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Easy Choices Quotes


"There are no easy choices. Easy choices are long gone." - Alan Greenspan

"Choices are easy when you have nothing to lose." - Barbara Delinsky

"Make choices-not excuses." - Charles J Givens

"Easy short-term choices lead to difficult long-term consequences meanwhile difficult short-term choices lead to easy long-term consequences." - Rory Vaden

"There are always two choices. Two paths to take. One is easy. And its only reward is that it's easy." - Anonymous

"~I used to think, What if there's an interesting movie and it conflicts with the boys going to a new school for the first time?... Well, I didn't anticipate that was going to be about a two-second dilemma. I didn't know the choices would be so easy to make.~" - Jodie Foster

"Music is a current of hard choices made to seem easy by the mind." - Adam Gopnik

"You can't make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable." - Deepak Chopra

"All it takes is to pick up that one piece of trash you pass everyday on your way to work. Or to turn the water faucet off when you're brushing your teeth from afar. Or to compost. Or to buy 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper. Or to utilize vintage stores and secondhand markets. Or to fully devote yourself to only buying vegetables from local sources. It is remarkably easy to incorporate sustainable choices into our everyday, busy lives." - Shailene Woodley

"Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy-they're given after all. Choices can be hard." - Jeff Bezos

"Life isn't easy, no matter where you are. You'll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them." - Sarah J. Maas

"Being a victim is almost as easy as being a liberal. It's one of the most gutless choices you could make." - Rush Limbaugh

"The best thing software can be is easy, but the way to do this is to get the defaults right, not to limit users' choices." - Paul Graham

"In the world of Art there are no wrong choices." - Herbie Hancock

"Remember this, the choices you make in life, make you." - John Wooden

"Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant..." - Moshe Feldenkrais

"Swing easy and hit hard." - Julius Boros

"It ain't easy being cheesy!" - Terry Crews

"Custom makes all things easy." - Thomas Fuller

"It's easy to explain away evil. We have a free choice, and our greatest blessing is also our greatest curse, because I don't always make good choices. Other people make bad choices. I make bad choices. And sometimes we hurt other people. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally." - Rick Warren

"What I want to talk to you about today is the difference between gifts and choices. Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy-they're given after all. Choices can be hard. You can seduce yourself with your gifts if you're not careful, and if you do, it'll probably be to the detriment of your choices." - Jeff Bezos

"On one side you have book burners, Congressional wives and Pat Robertson. On the other side, you have vulgar comedians, foul-mouthed rap groups and Dennis Hopper-all your choices should be so easy." - Sandra Bernhard

"I've had a lot of struggles with depression. It's very easy for me to go to a bleak place, or for me to doubt humanity, myself, the world, my choices." - Melanie Lynskey

"I don't like the word "villain." It's too reductive. Calling someone a villain makes it too easy to ignore all the factors that went into someone making the choices they do." - Bryce Pinkham

"It's not easy being number two. As a marketer, you have limited choices - you can pretend you're not defined by the market leader, or, you can embrace your position and go directly after your nemesis." - John Battelle

"Memorizing dialogue has always come easy and quickly to me. My wife Eileen is also very helpful. She gives me choices, and asks me questions, and runs my lines with me." - Bill Mumy

"Tis easy to see, hard to foresee." - Benjamin Franklin

"Silence is a text easy to misread." - A.A. Attanasio

"Criticism is easy, art is difficult." - Philippe Nericault Destouches

"Loafing is easy, but leisure is difficult." - Peter Drucker

"I like barbecuing because it's easy." - Norah Jones

"Loafing" is easy, but "leisure" is difficult." - Peter Drucker

"Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible" - Cherie Carter-Scott

"You become yourself, every single day of your life, through your choices and how you think." - Jenna Marbles

"Emotions are choices." - Wayne Dyer

"You are your choices." - Seneca the Younger

"No regrets, only choices." - Jason Roy

"We are our choices." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Choices determine character." - Brandon Mull

"A mouse-trap; easy to enter, but not easy to get out of." - Clara Lucas Balfour

"The hard must become habit. The habit must become easy. The easy must become beautiful." - Doug Henning

"The most self-disciplined people in the world aren't born with it, but at one point they start to think differently about self discipline. Easy, short-term choices lead to different long-term consequences. Difficult short-term choices lead to easy long-term consequences. What we thought was the easy way led to a much more difficult life. I think that motivation is sort of like a unicorn that people chance like a magic pill that will make them suddenly want to work hard. It's not out there." - Rory Vaden

"Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way to go easy is to forget the right way, and forget that the going is easy." - Zhuangzi

""My 1 guiding principle for a successful life (learned from J Brad Britton): "Do the right thing; not the easy thing." Everyday, you are constantly faced with choices to do either the right thing (any activity that moves you closer to where and who you want to be) or the easy thing (anything else). In every moment of choice, choose to do the right thing over the easy thing, and your becoming successful is inevitable." - Hal Elrod

"Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is all about momentum. If I'm in the middle of training it's easy for me to keep that up. It gets tough when I'm on a break. I just try to start my day with a good breakfast and a quick walk, something simple that gets the day off on the right foot. The more I do that, the more I make healthy choices that reflect the good choices made earlier." - Natalie Coughlin

"I like movies that deal with trapped men. Men that need to make choices that are not obvious or easy choices. Then how do you visualize this? You create this character conflicted between two sides, because drama is about the conflict of two things, between your duty and your will, between what you want and what you can't have. It is all conflict between two things, and this is why you put your character in a place where you can visualize the conflict." - Hany Abu-Assad

"Well it's not easy being Tiger Woods on the course. It's not easy being Tiger Woods off the course. In his defense, it's not easy being Tiger Woods." - Hank Haney

"One of the things that troubles me the most in life, that upsets all of us, is that we reach this world with the capability to be anything. But then life starts to confine us inside our small realities. And then, the shadow of those other possible lives stays to lurk us and you can't shake it off, since it was so easy, it'd have been so easy to lead another life. We make twenty thousand small choices a day, and maybe one of those choices is the one that will take us to a completely different life. If you stop to think about it, it is vertiginous, hypnotizing and distressing." - Rosa Montero

"People make their own choices, and sometimes those choices suck." - Carol Plum-Ucci

"There are no safe choices. Only other choices." - Libba Bray

"Opposition provides choices, and choices bring consequences - good or bad." - Ezra Taft Benson

"When people have too many choices, they make bad choices." - Thom Browne

"Love takes your choices away." - Cassandra Clare

"Our choices determine our destiny" - A. R. Bernard

"We're products of our choices." - Susane Colasanti

"My choices were never wrong." - Anthony Anderson

"Every day brings new choices." - Martha Beck

"All difficulties are easy when they are known." - William Shakespeare

"Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times." - Mark Twain

"But if fashion were easy, wouldn't everybody look great ?" - Tim Gunn

"It is no easy task to be good." - Aristotle

"From politics it was an easy step to silence." - Jane Austen

"Soccer is easy if you work hard at it." - Ian Feuer

"Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all things easy." - Benjamin Franklin

"It is easy to be virtuous in prospective." - Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

"It's easy to point when you can't heal it." - Don Walk

"Nothing that's worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that." - Nicholas Sparks

"It is not an easy thing to inflate a dog." - Edward Abbey

"Education had been easy. Learning things had been harder." - Terry Pratchett

"In an easy cause any man may be eloquent." - Ovid

"Wishes, at least, are the easy pleasures of the poor." - Douglas William Jerrold

"It is not easy to bear prosperity unruffled." - Ovid

"If achieving success were easy, more people would do it." - Guy Kawasaki

"When it gets easy, I worry about things." - Corey Dillon

"The road to Hades is easy to travel." - Wilfred Bion

"It's easy to solve the halting problem with a shotgun. :-)" - Larry Wall

"He who accounts all things easy will have many difficulties." - Lao Tzu

"It is easy to despise what you cannot get." - Aesop

"Stretched on the rack of a too easy chair." - Alexander Pope

"The downhill path is easy, but there's no turning back." - Christina Rossetti

"But if fashion were easy, wouldn't everybody look great?" - Tim Gunn

"It's far too easy to qualify as an eccentric nowadays." - Stephanie Mills

"There are no easy solutions for Israel's own governance problems." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"I slip from workaholic to bum real easy." - Matthew Broderick

"Oh, I find it very easy to fall in love." - Sam Peckinpah

"Marriage ain't easy, but it's great most of the time." - Sean Penn

"It is easy to perform a good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions." - Aristotle

"There is no easy path leading out of life, and few are the easy ones that lie within it." - Walter Savage Landor

"It is easy to cut down the tree of liberty, but not so easy to restore it to life." - Toussaint Louverture

"It is always easy to shut a book, but not quite so easy to get rid of a lettered coxcomb." - Charles Caleb Colton

"It is easy to sit and it is easy not to think; you do the opposite: You walk and think!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build, too." - Henrik Ibsen

"I wanted a do over. A time machine. That magic wand. But real life didn't have any easy outs, and very few happily-ever-afters. The real world was more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, with most of the choices ripped out before you even opened the cover." - Rachel Vincent

"A lot of women, when they're young, feel they have very good friends, and find later on that friendship is complicated. It's easy to be friends when everyone's 18. It gets harder the older you get, as you make different life choices, as people say in America. A lot of women's friendships begin to founder." - Zadie Smith

"Find your true path. It's so easy to become someone we do' want to be, without even realizing it's happening. We are created by the choices we make every day. And if we take action in order to please some authority figure, we"ll suddenly wake up down the road and say, "This is' me. I never wanted to be this person." - Richard Carlson

"Designing a website can be a bit like being a kid and inheriting a sweetshop. It's easy to get carried away. There are so many choices. A website can be like an attic that never fills up. Space is not the problem. Attention is." - Gerry McGovern

"Some decisions are hard, some are easy, but either way it's our choices that matter. Who we chose to align with. What we choose to give in to. What we choose to resist. And most of all, who we choose to be. Because it is always our choice." - Daisy Whitney

"A lot of people describe me as chubby, which seems so easy, so first-choice. Or stocky. Fair-skinned. Tow-headed. There are so many other choices. How about dense? I mean, I'm a thick kind of guy. But I'm never described in attractive ways. I'm waiting for somebody to say I'm at least cute. But nobody has." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Find your true path. It's so easy to become someone we don't want to be, without even realizing it's happening. We are created by the choices we make every day. And if we take action in order to please some authority figure, we'll suddenly wake up down the road and say, "This isn't me. I never wanted to be this person." - Richard Carlson

"It would be so easy to lose the plot now. It's not about achieving something for its own sake, and taking pictures for their own sake. But to make conscious decisions and choices, and it includes this constant questioning - Why am I taking pictures? Because really, the world is... it has pictures enough. I mean, there are enough pictures out there." - Wolfgang Tillmans

"The choices that make a significant difference in our lives are the tough ones. They're not often fun or easy, but they're the ones we have to make, and each is a deliberate step toward better understanding who we really are." - Alexandra Stoddard

"Greece is at a crucial crossroads. The choices that are made and the policies that are enforced will have a decisive impact on the wellbeing of Greeks. The way forward will not be easy but the problems can be solved, and will be solved, if there is unity, co-operation and consensus." - Lucas Papademos

"I needed to choose between the one thing that really filled m thoughts-my love for that woman-and losing my freedom and all the choices that the future promised me. To be honest, the decision was easy. -Lukas Jessen-Petersen" - Paulo Coelho

"I am not that attached to material things. And the good thing is I can make choices. I have very few possessions. Luckily, as a man you don't need much... a few papers, a couple of books, and a few shirts, jackets, sweaters. It fits in a little thing, in a paper bag, so it's very easy." - Nicolas Berggruen

"As borrowers, we may feel guilty about running up debt, anxious about making payments, and resentful of the constraints that old obligations (and old credit records) impose on our current choices. We may find it too easy to buy things we may later regret." - Virginia Postrel

"Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous, and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. If you are CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company." - Ben Horowitz

"In life, everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy, and wrong vs. doing what's lonely, difficult, and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1,000 fold. As in life, the excuses for CEOs making the wrong choice are always plentiful." - Ben Horowitz

"We live in a much more complicated time than when Superman was created 75 years ago. Or even when Superman The Movie was created in the 70s. There are great advances but with those come a great many complications.We felt that the character needed to grow up in that kind of environment and had to face those kinds of colossal choices that were not going to be easy. It's difficult to figure out the right path. And even if you do good there are causalities to your choices. We thought it would be compelling." - Charles Roven

"Choices, the greatest power we have, Choices, the path which is destiny, Choices, the result which is you... ." - Joshua Fernandez

"Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. Then our choices make us." - Anne Frank

"Choices, the greatest power we have, Choices, the path which is destiny, Choices, the result which is you...." - Joshua Fernandez

"Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives." - Ayn Rand

"It is not what you say or hope or wish or intend but only what you do that counts. Your choices tell you unerringly who you really are." - Brian Tracy

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." - Robert Fritz

"I intend to have protections for the L.G.B.T. community in there. I'm not going to make choices between that community and the non-L.G.B.T. community." - Patrick Leahy

"Life is the sum of your choices." - Albert Camus

"Everything you are comes from your choices." - Jeff Bezos

"It is human choices that move events." - George W Bush

"There aren't any answers, only choices" - Diana Gabaldon

"It is impossible to erase my choices." - Veronica Roth

"Wants afford choices. Needs beget desperation." - Alan Robert Neal

"We"re products of our choices." - Susane Colasanti

"Life doesn't come with four choices." - Linda Darling-Hammond

"The choices we make, determine our destiny" - Brandon October

"Our choices are truncated in evil's presence." - Michael Ventura

"Choices are the hinges of destiny." - Edwin Markham

"There are no answers, only choices," - Stanislaw Lem

"We are the choices we have made." - Meryl Streep

"Compassion and justice are companions, not choices." - William Sloane Coffin

"Losers take chances; winners make choices." - Denis Waitley

"In the end, we are our choices" - Jeff Bezos

"There are no have-to's, just choices" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Women have choices, and men have responsibilities." - Steve Martin

"Choices not chance determine your destiny." - Barbara Johnson

"Most choices are driven by immediate results." - Phil Mcgraw

"I am mortified by my music choices." - Roxane Gay

"Democracy is a series of choices." - Paul Ryan

"The choices we make define our future." - Michael J. Silverstein

"Take responsibility for making conscious choices." - Deepak Chopra

"You always have choices no matter what." - Claudia Black

"When conflicted between two choices, take neither." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"Financial independence is about having more choices." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Being oppressed means the absence of choices." - Bell Hooks

"Being oppressed means the absence of choices" - Bell Hooks

"Actors make choices for different reasons." - Stacy Keach

"When all choices seem wrong, choose restraint." - Matthew Woodring Stover

"We are the choices we make." - Patrick Ness

"Leadership demands that we make tough choices." - Alan Autry

"I want to make smart choices." - Samantha Barks

"Every governor's got tough choices to make." - Bob Mcdonnell



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