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E Commerce Quotes


"The value of e-commerce is not in the e, but in the commerce." - Octavio Paz

"Guess what? The world changes. eBay has defined e-commerce" - Meg Whitman

"Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community." - Meg Whitman

"Guess what? The world changes. eBay has defined e-commerce." - Meg Whitman

"The next battle being fought by e-commerce companies will be for customer loyalty." - Priyanka Gill

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to lead one of the true e-commerce innovators." - Frank N. Newman

"I dream of a Digital India where e-Commerce drives Entrepreneurship." - Narendra Modi

"I think Bush understands the Internet and the incredible expansion of global e-commerce." - Jack Kemp

"The hacking trend has definitely turned criminal because of e-commerce." - Kevin Mitnick

"Leadership in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce." - Michael Oxley

"For any business, large or small, not to have an e-commerce strategy is a big mistake." - William M Daley

" strives to be the e-commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy online." - Jeff Bezos

"Broadband gives small businesses the opportunity to broaden their customer base and reduce their overheads through e-commerce platforms." - Hamadoun Toure

"Commerce is greedy. Ideology is blood-thirsty." - Mason Cooley

"In carrying out e-commerce, the most important thing is to keep doing what you are doing right now with passion, to keep it up." - Jack Ma

"You've to make consumers smart. An e-commerce portal doesn't sell a product at cheaper rates, instead an offline shop sells it at a costlier prices." - Jack Ma

"In e-commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product." - Ashton Kutcher

"Brands will increasingly handle their own e-commerce and rely less and less on local distribution partners. Why should they give away their profit margins?" - Natalie Massenet

"I see Intershop as a leader in the E-commerce digital economy and believe the company has truly long-term potential." - Eckhard Pfeiffer

"Payfirma has revolutionized the payment process, consolidating mobile, e-commerce and in-store payments under a single solution, much like HootSuite did for social media." - Ryan Holmes

"No nation has embraced Total Quality Management, e-commerce and e-government with greater enthusiasm than Dubai. Such innovations have given Dubai a competitive edge and an accelerated growth rate that few could match." - Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

"Alma e corpo, corpo e alma, como eram misteriosos! Havia animalismo na alma, e o corpo possuia momentos de espiritualidade." - Oscar Wilde

"be aggressive, BE-BE Aggressive! B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E" - Laurie Halse Anderson

"E-books are impervious to analogy." - Scott Adams

"[E]xceptional claims demand exceptional evidence." - Christopher Hitchens

"Remember: I before E, except in Budweiser." - Anonymous

"Kids spell love T-I-M-E." - John Crudele

"When E. F. Hollings talks, nobody listens." - Ernest Hollings

"E canchis amnia. Everything from shells." - Erasmus Darwin

"I won't ever do e-mail." - David Mamet

"Commerce is the cure for the most destructive prejudices." - Bill Vaughan

"Novelty is a concept of commerce, not an aesthetic concept." - Eva Zeisel

"Art and commerce are not irreconciliable, they are inextricably intertwined." - Nicholas Meyer

"Saigon is hot, full of atmosphere, activity, and commerce" - Brendan Fraser

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me." - Aretha Franklin

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take out the TCP." - Otis Redding

"L'Ide e seule est e ternelle et ne cessaire. The idea alone is eternal and necessary." - Gustave Flaubert

"How do Polish people spell farm? E-I-E-I-O" - Henny Youngman

"My e-mail address is actually my wife's e-mail address. I actually hate computers." - Joe Sakic

"Be strong, know who you are, no be shame, stand up, e ala e." - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

"You can't love a library of e-books. You can't furnish a room with e-books." - Joanna Trollope

"COMMERCE, n. A kind of transaction in which A plunders from B the goods of C, and for compensation B picks the pocket of D of money belonging to E." - Ambrose Bierce

"People tend to think of the web as a way to get information or perhaps as a place to carry out e-commerce. But really, the web is about accessing applications." - Marc Andreessen

"I've been working with Five Four. The partnership started as one monthly collaboration, but now I'm the creative design director. There are still going to be collaborations for monthly drops, but we are launching e-commerce." - Mark McNairy

"When we look at investing, we always think about 'how defensible is this, how likely is it that somebody is going to copy this.' E-commerce tends to be something easy to copy because it's execution." - Niklas Zennstrom

"People tend to think of the web as a way to get information or perhaps as a place to carry out e-commerce. But really, the web is about accessing applications." - Marc Andreessen

"We don't believe the market can be dominated by one company in e-commerce in China - namely Alibaba. The Chinese market is very wide and deep, with a huge population." - Zhang Jindong

"The liberation children experience when they discover the Internet is quickly counteracted by the lure of e-commerce web sites, which are customized to each individual user's psychological profile in order to maximize their effectiveness." - Douglas Rushkoff

"One of the challenges of buying local advertising is, how do you know if it worked? How do you know if it's got value? We're moving toward an e-commerce experience for local, an Amazon-like experience for local." - Jeremy Stoppelman

"LIFE = (L)ive (I)N (F)ull (E)ffect!!!!!!!" - Joseph Simmons

"To a child, 'love' is spelled T-I-M-E." - Zig Ziglar

"Robert E. Lee Prewitt. Isn't that a silly old name." - Donna Reed

"SEO is not synonymous to JUNK E-MAIL." - Matt Cutts

"Work out problems in person, not on e-mail." - Karin Ireland

"I'm hopeless by e-mail, by phone, by text." - Rachel Maddow

"E-mail is a victim of its own success." - Mitch Kapor

"I wrote a fan e-mail to Michael Chabon." - Bill Hader

"Virtue between men is a commerce of good actions: he who has no part in this commerce must not be reckoned." - Voltaire

"Her handwriting was curious ? small sharp little letters with no capitals (who did she think she was, e. e. cummings?)." - Erich Segal

"Dear Jane, Just so you know: e. e. cummings cheated on both of his wives. With prostitutes. Yours, Will Grayson" - John Green

"There is no future for e-books, because they are not books. E-books smell like burned fuel." - Ray Bradbury

"Her handwriting was curious small sharp little letters with no capitals (who did she think she was, e. e. cummings?)." - Erich Segal

"Commerce is a game of skill which everyone cannot play and few can play well." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Commerce unites; religion divides." - Alice Tisdale Hobart

"Brands and branding are the most significant gifts that commerce has ever made to popular culture." - Wally Olins

"Commerce defies every wind, outrides every tempest, and invades every zone." - George Bancroft

"Be aristocracy the only joy: Let commerce perish - let the world expire." - Anonymous

"Money, not morality, is the principle of commerce and commercial nations." - Thomas Jefferson

"The usual trade and commerce is cheating all around by consent." - Thomas Fuller

"Conventions are like coins, an easy way of dealing with the commerce of relations." - Freya Stark

"The first inventions of commerce are, like those of all other arts, cunning and short-sighted." - John Philpot Curran

"The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce." - Samuel Gompers

"Brands are the rock stars of commerce, and create many fans, both at home and abroad." - Simon Anholt

"We're all surrounded by what I call faux language, fake language of commerce, of news media." - Toni Morrison

"The history of commerce is that of the communication of the people." - Charles De Montesquieu

"The life of Liverpool is commerce; it is a city of warehouses and shops." - Katharine Lee Bates

"Science, like art, religion, commerce, warfare, and even sleep, is based on presuppositions." - Gregory Bateson

"I am the king! I am the king! I am the king! One dead marine through the hatch, Scratch and scrape this heavenly body, Every inch of winning skin, Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey, come and kiss me-e-e-e-e-e!" - Nick Cave

"Thank god now for social media and just e-commerce. Now designers have a direct pipeline to their customer and access to her like they never had before, like they never could before. Clothes can happen now that never would have had a chance in the traditional chain of command of the way things worked." - Byron Lars

"E-Commerce is happening the way all the hype said it would. Internet deployment is happening. Broadband is happening. Everything we ever said about the Internet is happening. And it is very, very early. We can't even glimpse it's potential in changing the way people work and live." - Andy Grove

"I think one of the big errors people are making right now is thinking that old-style businesses will be obsolete, when actually they will be an important part of this new civilization. Some retail groups are introducing e-commerce and think that the bricks are no longer useful. But they will continue to be important." - Carlos Slim

"With the strong global appeal of the Playboy brand and the differentiated content offered, we have built a men's destination site with multiple revenue streams, including e-commerce, advertising, subscription and pay-per-view, ... In addition, our recent acquisition of the Spice brand gives us an opportunity to create a separate site, cross-promoted with the Spice TV network." - Christie Hefner

"I think more and more today there are two ways to enjoy shopping: the first is the discovery, the feeling of searching and finding, and shopping with the eyes too, using all the senses and enjoying the moment - what I call the "slow shopping" experience; and then the second, of course, is e-commerce, which is contrary to the first but as enjoyable." - Carla Sozzani

"My goal is to create a sustainable long-term business that, we're committed to print, we're rooted in print, but we're expanding into digital and into modernizing the way we sell to customers through e-commerce and things like that. And it requires different skill sets; it requires different ways of doing business." - Maria Rodale

"My dream was to set up my own e-commerce company. In 1999, I gathered 18 people in my apartment and spoke to them for two hours about my vision. Everyone put their money on the table, and that got us $60,000 to start Alibaba. I wanted to have a global company, so I chose a global name." - Jack Ma

"Stripe is building payment infrastructure for the Web, so we make it easy to accept credit cards online. Before Stripe, the way youd do this is using the legacy banking structure. It was slow, it was complex, it was expensive. It had this very chilling effect on e-commerce." - John Collison

"And it's interesting, when you look at the predictions made during the peak of the boom in the 1990s, about e-commerce, or internet traffic, or broadband adoption, or internet advertising, they were all right - they were just wrong in time." - Chris Anderson

"Yes, e-commerce is a strange situation for an old guy like me. You can buy a TV online, OK, but to buy a dress or shoes? Ugh. The customer has to go back to the store and breathe and smell and have a good time. Because shopping is a good time - like going to a nice restaurant." - Max Azria

"Stripe is building payment infrastructure for the Web, so we make it easy to accept credit cards online. Before Stripe, the way you'd do this is using the legacy banking structure. It was slow, it was complex, it was expensive. It had this very chilling effect on e-commerce." - John Collison

"The U.S. has more broadband subscribers than any country other than China. Americans rank at the top in their use of the web, and numerous studies validate that the U.S. is a global innovation powerhouse. The leading Internet and e-commerce companies are located here." - Michael K Powell

"For the blue-collar worker, the driving force behind change was factory automation using programmable machine tools. For the office worker, it's office automation using computer technology: enterprise-resource-planning systems, groupware, intranets, extranets, expert systems, the Web, and e-commerce." - Tom Peters

"I actually don't invest in anything that is social, mobile, deals or ad networks simply because those are areas where there are so many players and so many other smart people in the space, I feel like I don't have a competitive advantage. So I tend to go after things that are e-commerce, like healthcare." - Aaron Patzer

"Number one, you can sell before you buy. I call it reverse e-commerce. You take a picture, you list it for sale, you sell it, you collect the revenue, then you go buy it and send it to the customer." - Marc Ostrofsky

"Al-Qur'an is not a book of Science, "S-C-I-E-N-C-E" but a book of Signs "S-I-G-N-S" - Zakir Naik

"From the fact that E is evidence for T and the fact that T entails M, it doesn't follow that E is evidence for M." - Elliott Sober

"Because. doesn't match . is the most efficient way to match everything currently. Maybe /e should match everything. And /E would of course match nothing. :-)" - Larry Wall

"Typically, your corporate e-mail account is not, today, that spam-targeted. It's more the free e-mail accounts that are spam-targeted." - Bill Gates

"The selfish spirit of commerce, which knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain." - Thomas Jefferson

"Commerce is of trivial import; love, faith, truth of character, the aspiration of man, these are sacred." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The commerce of the world is conducted by the strong, and usually it operates against the weak." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The merchants will manage [commerce] the better, the more they are left free to manage for themselves." - Thomas Jefferson

"To check the starts and sallies of the soul, and break off all its commerce with the tongue." - Joseph Addison

"Speech was made to open man to man, and not to hide him; to promote commerce, and not betray it." - David Lloyd (Biographer)

"Commerce is the life blood of the City. If we are not careful, government will become the cancer." - Andrew Ryan

"... commerce dies the moment, and is sick in the degree in which men cannot trust each other." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain." - Thomas Jefferson

"I fully support global commerce." - Jim Costa

"Commerce flourishes by circumstances, precarious, transitory, contingent, almost as the winds and waves that bring it to our shores." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Commerce is the great civilizer." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"What recommends commerce to me is its enterprise and bravery. It does not clasp its hands and pray to Jupiter." - Henry David Thoreau

"The lessons taught in great books are misleading. The commerce in life is rarely so simple and never so just." - Anita Brookner

"Black-and-whit e always looks modern, whatever that word means." - Karl Lagerfeld

"America eats its youth like reptiles...Educat e yourself before they dumb you down." - Ice Cube

"There's no such thing as chance, it's all preordained.Lik e KISMET." - Marilyn Monroe

"the whole way down, I was only thinking one thing . . . L E N A" - Kami Garcia

"Every girl on the planet was familiar to one-last-time e-mail checks." - Lauren Myracle

"There is more to biology than rats, Drosophila, Caenorhabditis, and E. coli." - Ernst Mayr

"KNOWLEDGE is only Power to the Extent that it is... U S E D" - Tony Robbins

"For the sake of brevity, we will always represent this number 2.718281828459... by the letter e." - Leonhard Euler

"It makes me so much calmer when I'm responding to e-mails later." - Padmasree Warrior

"What does this mean 'mailer daemon'? Satan, are you messing with the e-mail system already?" - Herbert Jay Stern

"You've got to S-M-I-L-E To be H-A-Double-P-Y" - Shirley Temple

"Everybody sounds stoned, because they're e-mailing people the whole time they're talking to you." - Jennifer Egan

"Grace is the most dangerous, expectation-wre cking, smile-creating, counterintuitiv e reality there is." - Tullian Tchividjian

"E is for the EDUCATORS, the women who taught us well." - Lynne Cheney

"E-mail has some magical ability to turn off the politeness gene in a human being." - Jeff Bezos

"Courage is spelled I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y." - Robert H Schuller

"Self-acceptanc e leads to success, not the other way around." - Deepak Chopra

"Angel wanted them all to burn in h-e- double toothpicks forever." - James Patterson

"In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"But if you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an 'e'." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"E=mc2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared" - Albert Einstein

"It's a bore - B-O-R-E - when you find you've begun to rot." - Katharine Hepburn

"Ideas visuales combinadas con tecnologia e interpretacion personal es igual a fotografia" - Arnold Newman

"How do you press a wildflower into the pages of an e-book?" - Lewis Buzbee

"E-mails are the new herpes: You never get rid of them." - Christopher Buckley

"If your job was remotely interesting, there would be a show on A&E about it." - Aziz Ansari

"Il faut e pater le bourgeois. One must astound the bourgeois." - Charles Baudelaire

"It makes me so much calmer when I'm responding to e-mails later." - Padmasree Warrior

"L'homme est condamne a' e" tre libre. Man is condemned to be free." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Le bonheur est dans l'amour un e tat anormal. In love, happiness is abnormal." - Marcel Proust

"A vida sem luta e um mar morto no centro do organismo universal." - Machado de Assis

"I do. You know, I made a mistake using a private e- mail." - Hillary Clinton

"The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your [Hillary Clinton] damn e-mails!" - Bernie Sanders

"Volunteers are paid in six figures... S-M-I-L-E-S." - Gayla LeMaire

"Even an E-type Jaguar looks merely flash beside a really smart pony and trap." - Marion C. Garretty

"E-Business will become the virtual market place in 20 years." - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

"I pensieri stretti e il viso sciolto will go safely over the whole world." - Scipione Alberti

"The whiter the bread, the quicker you're dead because white bread lacks vitamin E and lecithin." - Kent Hovind

"Our goal is simply to become the desktop for e-businesses." - Larry Ellison



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