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East Germany Quotes


"You know, North Korea situation is far worse than East Germany, and South Korea is weaker than West Germany." - Kim Dae Jung

"East Germany was so total in its totalitarianism that everything was banned which wasn't compulsory." - P. J. O'Rourke

"I was the very first athlete in East Germany allowed to go professional." - Katarina Witt

"[Mikhail] Gorbachev said that he would agree to the unification of Germany, and even adherence of Germany to NATO, which was quite a concession, if NATO didn't move to East Germany. And [George] Bush and [James] Baker promised verbally, that's critical, verbally that NATO would not expand "one inch to the east," which meant East Germany. Nobody was talking about anything farther at the time. They would not expand one inch to the east. Now that was a verbal promise. It was never written. NATO immediately expanded to East Germany." - Noam Chomsky

"East is East, and West is San Francisco" - O Henry

"I'm from East Texas, yes." - Margo Martindale

"Death is a master from Germany." - Paul Celan

"There are also people who lived in either side of Germany, but who never had or have any relationship with the other side whether it was former East or former West Germany." - Christian Schwochow

"Italy in the 1920s, Germany in the '30s, East Germany in the '50s, Czechoslovakia in the '60s, the Latin American dictatorships in the '70s, China in the '80s and '90s - all dictatorships and would-be dictators target newspapers and journalists." - Naomi Wolf

"Germany must remain Germany." - Horst Seehofer

"Germany calling! Germany Calling!" - William Joyce

"My last wish is that Germany realize its entity and that an understanding be reached between East and West. I wish peace to the world." - Joachim von Ribbentrop

"I grew up in East Germany, and we were short on technology. So my father was really proud to be the owner of a turntable." - Apparat

"In East Germany it was very normal for a woman to go out and work even if she had children. A few weeks after giving birth women would return to their normal working life. We never had housewives in East Germany." - Christian Schwochow

"If once again Germany destabilizes Europe, then Germany will be not be divided again, but wiped off the map. East and West have the necessary technology in order to enforce this verdict. If Germany begins again, there is no other solution." - Lech Walesa

"What I could never escape was Germany, and being German." - Georg Baselitz

"People expect me to be that guy. But I'm more east London boy than east Baltimore." - Idris Elba

"In opening China, the English have secured their presence in East Asia. If we don't commit more resources to get into Southeast Asia now, they or Germany, or even little Belgium might find it ripe for the taking." - Jules Ferry

"A foreman in the East wouldn't know how many workers he would have the next day, because part of his working force had left the system to go to West Germany." - Stefan Heym

"Germany and Israel should dream together for a Middle East in which all the countries are willing to exchange the dispute of the parents with peace for their children." - Shimon Peres

"In my opinion, there are two focal points of the war danger. The first focal point is the Far East zone of Japan. The second focal point in the zone is Germany." - Joseph Stalin

"Now, you're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe. If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the east." - Donald Rumsfeld

"Taking your clothes off in front of strangers is something of a hobby in Germany, among both men and women, especially in the former communist East, where it was one of the few freedoms allowed." - Luke Harding

"I grew up in East Germany, so we had to learn Russian in school... everybody hated it. I never thought it would come in handy... And being an actor, I've been able to use it quite a bit." - Tom Wlaschiha

"It is not in the interest of the German people or in the interest of world peace that Germany should become a pawn or a partner in a military struggle for power between the East and the West." - James F Byrnes

"All German painters have a neurosis with Germany's past: war, the postwar period most of all, East Germany. I addressed all of this in a deep depression and under great pressure. My paintings are battles, if you will." - Georg Baselitz

"Germany's potential makes up about 20% of the EU's overall economic power, including Great Britain. The German army is by no means strong enough to guarantee the security of the EU's two endangered flanks - in the east and in the south. So all that remains for Germany is partnerships with its neighbours and other EU member states. Germany should stick to that role." - Jaroslaw Kaczynski

"I grew up spending time at my grandmother's farm in Germany and she lived a few kilometers away from the border between east and west Germany. It was so strange that roads which used to connect two towns now ended in the middle." - Matthea Harvey

"Okay, NATO expanded to East Berlin and East Germany. Under [Bill] Clinton NATO expanded further, to the former Russian satellites. In 2008 NATO formally made an offer to Ukraine to join NATO. That's unbelievable. I mean, Ukraine is the geopolitical heartland of Russian concern, quite aside from historical connections, population and so on." - Noam Chomsky

"In Christ there is no East nor West." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"It's east to start a war in any country" - Hermann Goring

"Juliet is the east and i am the sun." - William Shakespeare

"Euro was created by Germany, for Germany." - Marine Le Pen

"It's silly to say it about a tennis player, but I'm an unbelievable hero in Germany. And Germany needs heroes more than any place." - Boris Becker

"The National Socialist Party in Austria never tried to hide its inclination for a greater Germany." - Arthur Seyss-Inquart

"Long live eternal Germany!" - Wilhelm Frick

"President Bush Sr. and Secretary Baker, way back when, told Gorbachev, "We are not going to advance NATO into Eastern Europe. We're not going to - we're not going to advance NATO into East Germany, if you allow the unification of Germany." Where is that pledge? Where is the logic behind a military alliance, devised in the time of communism, before the Berlin Wall fell, now being in the Ukraine, in Poland, in Estonia, in Latvia and Lithuania? I don't understand." - Rashid Khalidi

"History has often showed us the strength of the forces that are unleashed by the yearning for freedom. It moved people to overcome their fears and openly confront dictators such as in East Germany and Eastern Europe about 22 years ago. [...] The yearning for freedom cannot be contained by walls for long. It was this yearning that brought down the Iron Curtain that divided Germany and Europe, and indeed the world, into two blocs." - Angela Merkel

"Slowly, very slowly, like two unhurried compass needles, the feet turned towards the right; north, north-east, east, south-east, south, south-south-west; then paused, and after a few seconds, turned as unhurriedly back towards the left. South-south-west, south, south-east, east..." - Aldous Huxley

"After visits to several Communist countries (USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, East Germany, Vietnam, China, Cuba), I feel strongly that most "revolutionary" types around the world don't realize the importance of freedom of the press and the air, a right to peaceably assemble and discuss anything, including the dangers of such discussions." - Pete Seeger

"The people who invented the twenty-first century were pot-smoking, sandal-wearing hippies from the West Coast like Steve, because they saw differently," he said. "The hierarchical systems of the East Coast, England, Germany, and Japan do not encourage this different thinking. The sixties produced an anarchic mind-set that is great for imagining a world not yet in existence." - Walter Isaacson

"It's a historical fact that the Stasi did horrible things and that they monitored a lot of people in East Germany, but I find it very interesting to think about the importance of the Western secret services back then and still working today." - Christian Schwochow

"The Germans are often too bureaucratic, too fixated on rules and not risk-oriented enough. And some of their officials have the feeling that they need to make everything in the cityscape look nice and pretty as quickly as possible. That was particularly apparent in the former East Germany after reunification. Then cities sometimes get a bit too neat and tidy." - Charles Landry

"And of course, in West Germany, they made every effort that people who came from the East would get jobs and would get a comfortable existence. That was part of the Cold War - and part of the winning side of the Cold War." - Stefan Heym

"[Mikhail] Gorbachev complained. He was told look, there's nothing on paper. People didn't actually say it but the implication was look, if you are dumb enough to take faith in a gentleman's agreement with us, that's your problem. NATO expanded to East Germany." - Noam Chomsky

"We've become the most eavesdropped, monitored, spied on, photographed population in human history, dwarfing anything that was done by the Stasi state and East Germany. And that's all been - you know, these are all the sacrifices that we supposedly have to make to make ourselves safe." - Chris Hedges

"I don't have to come back, because I am still here! And I'm not an '80s thing. I already worked with my first band back in East Germany and that was soooo '70s, young man. I'm a '70s thing. If I'm a thing at all... and an exciting thing." - Nina Hagen

"In places like Germany or France the idea of black-white is not so much black-white but "our people and them," and "them" can be people from the near east like Turks or Muslims or North Africans, all of whom might well be considered white in the United States." - Nell Irvin Painter

"I accept responsibility for U-boat warfare from 1933 onward, and of the entire navy from 1943 on, but to make me responsible for what happened to Jews in Germany, or Russian soldiers on the east front & it is so ridiculous all I can do is laugh." - Karl Donitz

"If you want to maintain the superiority of your state at the present time, you must quickly enter into a coalition with Germany and Italy and thus restrain Europe and create a firm foundation for imperial policy in the Far East." - Koki Hirota

"I accept responsibility for U-boat warfare from 1933 onward, and of the entire navy from 1943 on, but to make me responsible for what happened to Jews in Germany, or Russian soldiers on the east front it is so ridiculous all I can do is laugh." - Karl Donitz

"America is a noisy culture, unlike, say, Finland, which values silence. Individualism, dominant in the U.S. and Germany, promotes the direct, fast-paced style of communication associated with extraversion. Collectivistic societies, such as those in East Asia, value privacy and restraint, qualities more characteristic of introverts." - Laurie Helgoe

"The people in East Germany have lived through so many changes in the last 15 years like never before in the country, and they did this often with great enthusiasm. But in the West we also have a high degree of transformations." - Angela Merkel

"It is wrong to divide the nation white against black, native born against immigrant or one religion against another. It is also wrong to divide people by income. East Germany was not an improvement over South Africa. Obama divides Americans against each other. This is wrong." - Grover Norquist

"Morocco has a lot to do in terms of democracy. The daily practice of democracy evolves in time. Trying to apply a Western democratic system to a country of the Maghreb, the Middle East, or the Gulf would be a mistake. We are not Germany, Sweden or Spain." - Mohammed Vi Of Morocco

"With some other top players I'm part of a company trying to put on events in Europe, especially Germany, but also Poland, Austria, Russia. There's so much talent coming out of the Far East now, and we want the same thing in Europe." - John Higgins

"People killing each other in the Middle East is not news. People not killing each other in the Middle East is news." - Kelvin MacKenzie

"When I told my wife UConn would win the Big East tournament, she wanted to know why a team from Alaska got into the Big East tournament." - Vic Ziegel

"In the East, all the religions preach egolessness. So in the East, everybody is against the ego from the very beginning." - Rajneesh

"The wind's in the east. . . . I am always conscious of an uncomfortable sensation now and then when the wind is blowing in the east." - Charles Dickens

"But then again in the East Coast, I think, Tupac, inspired everybody on the East Coast, everybody down south, everybody in the West Coast you know what sayin'." - Bubba Sparxxx

"If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible." - Harry S Truman

"Germany, the diseased world's bathhouse." - Mark Twain

"The battle of Kursk... the forcing of the Dnieper... and the liberation of Kiev, left Hitlerite Germany facing catastrophe." - Vasily Chuikov

"Germany has been born anew." - Robert Ley

"Living in Germany Africanised me." - Nneka

"Human development, not secularization, is what's key to women's empowerment in the transforming Middle East." - Dalia Mogahed

"The problem is that the East is producing missiles and the West is producing pacifists." - Francois Mitterrand

"Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West-and then seek." - G. I. Gurdjieff

"Be not too strict - too far east is west. You may lose all by demanding all." - Amelia Barr

"The Great Morning which is for all, rises in the East." - Rabindranath Tagore

"In the East, they contemplate the forest; in the West, they count the trees." - Wayne Dyer

"Dont test me, Second guess me, Protest me, You will DISAPEAR! (East Jesus of Nowhere)" - Billie Joe Armstrong

"(They) were responsible for spreading the Buddhist religion throughout India and East Asia." - Gautama Buddha

"If they had built the Energy East pipeline to transport beer, we'd be okay." - Elizabeth May

"And, lo! in the dark east, expanded high, The rainbow brightens to the setting Sun." - James Beattie

"I would rather die going to the west than live by staying in the east." - Xuanzang

"If the East Timorians decide to revolt, Im sure Ill have a statement." - George W Bush

"Homicide central, East New York, Where the manic-depressive psycho murderers stalk" - Jeru the Damaja

"Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East." - Bashar al-Assad

"Americans don't know a lot about the Middle East - [they] don't know we laugh." - Maz Jobrani

"It takes more than one dove to make peace in the Middle East." - Madeleine Albright

"The Middle East is gorgeous, but again, politically, I would not want to go there." - Baron Vaughn

"Students and their families carry more responsibility for student success in the East." - Andy Hargreaves

"It's east to see without lookin' too far that not much is really sacred." - Bob Dylan

"Now the bright morning-star, day's harbinger, comes dancing from the east." - John Milton

"The light comes brighter from the east; the cawOf restive crows is sharper on the ear." - Theodore Roethke

"I went to college in Vermont, and then stayed in the East Coast." - Bret Easton Ellis

"I'm a product of an East Coast liberal arts educational system." - Matt Taibbi

"Unfortunately we just toured the East and West coasts so we didn't run into any rednecks." - Ville Valo

"The relationship between East and West needs to be and can be fixed via pop culture." - Wang Leehom

"Three quarters of the East Coast's refinery capability is located in the Philadelphia region." - Robert Brady

"I am the Counselor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy." - Dennis Ross

"In the Middle East, the conflict today is a matter of generations and not of cultures." - Shimon Peres

"The problem of the Middle East is poverty more than politics." - Shimon Peres

"Every few months, I find myself in Europe or the Middle East." - Reem Acra

"I'm not a philosopher, I'm just a simple boy from East Ham." - David Bailey

"You will not really have durable peace without a proper security structure in the Middle East." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe. If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the east. And there are a lot of new members. And if you just take the list of all the members of NATO and all of those who have been invited in recently - what is it? Twenty-six, something like that? - you're right. Germany has been a problem, and France has been a problem." - Donald Rumsfeld

"I believe that the Europeans, first and foremost, the Germans, will also understand me. Let me remind you that in the course of political consultations on the unification of East and West Germany... some nations that were then and are now Germany's allies did not support the idea of unification. Our nation, however, unequivocally supported the sincere, unstoppable desire of the Germans for national unity. I am confident that you have not forgotten this, and I expect that the citizens of Germany will also support the aspiration of the Russians, of historical Russia, to restore unity." - Vladimir Putin

"There was no special event that made me decide. I had collected some photos and the idea was in the back of my mind for a long time. It was growing and growing, so finally I said, 'I must paint this.' I come from East Germany and am not a Marxist, so of course at the time I had no sympathy for the ideas, or for the ideology that these people represented. I couldn't understand, but I was still impressed. Like everyone, I was touched. It was an exceptional moment for Germany." - Gerhard Richter

"In 1995, I went to Berlin to acting school, which was in East Berlin. And I decided to live in the east, because I thought if I go to West Berlin, I might as well stay in Stuttgart in the West because I know all the signs, and the way we deal with each other, and I wanted to get to know the other part of Germany and how they lived and what their history was and their biography. In that period of time, I learned a lot, and it helped me a lot." - Nina Hoss

"When I was an adolescent, I was obsessed with having many commercial things, cars, clothes, stupid things. Now that I have all that, I understand that the superfluous things can turn to you into a very stupid idiot-type. In East Germany there were very few things, but there was also a feeling of solidarity that no longer exists. Now we are up to the neck in consumption, the ego, the individualism. Now before friendship, it is merchandise." - Till Lindemann

"These are the highlights in a lifetime of following sports. Hilarity. The most sheer fun I ever had in sports was playing volleyball, a game I commend highly ... if you have ever seen the great women s teams of Japan and Russia or the equally good men's teams of Cuba and East Germany, you know how exciting this playground game, which requires so little equipment, can be." - James A Michener

"I hold that this must be said, for treaties only make sense when concluded by honor-loving peoples and honor-conscious governments. Germany wishes to establish honest relations with the peoples of neighboring countries. We have done this in the East, and I believe that not only Berlin but Warsaw as well will rejoice in the decontamination of the atmosphere brought about through our joint efforts." - Adolf Hitler

"The ways sexuality plays out in political economies is central. And Cambodia's political economy is organized around this notion of family. So lesbianism is actually perceived as being threatening to a degree that it would have not been, for example, under socialist East Germany. But it's one of the essential issues of women's freedom: Do you get to do want you want to do with your body? Not if you don't know what your body is for." - Anne Elizabeth Moore

"Son of Poseidon? East asked. I nodded. Took a dip in the Styx? Hudson asked. Yep. They made digusted sounds. Well that's perfect East said. Now how do we kille him?" - Rick Riordan

"East, oh, east of Himalay Dwell the nations underground, Hiding from the shock of day, For the sun's uprising sound... So fearfully the sun doth sound, Clanging up beyond Cathay; For the great earthquaking sunrise Rolling up beyond Cathay." - Francis Thompson

"If you really wanted to settle down the Middle East, if what you wanted was change in the Middle East, it is perfectly obvious that the first step is resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict." - Molly Ivins

"Peace in the Middle East has been on the Obama administration's mind from the beginning. Two days after his inauguration, the president traveled to the State Department to announce the appointment of George Mitchell as his Middle East peace negotiator." - Elliott Abrams

"Certainly, protecting oppressed people, stopping ethnic conflict and promoting responsible governance are worthy goals. But none is as important for American security and prosperity as keeping the peace in the Middle East, Europe and East Asia." - Michael Mandelbaum

"I hope that the outside world will realise that Hitler's government has no idea of steering towards war, even though this has often been asserted abroad. As Adolf Hitler himself has said, Germany has no need of another war to avenge the loss of her military honour, because she never lost that honour. Germany does not want war of any kind. Germany wants real and abiding peace." - Rudolf Hess

"The frontiers are not east or west, north or south, but wherever a man fronts a fact." - Henry David Thoreau

"Send danger from the east unto the west, so honor cross it from the north to south." - William Shakespeare

"We love playing together and we love adversity. You know, back-to-back, the two best teams in the East." - Steve Nash

"Look to the East, where up the lucid sky; the morning climbs! The day shall yet be fair." - Celia Thaxter

"It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance with which ancestry is held in the Middle East and North Africa." - Tahir Shah

"I imagined loading the God of the Sea into a taxi and taking him to the Upper East Side." - Rick Riordan

"Let's absurdify life, from east to west. Let us play hide-and-seek with our consciousness of living." - Fernando Pessoa

"Charlotte, Will's being vexing.' 'And the sun has come up in the east,' said Jem, to no one in particular." - Cassandra Clare

"War on Iraq runs the risk of turning the Middle East into an inexhaustible recruiting ground for anti- western terrorism." - Douglas Hurd

"It is right precious to behold The first long surf of climbing light Flood all the thirsty east with gold." - James Russell Lowell

"Day glimmer'd in the east, and the white Moon Hung like a vapor in the cloudless sky." - Samuel Rogers

"The frontiers are not east or west, north or south, but wherever a man confronts a fact." - Henry David Thoreau

"East, to the dawn, or west or south or north! Loose rein upon the neck of - and forth!" - Richard Hovey

"Charlotte, Will's being vexing.' 'And the sun has come up in the east,' said Jem, to no one in particular." - Cassandra Clare

"While I am writing about the details of my own intimate encounters and journeys in America and the Far East." - Frederick Lenz

"It is right precious to behold The first long surf of climbing light Flood all the thirsty east with gold." - James Russell Lowell

"Prayer is all-powerful. Let us use it to bring peace to the Middle East and peace to the world." - Pope Francis

"I journey to the east, where I have been told, there are men who have taught death some manners." - Tom Robbins

"Historically, the East was more concerned with understanding the mind and the West was more involved in understanding matter." - Dalai Lama

"I think that we have to be very careful about who comes here from the Middle East." - Rand Paul

"There is an orientalism in the most restless pioneer, and the farthest west is but the farthest east." - Henry David Thoreau

"I'm going to Queen Mary's [university] in East London and I am trying to juggle it. Sometimes, it's really hard." - Yasmin Paige

"I'm a weird, bald musician who makes records in his bedroom and lives in the Lower East Side." - Moby

"Maybe there are some traditional things, but they are more about the way the West packages the East." - Massimiliano Gioni

"I am always conscious of an uncomfortable sensation now and then when the wind is blowing in the east." - Charles Dickens

"Let Him easter in us, be a dayspring to the dimness of us, be a crimson-cresseted east." - Gerard Manley Hopkins

"East, to the dawn, or west or south or north! Loose rein upon the neck of-and forth!" - Richard Hovey

"Can you see the sunset real good on the West side? You can see it on the East side too." - S E Hinton

"Egypt is the next domino to fall and, as they say, so goes Egypt so goes the Middle East." - Robert Baer

"Bright colours in the west, giant butterflies dancing as night crept like a cripple toward the east." - Roberto Bolano

"I came from an anxious, overly intense East Coast academic family. That was the way of our tribe." - Lev Grossman

"When it comes to the Middle East, this is always a very difficult issue for any American president." - Hillary Clinton

"The West coast money and the East coast money, in an ever-increasing manner, is finding its way to Chicago." - Eric Lefkofsky

"Last year I traveled to the Middle East to visit with troops in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan." - Kenny Marchant

"Delaware is the only state east of the Rockies that is allowed under federal law to offer sports betting." - Jack Markell

"I made a fairly bold pledge that I wanted Virginia to be the energy capital of the East Coast." - Bob Mcdonnell

"Fortunately, I happened to go east at a time when live television was centered in New York." - Roddy Mcdowall

"There's always Tunisia. Amid the smoking ruins of the Middle East, there is that one encouraging success story." - Elliott Abrams



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