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Early Childhood Play Quotes


"Early childhood education begins early, even before birth." - Madeleine M Kunin

"Play is the work of childhood." - Jean Piaget

"Play is really the work of childhood" - Fred Rogers

"Only one in five children in the U.S. lives within walking distance of a park. Many more lack access to a quality early childhood education that provides ample time and space to play." - Darell Hammond

"Beating heroin is child's play compared to beating your childhood." - Stephen King

"The essence of childhood, of course, is play." - Bill Cosby

"My childhood dream was to play basketball, actually." - Godfrey Gao

"I have had a long unabashed love affair with dogs that stretches back to early childhood." - Caspar Weinberger

"From early childhood, my thrust was to get into the movies." - Morgan Freeman

"Mice: What is the best early training for a writer? Y.C.: An unhappy childhood." - Ernest Hemingway

"The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil." - Rachel Carson

"Our fascination with gold is related to the fantasies of early childhood." - Sigmund Freud

"How one handles success or failure is determined by their early childhood." - Harold Ramis

"We need to provide higher quality and innovative early childhood development programs all throughout Latin America." - Shakira

"Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high." - Anne M Mulcahy

"Through private investment capitalism kept raising the productivity of labor to new heights. Parents were able to earn enough so their offspring did not have to join the work force at an early age. This produced something unique in history: Childhood, a time when the young could experience the innocence of play and opportunity of schooling before entering the world of work." - Richard Ebeling

"Middle-class kids get to play, develop their thinking ability. Poor kids are much more likely to get regimentation under the guise of socialization. On top of it, we have huge segregation in early childhood programs. I don't see these patterns changing anytime soon, and that's a big obstacle." - Pedro Noguera

"Exploration of the natural world begins in early childhood, flourishes in middle childhood, and continues in adolescence as a pleasure and a source of strength for social action." - David Sobel

"After all, by providing early access to medicine, nutrition and stimulation, early childhood development creates lifelong improvements in health, cognitive development, school achievement, and social equality." - Shakira

"Early childhood development has proved to be very beneficial and very cost-effective in societies where this is been tried. So let's not confine ourselves to primary education. Let's think of early childhood development and education as a whole." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"We spend at least $5 for remedial education right now for every dollar we put in early childhood education. All the studies on early childhood education show this is going to pay for itself." - Tim Kaine

"Oh, be assured fellow teachers, that there is no time in life so favorable to sound conversion as early childhood." - Theodore L. Cuyler

"Very early in my childhood I associated poverty, toil, unemployment, drunkenness, cruelty, quarreling, fighting, debts, jail with large families." - Margaret Sanger

"I share Len Saunders' concerns about childhood obesity and getting kids to be active beginning at an early age." - Shannon Miller

"There is an association between the number of hours that the television is on at home and early childhood aggression." - Catherine Taylor

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn." - Maria Montessori

"If you're going to equalize the academic playing field, you've got to get the kids in early childhood programs." - Paul Vallas

"A first class system of early childhood education is the hallmark of a caring and civilized society." - Andy Hargreaves

"I share Len Saunders" concerns about childhood obesity and getting kids to be active beginning at an early age." - Shannon Miller

"My hope is that every country in Latin America will make a significant commitment to supporting early childhood development programs." - Shakira

"The second childhood of a saint is the early infancy of a happy immortality, as we believe." - William Mountford

"My early childhood was spent in Newark, New Jersey, but my family moved to Denver when I was 12." - Anita Diament

"While early childhood experiences may impel, they do not compel. In the end, evil is a matter of choice." - Andrew Vachss

"I was born in Iowa City and spent my early childhood on a hippie commune just outside of town." - Chelsea Cain

"I grew up in Cambridge in England, and my love of mathematics dates from those early childhood days." - Andrew Wiles

"Your memories from your early childhood seem to have such purchase on your emotions. They are so concrete." - Dana Spiotta

"Play is the royal road to childhood happiness and adult brilliance." - Joseph Chilton Pearce

"Through play, we renew contact with childhood - My art is childlike." - Karel Appel

"Childhood play is nothing more than an expression of our individuality and preparation for human interaction." - Frank Gehry

"Play is the most natural method of self-healing that childhood affords." - Erik Erikson

"If a child plays sport early in childhood, and doesn't give it up, he will play sport for the rest of his life. And if children have a connection with, and are involved in the preparation of, the food they eat, then it will be normal for them to cook these kind of meals, and they will go on cooking them for the rest of their lives." - Ferran Adria

"As a kid who wasn't into sports, at school I felt almost alienated at times, whereas in the theatre community there was this amazing sense of camaraderie. Early on, we would go to rehearsals with my dad and I was like the mascot for the backstage crew. That was a big part of my childhood, so I dreamed of one day doing a play in London." - Zach Braff

"Learning to read and write makes little sense if you don't understand what you're reading and writing about. While we may have forgotten, most of our early learning came not from being explicitly taught but from experiencing. Kids aren't born knowing hard and soft, sweet and sour, red and green. When the child experiences those things, s/he transforms them into psychological understandings. When kids play with other kids, they learn about others and about themselves. Learning the basics of our physical and social reality is what early childhood is all about." - David Elkind

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." - Fred Rogers

"They say that childhood forms us, that those early influences are the key to everything. Is the peace of the soul so easily won? Simply the inevitable result of a happy childhood. What makes childhood happy? Parental harmony? Good health? Security? Might not a happy childhood be the worst possible preparation for life? Like leading a lamb to the slaughter." - Josephine Hart

"A poor child who receives high-quality early childhood development is 40 percent less likely to need special education, twice as likely to attend college and dramatically more likely to survive childhood." - Shakira

"I do not miss my toys. I wouldn't play with them anyway. I am fifteen. I miss my childhood." - Jo Walton

"I lost my childhood. I didn't play football or video games. Or have birthdays or the love of a family." - Emmanuel Jal

"I didn't play video games because my parents didn't allow it. That was banned from my childhood experience." - Kristin Kreuk

"There are many women in their late teens and early twenties who have either experienced violence in a relationship or have witnessed it at home in their childhood." - Miquita Oliver

"Mythology, science and space exploration are subjects that have fascinated me since my early childhood. And they were always connected somehow with the music I write." - Vangelis

"Values are most important. Democratic values have to be instilled from childhood and the child sees at an early stage in life in every situation in society." - Ela Bhatt

"In tough economic times, we have to make every dollar count, and studies have shown a return of up to $17 for every dollar invested in early childhood." - Shakira

"Some men have a necessity to be mean, as if they were exercising a faculty which they had to practically neglect since early childhood." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"Childhood constitutes the most important element in an adult's life, for it is in his early years that a man is made." - Maria Montessori

"There must be a law against forcing children to perform at an early age. Children should have a wonderful childhood. They should not be given too much responsibility." - Maria Callas

"My mother is a professor of early childhood education. When I was two she would say she knew I was going to be an actor." - Matt Damon

"I'm a comic nerd. I'm a former serious collector for much of my childhood and early teen years I wanted to draw underground comics." - Anthony Bourdain

"Early childhood education is an urgent educational, economic and moral imperative. Without it, we face a long-term national economic security crisis." - J B Pritzker

"My early life has given me a great deal to draw on, certainly - but would I have swapped a happy childhood for the writing? Yes." - Bruce Robinson

"The stirrings of morality emerge early in childhood. Toddlers spontaneously offer toys and help to others and try to comfort people they see in distress." - Steven Pinker

"The Summit of the Americas is an excellent platform to raise awareness and secure commitments from heads of state and different sector leaders regarding Early Childhood Development." - Shakira

"Some men have a necessity to be mean, as if they were exercising a faculty which they had to partially neglect since early childhood." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"My childhood was a happy one, spent in a tall house in South Kensington and later in East Sussex, but my early and mid teens were less successful." - Julian Fellowes

"My childhood may have been more demented than most, because I learned to read very early and was allowed to read whatever I wanted." - Poppy Z Brite

"The whole narcissism and echo syndrome is usually the result of early childhood training. Those are very hard habits for anyone to break." - Merrill Markoe

"My early days in Broadway were all comedies. I never did a straight play on Broadway." - Gene Hackman

"I believe we should encourage children to sing and play instruments from an early age." - Mick Jagger

"I was only in one play at Steppenwolf, in the early days." - Douglas Wood

"I like when guests come over early and we chop veggies and talk and play music." - John Stamos

"A child's natural form of behavior is play, and in our aim to educate, play should be honored and preserved for as long past childhood as can be." - Rebecca Goldstein

"Music is the one art we all have inside. We may not be able to play an instrument, but we can sing along or clap or tap our feet. Have you ever seen a baby bouncing up and down in the crib in time to some music? When you think of it, some of that baby's first messages from his or her parents may have been lullabies, or at least the music of their speaking voices. All of us have had the experience of hearing a tune from childhood and having that melody evoke a memory or a feeling. The music we hear early on tends to stay with us all our lives." - Fred Rogers

"I thought, "Well, I'm writing about early childhood, so maybe it would make sense to write about late childhood as well, early adulthood." Those were my thoughts, and this was how this crazy book [Winter Journal] was composed. I've never seen a book with pictures like at the end, pictures related to things you've read before." - Paul Auster

"New York rushed to get students into early childhood programs, but the research is clear that it has to be high quality. What we are giving poor kids now in early childhood is nothing like what we are giving middle-class kids in most places." - Pedro Noguera

"I used to play hockey when I was growing up. Everyone sort of learns how to skate and play hockey at an early age." - Bob Dylan

"Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play." - Ken Robinson

"There's a certain urgency that comes from the records of the early 60s before overdubbing and multitracking came into play," - Justin Townes Earle

"There's a certain urgency that comes from the records of the early 60s before overdubbing and multitracking came into play," - Justin Townes Earle

"I started to play Jazz music in my early teens. A boyfriend brought records over, so I listened to everything" - Marian Mcpartland

"There's a certain urgency that comes from the records of the early 60s before overdubbing and multitracking came into play." - Justin Townes Earle

"Buddy Holly and the early rock 'n' roll was no lighter than the way I play. It's very minimal." - Joni Mitchell

"A piece of creative writing, like a day-dream, is a continuation of, and a substitute for, what was once the play of childhood." - Sigmund Freud

"Play and transformation were a bit part of my childhood - using whatever materials were at our disposal, my brothers and I would constantly build and create fantasy worlds." - David Rockwell

"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." - Friedrich Frobel

"Childhood play is nothing more than an expression of our individuality and preparation for human interaction. Everybody's an artist. Unfortunately we don't treat them as such." - Frank Gehry

"Sometimes I just play the theme from Arthur. It reminds me of my childhood in New York and I just love it." - Nicolas Winding Refn

"My whole career has been fulfilling my childhood fantasies, playing characters that are larger than life, getting to play a knight, an elf, a prince, and a soldier." - Orlando Bloom

"Writing gives me the opportunity to explore ideas, play with language, solve problems, use my imagination, and draw on my own childhood." - Jack Prelutsky

"The essence of childhood, of course, is play, which my friends and I did endlessly on streets that we reluctantly shared with traffic." - Bill Cosby

"The Redskins have been active champions in the fight against childhood obesity through our commitment with the NFL Play 60 program." - Daniel Snyder

"I am closer and closer to reaching my childhood dream. This is really exciting! I will continue to work hard, to focus on each tournament I play." - Yani Tseng

"If we would have our citizens contented and law-abiding, we must not sow the seeds of discontent in childhood by denying children their birthright of play." - Theodore Roosevelt

"In early childhood you may lay the foundation of poverty or riches, industry or idleness, good or evil, by the habits to which you train your children. Teach them right habits then, and their future life is safe." - Lydia Sigourney

"Our nearly century-long experiment in banning marijuana has failed as abysmally as Prohibition did... In contrast, legalizing and taxing marijuana would bring in substantial sums that could be used to pay for schools, libraries or early childhood education." - Nicholas D Kristof

"Parents deserve the peace of mind of knowing their children are in good hands. By investing in early childhood educators, we are supporting nurturing child care environments where children can thrive." - Kathleen Wynne

"The best way to improve the American workforce in the 21st century is to invest in early childhood education, to ensure that even the most disadvantaged children have the opportunity to succeed along side their more advantaged peers" - James Heckman

"To mourn is to be extraordinarily vulnerable. It is to be at the mercy of inside feelings and outside events in a way most of us have not been since early childhood." - Christian McEwen

"I learned that you don't have to be saddled for life with the mental attitudes you adopted in early childhood. All of us are free to change our minds, and as we change our minds, our experiences will also change." - M. J. Ryan

"The wounded child inside many females is a girl who was taught from early childhood on that she must become something other than herself, deny her true feelings, in order to attract and please others." - Bell Hooks

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J.B. Pritzker

"If you're a progressive, you've got to be worried about how the federal government is spending its revenue, because we don't have enough money to spend on things like early childhood education that are so important." - Barack Obama

"For both Adam Smith and Karl Marx the essential work of caring for people, starting in early childhood, was "just women's work" - and in their minds not even classified as "productive work."" - Riane Eisler

"Care work produces public goods, and should be supported in families by policies such as paid parental leave and caregiver tax credits, and by investments in good training and wages for caregiving, including early childhood education, in the market." - Riane Eisler

"Obviously from childhood to my teenage years, I really came into my own. I left the house early; I was on the streets when I was, like, 15. I've been holdin' my own since that age." - Nipsey Hussle

"The challenge for the 21st century is to bring together parents, the early childhood community, and schools so that every child acquires the foundation necessary to succeed in school and in life." - Mary Jean LeTendre

"Recollections of early childhood bear comparison to fairy tales, and ... youth remains an unknown country to whose bourn no traveler returns except as the agent of a foreign power." - Lewis H Lapham

"An enthusiastic desire of visiting the Old World haunted me from early childhood. I cherished a presentiment, amounting almost to belief, that I should one day behold the scenes, among which my fancy had so long wandered." - Bayard Taylor

"My childhood was surrounded by books and writing. From a very early age I was fascinated by storytelling, by the printed word, by language, by ideas. So I would seek them out." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"I think the research evidence on the benefits of early childhood programs for the local economy is extremely strong. However, the moral and political choice is still up to us, as citizens and as voters." - Timothy J Bartik

"If we expect our children to thrive at our colleges and universities, and succeed in our economy once they graduate - first we must make quality, affordable early childhood education accessible to all." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"I suppose if you look back to your early childhood you accept everything people tell you, and that includes a heavy dose of irrationality - you're told about tooth fairies and Father Christmas and things." - Richard Dawkins

"My brother and I spent our childhood in movie theaters screaming. I decided early on that that was the epitome of entertainment. I'm always trying for that same level of adrenaline in my books." - Tess Gerritsen

"I don't carry any early childhood trauma around with me, if that's what you're hinting at. The story of the bicycles - and there were three of them which were stolen from me - I've dealt with it well." - Angela Merkel

"My childhood in Arlington, Va., a middle class suburb of Washington, was uneventful. Ours was a very intellectual family, and we were encouraged to read at a very early age." - David Gross

"I focus on supporting high quality early childhood health care and education. By betting my resources on very young children, I know I'm making an investment that pays guaranteed dividends with a high rate of return." - J B Pritzker

"My early childhood memories center around this typical American country store and life in a small American town, including 4th of July celebrations marked by fireworks and patriotic music played from a pavilion bandstand." - Frederick Reines

"Since an early age I was taught to be very politically aware and knew from childhood that the process was something I wanted to contribute towards if I could." - Adam Rickitt

"I had a lot of chaos in my very early years before I was old enough to know what was going on, and then I just skated through the rest of my childhood without dealing with it." - Jeremy Sisto

"At this early stage in our evolution, now through our infancy and into our childhood and then, with luck, our growing up, what our species needs most of all, right now, is simply a future." - Lewis Thomas

"We invest in early childhood education. We invest additional job training dollars. We make sure that we've got a strong research and development strategy so that we continue to innovate. Rebuilding our infrastructure, which we know will attract businesses." - Barack Obama

"If the goal is to dramatically improve college completion rates, not college-going rates by itself but college completion, it's not just a college problem. We need a big focus on early childhood education. Our early childhood education system is pretty good in this country. Not enough students have opportunity. And, very discouragingly, they lose their advantage because they go to poor schools after that. So, let's focus on our babies." - Arne Duncan

"The loss of my childhood was the price for becoming the youngest world champion in history. When you have to fight every day from a young age, your soul can be contaminated. I lost my childhood. I never really had it. I have to be careful not to become cruel, because I became a soldier too early." - Garry Kasparov

"My early childhood was spent living by the Pacific Ocean. I carry with me something imprinted by that wide, limitless horizon, which I learned connected us to different people and cultures, including my own family's origins in the Arab World and Northern Europe. I understood early that my world was only a small part of a much larger one. That captivated me." - Queen Noor of Jordan

"There's childhood and early onset bipolar, but it transitions in your early adulthood into something a little bit different, and extremely severe. It was at that time that my impulse control just went out the window. Impulse control when you're manic just disappears." - Marya Hornbacher

"Genius is childhood recaptured." - Jean Baudrillard

"Dear sweet unforgettable childhood." - Anton Chekhov

"technology murdered childhood." - Robert M. Drake

"My childhood was extreme." - Tori Amos

"My childhood was appalling." - Taylor Caldwell

"Ive been taught very early on that if you want to win a tournament youve got to beat anybody, and hopefully I play well and enjoy it." - Steffi Graf

"Listen. Say yes. Live in the moment. Make sure you play with people who have your back. Make big choices early and often." - Amy Poehler

"As an early child, I tried to play every kind of music that I heard. I thought everyone was doing that." - Allen Toussaint

"The best way to win is to play well early or late in the game. The middle part tends to take care of itself." - Tony La Russa

"Most people that do play nowadays hit really hard. It was good to get someone that hit really hard early on." - Serena Williams

"All of us were tuned in during our early development but we lose our connection to intuition over time as other things come into play." - Peter Buffett

"It's a little too early to play curmudgeon and complain that the kids today don't have the patience to read long web pages." - Mark Rosenfelder

"Unless you're a vegan freak of nature like Tony Gonzalez, I don't think you can play sports much past your early 30s." - Jeff Ament

"My early ambitions were the same as they are now - to play for Manchester United. I was, and still am, football mad." - James Nesbitt

"I saw things at an early age because my mom was a theater actress. I did a play with her when I was 10 years old." - Sam Rockwell

"Gradually, football has seen its appeal slip at the most basic levels. Pediatricians are advising parents not to let young children play organized football too early in life." - Charlie Pierce

"I never play golf because it takes too long, and the business connections it produces can be made just as easily over an early breakfast." - Eli Broad

"I was early taught to work as well as play. My life has been one long, happy holiday; Full of work and full of play- I dropped the worry on the way- And God was good to me everyday." - John D Rockefeller

"I remember early on, for instance, having to play wedding gigs, that I hated playing the music. Now I don't have to play music that I don't like. I only get to do what I enjoy, so that's pretty lucky." - Norah Jones

"I was early taught to work as well as play, My life has been one long, happy holiday; Full of work and full of play - I dropped the worry on the way - And God was good to me every day." - John D Rockefeller

"If you look a little punkish, then they're going to give you the parts. And if you play an iconic villain early on in your career, you tend to get asked to play one over and over and over again." - Malcolm Mcdowell

"One way to think about play, is as the process of finding new combinations for known things-combinations that may yield new formsof expression, new inventions, new discoveries, and new solutions....It's exactly what children's play seems to be about and explains why so many people have come to think that children's play is so important a part of childhood-and beyond." - Fred Rogers

"So much of our early gladness vanishes utterly from our memory: we can never recall the joy with which we laid our heads on our mother's bosom or rode on our father's back in childhood; doubtless that joy is wrought up into our nature, as the sunlight of long-past mornings is wrought up in the soft mellowness of the apricot; but it is gone forever from our imagination, and we can only believe in the joy of childhood." - George Eliot

"It's always been a dream of mine, and a childhood fantasy, to play a great champion. I would much rather haven been an athlete than an actor. This is like some second place consolation prize." - Mark Wahlberg

"I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense." - Beatrix Potter

"If you want to say how can we step into childhood and make it better for them, I would start at the activity level. I'd like to say let your kids go out and play." - C Everett Koop



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