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Dangerous Risks Quotes


"You have to take risks." - Perry Farrell

"Dreaming carries no risks. The dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality." - Paulo Coelho

"There are always risks in challenging excessive police power, but the risks of not challenging it are more dangerous, even fatal." - Hunter S Thompson

"absolutes are absolutely dangerous ..." - James Tiptree Jr.

"Liberty is dangerous." - Albert Camus

"All extremes are dangerous." - Virginia Woolf

"Unhappy people are dangerous." - Rebecca West

"The fanatic is dangerous." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"Intelligent men are dangerous." - Patricia Briggs

"Affectations can be dangerous." - Gertrude Stein

"Prejudice is always dangerous." - Wendy Beckett

"Just like a mountain goat climbing very steep and dangerous land to lick salt from the rocks, man also should take high risks to get what he wants!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Not having anything around to read is dangerous: you have to content yourself with life itself, and that can lead you to take risks." - Michel Houellebecq

"War zones are dangerous, protests can be violent, also, natural disasters are difficult to cover, so there are going to be risks." - Kate Adie

"Women are powerful and dangerous." - Audre Lorde

"Theories then are dangerous things." - Virginia Woolf

"It's dangerous to short stocks." - Charlie Munger

"Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks." - Herodotus

"I like dangerous directors who like dangerous actors and dangerous productions." - Tim Curry

"You say this victory is dangerous. I say that today no one can yet tell if it's dangerous, that today I don't see the risks you mention. If, however, those risks should become reality...I'll act in accordance with the new reality." - Indira Gandhi

"Modern music is as dangerous as narcotics." - Pietro Mascagni

"False hopes are more dangerous than fears." - J R R Tolkien

"Every generalization is dangerous, especially this one." - Mark Twain

"Spiritual deception is dangerous -and damning." - David Platt

"Familiarity makes the lion more dangerous." - Jocelyn Murray

"To be of no Church is dangerous." - Samuel Johnson

"How dangerous can false reasoning prove!" - Sophocles

"Successful films are very dangerous things." - Kristin Scott Thomas

"The most dangerous people are the ignorant." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The ignorant classes are the dangerous classes." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Giving birth is priestess work; it requires a woman to pass through a painful and dangerous initiation in which she journeys to the threshold between worlds and risks her own life to help another soul cross over." - Jalaja Bonheim

"Saba used to say there was a difference between bravery and courage. Bravery was doing something dangerous without thinking. Courage was walking into danger, knowing full well the risks." - Gayle Forman

"To recognize untruth as a condition of life-that certainly means resisting accustomed value feelings in a dangerous way; and a philosophy that risks this would by that token alone place itself beyond good and evil." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Private enterprise in the history of civilization has never led large, expensive, dangerous projects with unknown risks. That has never happened because when you combine all these factors, you cannot create a capital market valuation of that activity." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"A dangerous quality, if real; and a not less dangerous one, if feigned." - Charles Dickens

"Any comedian who tells you how dark and dangerous they are, they're not dark and dangerous." - Patton Oswalt

"Carelessness about our security is dangerous; carelessness about our freedom is also dangerous." - Adlai Stevenson

"Take calculated risks." - George S Patton

"Be unfashionable. Take risks." - Paul Arden

"Freedom has its risks." - Marianne Williamson

"Fiction is more dangerous than nonfiction because it can seduce better. I think we all know this, know that deeper truths can be approached in fiction than in fact. There are risks for the reader, because after reading certain books you find you have changed irreversibly. There are risks for writers: in China, now, and Ethiopia and other countries right now, writers face real persecution." - Chris Abani

"But truth, that dangerous commodity, has a way of sticking ..." - Margery Sharp

"... a nation without humor is not only sad but dangerous." - Abby Aldrich Rockefeller

"There is nobody who is not dangerous for someone." - Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sevigne

"Life is dangerous. That's what makes it interesting." - John Twelve Hawks

"In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns." - Mario Puzo

"There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm." - Christina Aguilera

"A well-read woman is a dangerous creature." - Lisa Kleypas

"surrenderin is unimaginably more dangerous than struggling for survival!" - Leslie Feinberg

"The one thing that tackle wasn't was high and dangerous." - Andy Gray

"To be original, or different, is felt to be "dangerous."" - Carl Rogers

"Intelligence in the service of poor instinct is really dangerous." - Gloria Steinem

"It's dangerous business, thinking you can make people over." - Lenora Mattingly Weber

"There is a dangerous optimism of ignorance and indifference." - Helen Keller

"The lure of quantity is the most dangerous of all." - Simone Weil

"A government is the most dangerous threat to man" - Ayn Rand

"He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous." - William Shakespeare

"It is dangerous to play politics with the Budget." - Clement Attlee

"...was treading on dangerous water there... (on Phil Neville)" - Ron Atkinson

"There's nothing more dangerous than a place that doesn't exist." - Jonathan Turley

"The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted." - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"All fame is dangerous: good bringeth envy; bad, shame." - Thomas Fuller

"Like any artist without an art form, she became dangerous." - Toni Morrison

"Red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous." - P G Wodehouse

"The public library is the most dangerous place in town" - John Ciardi

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." - George Bernard Shaw

"Radium could be very dangerous in criminal hands." - Pierre Curie

"Truth uttered before its time is always dangerous." - Mencius

"It's extremely dangerous to compare anyone else to Shakespeare." - Kevin Spacey

"Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women." - Gabrielle Giffords

"Basically, theater or film is a dangerous industrial environment." - John Rhysdavies

"The world is a dangerous place to live" - Albert Einstein

"Marilyn Manson is simply too dangerous for Darien Lake." - Marilyn Manson

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born..." - Warren G. Bennis

"I fare the best when I'm in dangerous situations." - Eddie Alvarez

"When people drink, they talk, and talk is dangerous!" - August Strindberg

"We're supposed to worship Adam Smith but you're not supposed to read him. That's too dangerous. He's a dangerous radical." - Noam Chomsky

"Anyone who maintains absolute standards of good and evil is dangerous. As dangerous as a maniac with a loaded revolver." - Tom Robbins

"Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don't want it." - Duke Ellington

"High valuations entail high risks." - Benjamin Graham

"Biggest profits mean gravest risks." - Proverbs

"It's important to take risks." - George W Bush

"Taking risks gives me energy." - Jay Chiat

"Most successful people are people who take risks-calculated risks-but nevertheless, risks." - Anonymous

"There are always risks in battle. It's a dangerous business. The trick is to take the right ones.' [said Halt]. 'How do you know which are the right ones?' Shigeru asked. Halt glanced at his two younger companions. They grinned and answered in chorus, 'You wait and see if you win." - John Flanagan

"There are two specific objections to use of psychedelic drugs.First,use of these drugs may be dangerous.Howev er,every worth-while exploration is dangerous-climb ing mountains,testi ng aircraft,rocket ing into outer space,or collecting botanical specimens in jungles.But if you value knowledge & the actual delight of exploration more than mere duration of uneventful life,you are willing to take the risks." - Alan Watts

"It's time to write dangerous music. It's time to take risks. It's time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sing about the things that actually matter to you. It's time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop trying to put new clothes on the dead." - John Mark McMillan

"It's time to write dangerous music. It's time to take risks. It's time to wear your heart on your sleeve, and sing about the things that actually matter to you. It's time to bury the shackles of religious expectation and stop trying to put new clothes on the dead." - John Mark McMillan

"Many people in this world do jobs that are dangerous and where their life is at risk and they feel that there is some kind of value to their job I guess that's how I feel about what I do. There is a social function to documentary photography that is very important and it requires people to take risks." - James Nachtwey

"If you're going to lead a space frontier, it has to be government; it'll never be private enterprise. Because the space frontier is dangerous, and it's expensive, and it has unquantified risks. And under those conditions, you cannot establish a capital-market evaluation of that enterprise. You can't get investors." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"President [Barack] Obama and Hillary Clinton support sanctuary cities. They support catch and release on the border, they support visa overstays. They support the release of dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, criminals from detention. And, they support unconstitutional executive amnesty." - Donald Trump

"Agitation and commitment are dangerous for the peace of humanity, and the only thing which is even more dangerous is their absence." - Hans Koning

"He is a dangerous fellow, keep clear of him. (That is: he has hay on his horns, showing he is dangerous.)" - Horace

"If a law could keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be virtually no gun crime at all." - Harry Browne

"Everything that's fun in life is dangerous. And everything that isn't fun is dangerous too. It's impossible to be alive and safe." - P. J. O'Rourke

"The world is in an extremely dangerous situation, and serious diseases often require the risk of a dangerous cure - like the Pasteur serum for rabies." - Alan Watts

"The world is in an extremely dangerous situation, and serious diseases often require the risk of a dangerous cure like the Pasteur serum for rabies." - Alan Watts

"Lots of the things we do are dangerous, but life itself is dangerous; nothing is really worth bothering with that isn't full of danger" - Jimi Hendrix

"I have grown to believe that there is no dangerous idea, which does not become less dangerous when written out in sincere and careful English." - William Butler Yeats

"A mood disorder is dangerous. You've got to get those dramatic waves of highs and lows stabilized. It's dangerous if you don't." - Jane Pauley

"Before Alar, there was EDB, a potent human carcinogen allowed in the grain supply and other food for more than a decade after it was known to be dangerous. There was heptachlor, linked to leukemia, and aldicarb, which poisoned thousands of California watermelons, yet is still allowed in potatoes and bananas at levels exposing up to 80,000 children a day to what EPA itself says are unacceptable high risks. Trust the government? Why should we?" - Al Meyerhoff

"We're still really in catch-up mode in terms of alerting people to the risks of social media, to the kind of consciousness that you need to have when you do publish something. It used to be such a deliberate and elaborate process to get to publication with many steps and phases and editors and you know, now it's instantaneous and it's wonderful, you know, the immediacy and the power of that but it also can be dangerous." - Suzanne Nossel

"Follow your dreams and take your risks." - Paulo Coelho

"Love risks everything and asks for nothing." - Rumi

"Not taking risks ultimately leads to failure." - Craig Groeschel

"Its boring not to take risks" - Madonna Ciccone

"Creative risks will always outweigh technical mistakes." - Alexandra Guarnaschelli

"Love color. Take risks. Stay curious." - Kelly Wearstler

"Educated risks are the key to success." - William Olsten

"Take stands, take risks, take responsibility." - Muriel Siebert

"There is no greatness without taking risks." - Suzanne Yoculan

"Life without risks is not worth living." - Charles Lindbergh

"Taking smart risks can be very gratifying." - Reed Hastings

"Take risks in order to innovate" - Anna Bligh

"Speak up. Believe in yourself. Take risks." - Sheryl Sandberg

"Sometimes people like to take risks." - Raila Odinga

"You can't run a without taking risks." - Pablo Picasso

"Victory is only wrested by running risks." - Winston Churchill

"Without risks, there can't be breakthroughs." - Peter Diamandis

"Never stop taking risks. Just keep reaching." - Ryan Eggold

"Games are all about taking risks." - James Altucher

"A family is too frail a vessel to contain the risks of all the warring impulses expressed when such a group meets on common ground." - Pat Conroy

"Improv training allows you to get out of your head a little bit and take more risks, which is something I would like to continue to improve upon." - Allison Tolman

"Nothing is so dangerous as that of violence employed by well-meaning people for beneficial objects." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"Still people are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"It is a very dangerous thing to have an idea that you will not practice." - Phyllis Bottome

"The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"The most successful tempters and thus the most dangerous are the deluded deluders." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"Every church that has a standard higher than human welfare is dangerous." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"Religion teaches the dangerous nonsense that death is not the end." - Richard Dawkins

"The most dangerous enemy in the world is the one you do not recognize." - Tess Gerritsen

"ideas are dangerous commodities." - E. C. R. Lorac

"What's all this fuss about plutonium? How can something named after a Disney character be dangerous?" - Johnny Carson

"One usually thinks people to be more dangerous than they are." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Assent - and you are sane - Demur - and you're straightaway dangerous - and handled with a chain." - Emily Dickinson

"They ought to be gentle to their friends and dangerous to their enemies." - Plato

"A little learning is a dangerous thing, but a little patronage more so." - Charles Dickens

"[Retirement] is a dangerous experiment, and generally ends in either drunkenness or hypochrondriacism." - Erasmus Darwin

"Beautiful is dangerous." - Neal Shusterman

"...when truths disappear, they leave behind blank spaces, and that is also dangerous." - Kristin Cashore

"Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother." - Moshe Dayan

"Risk is good. Not properly managing your risk is a dangerous leap." - Evel Knievel

"He is dangerous, he is beautiful, I could drown in his understanding." - Orson Scott Card

"The most irascible person is most likely to become apathetic in dangerous situations." - Franz Grillparzer

"Plain lies are dangerous." - Dorothy L Sayers

"Words are dangerous things." - Corra May Harris

"The atomic bomb is too dangerous to be loose in a lawless world." - Harry S Truman

"Ignorance is indeed bliss, but it is also dangerous and embarrassing." - Ted Nugent

"The most dangerous distractions are the ones you love, but that do' love you back." - Warren Buffett

"Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in fine gay colors that are but skin-deep." - Matthew Henry



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