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Early Evening Quotes


"I used to smoke marijuana. But I'll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening - or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, midevening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early midafternoon, or perhaps the late-midafternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning. . . . But never at dusk." - Steve Martin

"I used to smoke marijuana. But I"ll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening - or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, midevening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early midafternoon, or perhaps the late-midafternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning. . . . But never at dusk." - Steve Martin

"the loneliest place to be is a hotel room in a big city in early evening." - Willa Gibbs

"It was early evening when they walked outside, the sky the color of pink lemonade." - Sarah Addison Allen

"During my early years at Minnesota I conducted an evening enzyme seminar." - Paul D Boyer

"Strong lager and some early Zep tunes. I ask thee, is there a better way to spend an evening?" - Anonymous

"Be able to suffer wearing a necktie or slightly high heels for an entire evening without complaint or early removal." - Marilyn Vos Savant

"There is a day of sunny rest For every dark and troubled night; And grief may hide an evening guest, But joy shall come with early light." - William Cullen Bryant

"On a January evening of the early seventies, Christine Nilsson was singing in Faust at the Academy of Music in New York." - Edith Wharton

"There is a day of sunny rest For every dark and troubled night; And grief may hide an evening guest, But joy shall come with early light." - William C Bryant

"He was going to live in New York, and be known at every restaurant and cafe, wearing a dress suit from early evening to early morning, sleeping away the dull hours of the forenoon." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"Early rising is no pleasure; early drinking's just the measure." - Francois Rabelais

"Early numbers are always wrong." - Mary Cheney

"I'm an early-morning owl." - Patrick Wilson

"On an exceptionally hot evening early in July a young man came out of the garret in which he lodged in S. Place and walked slowly, as though in hesitation, towards K. bridge." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"As the shadow in early morning, is friendship with the wicked; it dwindles hour by hour. But friendship with the good increases, like the evening shadows, till the sun of life sets." - Johann Gottfried Herder

"I like to sleep about four or five really solid hours at night, and then sometimes take a nap in the afternoon or early evening after dinner. I love naps." - Dan Chaon

"Silence is the nest and music is the bird. The bird leaves the nest early in the morning and returns to the nest in the evening. Similarly, in the spiritual world, divine music comes from the inmost soul of Silence." - Sri Chinmoy

"At about eight o'clock one evening of the early summer a group of men were seated on a grass plot overlooking a broad river. The sun was just setting through the forest fringe directly behind them." - Stewart Edward White

"A final reminder. Whenever you are in Paris at twilight in the early summer, return to the Seine and watch the evening sky close slowly on a last strand of daylight fading quietly, like a sigh." - Kate Simon

"He would have lied to himself as facilely as an alcoholic lies to himself to justify the 10 a.m. tumbler of vodka : it may be early here, but in Baghdad it's almost evening." - Peter Benchley

"The afternoon and the early evening slide by in a lidded daze where the ability to think in any identifiable way disappears and where every moment seems to be an eternity." - James Frey

"Often I sit up in my room reading the greatest part of the night, when the book was borrowed in the evening and to be returned early in the morning, lest it should be missed or wanted." - Benjamin Franklin

"It was Orwellian. I completely disappeared, and disappeared the same day. It was by early that evening when the Times story ran. That was an overreaction. All human beings under pressure behave poorly." - Gregg Easterbrook

"During the late afternoon and early evening there is a specific dimension that interconnects with our physical world. This particular dimension can be visualized as series of horizontally shaped geometric planes that extent out into infinity." - Frederick Lenz

"At the evening of life, we shall be judged on our love." - John of the Cross

"The evening of a well spent youth brings it's lamps with it." - Joseph Joubert

"It's too early for a Polish pope." - Pope John Paul Ii

"God is never late, but rarely early." - Mother Teresa

"Hey, I like this: early nothing." - Gloria Grahame

"Early human thought proceeded by metaphor," - Gerald Edelman

"[Bob] Corker was an early endorser." - Andrea Mitchell

"Autumn arrives in the early morning." - Elizabeth Bowen

"It's always too early to quit." - Norman Vincent Peale

"History is a vast early warning system." - Norman Cousins

"He who gives early gives twice." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Race differences show up early in life." - J Philippe Rushton

"I was exposed to jazz early on." - Mark White

"It gets late early out there." - Yogi Berra

"I like to go to bed early." - Jenna Bush

"The most dangerous part of the race is early evening and especially early morning. It's the twilight zone. Either you're going into darkness and the sun is dropping down, or you're coming out of the darkness and the sun is coming up. At the same time, you've got new drivers coming in and feeling their way around the circuit." - Allan Mcnish

"The good-news stories in medicine are early detection, early intervention." - Thomas R Insel

"I like to go to bed early so I can get up early." - Freddie Highmore

"An evening everyone agrees, is a lost evening." - Albert Einstein

"I have lived long enough to know that the evening glow of love has its own riches and splendour." - Benjamin Disraeli

"My mother made a brilliant impression upon my childhood life. She shone for me like the evening star." - Winston Churchill

"Good evening. We begin tonight..." - Peter Jennings

"In my early teens, I was a janitor. In high school, I got up early to deliver to accounts that required early service." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"The stillness of the early morning scene enables me to take in and enjoy many things which pass me by during the bustle of the day. First, there are the scents, which seem even more generous with their offerings than they are in the evening." - Rosemary Verey

"My Lebanon is a flock of birds fluttering in the early morning as shepherds lead their sheep into the meadow & rising in the evening as farmers return from their fields and vineyards.You have your Lebanon and its people. I have my Lebanon and its people." - Khalil Gibran

"There is a dead spot in the night, that coldest, blackest time when the world has forgotten evening and dawn is not yet a promise. A time when it is far too early to arise, but so late that going to bed makes small sense." - Robin Hobb

"The sun, a red wheel, was sinking slowly in the west. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, the early-summer sunset was exceedingly soft and gentle: black mulberry leaves turned as red as roses; pristine white acacia petals shed an enshrouding pale-green aura. Mild evening breezes made both the mulberry leaves and the acacia petals dance and whirl, filling the woods with a soft rustle." - Mo Yan

"The evening passes somehow; I watch television with Nancy, or I write. It is difficult, not having a family, and it is difficult to explain. I always go to bed early. And I am always ready for Monday morning, that time that other people dread." - Anita Brookner

"I don't make cocktails with whisky. I'll always drink it with a little bit of water. I love Negronis early on, but for me drinking whisky is something I do at the end of an evening. It's a midnight-to-3-a.m. drink for me." - Patrick Grant

"In our absence, the violet early evening light pours in the bay window, filling the still room like water poured into a glass. The glass is delicate. The thin, tight surface of the liquid light trembles. But it does not break. Time does not pass. Not yet." - Marya Hornbacher

"I usually go to bed early to read. I read and I always say that I'm not a "bohemian artist;" I need to read for one or two hours in the evening, and the quiet, so I don't hang out a lot." - Michal Rovner

"Experience has decided that the early morning air is much more inspiring and vigorous than the evening. What is the law? Is not the atmosphere, like all other substances and tissues, spoiled of its energy by the action of light and heat? Does it not, like the vegetable and animal kingdom, require rest? After a night's rest it is recruited and young again." - John Pulsford

"And now she was back in the world, not one she could make, but the one that had made her, and she felt herself shrinking under the early evening sky. She was weary of being outdoors, but she was not ready to go in. Was that really all there was in life, indoors or out? Wasn't there somewhere else for people to go?" - Ian Mcewan

"I let myself go. I thought little of the houses and trees, but applied colour stripes and spots to the canvas... Within me sounded the memory of early evening in Moscow - before my eyes was the strong, colour-saturated scale of the Munich light and atmosphere, which thundered deeply in the shadows." - Wassily Kandinsky

"Walking around an early spring garden- going nowhere." - Kyoshi Takahama

"It's never too early to care about fashion." - Karl Lagerfeld

"to early seen unknown...and known to late" - William Shakespeare

"Let's kill somebody to Sinatra! Or to early Elvis!" - Robert Englund

"I was a pretty bad person early in my life." - Ice T

"The early ELP albums were pioneering in a way." - Greg Lake

"I peaked early. I was told I'd missed my boat." - Moon Unit Zappa

"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil." - J Paul Getty

"I've been insane from a very early age." - Natalie Dormer

"Early admission programs tend to advantage the advantaged." - Derek Bok

"Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless." - B F Skinner

"I want to make people aware of early detection." - Rod Stewart

"Get this in mind early: We never grow up." - Richard Bach

"Very few of the early Italian humanists were really humane." - Irving Babbitt

"We're taking sports too far and starting kids too early." - Darell Hammond

"So basically, I graduated high school a semester early." - Jessica Szohr

"Particularly in my early days, I did very little rewriting." - Jimmy Webb

"I started going gray in my early twenties." - Matt Leblanc

"Early in my career, I wanted to be a mathematician." - Jerry Buss

"I grew up in the early '70s in New England." - Thurston Moore

"Start early and begin raising the bar throughout the day." - Bruce Jenner

"I was very intellectually oriented, very early on." - Donald Johanson

"Early access is very valuable, there are a lot of consumers who would love to see something early." - Jason Kilar

"In my lab, we're interested in the transition from chemistry to early biology on the early earth." - Jack W Szostak

"I've used a lot of jersey, but I've also done a lot of complex pattern weaves in these fabrics in solid colors, and there are lots of little dresses for cocktail and evening. I've done a series of very important evening dresses as well, just to show that these two ideas can also work well together. Today's woman can wear an important evening dress or a simple pant and top. It's all in the personality of the woman." - Giorgio Armani

"I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store." - Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

"Softly the evening came /with the sunset/." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Every evening brings us nearer God." - Martin Luther

"Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!" - Lewis Carroll

"Cats learned how to fly that evening,..." - Obert Skye

"The evening had turned sweet and blue." - Alice Hoffman

"...So let us welcome peaceful evening in." - William Cowper

"... but the longest day hath its evening." - Walter Raleigh

"Evening words are not like to morning." - George Herbert

"Moroseness is the evening of turbulence." - Walter Savage Landor

"Good evening everybody, ladies, gentlemen... Felicity." - Jon Stewart

"O thou, my gracious evening star." - Richard Wagner

"This is an evening of wonders, indeed!" - Jane Austen

"What a nice night for an evening." - Steven Wright

"Early evening traffic was beginning to clog the avenue with cars. The sun slanted down behind him. Harry glanced at the drivers of the cars. They seemed unhappy. The world was unhappy. People were in the dark. People were terrified and disappointed. People were caught in traps. People were defensive and frantic. They felt as if their lives were being wasted. And they were right." - Charles Bukowski

"When they turned off, it was still early in the pink and green fields. The fumes of morning, sweet and bitter, sprang up where they walked. The insects ticked softly, their strength in reserve; butterflies chopped the air, going to the east, and the birds flew carelessly and sang by fits and starts, not the way they did in the evening in sustained and drowsy songs." - Eudora Welty

"I was born three weeks early, and I kept being ill. From the age of zero to four, I was always in hospital having tests done, but they couldn't find out what was wrong. They discovered that one of my kidneys wasn't working properly, and it had scarred. I had to have 32 injections in my arm in the morning and evening to try and make me better." - Liam Payne

"Those evening bells! those evening bells! How many a tale their music tells!" - Thomas Moore

"Family home evening is for everyone.... We need the strength that comes from family home evening." - James E Faust

"It's an absolute myth that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Of course it doesn't." - Steven Conrad

"I was an early adopter: have been on the internet continuously since late 1989, barring a six-month loss of access in the early 90s." - Charles Stross

"Rose early to seek God and found Him whom my soul loveth. Who would not rise early to meet such company?" - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"The notion that diversity in an early team is important or good is completely wrong. You should try to make the early team as non-diverse as possible." - Max Levchin

"After all, by providing early access to medicine, nutrition and stimulation, early childhood development creates lifelong improvements in health, cognitive development, school achievement, and social equality." - Shakira

"Often I had to imagine the things I needed. I learned very early to read amidst noise. And so I started writing and drawing at an early age." - Gunter Grass

"There is nothing in the world more peaceful than apple - leaves with an early moon." - Alice Meynell

"I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life, I absenteed myself from Christian assemblies." - Benjamin Franklin

"The secret of success is to get up early, work late and strike oil." - John D Rockefeller

"I learned very early in my life never to take counsel in my fears." - George S Patton

"Fancy and humour, early and constantly indulged in, may expect an old age overrun with follies." - Isaac Watts

"Whether I retire to bed early or late, I rise with the sun." - Thomas Jefferson

"I went to a meeting for premature ejactulators. I left early." - Jack Benny

"I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early." - Yogi Berra

"The scholar is early acquainted with every department of the impossible." - John Ruskin

"There has been only one Christian. They caught and curcified him-early." - Mark Twain

"If you're a bird, be an early bird. But if you're a worm, sleep late." - Shel Silverstein

"Crooks are early adopters." - Craig Newmark

"Also I played on a lot of demos in the early days of the Stones." - Big Jim Sullivan

"Early risers are conceited in the morning and stupid in the afternoon." - Rose Henniker Heaton

"Reagan's half a disciple of Benjamin Franklin. He believes in early to bed." - Lyn Nofziger

"Rockefeller once explained the secret of success. 'Get up early, work late - and strike oil." - Joey Adams

"The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese." - Jeremy Paxman

"Learn early, learn often." - Drew Houston

"Since an early age, I've been intrigued by the idea of design evolution," - Phillip Lim

"I think in the late '80s and early '90s horror was dead." - Eli Roth

"I found out early that you can throw yourself away, missing what you've lost." - Tana French

"I smoke 'cos I'm hoping for an early death and I need to cling to something." - Steven Morrissey

"It did no good to cry, she had learned that early on." - Steig Larsson

"Early civilizations complained about still earlier ones, much as we do about both." - Anonymous

"Its getting late early" - Yogi Berra

"Get up very early and get going at once. In fact, work first and wash afterwards." - W H Auden

"It drove home, personally, the value of early detection and education and intervention." - Janet Napolitano

"Bank account statement just look like I'm ready for early retirement" - Drake

"Early happiness handicaps people. I do not regret having been profoundly unhappy." - Coco Chanel

"I've always wanted the sound of Muddy Waters' early records - only louder" - Eric Clapton

"Just do your job. Get in early. Stay late, and don't complain. Fight the big fights." - Barbara Walters

"I produced six movies with Amy Robinson since the very early 80s." - Griffin Dunne

"You can be diagnosed and treated early. And there is hope for the future" - Teri Garr

"From quite an early age I realised the effect that good food can have on others." - Jamie Oliver

"I knew very early that somehow I would sing and draw and paint my whole life." - Tony Bennett

"I was handed a tough life lesson at a very early age." - Boomer Esiason

"Release early and often." - Kevin Rose

"In Hawaii, there are 50-year-old grandfathers, because they got married so early." - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

"They scored too early." - Ron Atkinson

"I am an early riser, and always wake up between 5 and 6am." - Luis Von Ahn

"My early career was a real rush of movies and stardom - it was almost overwhelming." - Al Pacino



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