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Earl Quotes


"A good cup of Earl Grey tea - you cant beat it." - Antonia Thomas

"Earl gave me his version of what happened and asked me not to suspend the umpires." - Lee MacPhail

"The trouble with Earl Barrett is that he's one paced .... Zooommmmm." - Joe Royle

"When I hold you, you will be the Duchess of Earl." - Gene Chandler

"The only thing Earl (Weaver) knows about big-league pitching is that he couldn't hit it." - Jim Palmer

"I'm inspired by Earl Sweatshirt. He's a really honest writer, and he's unusually intelligent." - Erykah Badu

"My finger picking is sort of a cross between Pete Seeger, Earl Scruggs, and total incompetence." - Jimmy Page

"Biographical sketch, in fugitive crayons, of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford" - John Pinkerton

"I have a company called Earl Campbell Foods. I got into the meat business in 1991." - Earl Campbell

"A good cup of Earl Grey tea - you can't beat it." - Antonia Thomas

"Being from New York, I wonder why am I inspired by bluegrass and Earl Scruggs? But when I look at the whole history of the banjo, I feel really good about it, including the Earl Scruggs part." - Bela Fleck

"In an easy chair of the spacious and handsome library of his town-house, sat William, Earl of Mount Severn." - Ellen Wood

"The opportunity to carry water every night to James Earl Jones on stage is a dream come true." - John Larroquette

"Thank God that I am not over 75 so that James Earl Jones knows who the hell I am." - Linda Lavin

"[Of Archibald Primrose, Fifth Earl of Rosebery:] A man who never missed a chance of missing an opportunity." - George Bernard Shaw

"Oh I see said the Earl but my own idear is that these things are as piffle before the wind." - Daisy Ashford

"From the waist down, Earl Campbell has the biggest legs I have ever seen on a running back." - John Madden

"Earl Nightingale has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet." - Zig Ziglar

"Her name was called Lady Helena Herring and her age was 25 and she mated well with the earl." - Daisy Ashford

"Most people say, 'Well, Earl, you sing the blues,' or however they want to categorize it. I just sing songs." - Earl King

"One person I've always wanted to work with who would be an amazing guest star would be James Earl Jones." - Nancy Mckeon

"Ooo," said Alexia, fascinated, "it shrinks back down again. The books didn't detail that occurrence." The earl laughed. "You must show me these books of yours." - Gail Carriger

"Who knows but we may count among our intellectual chickens Like them an Earl of Thackeray and p'raps a Duke of Dickens" - W. S. Gilbert

"I shall not say why and how I became, at the age of fifteen, the mistress of the Earl of Craven." - Harriette Wilson

"She filed the image away as an excellent and insulting question to ask the earl at an utterly inappropriate future moment." - Gail Carriger

"Peter swept aside Yogi Tea and Harmony Herbal Blend, though he hesitated a second over the chamomile. .... But no. Violent death demanded Earl Grey." - Louise Penny

"What do you mean, a ghost? The Honorable James Augustus Peregrine Pympoole-Bothame, heir to the fourteenth Earl of Hardsdale, is taking no insults from young girls!" - Kerstin Gier

"You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed." - Rush Limbaugh

"Yep. And I noticed how slowly he went down each time, too. (When asked if he noticed how slowly Earl Campbell got up after each play.)" - Bum Phillips

"Earl Nightingale never let a day go by that he didn`t learn something new and, in turn, pass it on to others. It was his consuming passion." - Steve King

"I am the Earl of Ravensmoor. And you are? (Sparhawk) Totally freaking out. (Taryn) Tis a most peculiar name, milady. Are you by chance Welsh? (Sparhawk)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but Earl Blackwell finally died, and I was on his blacklist every year for being the worst dressed person." - Meryl Streep

"I don't feel old. Okay, maybe I do when I get in a conversation with Earl Thomas, who was born in 1989." - Matt Hasselbeck

"I try to do as much as I can. I probably knew more about Earl Mills than anybody on earth besides people who actually knew him." - Brent Spiner

"I think Earl Scruggs playing propelled bluegrass and Bill Monroe's music to the level that - where we're all still talking about it." - Earl Scruggs

"It's made a lot of people richer from hearing Earl Scruggs. And I just think we're all very lucky to have him in the world." - Earl Scruggs

"There were few who thought him a starter, Many who thought themselves smarter. But he ended PM, CH and OM, an Earl and a Knight of the Garter." - Clement Attlee

"Your men are brave men, And you have won. I can live with that, Earl of Bronze - a poor man would I be if I could not." - David Gemmell

"Your men are brave men, And you have won. I can live with that, Earl of Bronze a poor man would I be if I could not." - David Gemmell

"One hundred only, Lord Earl. But judge us not by our number. Rather, watch the numbers of dead we leave behind." - David Gemmell

"Right now my favorite TV show - because it's too close to home - is 'My Name Is Earl.' That show kills me. There's some funny stuff in there." - Rodney Atkins

"Listening back to your speaking voice for the first time, unless you're James Earl Jones, it's a quite distressing process for most people." - Philip Selway

"My very first role was with James Earl Jones on 'Gabriel's Fire' on TV. He drove a Chevy Citation, which is the exact same car that I bought from a guy in San Francisco called Sandy Boone. I showed up on set, and James Earl Jones was driving the car I had bought from Sandy for $250." - Leland Orser

"Please, Lord Maccon, use one of the cups. My delicate sensibilities." The earl actually snorted. "My dear Miss Tarabotti, if you possessed any such things, you certainly have never shown them to me." - Gail Carriger

"What if I arrange to be around Lord Akeldama during the full moon?" The earl looked daggers. "I am certain he would be extremely helpful in a fight. He could ruthlessly flatter all your attackers into abject submission." - Gail Carriger

"So, what do you think, my dear, will it be a girl or a boy?" "It will be a soul-stealer, apparently." "What!" The earl reared away from his wife and looked down at her suspiciously." - Gail Carriger

"My voice dropped when I was 14. And when I was 14, I might have weighed 75 pounds. So you can imagine how strange that must have been: like James Earl Jones speaking through a sock puppet." - Benjamin Percy

"We'll continue our discussion later. Right now I intend to escort Miss Peyton to her room." "That is not a wise idea, in my opinion," the earl said. "I'm glad I didn't ask for it, then," Simon returned pleasantly" - Lisa Kleypas

"People differ in their discourse and profession about these matters, but men of sense are really but of one religion... What religion?... the Earl said, Men of sense never tell it." - Bishop Gilbert Burnet

"Underneath this little stone Lies Robert Earl of Huntington; No other archer was so good - And people called him Robin Hood. Such outlaws as he and his men Will England never see again." - Roger Lancelyn Green

"Anne Barton is a delightful new voice in historical romance! Once She Was Tempted is a charming read, with characters who are easy to love-a wounded earl and a determined heroine whose heart won't be denied." - Tessa Dare

"My favourite pudding is a toss-up between cheesecake - proper, New York cheesecake - and apple crumble and custard. Custard is very important, or dark chocolate mousse. Tea: probably Earl Grey, splash of milk." - Tom Hiddleston

"And I hope you will not think me foolish when I also extend my thanks. Thank you, Michael, for letting my son love her first. -from Janet Stirling, dowager Countess of Kilmartin, to Michael Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin" - Julia Quinn

"Seeing an Earl as an owl on a mantelpiece, and having part of one's face removed by a cat, both on the same morning, can temporarily undermine the self-control of any man." - Mervyn Peake

"My mother went to demonstrations. I remember her going to a big demonstration for Earl Brower and she came home crying and said the Communists were very mean and booed their people. I remember feeling sad at her feeling sad." - Grace Paley

"Earl Scruggs is the guy who really made that leap with using three fingers in a rotating fashion to create this fast rippling sound that had never been heard before." - Earl Scruggs

"He [Earl Scruggs] was really cool because he was very quiet, and he wouldn't say much, but then he would come out with a quip that was like so perfect and so brilliant, very smart." - Earl Scruggs

"Death isn't on line. If he was, there would be a sudden drop in the death rate. Although it'd be interesting to see if he'd post things like: DON'T YOU THINK I SOUND LIKE JAMES EARL JONES?" - Terry Pratchett

"In former days the Earl had been a man quite capable of making himself disagreeable, and probably had not yet lost the power of doing so. Of all our capabilities this is the one which clings longest to us." - Anthony Trollope

"[To Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, on his return from self-imposed exile, occasioned by the embarrassing flatulence he had experienced in the presence of the Queen:] My Lord, I had forgot the fart." - Elizabeth I

"Few thought he was even a starter. There were many who thought themselves smarter. But he ended PM, CH and OM, An earl and a Knight of the Garter." - Clement Attlee

"I'm really into rooibos tea with goat's milk and a little bit of honey. I also drink dandelion tea, Earl Grey, and sometimes a green tea. I'm very into tea." - Miranda Kerr

"We"ll continue our discussion later. Right now I intend to escort Miss Peyton to her room." "That is not a wise idea, in my opinion," the earl said. "I'm glad I did' ask for it, then," Simon returned pleasantly" - Lisa Kleypas

"Sometimes I pay for it, With the way I walk now, the things I did to my body wasn't supposed to be done. At 48 years old, it is saying, 'Hey, Earl, remember what you did to me?'." - Earl Campbell

"How comes it to pass, then, that we appear such cowards in reasoning, and are so afraid to stand the test of ridicule? - Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury" - Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury

"My most powerful memory was hearing Earl Scruggs on 'The Beverly Hillbillies' as a 5 or 6 year old. That sound just blew me away, shook my head up." - Bela Fleck

"The current leadership of the Labor party react to the idea that working-class students might study the subjects they studied with the same horror that the Earl of Grantham showed when a chauffeur wanted to marry his daughter." - Michael Gove

"I had been inspired by an organ player named Earl Grant, who played organ and piano together. My mom took me to see him. So I went home, put my piano and organ together, too." - Billy Preston

"The trailblazers are my role models in this industry: Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, James Earl Jones, and Billy Dee Williams. I keep their pictures in my trailer and try to measure to their standards every time I act." - Brian J White

"Also I'm a part of the people that I've worked with in baseball that have been so great to me, Mr. Earl Mann of Atlanta, who gave me my first baseball broadcasting job." - Ernie Harwell

"I mean if it wasn't for Earl Scruggs, guys like me wouldn't be doing what we're doing. I mean, he's changed so many people's lives, honestly. I was thinking about all the thousands of people that live in Nashville, like myself, that there's no reason a guy from New York would end up down there if it wasn't for the sound of Earl Scruggs' banjo coming over the airwaves and just changing my life." - Earl Scruggs

"It is remarkable that almost all speakers and writers feel it to be incumbent on them, sooner or later, to prove or acknowledge the personality of God. Some Earl of Bridgewater, thinking it better late than never, has provided for it in his will. It is a sad mistake." - Henry David Thoreau

"Goodness gracious me," exclaimed Alexia, "what are you wearing? It looks like the unfortunate progeny of an illicit union between a pair of binoculars and some opera glasses. What on earth are they called, binocticals, spectaculars?" The earl snorted his amusement and then tried to pretend he hadn't. "How about glassicals?" he suggested, apparently unable to resist a contribution." - Gail Carriger

"When I was a young kid, my pops introduced me to it. He took me to Harlem, 145th and Edgecombe, to watch the filming of Claudine with James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll. That was my first taste of seeing a set and the cameras, and I was bit by the acting bug at a young age." - Tracy Morgan

"I used to always pull my jersey out of my pants. Earl Tatum was like that, too. I was just more comfortable. There were no rules then. They didn't make you tuck your jerseys in and it was just comfortable for me." - Bo Ellis

"In the wake of my talk with Earl, we had come to a mutual understanding about Lena, the only kind guys ever come to. Meaning, I hadn't brought it up, and they hadn't brought it up, and between us, we somehow all agreed to go on like this indefinitely. Don't ask, don't tell." - Kami Garcia

"The snow had begun in the gloaming, And busily all the night Had been heaping field and highway With a silence deep and white. Every pine and fir and hemlock Wore ermine too dear for an earl, And the poorest twig on the elm-tree Was ridged inch deep with pearl." - James Russell Lowell

"L'Abbe de Ville proposed a toast, His master, as the rising Sun: Reisbach then gave the Empress Queen, As the bright moon and much praise won. The Earl of Stair, whose turn next came, Gave for his toast his own King Will, As Joshua the sun of Nun, Who made both Sun and Moon stand still." - John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair

"The earl shook his head, exhibiting a degree of frosty offense that could only be achieved by an aristocrat whose wishes had just been gainsaid. "I"ve never heard of a man being so eager to confess to the parent of a girl he's just ruined," he said sourly." - Lisa Kleypas

"The essence of the ludicrous consists in surprise, - in unexpected terms of feeling and explosions of thought, - often bringing dissimilar things together with a shock; as when some wit called Boyle, the celebrated philosopher, the father of chemistry and brother of the Earl of Cork." - Edwin Percy Whipple

"I've done a number of these My Name is Earl shows. I play Earl's father. It's a half-hour comedy. And I'll be doing some more of those. I have a movie coming out that I did with Misha Barton, called Don't Fade Away." - Beau Bridges

"Alexia suspected Lord Maccon's handling was a tad more than was strictly called for under the circumstances, but she secretly enjoyed the sensation. After all, how often did a spinster of her shelf life get manhandled by an earl of Lord Maccon's peerage? She had better take advantage of the situation." - Gail Carriger

"Being pulled that long and that hard for a 12-hour day gave me migraines. It's what they used to do before there were facelifts for actresses - you know, Joan Crawford's whole career was this. Then the makeup is like Earl Scheib auto body paint sprayed on my face." - Rob Lowe

"An anecdote is related of Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper (1621-1683), who, in speaking of religion, said, "People differ in their discourse and profession about these matters, but men of sense are really but of one religion." To the inquiry of "What religion?" the Earl said, "Men of sense never tell it."" - Gilbert Burnet

"The essence of the ludicrous consists in surprise,-in unexpected terms of feeling and explosions of thought,-often bringing dissimilar things together with a shock; as when some wit called Boyle, the celebrated philosopher, the father of chemistry and brother of the Earl of Cork." - Edwin Percy Whipple

"Republicans are just rich, old, white people - that's all they are. You ever see the Republican National Convention? All white people - six black people: paid actors. James Earl Jones in his most difficult, challenging role! Tune in and attempt to watch him look pleased during a George Bush speech. And Clarence Thomas - as himself." - Andy Kindler

"I admit that I do not recall the speeches of Comrades [Earl] Browder and [Samuel] Darcy. I do not even recall of what they spoke. It is possible that they said something of this nature. But it was not the Soviet people who created the American Communist Party. It was created by Americans." - Joseph Stalin

"I did do an off-Broadway show for about 15 months. '91 and '92. It was nice to have a steady paycheck for a while. It was Oliver Jackson and Earl May, Art Barron and myself were the house band. I was 24 and 25 at the time." - Jon Gordon

"Who are we to tell Lonzo Ball how to raise his kids. He's very entertaining and you've got to remember, guys, weren't we saying the same things about Richard Williams and Earl Woods? And how did their kids turn out? This works for the Ball family. He's a strong father figure. His kids love him and respect him, so what's everyone complaining about?" - Mychal Thompson

"A couple of years ago my friend and business partner Jeffrey Richards was doing the Gore Vidal play, The Best Man, starring James Earl Jones. I asked Jeffrey out to lunch and asked him what he thought of James playing Grandpa in You Can't Take It With You. Jeffrey thought it was a fabulous idea and so did James." - Chris Hart

"I relate to that - he inspires me across the board. His music inspires me and reminds me to maintain honesty in the things that I do, to have an absence of fear. Listening to Earl Sweatshirt's music is like therapy to me." - Erykah Badu

"Earl Mills is probably the best role I've ever been given in a film. And it was a great experience to work with Halle [Berry] and Klaus Maria Brandauer, an Austrian actor who's a hero of mine. Martha Coolidge directed the movie [Introducing Dorothy Dandridge], giving me another shot, and it was an amazing experience." - Brent Spiner

"As it turns out, sometimes that bites you. In this case, I saw pictures of Earl [Mills], and...I actually met him. He was quite old at the time, but he had this sort of curly red hair, so we did that in the film. I got a perm and had red hair, and... It was a mess." - Brent Spiner

"I wanted to look right. I remember a review - a very positive one - in The New York Times that said I was so good in the role [Earl Mills] that I "even managed to overcome a terrible red wig." I wanted to write her and tell her about the agony I'd gone through with the perm, but I thought better of it." - Brent Spiner

"I was first introduced to August Wilson in the 80s when Charles Dutton did Ma Rainey and James Earl Jones and Courtney Vance did Fences. I've long considered August Wilson to be one of the five greatest playwrights in American history." - Denzel Washington

"[The World Series] introduced me for the first time to a team with a lot of black players. Detroit had about three of them: I think it was Willie Horton, Gates Brown, and Earl Wilson - might have been one or two more in '68." - Michael Eric Dyson

"And then Earl Scruggs comes along and transforms the banjo into a virtuosic modern instrument. For the first time, the Southern banjo style becomes the identity of the banjo, and everything from before is wiped off of people's consciousness by the power of that explosion." - Bela Fleck

"Earl Scruggs wears two finger picks and a thumb pick, and by alternating them, he can play about as fast as he wants. So it's this action. You know, you couldn't move one finger that fast, but all three, it's pretty easy, and it's kind of an incredible leap." - Earl Scruggs

"I've heard of people stopping their cars, having car wrecks, all kinds of things. But most of the banjo players I know had that moment when they heard Earl Scruggs. So, for me, it transcends the technique. It's the musician in him and his personality, his musical personality, such great taste, such great technique, very, very creative." - Earl Scruggs

"For me certainly Earl Campbell and Tony Dorsett come to mind, and Roger Staubach. I've grown up here in Dallas watching Roger and his playing career and to be in the same fraternity as Roger Staubach is/was a huge deal for me." - Tim Brown

"In the wake of my talk with Earl, we had come to a mutual understanding about Lena, the only kind guys ever come to. Meaning, I had' brought it up, and they had' brought it up, and between us, we somehow all agreed to go on like this indefinitely. Do' ask, do' tell." - Kami Garcia

"The earl shook his head, exhibiting a degree of frosty offense that could only be achieved by an aristocrat whose wishes had just been gainsaid. "I've never heard of a man being so eager to confess to the parent of a girl he's just ruined," he said sourly." - Lisa Kleypas

"We have experienced the truth of this prophecy, for England has become the habitation of outsiders and the dominion of foreigners. Today, no Englishman is earl, bishop, or abbott, and newcomers gnaw away at the riches and very innards of England; nor is there any hope for an end of this misery." - William of Malmesbury

"I would get records by Earl Scruggs... I would tune my banjo down and I'd pick out the songs note by note. Learned how to play that way. I persevered. There was a book written by Pete Seeger, who showed you some basic strumming and some basic picking... And I kind of worked out my own style of playing." - Steve Martin

"The movie I've seen a million times - wait, that's not possible - my favorite movie of all times is 'The Empire Strikes Back,' directed by Irvin Kershner, executive-produced by the great George Lucas and stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones." - Donald Faison

"There was all this talk when Obama got elected about how we were living in a postracial world. But we're not. Until we get to the point where James Earl Jones can play, say, George Washington, race matters. You wouldn't put a white actor in blackface to play Othello. You shouldn't have a white actor in what amounts to yellowface to play Asian." - David Henry Hwang

"Books, gentlemen, are a species of men, and introduced to them you circulate in the "very best society" that this world can furnish, without the intolerable infliction of "dressing" to go into it. In your shabbiest coat and cosiest slippers you may socially chat even with the fastidious Earl of Chesterfield, and lounging under a tree enjoy the divinest intimacy with my late lord of Verulam." - Herman Melville

"A policeman in plain clothes is a man; in his uniform he is ten. Clothes and title are the most potent thing, the most formidable influence, in the earth. They move the human race to willing and spontaneous respect for the judge, the general, the admiral, the bishop, the ambassador, the frivolous earl, the idiot duke, the sultan, the king, the emperor. No great title is efficient without clothes to support it." - Mark Twain

"You may be the only guy my age I've ever met who knows what bergamot is, much less that it's in Earl Grey tea." "Yes, well," Jace said, with a supercilious look, "I'm not like other guys. Besides," he added, flipping a book off the shelf, "at the Institute we have to take classes in basic medicinal uses for plants. It's required." "I figured all your classes were stuff like Slaughter 101 and Beheading for Beginners." Jace flipped a page. "Very funny, Fray." - Cassandra Clare

"What kind of tea do you want?" "There's more than one kind of tea?...What do you have?" "Let's see... Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginseng, Sleepytime, Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lemon and Honey, Liver Disaster, Ginger with Honey, Ginger Without Honey, Vanilla Almond, White Truffle Coconut, Chamomile, Blueberry Chamomile, Decaf Vanilla Walnut, Constant Comment and Earl Grey." -"I.. Uh...What are you having?... Did you make some of those up?" - Bryan Lee O'Malley

"We had the same kind of unemployment here as they had in the worst hit places in the North and you're meant to be on a cushy wicket in the South. If you go up to Newcastle, you can tell that the town's really had money, or Liverpool, you know, the northern towns have got grandeur, whereas Medway, being just a sort of garrison town and dockyard town, you don't have anything like Earl Grey Square or anything like that." - Billy Childish

"Bob Dylan had been a big sort of presence in my life but I'd never quite registered what he was trying to tell me. He was always this kind of figure, a sort of bear-like figure in the corner of the room. You know, every time I imagined what Bob Dylan looked like, he looked a bit like Steve Earl used to look - with the beard." - Thea Gilmore

"Earl Scruggs had this thing that it wasn't just the technique or even the instrument. It was him. There was this soulful quality that came through that made you - if you're somebody like me who was, I guess, supposed to play the banjo, it made you stop in your tracks, and you couldn't do anything until you got done hearing him play, and then immediately you'd have to go try and find a banjo." - Earl Scruggs

"We all admire the courageous person and quite often consider the individual who lacks courage, a coward. However, that is not how Earl Nightingale saw it. He said the opposite of courage was not cowardness, it was conformity. The next time you are encouraged to fall into line, to be a sport and everything in you says no - be courageous and go your own way. There is no compensation in conformity." - Bob Proctor

"Shakespeare scholars just sigh and consign the book to the great pantheon of revelations .. I am accustomed to fanatics who get a funny look in the eye when they come to speak to me how about the Earl of Oxford or Marlowe really wrote the plays. She spoke rationally, and it's an intelligently readable book, but it floats way above the facts, as I told her." - William Shakespeare

"Today, it's not the same playing field as when I first became a lawyer in 1977, where the government had been restricted by our wonderful Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren's court rulings. Now it's all going the other way, the flow is against the defendant, against anything that could really help a client. But you still fight it, you do what you can do. It's all there is." - Lynne Stewart

"Well, my love," said Alexia with prodigious daring to Lord Maccon, "shall we?" The earl started to move forward and then stopped abruptly and looked down at her, not moving at all. "Am I?" "Are you what?" She peeked up at him through her tangled hair, pretending confusion. There was no possible way she was going to make this easy for him. "Your love?" "Well, you are a werewolf, Scottish, naked, and covered in blood, and I am still holding your hand." He sighed in evident relief. "Good. That is settled, then." - Gail Carriger

"Daughter to that good Earl, once President Of England's Council, and her Treasury, Who lived in both, unstained with gold or fee, And left them both, more in himself content, Till sad the breaking of that Parliament Broke him, as that dishonest victory At Chaeronea, fatal to liberty, Killed with report that old man eloquent. Though later born than to have known the days Wherein your father flourished, yet by you, Madam, methinks I see him living yet; So well your words his noble virtues praise, That all both judge you to relate them true, And to possess them, honoured Margaret." - John Milton