have to write something that will convince both yourself and readers." - Kim Youngha

"One of the pitfalls of writing about illness is that it is very easy to imagine people with cancer as either these wise, beyond-their-years creatures or else these sad-eyed, tragic people. And the truth is people living with cancer are very much like people who are not living with cancer." - John Green

"Easy there, Smurfette." - Larissa Ione

"Easy comfort isn't comforting" - John Green

"Nothing worthwhile is easy..." - Daniel Taylor

"Train hard, fight easy." - Alexander Suvorov

"Devaluations are never easy." - Jeffrey Sachs

"Only entropy comes easy." - Anton Chekhov

"Change is never easy." - Sally Field

"Easy doesn't do it." - Al Bernstein

"I'm real easy-going." - Prince

"I'm easy to hate." - Olivia Munn

"Golf is not easy." - Yani Tseng

"Prepare while it's easy." - Laozi

"In this busy modernized age, it's easy to be blind to the light all around us. You see, there truly are real angels living among us that look just like you and I. If you pay attention, you can spot one because they're quite easy to find. They're the souls with the eternally deep eyes that always act like something is broken inside, but fail to realize it's just their wings." - Suzy Kassem

"It's so easy to wish for death when nothing's wrong with you! It's so easy to fall in love with death, and I've been all my life, and seen it's most faithful worshippers crumble in the end, screaming just to live, as if all the dark veils and the lillies and the smell of candles, and grandiose promises of the grave meant nothing. I knew that. But I always wished I was dead. It was a way to go on living" - Anne Rice

"I feel very lucky. I don't know what else there has to be. I'm happy, as corny as it sounds, to be living in a place where it's easy to live, easy to drive to the airport, easy to go pick up something at the supermarket and to have a circle of friends. Those were my goals in 1998, not to be queen of photography but to make a cultural adjustment to the West. And those are still more important goals to me than professional ones right now." - Andrea Modica

"After Self-Realisation it is easy to perceive the truth that all these religions were born on the same tree of spirituality, but that those in charge of each religion plucked the flowers from the living source and are now fighting each other with the dead flowers of merely partial truths." - Nirmala Srivastava

"It's easy to let life deteriorate into making a living instead of making a life. It's not the hours you put in, but what you out into the hours that count. Learn to express rather than impress. Expressing evokes a me too attitude while impressing evokes a so what attitude." - Jim Rohn

"It's too easy only to blame the militarists, racists, sexists and other pushers of violence for the mess we're in. What is harder is self-examination, moving beyond caring by looking inward to ask the personal question: What more should I be doing everyday to bring about a peace and justice based world, whether across the ocean or across the living room?" - Colman Mccarthy

"As was predicted at the beginning of the Human Genome Project, getting the sequence will be the easy part as only technical issues are involved. The hard part will be finding out what it means, because this poses intellectual problems of how to understand the participation of the genes in the functions of living cells." - Sydney Brenner

"In health, in the bustle of living, it was easy to believe in heaven and a life to come. But when the blow fell, and those you loved passed into the great Silence, where you could not get at them, or they at you, then doubts, aching doubts took possession of one." - Henry Handel Richardson

"Nothing was easy, and sometimes she failed, and sometimes she thought that the fairy stories were right, that there must indeed be easier ways of living happily ever after; but defeat is a poor ending to any tale, so she kept trying." - Sonya Hartnett

"What Im trying to say is that what makes you up, its always been around, and it always will be around. So really the only thing you should worry about is the part you're at right now. Where you got a body and a head and all that bullshit. Just worry about living, dying is the easy part." - Justin Halpern

"It is easy to see that a greater self-reliance must work a revolution in all the offices and relations of men; in their religion; in their education; in their pursuits; their modes of living; their association; in their property; in their speculative views." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Take a look at your own heart, and you will soon find out what has stuck to it and where your treasure is. It is easy to determine whether hearing the Word of God, living according to it, and achieving such a life gives you as much enjoyment and calls forth as much diligence from you as does accumulating and saving money and property." - Martin Luther

"Lukewarm people give money to charity and to the long as it doesn't impinge on their standard of living. If they have a little extra and it is easy and safe to give, they do so. After all, God loves a cheerful giver, right?" - Francis Chan

"It's very easy for Australians living in big cities to either romanticise or demonise the situation in Aboriginal places - to kind of look at things through the 'noble innocents' prism or through the 'chronically dysfunctional' prism, and I suspect that is so often the case" - Tony Abbott

"Letting your customers set your standards is a dangerous game, because the race to the bottom is pretty easy to win. Setting your own standards-and living up to them-is a better way to profit. Not to mention a better way to make your day worth all the effort you put into it." -" - Seth Godin

"A people living under the perpetual menace of war and invasion is very easy to govern. It demands no social reform. It does not haggle over expenditures for armaments and military equipment. It pays without discussion, it ruins itself, and that is an excellent thing for the syndicates of financiers and manufacturers for whom patriotic terrors are an abundant source of gain." - Anatole France

"You've got to care about the music...You'd better not be doing it for the publicity, the fame or the money. And you'd sure better not be doing it because it's a way to make a living, 'cause that ain't always going to be easy. You got to believe it, believe in the music. You got to mean it." - Waylon Jennings

"There is something better, if possible, that a man can give than his life. That is his living spirit to a service that is not easy, to resist counsels that are hard to resist, to stand against purposes that are difficult to stand against." - Woodrow Wilson

"Forgiveness depends on the person. If he's saying sorry to make himself comfortable, then don't forgive him. If he's asking for forgiveness sincerely, then it's okay to forgive him. If you don't know what's on that person's mind... It's easy. Watch carefully how that person has lived up to now, and how he's living right now." - Kim Du-han

"Living in the modern world, clothed and muffled, forced to convey our sense of our bodies in terms of remote symbols like walking sticks and umbrellas and handbags, it is easy to lose sight of the immediacy of the human body plan." - Margaret Mead

"If you want to live an authentic, meaningful life, you need to master the art of disappointing and upsetting others, hurting feelings, and living with the reality that some people just won't like you. It may not be easy, but it's essential if you want your life to reflect your deepest desires, values, and needs." - Cheryl Richardson

"Rules of living Don't worry, eat three square meals a day,say your prayers, be courteous to your creditors, keep your digestion good,steer clear of biliousness,exercise, go slow and go easy. May be there are other things that your special case requires to make you happy, but my friend, these, i reckon, will give you a good life." - Abraham Lincoln

"I'm very familiar with poverty. I find it easy to be with, whether I'm in America or in Africa or in Asia. Wherever I go and find the environment of those who are living in poverty and resisting poverty is a great in which I have great comfort." - Harry Belafonte

"It's easy to look down from the summit you've reached, or even the summit I've reached, and talk about the responsibilities of the artist, but most people are just trying to get their foot in the door and make a living." - Leonard Cohen

"We're living in a time of so much clutter that has allowed everyone to express themselves at any moment. We have access into people's lives like never before. It's a lot to take in and it's easy to get overwhelmed and swallowed up in it." - Wendy Starland

"My ability to adapt has always stood out. I've been immersed in many worlds and have had the influence of many things in my upbringing so I'm familiar with so many styles of living, so many characters, so many life paths and its just easy to simulate for me." - Aeriel Miranda

"Letting your customers set your standards is a dangerous game, because the race to the bottom is pretty easy to win. Setting your own standards-and living up to them-is a better way to profit. Not to mention a better way to make your day worth all the effort you put into it." - Seth Godin

"It's very easy for Australians living in big cities to either romanticise or demonise the situation in Aboriginal places - to kind of look at things through the 'noble innocents' prism or through the 'chronically dysfunctional' prism, and I suspect that is so often the case." - Tony Abbott

"It appears to me that, even within the recollection of living men, the Christian faith has come to be less and less regarded as a commanding and mighty power from heaven, a voice of authority, a law of holy life, but more and more as an easy going guide to future enjoyment, to a universal happiness and an indiscriminate salvation." - Frederic Dan Huntington

"No age can have everthing and in material ways ours is more fortunate than any preceding one. Our ancestors appear to have mastered the art of living better than we are able to when an easy conscience, largely due to the unshaken faith of the time, left a marging of spiritual energy with which to enjoy life." - Flora Thompson

"Let's face it. Umpiring is not an easy or happy way to make a living. In the abuse they suffer, and the pay they get for it, you see an imbalance that can only be explained by their need to stay close to a game they can't resist." - Bob Uecker

"Statistically, I'd say comedy writers are perhaps the sanest category of show people. And why not? They make big money, and although it's not an easy trade - particularly when you're at your galley oar five days a week - it's easier on the nerves and the psyche than living with the brain-squeezing pressure and cares of being the Star." - Dick Cavett

"My version, of course, is not this flag-waving, let's all get on the Jesus train and ride out of hell. I'm not that kind of guy. It's an embrace that life is good, worth living and yeah, it's not easy, but there are more pluses than minuses." - Billy Corgan

"When I was young I was one of the second generation of black people in Holland. My father was the first. My mother was white, and living with a black man at that time and having a how-you-say half-caste boy is not easy." - Ruud Gullit



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