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Dark History Quotes


"Shuttles in the rocking loom of history, the dark ships move, the dark ships move, their bright ironical names like jests of kindness on a murderer's mouth" - Robert Hayden

"Truth: We are the present. We are now. We are the razor's edge of history. The future flies at us and from that dark blur we shape the past. And the past is forever." - N.D. Wilson

"Every country has a dark side of their history." - Miyavi

"There were some ages in Western history that have occasionally been called Dark. They were dark, it is said, because in them learning declined, and progress paused, and men labored under the pall of belief. A cause-effect relationship is frequently felt to exist between the pause and the belief." - Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

"I'm playing dark history. It's beyond black. I'm dealing with the dark things of the cosmos." - Sun Ra

"The history of the cosmos is the history of the struggle of becoming. When the dim flux of unformed life struggled, convulsed back and forth upon itself, and broke at last into light and dark came into existence as light, came into existence as cold shadow then every atom of the cosmos trembled with delight." - D H Lawrence

"Prowling the meanings of a word, prowling the history of a person, no use expecting a flood of light. Human words have no main switch. But all those little kidnaps in the dark. And then the luminous, big, shivering, discandied, unrepentant, barking web of them that hangs in your mind when you turn back to the page you were trying to translate..." - Anne Carson

"The Christian faith does not call for us to put our minds on the shelf, to fly in the face of common sense and history, or to make a leap of faith into the dark. The rational person, fully apprised of the evidence, can confidently believe..." - William Lane Craig

"[History is] a damn dim candle over a damn dark abyss." - W. Stull Holt

"The true horrors of human history derive not from orcs and Dark Lords, but from ourselves." - George R R Martin

"The world at night, for much of history, was a very dark place indeed." - Bill Bryson

"When we read history we find that in all ages people have thought, this is the dark age." - Tenzin Palmo

"Patriotism ruins history." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Patriotism corrupts history." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"History is merely gossip" - Oscar Wilde

"History repeats herself." - Jennifer Stone

"A great leap in the dark" - Thomas Hobbes

"I am sunlight slicing the dark." - Rumi

"When it's dark enough men see stars." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"All things are dark to sorrow." - Augusta Jane Evans

"Why look in the dark for light?" - Henry David Thoreau

"Don't go looking in dark places, because dark things live there." - Robin Wasserman

"Lord, I fashion dark gods, too, Daring even to give You Dark despairing features" - Countee Cullen

"no light no dark no you no me know light know dark know you know me" - Kami Garcia

"You're awfully dark, brother," he said. "You don't know how dark." - Ernest Hemingway

"Any comedian who tells you how dark and dangerous they are, they're not dark and dangerous." - Patton Oswalt

"Dark wings, dark words." - George R R Martin

"I'm not part of the history, I am the history." - Royce Gracie

"The history of one is the history of all." - Grace King

"History never really says goodbye. History says, see you later." - Eduardo Galeano

"Fiction is history, human history, or it is nothing." - Joseph Conrad

"War makes rattling good history." - Thomas Hardy

"Destiny and history are untidy." - Djuna Barnes

"All history is a lie!" - Robert Walpole

"History doesn't crawl; it leaps." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"History a distillation of Rumour." - Thomas Carlyle

"The antidote to feel-good history is not feel-bad history but honest and inclusive history." - James W. Loewen

"History viewed from the inside is always a dark, digestive mess, far different from the easily recognizable cow viewed from afar by historians." - Dan Simmons

"Certain periods in history suddenly lift humanity to an observation point where a clear light falls upon a world previously dark." - Anne Sullivan Macy

"No one is in charge of this process, this is what makes history so interesting, it's a runaway freight train on a dark and stormy night." - Terence Mckenna

"Certain periods in history suddenly lift humanity to an observation point where a clear light falls upon a world previously dark." - Anne Sullivan

"There are moments in history when brooding tragedy and its dark shadows can be lightened by recalling great moments of the past." - Indira Gandhi

"Prejudice comes from being in the dark; sunlight disinfects it." - Muhammad Ali

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night..." - Sun Tzu

"Houses - the dark side silhouetted on flashes of moonlight!" - William Carlos Williams

"What trifles colour life and make it dark as night." - Rose O'Neal Greenhow

"No day so clear but hath dark clouds." - George Herbert

"The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation." - Joseph Campbell

"We're all moons. Sometimes our dark sides overshadow our light." - Richard Paul Evans

"For every single dark night there is a brighter day." - Tupac Shakur

"In man's most dark extremity Oft succour dawns from Heaven." - Walter Scott

"Dying for dark - the darker the worse. Strange." - Samuel Beckett

"Twilight whippoorwill... Whistle on, sweet deepener Of dark loneliness" - Matsuo Basho

"Old dark sleepy pool... Quick unexpected frog Goes plop! Watersplash!" - Matsuo Basho

"Never underestimate the power of the dark side." - Tom Angleberger

"Every marriage has two hearts, one light and one dark" - Stephen King

"Every virtuous act is inspired by a dark secret." - Gregory David Roberts

"Dark money has turned our elections into auctions" - Fred DuVal

"My childhood years were a balance of dark and light." - Martha Graham

"This is intimacy: the trading of stories in the dark." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Life is a message scribbled in the dark." - Vladimir Nabokov

"Your heart is like the ocean, mysterious and dark." - Bob Dylan

"You have a dark heart in you, Valentine's daughter." - Cassandra Clare

"Each small candle lights a corner of the dark." - Roger Waters

"I love you as one loves certain dark things." - Pablo Neruda

"Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that." - Tupac Shakur

"In difficult times, in dark times, some people shine." - Cassandra Clare

"Against a dark sky, all flowers look like fireworks." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Some creatures are made to see in the dark." - Henry David Thoreau

"Doom is dark and deeper than any sea-dingle." - W H Auden

"Faith lights us through the dark to Deity." - William Davenant

"Dark master of sin, now my soul is yours." - John Petrucci

"Enticing hope is like lighting candle in the dark room" - Aftab Alam

"It gets really dark before it gets light." - Oliver Sykes

"The dark has to be contained in the light or the light will be contained in the dark." - Nancy Hale

"And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too I'll see you on the dark side of the moon." - Roger Waters

"s past history and stand alone." - Marion Woodman

"History without politics descends to mere Literature." - John Robert Seeley

"Politics is history in the making." - Adolf Hitler

"History is a record of exploded ideas." - John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher

"Language is the archives of history." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The history of mankind is his character." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Our best history is still poetry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Biography is the only true history." - Thomas Carlyle

"To study history is to study literature." - Robert Aris Willmott

"Yesterday is history Tomorrow's a mystery" - Justin Timberlake

"History is filled with fictional people." - Robyn

"A turning point in modern history." - Robert Frost

"History is an accumulation of error." - Norman Cousins

"Indifference is the dead weight of history." - Antonio Gramsci

"Much more than memoir; it's history." - Russell Banks

"History gets written by the winners..." - Cassandra Clare

"The transcendental promises a vacation from history." - Mason Cooley

"We are all citizens of history." - Clifton Fadiman

"History is the revelation of Providence." - Lajos Kossuth

"History isn't through with me yet." - Ferdinand Marcos

"Philosophy is the history of philosophy." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"History is a tragedy, not a melodrama." - Christopher Hitchens

"History remembers most what you did last." - Christopher Plummer

"History is written by the victors." - Saying

"The entire sweep of human history from the dark ages into the unknown future was considerably less important at the moment than the question of a certain girl and her feelings toward him." - Arthur C Clarke

"Above my cradle loomed the bookcase where/ Latin ashes and the dust of Greece/ mingled with novels, history, and verse/ in one dark Babel. I was folio-high/ when I first heard the voices." - Charles Baudelaire

"The people of the United States, perhaps more than any other nation in history, love to abase themselves and proclaim their unworthiness, and seem to find refreshment in doing so... That is a dark frivolity, but still frivolity." - Robertson Davies

"I was listening to a lot of Norwegian black metal and death metal. There's a great history to Norwegian black metal. That music is very dark and violent, but it's also beautiful." - Brie Larson

"In the history of thought and culture the dark nights have perhaps in some ways cost mankind less grief than the false dawns, the prison houses in which hope persists less grief than the promised lands where hope expires." - Louis Kronenberger

"By the time [John Adams] came to write his Defence of the Constitutions of the United States in 1787 he had as dark a view of the American character as that of any critic in our history." - Gordon S. Wood

"I don't think I came out of anybody. I think I developed out of the influences I described in My Dark Places. American history, L.A. of the 1950s. I'm comfortable with that." - James Ellroy

"In my totally unscientific yet enthusiastic survey of Communal Experiments Throughout American History, I've discovered that the thing most likely to break up said experiments is: Sex, all that murky, dark, dirty gunk simmering beneath human relations." - Lauren Groff

"It was so easy to disappear, so easy to deny knowledge, so very easy in the smoke and din to mask that something dark had taken root. This was Chicago, on the eve of the greatest fair in history." - Erik Larson

"More than forty years of Communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe resulted in an unhappy and artificial division of Europe. It is this dark chapter of European history that we now have the opportunity to close." - Anders Fogh Rasmussen

"The history of humanity has, to a large extent, been one of groping blindly in the dark, fearing for the future and yet resisting the guiding hand of inspired men who would willingly lead mankind in the path of safety." - Ezra Taft Benson

"We have become aware of the responsibility for our attitude towards the dark pages in our history. We have understood that bad service is done to the nation by those who are impelling to renounce that past." - Aleksander Kwasniewski

"I get people to this day - I won my title 25 years ago - saying how wonderful a time they had during that dark period in our history when they came to watch me fight." - Barry Mcguigan

"No history much? Perhaps. Only this ominous Dark beauty flowering under veils, Trapped in the spectrum of a dying style: A village like an instinct left to rust, Composed around the echo of a pistol-shot." - Lawrence Durrell

"Open your refrigerator door, and you summon forth more light than the total amount enjoyed by most households in the 18th century. The world at night, for much of history, was a very dark place indeed." - Bill Bryson

"Vodka has a huge history in Russia, in that it's almost like a currency. It's the one thing that keeps the country in the dark ages and having a rollicking good time." - Gary Shteyngart

"That is what I want to make clear today. A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far, dark reaches of the Internet, should never run our government or command our military." - Hillary Clinton

"Western man wrote "his" history as if it were the history of the entire human race." - John Oliver Killens

"History repeats itself. That's one of the things wrong with history." - Clarence Darrow

"Happy nations have no history. History is the study of mankind's misfortune." - Raymond Queneau

"Mathematics without natural history is sterile, but natural history without mathematics is muddled." - John Maynard Smith

"History does not repeat itself except in the minds of those who do not know history." - Khalil Gibran

"History is written by winners, so most history books are about people who win." - Harold S. Kushner

"History is a romance that is believed; romance, a history that is not believed." - Horace Walpole

"The history of ideas is the history of the grudges of solitary men." - Emile M Cioran

"History is our guide, and without a knowledge of history, we are lost!" - Louis Farrakhan

"We learn nothing from history except that we learn nothing from history." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"I love history everything is inspired by history, so that's why I love vintage and antiques." - Kelly Wearstler

"The history of literature is the history of the human mind." - William H. Prescott

"There is no history of artthere is the history of artists." - Marianne von Werefkin

"People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them." - James Baldwin

"History is history." - Troy Vincent

"What I personally gravitate toward tends to be fantasy, medium dark - not too dark - fairy tales and sci fi. Stop-motion takes something on the page thats really dark and adds a little sweetness to it, a living toys realm." - Henry Selick

"If you're not dark inside and you come to this world, it'l turn you dark... and if you really have Sunshine inside you, it's not good to play in the dark. It's just gonna extinguish your fire." - Tupac Shakur

"It has been so written, for the most part, that the times it describes are with remarkable propriety called dark ages. They are dark, as one has observed, because we are so in the dark about them." - Henry David Thoreau

"Once Europe existed in a Dark Age and Islam carried the torch of learning. Now we Muslims live in a Dark age." - Mahmud Tarzi

"Dark matter is needed to hold galaxies together. Your mind is a Galaxy. More dark than light. But the light makes it worthwhile." - Matt Haig

"If you are protected from dark things then you have no protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark things when they show up." - Neil Gaiman

"Events are the ephemera of history; they pass across its stage like fireflies, hardly glimpsed before they settle back into darkness and as often as not into oblivion. Every event, however brief, has to be sure a contribution to make, lights up some dark corner or even some wide vista of history." - Fernand Braudel

"When Turkey began approaching the EU, I wasn't the only one who worried that the dark stain in Turkey's history - or rather the history of the Ottoman Empire - could become a problem one day. In other words, what happened to the Armenians in World War I. That's why I couldn't leave the issue untouched." - Orhan Pamuk

"Jewish history has been in my cultural DNA since I was a child growing up in post-war London. In the midst of that dark, gray, lamenting monochromatic world of the '50s, I had a sense that both Jewish and English history were full of color and light and animation." - Simon Schama

"Events are the ephemera of history; they pass across its stage like fireflies, hardly glimpsed before they settle back into darkness and as often as not into oblivion. Every event, however brief, has to be sure a contribution to make, lights up some dark corner or even some wide vista of history. Nor is it only political history which benefits most, for every historical landscape - political, economic, social, even geographical - is illumined by the intermittent flare of the event." - Fernand Braudel

"To trace the history of a river . . . is to trace the history of the soul, the history of the mind descending and arising in the body." - Gretel Ehrlich

"The lessons of history teach us - if the lessons of history teach us anything - that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us." - Robert A Heinlein

"I don't think that my work is actually effectively dealing with history. I think of my work as subsumed by history or consumed by history." - Kara Walker

"History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket." - Alan Bennett

"The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.." - Jack Anderson

"I can see in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden." - Helen Keller

"There will always be those who must look into the dark in order to see." - Alan McGlashan

"Expect the dawn of a new beginning in the dark nights of life." - Lloyd John Ogilvie



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