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Debt To Family Quotes


"My dead family and I are in your debt, and I long to help you in any way I can." - Joey Comeau

"Comparing your family budget to the sovereign debt of the United States is a little like comparing two kindergartners tossing a paper airplane to the Apollo 11 mission." - Matt Taibbi

"Stress means something different if it is the result of rewarding work rather than struggling to keep the family out of debt." - Julian Baggini

"An emotional debt is hard to square." - Iceberg Slim

"Forever in debt to your priceless advice." - Kurt Cobain

"I've always had an aversion to debt." - Brunello Cucinelli

"Wars are made to make debt." - Ezra Pound

"No one should go into debt if a family member gets sick or injured." - Charles B Rangel

"If the US Government was a family-they would be making $58,000 a year, spending $75,000 a year, & are $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand." - Dave Ramsey

"Yes, it is long past time we get serious about tackling the nation's ever-growing deficits. But the average American family drawn into serious debt cannot just threaten to stiff its creditors. It must cut its spending in the future, but also take responsibility for the debt incurred in the past." - Peter Welch

"People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down." - James Taylor

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love another." - Jon Foreman

"I have very little debt to anybody. I don't need debt." - Donald Trump

"Goals work. Pick one debt, and then put every dime into paying down that one debt. Once that debt is paid off, start paying down the next debt. Pretty soon it's time to move from paying debt to building savings." - Elizabeth Warren

"When you default on a secured debt, the creditor takes the asset that backs up that debt. When you convert credit card debt to mortgage debt, you are securing that credit card debt with your home. That's a risky proposition." - Jean Chatzky

"I want us to do more to support people who are struggling to balance family and work. I've heard from so many of you about the difficult choices you face and the stresses that you're under. So let's have paid family leave, earned sick days. Let's be sure we have affordable child care and debt-free college." - Hillary Clinton

"Long term debt and bank debt (including off-balance sheet financing must be judiciously employed. There must be room to expand the debt position if required." - Peter Cundill

"Learn how to prioritize all your debt. And did you know student loan debt is the most dangerous debt any of us can have?" - Suze Orman

"I've been in football a long time and people have problems through debt, drugs, drink and family." - Gordon Strachan

"Education: A debt due from present to future generations." - George Peabody

"Education : a debt due from present to future generations." - George Peabody

"A habit of debt is very injurious to the memory." - Austin O'Malley

"Forgiveness is simply a decision to cancel a debt." - Andy Stanley

"I do not add a penny to the national debt." - Hillary Clinton

"In a world awash in debt, power shifts to creditors." - Fareed Zakaria

"We all think we're going to get out of debt." - Louie Anderson

"Any creator owes a debt to past creation." - Lukas Foss

"I do not want America to default on its debt." - Jeb Hensarling

"Science does not know its debt to imagination." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Marriage, like death, is a debt we owe to nature." - Julia Ward Howe

"If the prodigal quits life in debt to others, the miser quits it still deeper in debt to himself." - Charles Caleb Colton

"I use a "Debt Dash" approach to paying off debt. I recommend people focus on paying off the debt with the lowest balance first. So if the primary has less debt you would focus on that." - Michelle Singletary

"You also need to understand that when you consolidate credit card debt into mortgage debt - like a home equity loan or a HELOC [ home equity line of credit ] - you're taking an unsecured debt and turning it into a secured debt." - Jean Chatzky

"Getting out and staying out of debt is key. debt is the biggest barrier, a parasite to wealth." - Ann Wilson

"From my point of view it's impossible to cut debt in a country with new debt from another country." - Iveta Radicova

"I'm going to try to get everybody who makes less than $125,000 in their family, which is the vast majority of people, to be able to go to a public college or university totally tuition-free. And if you make more than that, debt-free." - Hillary Clinton

"We have to do more to make it easier for parents to balance work and family. If you left college with a ton of loans, it`s not enough just to make college more affordable. You need help right now with the debt you already have." - Hillary Clinton

"One of the better ways to simplify our lives is to follow the counsel we have so often received to live within our income, stay out of debt, and save for a rainy day. We should practice and increase our habits of thrift, industry, economy, and frugality. Members of a well-managed family do not pay interest; they earn it." - L. Tom Perry

"Money is a huge issue for manic depressives. Sometimes the problem is not nearly on the same scale as it has been for me, but nonetheless, it's difficult to deal with. Many get themselves into debt that can take years to clear up, write bad cheques, shoplift and borrow huge amounts from family and friends." - Andy Behrman

"And the trajectory that our debt is taking now beyond $14 trillion is going to have an impact on our currency. It goes south, and our currency's going to have an impact on our standard of living and affect every family in this country, and over time, our international competitiveness." - Jon Huntsman, Jr.

"And the trajectory that our debt is taking now beyond $14 trillion is going to have an impact on our currency. It goes south, and our currency's going to have an impact on our standard of living and affect every family in this country, and over time, our international competitiveness." - Jon Huntsman Jr

"In social life, in the family government, in the Church, and in the State this is an acknowledged and invariable law. The debtor would be incapable of appreciating the clemency which cancelled the debt, so long as he denied either the existence or the justice of the claim. Unconscious of the obligation, he would be insensible to the grace that remitted it." - Octavius Winslow

"The first thing, when I got the money, I knew I would support somebody. And the person I supported was my family. Because we were really in debt with the money. And - so I gave to my father this suitcase full of money. And he couldn't believe it. And that was something very special." - Michael Schumacher

"We need a revolution in development thinking and practice. Foreign aid, debt relief, family planning, democracy, education, and free markets have not succeeded." - William Easterly

"An example of good debt is the debt on the apartment houses I own. That debt is good only as long as there are tenants to pay my mortgages. If tenants stop paying their rent, my good debt turns into bad debt." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The best way to get out of debt is not to seek to get out of debt, but to seek to create wealth" - David Mitchell

"I'm not a fan of debt consolidation. In my experience, many people "clear" credit cards and other debt to get the one payment and never change what they need to change to prevent getting into debt again." - Michelle Singletary

"[Banks] have a clear obligation to help get this country off its addiction to debt because they sure as hell helped to get this country addicted to debt." - George Osborne

"You don't pay back your parents. You can't. The debt you owe them gets collected by your children, who hand it down in turn. It's a sort of entailment. Or if you don't have children of the body, it's left as a debt to your common humanity. Or to your God, if you possess or are possessed by one. The family economy evades calculation in the gross planetary product. It's the only deal I know where, when you give more than you get, you aren't bankrupted - but rather, vastly enriched." - Lois Mcmaster Bujold

"Right now, a majority of the debt is owed to foreign interests, Japan being the largest purchaser of government debt today, soon to be surpassed by China as the number one purchaser of our debt in this Nation." - Ron Kind

"If you have debt, you have to worry about it. I would challenge each of you to try to be debt-free." - S Truett Cathy

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money." - G Gordon Liddy

"Once again, the 90/10 rule of money applies - 10% of the borrowers in the world use debt to get richer - 90% use debt to get poorer." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The government can reasonably rely on debt ratings when it forms programs to lend money to buyers of otherwise unattractive debt instruments." - Seth Klarman

"I have proposed I would not add a penny to the debt and [Donald Trump] plans would add $5 trillion to the debt." - Hillary Clinton

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money." - G Gordon Liddy

"Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer." - Grant Cardone

"Once you get into debt, it's hell to get out. Don't let credit card debt carry over. You can't get ahead paying eighteen percent." - Charlie Munger

"No nation ought to be without a debt. A national debt is a national bond; and when it bears no interest, is in no case a grievance." - Thomas Paine

"It's not debt per say that overwhelms an individual corporation or country. Rather it is a continuous increase in debt in relation to income that causes trouble." - Warren Buffett

"Once you get into debt, it's hell to get out. Do' let credit card debt carry over. You ca' get ahead paying eighteen percent." - Charlie Munger

"It's very painful to be in debt. I'm the kind of person who would rather almost die than go into debt." - Mark Helprin

"Not all debt is bad. From time to time we should get into debt when there's a good reason for that." - Dan Ariely

"What God may have enabled me to do is but a repayment of debt, and he who repays a debt deserves no praise." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Better to go to bed hungry than to wake up in debt." - Proverbs

"What Africa needs to do is to grow, to grow out of debt." - George Ayittey

"The national debt is totally unlike a family budget for about a gazillion reasons, not the least of which being that families cannot raise money by fiat or deflate the size of their debt unilaterally and that family members die instead of existing infinitely." - Matt Taibbi

"The debt that each generation owes to the past, it must pay to the future." - Abigail Scott Duniway

"It is hard to overstate the debt that we owe to men and women of genius." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"By getting an opportunity to serve society, we get a chance to repay our debt." - Narendra Modi

"You really don't need to hire a debt settlement company to negotiate with your creditors." - Jean Chatzky

"Duty is a debt you owe to yourself to fulfill obligations you have assumed voluntarily." - Robert A Heinlein

"I owe a debt to America that I will never be able to repay." - Marco Rubio

"Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?" - Socrates

"Paying debt service to banks leaves less income to buy goods and services." - Michael Hudson

"Rather go to bed with out dinner than to rise in debt." - Benjamin Franklin

"I don't want to leave my successor and my children to pay for France's debt." - Francois Hollande

"We can pay our debts to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves." - John Buchan

"It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income." - Leonard Orr

"Promises make debt, and debt makes promises." - Proverbs

"People tend to think that paying a debt is like going out and buying a car, buying more food or buying more clothes. But it really isn't. When you pay a debt to the bank, the banks use this money to lend out to somebody else or to yourself. The interest charges to carry this debt go up and up as debt grows." - Michael Hudson

"We are mortgaging ourselves to foreigners on a scale that would make George Washington cry. Every day - every single day - we borrow a billion dollars from foreigners to buy petroleum from abroad, often from countries that hate us. We are the beggars of the world, financing our lavish lifestyle by selling our family heirlooms and by enslaving our progeny with the need to service the debt." - Ben Stein

"As a student of history, I also know civilization's debt to Islam." - Barack Obama

"The rich man who gives to the poor does not bestow alms but pays a debt." - Ambrose

"Never run into debt, not if you can find anything else to run into." - Josh Billings

"Florida feels we owe a great debt to our neighboring states." - Craig Fugate

"Giving debt relief to people that really need it, that's what foreclosure is." - J P Morgan

"Of all life's pleasures, only love owes no debt to death." - Anita Diament

"People who buy government debt deserve to be punished and taught a lesson" - Doug Casey

"I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay." - Barack Obama

"If one wants to get out and stay out of debt he should act his wage." - Anonymous

"The heaviest debt is that of gratitude When 'tis not in our power to repay it." - Benjamin Franklin

"History tells us that the threat to prosperity is not debt but socialism." - George Gilder

"Some refuse the loan of life to avoid the debt of death." - Otto Rank

"Debt creates stress, stress creates behaviors that don't lead to happiness." - Seth Godin

"A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves" - Ralph Washington Sockman

"I refer to the debt - the new red menace. This time consisting of ink." - Mitch Daniels

"For your kindness, I'm in debt to you. For your selflessness, my admiration." - Natalie Merchant

"If you're thinking of debt, that's what you're going to attract." - Bob Proctor

"Debt gives you the ability to look like you're winning when you're not." - Dave Ramsey

"We cannot overstate our debt to the Past, but the moment has the supreme claim." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Compound interest on debt was the banker's greatest invention, to capture, and enslave, a productive society." - Albert Einstein

"Advice is not a gift, but a debt that the old owe to the young." - James F Cooper

"Praise will come to those whose kindness leaves you without debt." - Neil Finn

"I say to you never involve yourself in debt, and become no man's surety." - Andrew Jackson

"The US Debt is the single biggest threat I see to innovation in American business." - Erskine Bowles

"Debt means you had more fun than you were supposed to." - Greg Fitzsimmons

"Debt gives you the ability to look like you're winning when you're not." - Dave Ramsey

"Our biggest moral debt is to the environment. Take-take-take, nothing given back." - Margaret Atwood

"If you want your debt lifted you've got to sell your school and your hospitals." - Tony Benn

"I have a plan to make tuition debt-free for public colleges and universities." - Hillary Clinton

"We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country." - Donald Trump

"To Barack and Michelle Obama - America owes you an enormous debt of gratitude." - Hillary Clinton

"A very simple bad decision is to get into debt. And that is very expensive." - Dan Ariely

"The slender debt to Nature's quickly paid, Discharged, perchance, with greater ease than made." - Francis Quarles

"A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing." - Alexander Hamilton

"If I was in Congress, I would not vote to raise the debt ceiling." - Sean Hannity

"A debt ... is just an exchange that has not been brought to completion." - David Graeber

"Spain is finding it very difficult to finance itself with sovereign debt risk premium so high." - Mariano Rajoy

"There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting out of debt." - Dave Ramsey

"I like my players to be married and in debt. That's the way you motivate them." - Ernie Banks

"I'm still a fiscal conservative, and I'm inclined to pay down debt." - Jim Flaherty

"To date, every American citizen has nearly $27,000 in public debt riding on our backs." - Paul Gillmor

"We need to get rid of the debt ceiling law. It's anachronistic and it's a problem." - Mark Zandi

"I look at this in a very simple way: I want to bring the debt down." - Amy Klobuchar

"We have to reduce the burden placed on our economy by years of deficits and debt." - Jacob Lew

"Consumer banking - selling debt to middle class families - has been a gold mine." - Elizabeth Warren

"Reducing debt through budgetary consolidation is essential to restoring Europe's financial health." - Victor Ponta

"Our ministry is debt free and we have not had to beg or plead for finances." - David Wilkerson

"Poets, like friends to whom you are in debt, you hate." - William Wycherley

"But learn that to die is a debt we must all pay." - Euripides

"The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable." - Carl Jung

"A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves." - Ralph W Sockman

"I'm forever in debt to Nickelodeon. It made me who I am today." - Josh Peck

"The slender debt to Nature's quickly paid,Discharged, perchance, with greater ease than made." - Francis Quarles

"The man who avoids debt doesn't have to worry about avoiding his creditors." - Evan Esar

"There was no avoiding the fact that we were going to hit our debt ceiling." - Bill Johnson

"What would you think of a person who earned $24,000 a year but spent $35,000? Suppose on top of that, he was already $170,000 in debt. You'd tell him to get his act together - stop spending so much or he'd destroy his family, impoverish his kids and wreck their future. Of course, no individual could live so irresponsibly for long. But tack on eight more zeroes to that budget and you have the checkbook for our out-of-control, big-spending federal government." - John Stossel

"Avoid debt that doesn't pay you. Make it a rule that you never use debt that won't make you money. I borrowed money for a car only because I knew it could increase my income. Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer." - Grant Cardone

"Avoid debt that does' pay you. Make it a rule that you never use debt that wo' make you money. I borrowed money for a car only because I knew it could increase my income. Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer." - Grant Cardone

"There's also consumer debt, the credit card debt that burdens many of the working families in America. Yes, we talk about national debt, and we're paying a lot down. But you're fixing to hear me tell you part of the remedy for people who have got a lot of credit card debt is to make sure people get some of their own money back." - George W Bush

"Absolutely pay off credit card debt. If you're not getting a match in your 401(k) and you've got credit card debt, you've got to get yourself out of credit card debt. When you get out of credit card debt, your credit score goes up and interest starts to go down." - Suze Orman

"I do not like debt and do not like to invest in companies that have too much debt, particularly long-term debt. With long-term debt, increases in interest rates can drastically affect company profits and make future cash flows less predictable." - Warren Buffett

"The U.S. has a law on the books called the debt limit, but the name is misleading. The debt limit started in 1917 for the purpose of facilitating more national debt, not reducing it. It still serves that purpose. It's unconnected to spending, hurts our credit rating and has been an abject failure at limiting debt." - David Malpass

"This debt crisis coming to our country. The wall and tidal wave of debt that is befalling our nation. Medicare and Social Security go bankrupt within ten years, we have a debt that is looming so high that in the last year of President Obama's budget just the interest payments on our debt is $916 billion dollars." - Paul Ryan

"Ambition's debt is paid." - William Shakespeare

"Shipping first time code is like going into debt. A little debt speeds development so long as it is paid back promptly with a rewrite. The danger occurs when the debt is not repaid. Every minute spent on not-quite-right code counts as interest on that debt. Entire engineering organizations can be brought to a standstill under the debt load of an unconsolidated implementation, object-oriented or otherwise." - Ward Cunningham

"Welcome to the Family." - Mrs.Sterling" - Ellen Schreiber

"I stayed close to my family. My family never changed." - Haywood Nelson

"It shows nobility to be willing to increase your debt to a man to whom you already owe much." - Cicero



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