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Dangerous Ocean Quotes


"Honor the ocean of love." - George de Benneville

"An ocean refuses no river." - Sheila Chandra

"Still people are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Extremes are dangerous." - Jonathan Mayhew

"Any obsession is dangerous." - Christina Ricci

"Populism is dangerous." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"Singularity is dangerous in everything." - Francois Fenelon

"It's dangerous to assert oneself." - Jeanne Moreau

"This all-pervading divine power of love is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of bliss and compassion, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities." - Dalai Lama

"The ocean is an object of no small terror." - Edmund Burke

"Ocean waters..oceans deep..Serious poets never sleep." - Sally-Ann Roberts

"You can never turn your back on the ocean." - Rip Torn

"Modern music is as dangerous as narcotics." - Pietro Mascagni

"Truth uttered before its time is dangerous." - Mencius

"In some causes silence is dangerous." - Ambrose

"The most dangerous thing is illusion." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The danger, when not too dangerous, fascinate." - Susan Sontag

"Indifference is dangerous, whether innocent or not." - Pope Francis

"Intelligence without character is a dangerous thing." - Gloria Steinem

"How dangerous a master human emotion is!" - Watchman Nee

"People who make no noise are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"I have dangerous bones in my body." - Vin Diesel

"Africa is a very dangerous place." - Janine Di Giovanni

"Talent is very dangerous. It alienates people." - Elaine Stritch

"Successful films are very dangerous things." - Kristin Scott Thomas

"The most dangerous people are the ignorant." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The ignorant classes are the dangerous classes." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Thought, unassisted by learning, is dangerous." - Confucius

"If you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to buy a gun." - Hillary Clinton

"I can't overlook any opponent because all fighters are dangerous. Every fighter is dangerous." - Brandon Rios

"There is no sea more dangerous than the ocean of practical politics none in which there is more need of good pilotage and of a single, unfaltering purpose when the waves rise high." - Thomas Henry Huxley

"There is no sea more dangerous than the ocean of practical politics - none in which there is more need of good pilots and of a single, unfaltering purpose when the waves rise high." - Thomas Henry Huxley

"From the shore, the ocean is forever. It's a beautiful, dangerous place. Music is tied to the sea, born from the struggle, looking for hope. Because hope belongs in the dark places." - Jon Foreman

"Tipping points are so dangerous because if you pass them, the climate is out of humanity's control: if an ice sheet disintegrates and starts to slide into the ocean there's nothing we can do about that." - James Hansen

"There is no sea more dangerous than the ocean of practical politics none in which there is more need of good pilotage and of a single, unfaltering purpose when the waves rise high." - Thomas Huxley

"With the realization of God comes all power. If the little wave knew that behind it is the great ocean, it could say, "I am the ocean." You should realize that just behind your consciousness is the Ocean of God." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"It is a dangerous thing to reform anyone." - Oscar Wilde

"If there is no wisdom, rationality can be very dangerous." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." - Josephine Hart

"The more pitches you see, the more dangerous you become." - Ken Harrelson

"Architecture is a dangerous mix of power and importance." - Rem Koolhaas

"Nothing is more dangerous than to be blinded by prosperity." - John Calvin

"Advertising is like learning - a little is a dangerous thing." - P T Barnum

"Everything is a dangerous drug except reality which is unendurable." - Cyril Connolly

"An eminent reputation is as dangerous as a bad one." - Tacitus

"The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality." - George Bernard Shaw

"The petition of an empty hand is dangerous." - Bill Vaughan

"It's a dangerous fire begins in the bed-straw." - George Herbert

"Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous." - Gene Wilder

"Historians are dangerous people. They are capable of upsetting everything." - Nikita Khrushchev

"...was treading on dangerous water there... (on Phil Neville)" - Ron Atkinson

"Make it dangerous or it's not worth doing." - Maurice Sendak

"Opposing Bush's troop surge is a dangerous position." - Mike Huckabee

"There's nothing more dangerous than a panicked politician." - James Zogby

"You're entering dangerous land when you start theorising about comedy." - Adrian Edmondson

"Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous." - Ravi Zacharias

"Getting typecast is a dangerous thing to do." - Michael Zaslow

"Keeping religion immune from criticism is both unwarranted and dangerous." - Lawrence M Krauss

"The most dangerous untruths are truths slightly distorted." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"The reason we're so dangerous is because we're totally harmless." - Cheech Marin

"Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women." - Gabrielle Giffords

"Basically, theater or film is a dangerous industrial environment." - John Rhysdavies

"I suppose that's the European way, dangerous and hairy." - Jason Statham

"Considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is really very frightening." - Gertrude Stein

"Putting lessons in young adult books is very dangerous." - Ned Vizzini

"Education can be dangerous. It is very difficult to make it not dangerous. In fact, it is almost impossible." - Robert M Hutchins

"If you are too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun." - Hillary Clinton

"Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it." - Jimmy Buffett

"If you could stop reflecting, immediately you establish yourself in the ocean of peace." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Even the upper end of the river believes in the ocean." - William Stafford

"No love is Like an ocean with the dizzy procession of the waves' boundaries ..." - Jack Spicer

"It's a little-appreciated fact that most of the animals in our ocean make light." - Edith Widder

"In the ocean, [bioluminescence] is the rule rather than the exception." - Edith Widder

"The ocean ... like the air, is the common birth-right of mankind." - Thomas Jefferson

"Faith is knowing there is an ocean because you have seen a brook." - William Arthur Ward

"The Lord has an ocean to give. Don't come with teaspoons." - Kalki Bhagavan

"And resting in the ocean, dipped into the sea, I find glimmers of One Taste everywhere." - Ken Wilber

"What do you call 500 lawyers lying on the bottom of the Ocean? A good start.." - Danny Devito

"Pouring forth its seas everywhere, then, the ocean envelops the earth and fills its deeper chasms." - Nicolaus Copernicus

"(Mariners) have written one of its most brilliant chapters. They have delivered the goods when and where needed in every theater of operations and across every ocean in the biggest, the most difficult and dangerous job ever undertaken. As time goes on, there will be greater public understanding of our merchant's fleet record during this war." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Scuba diving, from the beginning, had an air of dangerous allure. Every landlocked schoolboy knew of its intriguing hazards: the bends, which caused a diver's veins to fizz with carbonated blood until he died a ghastly, percolating death; and rapture of the deep, which took away his reason, filled his heart with false contentment, and drew him down into the ocean gloom." - Stephen Harrigan

"I often think to myself, at the end of an interesting life it's maybe not such a bad thing to spend your last days with your friends sitting by the blue, blue ocean reliving the story of your life while sitting in the dangerous sun." - Baz Luhrmann

"In the case of 'Ocean at the End of the Lane,' it's a book about helplessness. It's a book about family, it's a book about being 7 in a world of people who are bigger than you, and more dangerous, and stepping into territory that you don't entirely understand." - Neil Gaiman

"The ocean doesn't want me today, But I'll come back tomorrow to play. The riptide is waging And the life guard's away But the ocean doesn't want me today" - Tom Waits

"As rivers, the nearer they come to the ocean whither they tend, the more they increase their waters, and speed their streams; so will grace flow more fully and freely in its near approaches to the ocean of glory." - John Owen

"A Drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean." - John Friend

"Ocean, Ocean I'll beat you in the end." - Ken Kesey

"Truth makes on the ocean of nature no one track of light; every eye, looking on, finds its own." - Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton

"What you have to get is a ocean of love within your heart and to seek that in others also." - Nirmala Srivastava

"The ocean is a place of skin, rich outer membranes hiding thick juicy insides, laden with the soup of being." - Vera Nazarian

"Ocean is a mighty harmonist." - William Wordsworth

"What do you have to surrender? A drop has to dissolve into the ocean to become the ocean. And a drop cannot be greater than the ocean, can it? So what is the surrendering? It is the surrendering of our conditioning, of our ego and the artificial barriers we have built around us." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Life is a dangerous adventure, says the American, and he is half right: life is dangerous, but it's not an adventure." - Jose Bergamin

"The single and most dangerous word to be spoken in business is no. The second most dangerous word is yes. It is possible to avoid saying either." - Lois Wyse

"A small amount of power corrupts a small man absolutely. A little knowledge is dangerous to a little man. To a great man only great knowledge is dangerous." - Leonard J. V. Compagno

"African nationalism is meaningless, dangerous, anachronistic, if it is not, at the same time, pan-Africanism." - Julius Nyerere

"The window of opportunity to avoid dangerous climate change is closing more quickly than previously thought." - David Miliband

"A government is like fire, a handy servant, but a dangerous master." - George Washington

"I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position." - Mark Twain

"First love is dangerous only when it is also the last." - Branislav Nusic

"Nothing is so dangerous as that of violence employed by well-meaning people for beneficial objects." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"After all, coffee is bitter, a flavor from the forbidden and dangerous realm." - Diane Ackerman

"It is not the insurrections of ignorance that are dangerous, but the revolts of the intelligence." - James Russell Lowell

"Spiritual pride is the most dangerous and the most arrogant of all sorts of pride." - Samuel Richardson

"Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have." - Emile Chartier

"Fascination with the psychic - or the psychological - can be a dangerous sidetrack on any spiritual path." - Starhawk

"Doing for people what they can and ought to do for themselves is a dangerous experiment." - Samuel Gompers

"It is a very dangerous thing to have an idea that you will not practice." - Phyllis Bottome

"The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"The most successful tempters and thus the most dangerous are the deluded deluders." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"absolutes are absolutely dangerous ..." - James Tiptree Jr.

"Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain and be prosperous, though we live dangerous." - Nas

"ideas are dangerous commodities." - E. C. R. Lorac

"Liberty is dangerous." - Albert Camus

"Beautiful is dangerous." - Neal Shusterman

"Plain lies are dangerous." - Dorothy L Sayers

"Words are dangerous things." - Corra May Harris

"Liberty is dangerous, as hard to get along with as it is exciting." - Albert Camus

"Stupid people are dangerous." - Suzanne Collins

"All extremes are dangerous." - Virginia Woolf

"Assumptions are dangerous things." - Agatha Christie

"... obsessions are always dangerous." - Agatha Christie

"Unhappy people are dangerous." - Rebecca West

"No money, no place to live - I"ve been in more dangerous situations than other people." - Lana Del Rey

"Speak nothing but the truth, and you'll soon be considered dangerous." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Fox News is worse than al Qaeda. It's as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan." - Keith Olbermann

"Living safely is dangerous." - Irvin D Yalom

"America's most dangerous export was, is and always will be our fast-food outlets." - Anthony Bourdain

"Without love, intelligence is dangerous; without intelligence, love is not enough." - Ashley Montagu

"After a regime is removed, however, it is dangerous to leave a security vacuum." - Paul Wolfowitz

"In America, we have cities that are far more dangerous than Afghanistan." - Donald Trump

"Donald Trump doesn't have a plan. But he does have dangerous ideas." - Tim Kaine

"Young black men are considered dangerous, expendable, threatening and part of a culture of criminality." - Henry Giroux

"Politics enter dangerous ground, when people proclaim there are simple answers for our complex world." - Sjon

"I work from almost a dangerous place in my mind sometimes." - Will Smith

"A man armed with a rhyming dictionary is a dangerous man." - Bruce Springsteen

"Now that is dangerous, when the people don't know what's happening to their Constitution." - Nat Hentoff

"The fanatic is dangerous." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"Nature, for me is raw and dangerous and difficult and beautiful and unnerving." - Andy Goldsworthy

"Blind belief is dangerous." - Proverbs

"All men are dangerous." - Martin Firrell

"The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth." - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"Intelligent men are dangerous." - Patricia Briggs

"Affectations can be dangerous." - Gertrude Stein

"This storm is dangerous" - George W Bush

"Class envy is dangerous." - Jack Abramoff

"A little learning is a dangerous thing, but a lot of ignorance is just as bad." - Bob Edwards

"Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in gay, fine colours, that are but skin-deep." - Matthew Henry

"We live in a world where there are dangerous people, there are bad people." - Chuck Hagel



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