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Dance Quotes


"Dance, dance, dance till you drop." - W H Auden

"Dance until the earth dance." - Hilda Doolittle

"So dance dance dance Teach us to be true Come dance dance dance 'Cause we love you" - Phil Ochs

"You don't pick dance. Dance picks you." - Martha Graham

"Come Dance with Me , come dance." - Hafez

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost." - Pina Bausch

"Earthworms will dance" - Joel Salatin

"Dance till the stars come down from the rafters Dance, Dance, Dance 'till you drop." - W H Auden

"Dance like nobody's watching ..." - Kathy Mattea

"My dance has passed." - Daryl Palumbo

"Dance till the stars come down from the rafters Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop." - W H Auden

"Talk about dance? Dance is not something to talk about. Dance is to dance." - Peter Saint James

"Every savage can dance." - Jane Austen

"I love to dance." - Petra Nemcova

"I tap dance." - Jamie Bell

"I loved dance." - Greta Gerwig

"I love to dance." - Joni Mitchell

"All theater is dance." - Robert Wilson

"I can't dance." - Dana Torres

"Dance is so joyous." - Graeme Murphy

"Dance like nobody's looking." - Mark Twain

"Don't dance for the audience; dance for yourself." - Bob Fosse

"World is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance." - Amit Ray

"F**king dance whenever you want to dance." - Alex Gaskarth

"Dance is not an exercise. Dance is an art." - Alicia Alonso

"Give me something to dance about and I'll dance it." - Jerome Robbins

"Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale." - Frank Mccourt

"To dance is to live live is to dance." - Heidi Groskreutz

"I love to dance and dance all night long." - Douglas Booth

"And dance is wonderful because dance is so immediate." - Graeme Murphy

"No sane man will dance." - Cicero

"When in doubt dance out" - Miley Cyrus

"Emergency dance party-go away." - Rainbow Rowell

"I dance with the dancers." - Walt Whitman

"Dance is music made visible" - George Balanchine

"Dance, my darling dance! If you dance then death can't catch you! Nothing bad can touch you! Dance!" - Jackie French

"To dance is to live!" - Charles M Schulz

"Dance when you're perfectly free." - Rumi

"Dance until you shatter yourself." - Rumi

"Dance brings us all together." - Kreesha Turner

"Everything went like a dance." - Roald Amundsen

"Forget your troubles and dance! Forget your sorrows and dance! Forget your sickness and dance! Forget your weakness and dance!" - Bob Marley

"My first vocation was dance." - Victoria Abril

"I can't sing or dance." - Joel Edgerton

"Even the ears must dance." - Natalia Makarova

"People dance at any age." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"No sane man will dance." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"And just dance a little." - Mary Anne Radmacher

"I'd rather dance than eat." - Eleanor Powell

"Dance is in my background." - Rutina Wesley

"Don't dance on a volcano." - Proverbs

"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams." - Gene Kelly

"Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free." - Rumi

"Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free." - Rumi

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." - Albert Einstein

"I urge you to be bold. Life isn't changed from the balcony. Get onto the floor and dance, dance, dance." - Jennifer Granholm

"You look ridiculous if you dance You look ridiculous if you don't dance So you might as well dance." - Gertrude Stein

"I will dance and resist and dance and persist and dance. This heartbeat is louder than death." - Suheir Hammad

"I like to read, and I like dance. I don't dance, but I like to see other people dance." - Esperanza Spalding

"Dance on the edge of mystery." - Alan Cohen

"Let's face the music and dance." - Irving Berlin

"Dance is the mathematics of the Soul" - Nelly Mazloum

"Dance is movement, and movement is life." - Ludmilla Chiriaeff

"Dance in the fullness of time." - Ellen Gilchrist

"This dance is the joy of existence." - Rumi

"Why should your heart not dance?" - C S Lewis

"Dance... enjoy each step along the way." - Wayne Dyer

"You've never seen me dance, have you?" - Roger Federer

"hopes dance best on bald men's hair" - E E Cummings

"Where dance is, there is the devil." - Saint John Chrysostom

"Every dance is and gives ecstasy." - Curt Sachs

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well." - Martha Graham

"Tell me something I can dance to." - Mark Sheppard

"I can make the stars dance" - Selena Gomez

"Dance is about never-ending aspiration." - Judith Jamison

"Life calls the tune, we dance." - John Galsworthy

"Fear is the politicians dance partner." - Penn Jillette

"Never trust a man who can dance." - E L James

"Dance expresses joy better than anything else." - Bob Fosse

"Dance with the one who brung ya." - Darrell Royal

"Anywhere everywhere! Anything anyhow! just dance!" - Rajneesh

"Life is a dance... Enjoy every step." - Anthony D. Williams

"Some people move our souls to dance." - Flavia Weedn

"No man in his senses will dance." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"All are not merry that dance lightly." - George Herbert

"Dance is the stepchild of the arts." - Twyla Tharp

"Dance is the landscape of man's soul." - Martha Graham

"Music and dance are all you need." - Moliere

"Without dance, a man can do nothing." - Moliere

"Dance with me, Death, I am ready." - Terry Goodkind

"I'm a dancer who cannot dance." - Marilyn

"Calling all dance music producers! I'm available." - Kristin Chenoweth

"Any chance I get, I will dance." - Hillary Clinton

"Americans are good at making dance music." - Ed Simons

"Shall we dance, friend of my heart?" - Christopher Paolini

"And I dance with William Blake For love, for Love's sake; And everything comes to One, As we dance on, dance on, dance on." - Theodore Roethke

"Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance." - George Wither

"Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance." - Mr. Miyagi

"Either dance well or quit the ballroom." - Proverbs

"...I used to dance under that name." - Craig Ferguson

"If you don't lead, I can't dance" - Elliott Katz

"A dance to the music of time." - Anthony Powell

". . . And some people sing and dance." - Roger Miller

"See the music, hear the dance." - George Balanchine

"And she is going to dance, dance hungry, dance full, dance each cold astonishing moment, now when she is young and again when she is old." - Anne Lamott

"Gay nightclubs offer better dance music." - Jack Davenport

"One you have danced, you always dance." - Judith Jamison

"Dance in the body you have." - Agnes De Mille

"I've always felt like I can dance." - Miles Teller

"Dance must have a precision without fault." - Arielle Dombasle

"I can't dance at all by myself." - Cat Deeley

"I sing and dance. That's my job." - Dick Van Dyke

"I will always dance in the street." - Martha Reeves

"Denis Law could dance on eggshells." - Bill Shankly

"I'm okay with having bad dance moves." - Katy Perry

"Dance is such a stressful environment." - Mia Wasikowska

"I can't dance to save my life." - Adele

"I'd rather fight a buzzsaw than dance." - Johnny Depp

"I used to teach dance lessons." - Eartha Kitt

"I only dance when I go out." - Diane Kruger

"I very much like dance and dancers." - Issey Miyake

"I have worked with several dance companies." - Issey Miyake

"You live as long as you dance." - Rudolf Nureyev

"When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance." - Lee Ann Womack

"I enjoy the freedom of modern dance as well as the constraints of classical dance." - Deborah Bull

"If you dance, you dance because you have to. Every dancer hurts, you know." - Katherine Dunham

"Dance, like music, is the expression of the human spirit. Dance is 'visual music'." - S. Janaki

"To understand the culture, study the dance. To understand the dance, study the people." - Charles Davis

"I am too tall [to dance]. Tall people do' dance. It's just not right." - Lee Pace

"It's hard to drink when you dance. And it's hard to dance when you drink." - Charles Bukowski

"It's hard to drink when you dance. And it's hard to dance when you drink." - Charles Bukowski

"The smile is the dance of the face - the dance is the smile of the limbs." - Ninette De Valois

"Life is like an eternal dance. The movements of the dance are choreographed through your awareness." - Deepak Chopra

"You can dance anywhere and you can dance in your mind, in your heart." - Jacques d'Amboise

"Dance until they kill you, and then we'll dance some more." - Shane Claiborne

"Let those who want to dance, dance. Let those who can awaken, awake." - Rene Barjavel

"Death had ruled my life till I met Lady Dance. Her dance had set me free." - Jackie French

"Being a fan of dance and a dancer, I love my classic dance movies." - Stephen Boss

"I'm a terrible dancer! I dance like a guy who is trying to dance..." - Enrique Iglesias

"I am too tall [to dance]. Tall people don't dance. It's just not right." - Lee Pace

"Dance music makes us dance. Let us get off our couch and spin around!" - Yoko Ono

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." - Proverbs

"I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance." - George Balanchine

"Dance from your heart. If you dance from your heart, you'll always love it." - Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo

"Dance with her, and she will forgive much; dance well, and she will forgive anything." - Robert Jordan

"It's hard to drink when you dance. And it's hard to dance when you drink." - Charles Bukowski

"I don't want people who want to dance; I want people who have to dance" - George Balanchine

"Sing your song Dance your dance Tell your story I will Listen and remember" - Utah Phillips

"My favourite dance is the Foxtrot. It's a proper dance with proper music. It has class." - Anton Du Beke

"The women all want to dance. I dance all night every night." - Minnesota Fats



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