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Dangerous Fun Quotes


"Investing is fun and exciting, but dangerous if you don't do any work." - Peter Lynch

"Yeah. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun... We're showing people how, in a pretty crazy and whacked-out, dangerous world, you can still have fun." - Jimmy Buffett

"I have a sense of humor; but over the years that sense has developed one blind spot. I can no longer laugh at ignorance or stupidity. Those are our chief enemies, and it is dangerous to make fun of them." - Charles Francis Richter

"It's fun to be hopelessly in love. It's dangerous, but it's fun." - Keanu Reeves

"Still people are dangerous." - Jean De La Fontaine

"absolutes are absolutely dangerous ..." - James Tiptree Jr.

"ideas are dangerous commodities." - E. C. R. Lorac

"Liberty is dangerous." - Albert Camus

"Beautiful is dangerous." - Neal Shusterman

"Plain lies are dangerous." - Dorothy L Sayers

"Words are dangerous things." - Corra May Harris

"Everything that's fun in life is dangerous. And everything that isn't fun is dangerous too. It's impossible to be alive and safe." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Rock 'n' roll can be fun and dangerous at the same time." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"Back in high school, there was something fun and dangerous about inhabiting a different personality." - Tim Heidecker

"Believing everybody is dangerous, but believing nobody is more dangerous." - Abraham Lincoln

"Success is beautiful and dangerous." - Robin S. Sharma

"Doin' nothing's a dangerous occupation." - Robert Bolt

"Inoculate yourself from dangerous bozos." - Guy Kawasaki

"Women are powerful and dangerous." - Audre Lorde

"All times are dangerous times." - Teresa of Avila

"Mathematics should be fun." - Peter Hilton

"Nearly everything that was fun, of course, was also a little dangerous: riding roller coasters, skydiving, gambling, sex." - Dean Koontz

"Modern music is as dangerous as narcotics." - Pietro Mascagni

"Truth uttered before its time is dangerous." - Mencius

"In some causes silence is dangerous." - Ambrose

"The most dangerous thing is illusion." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." - Thomas Jefferson

"It's fear that makes a situation dangerous." - Marilyn Wallace

"A wounded tiger is a dangerous beast." - Arthur Golden

"Jeanine claims you're all dangerous Insurgents." - Evelyn Eaton

"A little learning is a dangerous thing." - Alexander Pope

"Instinct told me it was dangerous. I could handle dangerous. Dangerous and me went back a long way. We did lunch when dangerous was in town." - Devon Monk

"A boy is a dangerous animal." - Lionel Shriver

"Wit is a dangerous talent in friendship." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"Being a woman anywhere is dangerous." - Mona Eltahawy

"Boldness makes even the smallest animal dangerous" - Robert Greene

"The most dangerous heart disease: strong memory" - Nizar Qabbani

"It's a dangerous dog that doesn't bark." - Kobo Abe

"Books make dangerous devils out of women." - Yxta Maya Murray

"It's dangerous to be people-blind." - Daniel H Wilson

"Talent Katerina is a dangerous thing" - Ally Carter

"Nothing's as dangerous as power with impunity." - Isabel Allende

"Racism is wrong, racism is very dangerous." - Justin Simien

"Too much of whatever is dangerous." - Lucero Isaac

"Nothing is more dangerous than solitude." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"You are more dangerous than daybreak." - Holly Black

"Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends." - William Shakespeare

"A dangerous quality, if real; and a not less dangerous one, if feigned." - Charles Dickens

"Any comedian who tells you how dark and dangerous they are, they're not dark and dangerous." - Patton Oswalt

"It's dangerous, son.' 'What's dangerous?' 'When a man goes outside his house to look for peace." - Lorraine Hansberry

"Knowledge itself is never dangerous, it is how that knowledge is used that is dangerous" - Michael Scott

"It is dangerous to know, but it is more dangerous not to know." - Rollo May

"April is a fun month." - Justin Bieber

"Creativity is Inspiration having fun" - Albert Einstein

"Where's the fun in that?" - Ally Carter

"Sports should always be fun." - Charles Mann

"I sing just for fun." - Agnetha Faltskog

"Learning something new is fun." - Alex Trebek

"Everything that's fun in life is dangerous. Horse races, for instance, are very dangerous. But attempt to design a safe horse and the result is a cow ... It is impossible to be alive and safe." - P. J. O'Rourke

"You can only have fun helping other people have fun if you're having fun doing it." - Bernie De Koven

"...There are issues worth advancing in images worth admiring; and the truth is never "plain," nor appearances ever "sincere." To try to make them so is to neutralize the primary, gorgeous eccentricity of imagery in Western culture since the Reformation: the fact that it cannot be trusted, that imagery is always presumed to be proposing something contestable and controversial. This is the sheer, ebullient, slithering, dangerous fun of it. No image is presumed inviolable in our dance hall of visual politics, and all images are potentially powerful." - Dave Hickey

"You cannot achieve success without the risk of failure. And I learned a long time ago, you cannot achieve success, if you fear failure. If you're not afraid to fail, man, you have a chance to succeed. But you're never gonna get there unless you risk it, all the way. I'll risk failure. Sometimes, half the fun is failing. Learning from your mistakes, waking up the next morning, and saying 'Okay. Watch out. Here I come again. A little bit smarter, licking my wounds, and really not looking forward to getting my ass kicked the way I just did yesterday.' So now, I'm just a little more dangerous." - Paul Heyman

"Sometimes compromise is important. Sometimes it's better to give in to someone else's wishes in order to have fun as a group or as a couple, or for the benefit of the team. Sometimes compromise is dangerous. We need to guard against compromising our standards to gain the approval or love of someone else. Decide when you can, and when you cannot, compromise. If it's not harmful and you are ambivalent about a decision, then compromise. If it could lead to breaking your values, compromise isn't a good idea." - Melody Beattie

"Fun is temporary at best; it's risky, even dangerous, at worst. Joy, on the other hand, was mystery I couldn't seem to decipher." - Liz Curtis Higgs

"I'm not much of a political person and even if I was, look, Rock 'n' Roll is supposed to be fun and sexy and a little bit dangerous." - Lita Ford

"Like the music and the period, I wanted 'I'm Not There' to be fun and full of emotions, desires and experiments that were thrilling and dangerous." - Todd Haynes

"We had to have a star each week.. Possibly our program being on Sunday and having a little fun with the Bible was dangerous." - Edgar Bergen

"People think skating would translate very easily to dancing, but it really doesn't. Dancing is a lot of fun and not as dangerous as being on the ice." - Dorothy Hamill

"The Stones were more dangerous than other bands of the Sixties. It looked like they had more fun than the Beatles - like they stayed up later." - Alex Lifeson

"It is a dangerous thing to reform anyone." - Oscar Wilde

"If there is no wisdom, rationality can be very dangerous." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." - Josephine Hart

"The more pitches you see, the more dangerous you become." - Ken Harrelson

"Architecture is a dangerous mix of power and importance." - Rem Koolhaas

"Nothing is more dangerous than to be blinded by prosperity." - John Calvin

"Advertising is like learning - a little is a dangerous thing." - P T Barnum

"Everything is a dangerous drug except reality which is unendurable." - Cyril Connolly

"An eminent reputation is as dangerous as a bad one." - Tacitus

"The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality." - George Bernard Shaw

"Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth." - Rudolph Rummel

"He is mad, bad and dangerous to know." - Lady Caroline Lamb

"Ignorance might be bliss, but it's irresponsible and dangerous too." - Robyn Carr

"But truth, that dangerous commodity, has a way of sticking ..." - Margery Sharp

"... a nation without humor is not only sad but dangerous." - Abby Aldrich Rockefeller

"The petition of an empty hand is dangerous." - Bill Vaughan

"It's a dangerous fire begins in the bed-straw." - George Herbert

"Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous." - Gene Wilder

"Ah, gratitude, that's a terrible thing, a dangerous thing." - Elizabeth Ferrars

"It's always dangerous when boring people think they're creative." - Alec Sulkin

"It's a little dangerous to be a badass." - Jill Abramson

"Love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike." - Lady Violet

"Nationalism is both a vital medicine and a dangerous drug" - Geoffrey Blainey

"The most dangerous place is in your safety zone." - Robin S. Sharma

"Mere precedent is a dangerous source of authority." - Andrew Jackson

"you're like a siren, leading me into dangerous places" - Maggie Stiefvater

"Obviously this person's a hazard. Stupid people are dangerous." - Suzanne Collins

"Marijuana is probably the most dangerous drug in America today." - Ronald Reagan

"horses: dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle" - Arthur Conan Doyle

"Unicorns," I said. "Very dangerous. You go first." - Jim Butcher

"There is nobody who is not dangerous for someone." - Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sevigne

"The most dangerous people are always clever, compelling, and charismatic." - Malcolm Mcdowell

"The pace of life feels morally dangerous to me." - Richard Ford

"An imprudent enemy is less dangerous than an imprudent friend." - Mason Cooley

"General rules are dangerous of application in particular instances." - Charlotte Mary Yonge

"An enemy despised is the most dangerous of all enemies." - Publilius Syrus

"matrimony is a very dangerous disorder; I had rather drink." - Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sevigne

"In this world it is very dangerous to be weak." - I. L. Peretz

"Obvious" is the most dangerous word in mathematics." - E T Bell

"The most dangerous untruths are truths slightly distorted." - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says 'no." - Demi Lovato

"Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor" - Milan Kundera

"It is dangerous to understand new things too quickly." - Josiah Warren

"A blunt blade is more dangerous than a sharp one" - Ray Mears

"Love is a dangerous commodity-fraught with peril," - Robert Indiana

"Marijuana is ten times more dangerous than twenty years ago." - William J Clinton

"I don't think [pot] is more dangerous than alcohol." - Barack Obama

"There is nothing more dangerous than a lazy parent." - Wes Fesler

"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman-a rope over an abyss. A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Living too much in one's head can be dangerous." - Anna Godbersen

"Hate isn't the most dangerous thing, he'd said. Indifference is." - Lauren Oliver

"Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous." - Frank Herbert

"the most dangerous enemy is that which no one fears!" - Dan Brown

"Some men were handsome. Some were powerful. Curran was...dangerous." - Ilona Andrews

"As always, an educated woman was a dangerous woman." - Stacy Schiff

"...the most dangerous shortsightedness consists in underestimating the mediocre." - Georges Bernanos

"Historians are dangerous people. They are capable of upsetting everything." - Nikita Khrushchev

"It is a dangerous thing to be satisfied with ourselves." - Teresa of Avila

"Polls are like perfume-nice to smell, dangerous to swallow" - Shimon Peres

"Those full of fear were the most dangerous of people." - Melina Marchetta

"Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix." - Matt Groening

"Love is every bit as violent and dangerous as murder." - Knut Hamsun

"Naked lions are just as dangerous as elegantly dressed ones" - Susan Cain

"Distance was a dangerous thing, she knew. Distance changed people." - Rohinton Mistry

"A cowardly leader is the most dangerous of men." - Stephen King

"A fool is very dangerous when in power." - Denis Fonvizin

"It is dangerous to confuse children with angels." - David Fyfe

"It's too dangerous a journey to risk the cat's life." - Charles Lindbergh

"It's dangerous business, thinking you can make people over." - Lenora Mattingly Weber

"There is a dangerous optimism of ignorance and indifference." - Helen Keller

"Education can be dangerous. It is very difficult to make it not dangerous. In fact, it is almost impossible." - Robert M Hutchins

"I am not dangerous. Only the stories are dangerous. Only the fictions we create, especially when they become expectations." - David Levithan

"Love is dangerous, if you know it's dangerous, that makes you treasure it, and you'll work harder to keep it." - Candace Bushnell

"You've got to have fun on the court. If you ain't having fun, then basketball ain't fun." - Carmelo Anthony

"Fun stands for finally understnding nothing. And that's what's fun about fun, you don't have to get it." - Gary Busey

"It was hard to make fun of him because he seemed to have so much fun making fun of himself." - James Barron

"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun." - George Scialabba

"Death is what makes life fun." - Billy Collins

"Starships are all work and no fun." - Charles Stross

"Play to win, but enjoy the fun." - David Ogilvy

"Stay motivated, set goals, have fun" - Ryan Lochte



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