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Dangerous People Quotes


"Still people are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Stupid people are dangerous." - Suzanne Collins

"Unhappy people are dangerous." - Rebecca West

"It's dangerous to be people-blind." - Daniel H Wilson

"I don't like writers. They're dangerous people." - Greta Garbo

"Mediocre people are the most dangerous people in the world." - Bill Cosby

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." - Josephine Hart

"It's always dangerous when boring people think they're creative." - Alec Sulkin

"Obviously this person's a hazard. Stupid people are dangerous." - Suzanne Collins

"The most dangerous people are always clever, compelling, and charismatic." - Malcolm Mcdowell

"Historians are dangerous people. They are capable of upsetting everything." - Nikita Khrushchev

"Those full of fear were the most dangerous of people." - Melina Marchetta

"Distance was a dangerous thing, she knew. Distance changed people." - Rohinton Mistry

"It's dangerous business, thinking you can make people over." - Lenora Mattingly Weber

"[I]t's safer to be fond of dangerous people." - Edith Wharton

"There are people who are dangerous, and evil is real." - Shane Claiborne

"What's up, I'm DJ Danger. Some people might think it's dangerous to have an unbrella inside, but i am dangerous!" - Joe Jonas

"The SILENCE of the good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of the bad people" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"People with good intentions but limited understanding are more dangerous than people with total ill will." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief. And by dangerous I don't mean thought-provoking. I mean: might get people killed." - Sarah Vowell

"Principle 1: Avoid dangerous people and dangerous places. Principle 2: Do not defend your property. Principle 3: Respond immediately and escape." - Sam Harris

"If a law could keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be virtually no gun crime at all." - Harry Browne

"Nothing is so dangerous as that of violence employed by well-meaning people for beneficial objects." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"Doing for people what they can and ought to do for themselves is a dangerous experiment." - Samuel Gompers

"There was nothing more dangerous than people convinced of their own good intentions." - Laura Lippman

"People in love often become edgy, dangerous. They lose their sense of perspective." - Charles Bukowski

"One usually thinks people to be more dangerous than they are." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Once you have people around you who don't question you, you're in a dangerous place." - Elton John

"It's pretty dangerous if you approach music trying to please other people." - Adam Anderson

"There's nothing so dangerous for manipulators as people who choose to think for themselves." - Meg Greenfield

"Yeah, well," Nico said, "not giving people a second thought...that can be dangerous." - Rick Riordan

"Boxing is dangerous, but at least it hits the right people." - Gerhard Kocher

"Thanking people is dangerous business. A name always slips your mind." - John Wayne

"Government's power to bully people who have broken no law is dangerous to all of us." - Thomas Sowell

"No money, no place to live - I've been in more dangerous situations than other people." - Lana Del Rey

"Rock'n'roll is not red carpets and MySpace friends, rock'n'roll is dangerous and should piss people off" - Gerard Way

"There is no more dangerous illusion than the fancies by which people try to avoid illusion." - Francois Fenelon

"People only change when it becomes too dangerous to stay the way they are." - Rollo May

"No money, no place to live - I"ve been in more dangerous situations than other people." - Lana Del Rey

"[Arabs are] a people, whom it is dangerous to provoke, and fruitless to attack." - Edward Gibbon

"Politics enter dangerous ground, when people proclaim there are simple answers for our complex world." - Sjon

"Now that is dangerous, when the people don't know what's happening to their Constitution." - Nat Hentoff

"Some beliefs are so dangerous that it may be ethical to kill people for believing them." - Sam Harris

"It gets dangerous when you start allowing people to validate your work..." - Spike Lee

"A dog reflects the family life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"The oligarchs think that the people are both dangerous and stupid. Their point is moot. But we do know that the oligarchs are a good deal more dangerous to the polity than the people at large." - Gore Vidal

"As a rule, the most dangerous ideas are not the ones that divide people but those on which they agree." - Stephen Vizinczey

"Brave people may be persuaded to an action by representing it as being more dangerous than it really is." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Many access roads are too dangerous for relief workers, preventing them from carrying out assessments or reaching people in need." - Jan Egeland

"Alas, our technology has marched ahead of our spiritual and social evolution, making us, frankly, a dangerous people." - Steven M. Greer

"Helping other people is a drug so dangerous that there is no cure short of total abstention." - Penelope Fitzgerald

"Compassion without wisdom is dangerous. It's what enables people to support the 'underdog,' even if the underdog is evil" - Dennis Prager

"My view is that organized religion is a very dangerous tool that's been misused by a lot of people." - Stephen King

"People who do really dangerous tasks can't afford to sit around and discuss the merits of what they're doing." - Sebastian Junger

"People with a lot of theological study and no prayer life are dangerous... and not in a good way." - Mark Hart

"Hope is a dangerous thing, Raisa thought. Once kindled, it's hard to put out. It makes wise people into fools." - Cinda Williams Chima

"People want power but not wisdom. Power without wisdom is a very dangerous thing. Better to have wisdom first." - Frederick Lenz

"Knowledge is dangerous, which is why governments often clamp down on people who can think thoughts above a certain caliber." - Terry Pratchett

"Only those sadnesses are dangerous and bad which one carries about among people in order to drown them out." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Graffiti is only dangerous in the mind of three types of people; politicians, advertising executives and graffiti writers," - Banksy

"People who are different are dangerous; they belong to another tribe; they want our lands and our women." - Paulo Coelho

"Marijuana is a very dangerous drug. Some people smoke it just once and go directly into politics." - Barry Crimmins

"Nothing is more dangerous for society's future than having its young people grow old before their time." - Mal Fletcher

"The most dangerous weakness of old people who have been amiable is to forget they are no longer so." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump." - Hillary Clinton

"When it comes to categorizing people, men and women into a group, it gets to be very dangerous." - Donald Trump

"People change their habits. I know Americans who don't go to Paris because they think it is too dangerous." - Paul Wolfowitz

"I think Donald Trump simply needs to make himself look less bigoted, less dangerous, more comfortable to people." - E. J. Dionne

"I encourage young people to refrain from putting themselves in dangerous situations in the name of validating themselves sexually." - Christopher Rice

"That's why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage." - Michael Buckley

"...available people are the ones who are dangerous, because they confront us with the possibility of real intimacy." - Marianne Williamson

"[Cuban coffee is] very powerful, very sweet, and a little dangerous - just like the people who drink it." - Gloria Estefan

"They're dangerous people, and what's really frightening is that they don't know it, they don't see themselves as dangerous... they see the danger elsewhere. The danger is always elsewhere. How convenient. source" - Thom Yorke

"absolutes are absolutely dangerous ..." - James Tiptree Jr.

"ideas are dangerous commodities." - E. C. R. Lorac

"Liberty is dangerous." - Albert Camus

"Beautiful is dangerous." - Neal Shusterman

"Plain lies are dangerous." - Dorothy L Sayers

"Words are dangerous things." - Corra May Harris

"All extremes are dangerous." - Virginia Woolf

"Assumptions are dangerous things." - Agatha Christie

"... obsessions are always dangerous." - Agatha Christie

"Living safely is dangerous." - Irvin D Yalom

"The fanatic is dangerous." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"Blind belief is dangerous." - Proverbs

"All men are dangerous." - Martin Firrell

"Intelligent men are dangerous." - Patricia Briggs

"Affectations can be dangerous." - Gertrude Stein

"This storm is dangerous" - George W Bush

"Class envy is dangerous." - Jack Abramoff

"I really dread serious people. Especially serious, dogmatic people. I regard them as sort of what Reich called the emotional plague. I regard them as very dangerous." - Robert Anton Wilson

"People who hate in concrete terms are dangerous. People who manage to hate only in abstracts are the ones worth having for your friends." - John Brunner

"People have tried to control other people by trapping them with debt. A loan can become a harmful and dangerous weapon." - Kabir Sehgal

"People love WikiLeaks when it is exposing corruption in their opponents. People oppose WikiLeaks when it is exposing corruption or dangerous behavior in themselves." - Julian Assange

"Some people say man is the most dangerous animal on the planet. Obviously those people have never met an angry cat." - Lillian Johnson

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

"I would ask, "How can one have a technological society without research? How can one have research without researching dangerous areas? How can one research dangerous areas without uncovering dangerous information? How can you uncover dangerous information without it falling into the hands of insane people who will sooner or later destroy the human race, if not the whole of life on earth?" Who knows? God only knows!" - Pete Seeger

"The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and... people whose aim is to disrupt society always know how to make good use of them on occasion." - Denis Diderot

"[It] is capable of driving people to such dangerous folly that faith seems to me to qualify as a kind of mental illness." - Richard Dawkins

"The time has come for people of reason to say: Enough is Enough! Religious faith discourages independent thought, it's divisive and it's dangerous." - Richard Dawkins

"Yesterday people were permitted to change things. They will be permitted to advocate changing them tomorrow. It is only dangerous to think of changing anything today." - Elizabeth Hawes

"It is hard for many people today to make the distinction between religion and religiosity, the latter a dangerous parody of the former." - Abigail McCarthy

"Bad facts make bad law, and people who write bad laws are in my opinion more dangerous than songwriters who celebrate sexuality." - Frank Zappa

"Most people aren't really happy, but they aren't unhappy enough to do anything about it. That's a dangerous place to be." - Tony Robbins

"One man's gospel truth is another man's blasphemous lie. The dangerous thing about people is the way we'll try to kill anyone whose truth doesn't agree with ours." - Mira Grant

"HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it." - Diana, Princess of Wales

"The Roman Catholics must know as well as we do that "Popery" when encouraged by government has always been dangerous to the liberties of the people." - Lord George Gordon

"All damaged people are dangerous. Survival makes them so.' 'Why?' 'Because they have no pity. They know what others can survive, as they did." - Josephine Hart

"...we were like two people standing apart on separate mountain peaks, recklessly leaning forward to throw stones at one another, unaware of the dangerous chasm that separated us." - Amy Tan

"Yeah. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun... We're showing people how, in a pretty crazy and whacked-out, dangerous world, you can still have fun." - Jimmy Buffett

"When we [people] are operating from the belief that we're not connected, it feels so dangerous and scary and vulnerable and awful." - Alanis Morissette

"Hard to remember who is more dangerous: the people who are attacking our liberties overseas, or those who are suppressing them at home." - Sara Paretsky

"You Gujarati people are so cute but why is your food so dangerous dhokla, fafda, handva, thepla it sounds like they are missiles" - Kareena Kapoor

"Cynicism is the largest obstacle to social change. Cynicism is dangerous because people throw up their hands and say, "Well it's not possible. Why should I even try?"" - Robert Reich

"Did you ever consider that LSD was really one of the most dangerous drugs ever manufactured because the people who took it turned into yuppies?" - Frank Zappa

"Silent people are dangerous; others are not so. [Fr., Les gens sans bruit sont dangereux; Il n'en est pas ainsi des autres.]" - Jean De La Fontaine

"There was too much hatred in the world; it was manifestly as dangerous as gunpowder, yet people let it lie about, in the way of ignition." - Rebecca West

"I think there's a phenomenon of people who want to be around something that seems "dangerous." It makes them feel more real." - Jerry Stahl

"Religion is a dangerous prod, because it can always be misused and get out of hand, but it's useful for keeping people on the straight and narrow." - Octavia Butler

"Films don't cause violence, people do. Violence defines our existence. To shield oneself is more dangerous than trying to reflect it." - Kathryn Bigelow

"Simply because my people are hungry, that is no justification to give them poison, to give them genetically modified food that is intrinsically dangerous to their health." - Levy Mwanawasa

"NBC's The West Wing is an icon for bad stories; Gitmo is a place where we keep an eye on evil, dangerous people who want to kill us." - Ann Coulter

"...people have always known, at least since Moses denounced the Golden Calf, that images were dangerous, that they can captivate the onlooker and steal the soul." - William J. Mitchell

"I want everybody to be smart. As smart as they can be. A world of ignorant people is too dangerous to live in." - Garson Kanin

"Donald Trump's world view is that it's a dangerous, miserable place, people are out to get him, and he needs to strike them first." - David Brooks

"There are some people in occult history who warned against using the Ouija Board, who said: "This is a dangerous door to the unconscious. Don't approach this thing."" - Mitch Horowitz

"One of the lessons that I hope people will take out is the extreme dependence simply on the financial sector is really dangerous." - Juan Enriquez

"Fire was everything Joey wanted to be. Exciting. Dangerous. Beautiful. Destructive. And yet he controlled it. Other people were too boring, too afraid to do what he did." - Lis Wiehl

"Look at the great city of LA stretched out in front of you, son: there's dangerous people living in that cardboard backdrop." - Craig Ferguson

"We are the people of the ultimate Quest - we are on a wild, and sometimes dangerous, adventure to save the world." - Alan Hirsch

"The truth is, poverty's the environment for alcoholism, and the reservations aren't rich. Maybe cleaning people up in fiction is just as dangerous as presenting them unfiltered." - Stephen Graham Jones

"Be suspicious of people who have, or crave, power. Never, ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous." - Stanley Kubrick

"I discovered that the most dangerous mask is the one worn by intelligent people because they are clever at their disguise." - Ala Bashir

"Opinions become dangerous to a state only when persecution makes it necessary for the people to communicate their ideas under the bond of secrecy." - Charles James Fox

"People who make no noise are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Wise people say nothing in dangerous times." - John Selden

"Talent is very dangerous. It alienates people." - Elaine Stritch

"The most dangerous people are the ignorant." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Weak people always attack strong people - it's safer. It's weak people who are dangerous, who lash out uncontrollably and hurt you back. Stong people can walk away - no repercussions, you see, if you attack a stong person." - Sophie Hannah

"If you live with unhealthy people, to be healthy is dangerous. If you live with insane people, then to be sane is dangerous. If you live in a madhouse, even if you are not mad at least pretend that you are mad; otherwise those mad people will kill you." - Rajneesh

"Believing everybody is dangerous, but believing nobody is more dangerous." - Abraham Lincoln

"Magic is dangerous- but love is more dangerous still" - Cassandra Clare

"Okay, look. I get it. You're one of those people who thinks they have to help screwed-up people. Or maybe you're attracted to dangerous, unbalanced people. But listen up: I'm not Edward and you're not Bella" - Lana" - Michael Grant

"I think life is always dangerous. Some people get afraid of it. Some people don't go forward. But some people, if they want to achieve their goal, they have to go. They have to move ..." - Malala Yousafzai

"Success is beautiful and dangerous." - Robin S. Sharma

"Doin' nothing's a dangerous occupation." - Robert Bolt

"Inoculate yourself from dangerous bozos." - Guy Kawasaki

"Women are powerful and dangerous." - Audre Lorde

"All great ideas are dangerous." - Oscar Wilde

"Without imagination, nothing is dangerous." - Georgette Leblanc



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