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Democratic Peace Quotes


"Our aim is a democratic peace." - George W Bush

"Pakistan is a peace-loving, democratic country." - Malala Yousafzai

"To reach peace, teach peace." - Pope John Paul Ii

"In 2005, I founded the Democratic Pacific Union, an international organization of 28 democratic countries to promote democracy, peace and prosperity in the Pacific region." - Annette Lu

"American is the first democratic nation-state." - Stephen Ambrose

"Pakistan is a peace loving, democratic country. Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons. Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood." - Malala Yousafzai

"Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

"World peace must develop from inner peace." - Dalai Lama

"Outward Peace is useless without inner Peace" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Peace will be victorious." - Yitzhak Rabin

"Honesty leads to peace." - Veronica Roth

"Your eyes smile peace." - Dante Gabriel Rossetti

"The plan shows that the twenty million people in the German democratic Republic and in the democratic sector of Berlin think only of peace, and that they are working for freedom and peaceful prosperity." - Walter Ulbricht

"The basis of a democratic state is liberty" - Aristotle

"Defeatism about the feasibility of plans for disarmament and ordered peace has been the most calamitious of all the errors made by democratic governments in modern times." - Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker

"The crucial role communists played in organizing industrial unions in the 1930s and struggling for social reforms, peace, and civil rights strengthened rather then undermined democratic forces." - Michael Parenti

"I'm just trying to be part of the movement that decentralizes and hopefully creates peace. By supporting smaller, democratic structures, you can effect change." - Dar Williams

"That's what I am standing up for - Israel's future as a Jewish and democratic state living side-by-side in peace and security with its neighbors." - John F Kerry

"The next few months are critical to Pakistan's future direction as a democratic state committed to promoting peace, fighting terrorism and working for social justice." - Benazir Bhutto

"Lasting peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan will be achieved when we establish the conditions for democratic, economically viable nations." - John Warner

"This growing poverty in the midst of growing population constitutes a permanent menace to peace. And not only to peace, but also to democratic institutions and personal liberty For overpopulation is not compatible with freedom." - Aldous Huxley

"This growing poverty in the midst of growing population constitutes a permanent menace to peace. And not only to peace, but also to democratic institutions and personal liberty. For overpopulation is not compatible with freedom." - Aldous Huxley

"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." - A J Muste

"There is no road towards peace; peace is the road" - Mahatma Gandhi

"If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another." - Dalai Lama

"Peace in the world relies on individuals finding inner peace." - Dalai Lama

"The highest peace is the peace between opposites." - Leonid Brezhnev

"Without inner peace it is impossible to have world peace." - Dalai Lama

"Let peace and beauty reign." - Moby

"Peace starts with a smile" - Mother Teresa

"Peace begins When expectation ends." - Sri Chinmoy

"Practice peace, change your world." - Prem Rawat

"Perpetual war for perpetual peace" - Charles A Beard

"It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace and live in peace." - Proverbs

"Seek peace, and pursue it." - Bible

"Peace is produced by war." - Pierre Corneille

"Many men cry Peace! Peace! but they refuse to do the things that make for peace." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Seek peace. When you have peace within, real peace with others will be possible." - Nhat Hanh

"When you do something for world peace, peace among groups, peace among individuals, or your own inner peace, you improve the total peace picture." - Peace Pilgrim

"And if we are honest we have to make a distinction between a democratic Israel that wants to live in peace and the terrorists who want Israel wiped out. The Israelis were told to give up land for peace; they gave up the land, but got no peace." - J D Hayworth

"My parents called themselves progressives. The agenda was a Soviet America...the slogan of the communist party in those days was peace, jobs, democracy. Sound familar? The communist party is the democratic Party." - David Horowitz

"Winning peace means the triumph of our pledge to establish, on a democratic basis, a new social framework of tolerance and generosity from which no one will feel excluded." - Federico Mayor Zaragoza

"Iraq may get peace and stability through restoring it's sovereignty under participation of all Iraqi factions and sectarian groups, who must rebuild a new democratic, free and independent Iraq." - Bill Vaughan

"American foreign policy must be more than the management of crisis. It must have a great and guiding goal: to turn this time of American influence into generations of democratic peace." - George W Bush

"Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. And then he wins the world peace prize and becomes president of South Africa. That's how change happens. It's very important not to differentiate protest from the democratic process." - Tony Benn

"For peace and brotherhood at the axis of a democratic republic, I am ready to serve the Turkish State, and I believe that for this end I must remain alive." - Abdullah Ocalan

"Iraq may get peace and stability through restoring it's sovereignty under participation of all Iraqi factions and sectarian groups, who must rebuild a new democratic, free and independent Iraq." - Ali A. Saleh

"What my job is, is to get on with getting the process of democratic politics, back on the road, entrenching the peace settlement, and I ask you to judge me on my record." - Peter Hain

"Iraq may get peace and stability through restoring it's sovereignty under participation of all Iraqi factions and sectarian groups, who must rebuild a new democratic, free and independent Iraq." - Ali Abdullah Saleh

"I wish to assure you that there can never be any return to the state of armed conflict which existed before our commitment to peace and the democratic process of election under the Lancaster House agreement." - Robert Mugabe

"Nothing else will ever capture the democratic process in sound as perfectly as Jazz." - Wynton Marsalis

"The marketplace is democratic." - Pericles

"It's not the job of the U.S. military to do nation-building or produce democratic utopias." - Ted Cruz

"Taiwan is democratic." - Annette Lu

"Pray five times a day for peace. Peace in your life, peace in your spirit, peace in your family, peace in your community, in your city but most importantly peace in this world." - Cathy Hughes

"If we desire peace, we must prepare for peace. The most important thing is to build a culture of peace." - Anwarul Karim Chowdhury

"Bring peace to the Earth by bringing peace to all those whose lives you touch. Be peace." - Neale Donald Walsch

"Genuine peace is based on inner peace, because you cannot build peace on the basis of anger" - Dalai Lama

"If you want peace, work for justice." - Pope Paul Vi

"It Is possible to live in peace." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Peace, like charity, begins at home." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"There can be no peace without law." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Poetry is an act of peace." - Pablo Neruda

"May they rest in eternal peace." - Gordon Pinsent

"Let no one steal your peace." - Bikram Choudhury

"Let's all cry peace, freedom, and liberty!" - William Shakespeare

"The true objective of war is peace." - Sun Tzu

"War creates peace like hate creates love." - David L. Wilson

"Peace is only a thought away." - Jill Bolte Taylor

"Peace, peace, peace. Peace is organized." - Eddie Izzard

"Peace is restrained; this is free." - Veronica Roth

"The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion." - Mother Teresa

"People of Earth, I come in peace!" - Rick Riordan

"Everything in the world finds peace - eventually." - Tao Okamoto

"Resolutely train yourself to attain peace" - Gautama Buddha

"The price of peace is eternal vigilance" - George C Marshall

"Respecting other people's rights is peace." - Dolores Huerta

"And in His will is our peace." - Dante Alighieri

"With stillness comes the benediction of Peace." - Eckhart Tolle

"Peace renders nations happier and men weaker." - Luc De Clapiers

"My message is all about peace." - Sean Combs

"Peace and wickedness are far asunder." - Benjamin Stillingfleet

"I fought for peace in the fifties." - Pete Seeger

"The end of art is peace." - Seamus Heaney

"Every human longs for peace and love." - Hiawatha

"The beginning of peace is a smile" - Mother Teresa

"Inner peace is the new success." - Unknown

"The Independent Expert is persuaded that recognition of peace as a human right will promote a democratic and equitable international order and that national and international democratization will reduce conflict, since peoples want peace. It is Governments that stumble into war." - Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

"I say that Hitler ought to have the peace prize, because he is removing all the elements of contest and of struggle from Germany. By driving out the Jews and the democratic and Left element, he is driving out everything that conduces to activity. That means peace ... By suppressing Jews ... he was ending struggle in Germany." - Gertrude Stein

"The Council of the Union of Democratic Control re-affirms its unshaken conviction that a lasting settlement cannot be secured by a peace based upon the right of conquest and followed by commercial war, but only by a peace which gives just consideration to the claims of nationality, and which lays the foundation of a real European partnership." - Norman Angell

"America is a Nation with a mission - and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman." - George W Bush

"A peace that comes from fear and not from the heart is the opposite of peace." - Gersonides

"Let us not be justices of the peace, but angels of peace." - Therese Of Lisieux

"Our goal must not be peace in our time but peace for all time." - Harry S Truman

"Working for peace in the future is to work for peace in the present moment." - Nhat Hanh

"Lord Salisbury and myself have brought you back peace-but a peace I hope with honour." - Benjamin Disraeli

"What peace can they have who are not at peace with God?" - Matthew Henry

"When you make peace with yourself, the world will mirror back that same level of peace." - Debbie Ford

"A Christian brings peace to others. Not only peace, but also love, kindness, faithfulness and joy." - Pope Francis

"Who has created more peace in the world, the Peace Corps or the Marine Corps?" - Dennis Prager

"Happiness without peace is temporal; peace along with happiness is eternal." - John Aughey

"Do you want true peace with men? Make your peace with God." - Anonymous

"Our peace must be a peace of victors, not of the vanquished." - Ferdinand Foch

"Nothing fairer than peace is given to man to know; Better one peace than countless triumphs" - Silius Italicus

"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace in our hearts." - Marianne Williamson

"Peace of mind arrives the moment you come to peace with the contents of your mind." - Rasheed Ogunlaru

"Humanity needs to see these gestures of peace and to hear words of hope and peace!" - Pope Francis

"Where does peace arise? Peace arises whenever we let something go." - Ajahn Chah

"If you scramble about in search of inner peace, you will lose your inner peace." - Laozi

"For the sake of peace one may lie, but peace itself should never be a lie." - The Talmud

"Lord Salisbury and myself have brought you back peace-but a peace I hope with honor." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Flowers every night Blossom in the sky; Peace in the Infinite, At peace am I." - Rumi

"Peace does not come through prayer, we human beings must create peace." - Dalai Lama

"[Students for a Democratic Society] it's a social democratic program." - Bill Ayers

"The Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party." - Michael T. Flynn

"I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party." - Paul Wellstone

"Jazz is a democratic musical form. We take our respective instruments & collectively create a thing of beauty." - Max Roach

"Real democracy is only possible when people truly imbibe democratic principles and respect ethical values above everything else." - Nirmala Srivastava

"The Democratic Party is DEAD." - Robert Reich

"The UN is hardly democratic." - Mahathir Mohamad

"The key point is kindness. With kindness one will have inner peace. Through inner peace, world peace can one day be a reality." - Dalai Lama

"We all wish for world peace, but world peace will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

"Today, the United States stands as a beacon of liberty and democratic strength before the community of nations. We are resolved to stand firm against those who would destroy the freedoms we cherish. We are determined to achieve an enduring peace - a peace with liberty and with honor. This determination, this resolve, is the highest tribute we can pay to the many who have fallen in the service of our Nation." - Ronald Reagan

"Good, healthy democratic societies are built on three pillars: there's peace and stability, economic development, and respect for rule of law and human rights. But often, we take stability - peace in terms of security and economic activity - to mean a country is doing well. We forget the third and important pillar of rule of law and respect for human rights, because no country can long remain prosperous without that third pillar." - Kofi Annan

"In view of Chinas growing military strength and intentions, the best way to safeguard Asias permanent peace and prosperity is to have all Asian countries join forces with other democratic countries in the world to form a global community of democracies." - Jim Costa

"We want only peace, to build up our country. World opinion is paying great attention to the threat against Democratic Kampuchea. They are anxious. They fear Kampuchea cannot oppose the Vietnamese. This could hurt the interests of the Southeast Asian countries and all of the world's countries." - Pol Pot

"Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way. Universal suffrage on a common voters' roll in a united, democratic and non-racial South Africa is the only way to peace and racial harmony." - Nelson Mandela

"The United States and Israel have enjoyed a friendship built on mutual respect and commitment to democratic principles. Our continuing search for peace in the Middle East begins with a recognition that the ties uniting our two countries can never be broken." - George W Bush

"Good, healthy democratic societies are built on three pillars: there's peace and stability, economic development, and respect for rule of law and human rights. And where all three are present, you stand a very good chance of making a go of it." - Kofi Annan

"I know something about that war, and I never want to see that history repeated. But, my fellow Americans, it certainly can be repeated if the peace-loving democratic nations again fearfully practice a policy of standing idly by while big aggressors use armed force to conquer the small and weak." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Our country as a whole, no less than the Hastings College of Law, values tolerance, cooperation, learning, and the amicable resolution of conflicts. But we seek to achieve those goals through "[a] confident pluralism that conduces to civil peace and advances democratic consensus-building," not by abridging First Amendment rights." - Samuel Alito

"Those are serious questions of war and peace, of freedom or tyranny, whether or not there is ever going to be a hope of us instilling some democratic systems in a part of the world that frankly is breeding hate and destruction directed right at us." - Zach Wamp

"In view of China's growing military strength and intentions, the best way to safeguard Asia's permanent peace and prosperity is to have all Asian countries join forces with other democratic countries in the world to form a global community of democracies." - Jim Costa

"I am deeply concerned that, without peace and a two-state solution, the Jewish and democratic nature of Israel is in danger. That's why I have opposed Israel's settlement policy since 1973, and that's why I have favored a two-state solution since 1967." - Alan Dershowitz

"Fox opposes a Syria peace plan because its modus operandi is to foment dissent in the form of a relentless and irrational contrarianism to Barack Obama and all things Democratic, to advance its ultimate objective of creating a deliberately misinformed body politic whose fear, anger, mistrust, and discontent is the manna upon which it sustains its parasitic succubus-like existence." - Jon Stewart

"I know that if the peace movement takes its message boldly to the Negro people a powerful force can be secured in pursuit of the greatest goal of all mankind. And the same is true of labor and the great democratic sections of our population." - Paul Robeson

"If we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end." - Bayard Rustin

"Only weeks after Oslo began, when nearly all the world and most of Israel was drunk with the idea of peace, I argued that a Palestinian society not constrained by democratic norms would be a fear society that would pose a grave threat to Israel." - Natan Sharansky

"Israel welcomes the wind of change, and sees a window of opportunity. Democratic and science-based economies by nature desire peace. Israel does not want to be an island of affluence in an ocean of poverty. Improvements in our neighbours' lives mean improvements to the neighbourhood in which we live." - Shimon Peres

"If the United States and the United Nations truly want peace and security let them fulfill the hopes of the common people everywhere - let them work together to accomplish on a worldwide scale, precisely the kind of democratic association of free people which characterizes the Soviet Union today." - Paul Robeson

"My heart goes out to the brave citizens of Syria, who each day risk and even sacrifice their lives to achieve freedom from a murderous regime. We in Israel welcome the historic struggle to forge democratic, peace-loving governments in our region." - Shimon Peres

"The God of peace is never glorified by human violence." - Thomas Merton

"They make a desert and call it peace." - Tacitus

"All works of love are works of peace." - Mother Teresa

"Trees give peace to the souls of men." - Nora Waln

"It is easier to make war than to make peace." - Georges Clemenceau

"The mere absence of war is not peace." - John F Kennedy

"We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I think the message of peace is for everyone." - Jude Law

"The greatest warriors are the ones who fight for peace." - Holly Near



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